I just beat off the nine-level assassin. After turning over and falling into the water, I actually sneaked into them with my special ability. I wanted to sneak attack from the raft.
"This guy …" Su Li secretly took a deep breath, but for Xu Xuehui, she would be in trouble tonight.
"Its goal is you" Xu Xuehui suddenly became nervous "coming!"
Almost at the same moment, Su Li suddenly pushed Xu Xuehui to his feet, and the raft suddenly broke. A terrible black claw broke through the raft and grabbed him with a foot and jerked it.
Chapter 192 Death
If Su Lihao feels that he will be instantly abolished by this sharp claw, he will even be dragged into the square water. The assassin will launch a mutated rib, which will instantly squeeze Su Li to form a paste.
Before Xu Xuehui woke Su Li, he was on guard. Almost as soon as this claw caught his paw, he held the dragon rhinoceros sword in his right hand and stabbed it.
"Before" Yi Long rhinoceros sword milli hinder into this just come out nine assassin’s head along the top of the head all the way to finally emerged from its back.
The assassin’s dark pupils showed a look of pain and surprise at the moment.
It doesn’t seem to understand why Su Li knew about his attack like a prophet.
It’s a pity that it has no time to think about the reason. Su Li twisted the dragon rhinoceros sword and immediately smashed the nine-level assassination head and killed it.
The sudden change here surprised everyone around him, and the team became a little chaotic. Some people failed to resist the sarcoma bomb that came over. With the huge explosion, the raft was blown up and the broken body splashed around. At least three people were killed and four or five were injured.
Two fat and huge corruptors have staggered in.
A level 9 assassin was killed. Su Li was relieved. A spiritual source entered his forehead.
"Level Spirit Source Spirit Source 13/13"
This nine-level assassin made him gain six spiritual sources.
"Are there two left?" Su Li came to Xu Xuehui again.
"Close to the left and right," Xu Xuehui replied, glancing left and right seemed a little nervous.
"Gong Xiao" Su Li immediately called Gong Xiao to his side and whispered, "There are two assassins hiding in the dark, one on each side is quietly approaching, and Xuehuineng sees me deal with the left and the right to you."
Su Li started the "peeping symbol pattern" as he spoke. Although his "peeping symbol pattern" is not as good as Xu Xuehui’s eyes, he asked Xu Xuehui to tell him about the time and area. Through the "peeping symbol pattern", he could observe the other party’s information and then lock the other party’s position in turn.
Although this position is not too accurate, the assassin can’t completely blend into the darkness without revealing the slightest flaw. It is necessary to observe it closely and can barely detect it.
Gong Xiao nodded and said that Bai was holding a spear and pulling Xu Xuehui to the right.
"Come near" Xu Xuehui busy toward Su Li said.
Su Li said that the white figure jumped out to the left, and he really captured the information of the assassin. This is a level assassin, which is lower than that just killed himself.
This quietly approached the assassin from the left into the darkness and just approached the peripheral fire wall. It was about to instantly cross the fire wall and face a man behind the fire wall. I didn’t want Su Li to suddenly rush out like a flash, so that it didn’t respond, so Su Li cut it from the bust.
Cut off the assassin at this level from his chest, together with his arms, and kill him instantly.
Information comes to mind.
"Level Spirit Source Spirit Source 16/13"
On the other side, Xu Xuehui and Gong Xiao cooperated to the right. Xu Xuehui suddenly took a step forward, his eyes widened and he reached out and shouted "here" when he looked in the dark.
Gong Xiao stabbed Xu Xuehui in the dark with an ember spear.
Xu Xuehui launched the "different pupil technique", which quietly merged into the darkness and approached the assassin. Suddenly, he saw Xu Xuehui’s eyes and felt that his soul was sucked into a black hole. At this moment, it lost its ability to move and was stiff. When it reacted and struggled out, it was pierced by Gong Xiao’s spear.
Gong Xiao shook his spear, and the terrible power broke out, which lifted the assassin and slammed it toward the other side.
"Bang!" The assassin fell on the other side of the raft, and the raft immediately broke.
Stealth was broken, it was revealed, and I wanted to fight back. The spear in Gong Xiao’s hand retracted and went out like a poisonous snake. Before, it pierced its face, passed through its head and even brought out its brains.
The three most terrible assassins have finally solved the battle of Su Li’s deep breath, and Xu Xuehui has made great contributions.
"Three assassins have solved the attack-"Su Li issued a heavy drink and rushed out first.
The figure is like a stream of corrosive venom sprayed around, and it goes around to the right side of an obese corruptor. The right-handed dragon rhinoceros sword is cut out sideways, and the corruptor’s head is cut off by half, and three spiritual sources are harvested again.
Then he saw the undead who was less than 1.5 meters tall and covered with sarcoma.
A message immediately appeared in my mind.
"The name thrower’s hierarchical race necromancer evolved from ordinary undead and has a special name. The special ability of higher undead throwers is’ pustule bomb’, which is produced by their own special organs. It looks like sarcoma, but it is actually a special energy bomb. It is a kind of proficient in long-range attack, and the weakness of higher undead is weak in melee."
Su Li suddenly found out that there are four kinds of higher undead this time, except the assassin, and there are three kinds of them, whether they are spitters or corruptors, or in front of their eyes, these throwers are all proficient in ranged attacks on undead, and once they are in close combat, their strength is not strong.
Su Li shot quickly, and the thrower felt that the flowers at the moment were cut off by him and immediately died.
Follow closely behind Su Li Gongxiao also rushed out.
With Su Li and Gong Xiao taking the lead, others also rushed away in anger.
Just Su Li and Gong Xiaolian killed three assassins, and all of them were white in their eyes. This can hide the sneak attack monsters in the dark and have all been killed. Now you can rest assured to fight back.
With a roar of anger, everyone tried to attack all kinds of psychic skills and special abilities, and suddenly all kinds of explosions were heard in the heavy rain, and the waters gradually became red.
Without the terrible assassin, the situation on both sides reversed, and in the blink of an eye, at least ten higher undead died, while one of them was accidentally sprayed by the corruptor with black liquid and died of corrosion.
At the moment, a black figure emerged from the water in the waters behind the building.
From a distance, this black figure looks like wearing a black robe, covering his head and face, and holding a bone sickle in his right hand, which looks very similar to the death in the story.
It looks like the figure of a god of death. Suddenly, black tentacles are stretched out. There are suckers on the outside wall.
These black tentacles are constantly sucking the outside walls and moving alternately to make his figure rise continuously.
It turns out that he is not wearing a black robe. The so-called robe is actually a black tentacle growing from where his head should be and hanging down from the side to cover his body. From a distance, it looks like being wrapped in a black robe.
Once you move these black tentacles, you can see it. The body covered by black tentacles has no flesh and blood but a white skeleton.
It is even more strange that he holds a bone sickle in his right hand. There is a twisted face and a big mouth on the sickle, and the mouth is still dripping with brown saliva.
With the help of these tentacles, climbing along the outer wall of this building is extremely fast.