"Ghost repair forces help Zhang Xiaotian, the big gang leader!" Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
Ghost repair forces? Some monks immediately began to gossip!
"In trouble? Is taking out my deserved soul stone? Is there anything wrong? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at.
"Then you destroyed Yao Daoyou’s body?" See Zhang Xiaotian didn’t immediately begin a middle-aged man also asked.
"Just now, he rushed over and wanted to start work on me and I just hit back. What’s wrong? I was very polite when I didn’t even destroy his baby! " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a light said.
You did it first. If you hadn’t destroyed the betting room first, Yao Daoyou wouldn’t have done it! "A red old man angry way is the first-class power of the volcano owners!
"Betting room these fix true unexpectedly take our ghost fix your gambling entertainment tools! How dare you gamble with me? That’s ridiculous! The friar world is a law of the jungle world, and I can’t blame you for taking us ghosts as entertainment! But now I want to tell you that we ghosts will rise again, and we ghosts will no longer be your playthings! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes coldly scanned the present the fix true.
"Does the rise of ghost repair count?" Maybe a dozen monks of the seventh order are getting bolder together, and a black old man said with a cold hum and disdain.
"Why? You don’t? " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly with a cold hum a dozen purple psychic powers come out.
See Zhang Xiaotian suddenly to black old man’s face changed into a magic weapon consciousness through the body and several layers of green shield followed.
Force attack to spell spell collapse.
The light-sounding defense cover collapses
Before-"several purple psychic powers immediately drilled several big holes in the black old man’s body.
Bellow a green baby escaped from the black old man and ran away into the distance.
"Want to run?" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at one or more purple psychic powers and immediately chase them.
Soon the purple spirit force chased the green baby and wrapped it around it. After several "mice" called, the green baby collapsed and a huge explosion turned the dust.
Sudden attack ends instantly! The whole battle is very fast! Most people didn’t react, and the black old man was killed!
The black old man is the master of the Nine Doors, with high mana and high strength. He has a lot of strength among the seven monks! However, people are a little mean, and they love to say something bitter and difficult to listen to! I didn’t expect to lose my life in vain this time because of his smelly mouth!
Several seven-order monks gasped in their hearts. If they don’t agree with each other, they will kill them instantly. Kill a powerful seven-order monk! This kind of strength … Don’t reach the order?
The people never look down upon this sudden ghost repair force.
Solve the black old man Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look at the sky to the sea light ordered "sky! You go and cancel the master contract of those ghost slaves! "
Big! "Sky nodded with a smile like a challenge area.
There are hundreds of thousands of ghost king slaves in the challenge area.
The sky and sky flew low, and a trace of soul silk thread was drawn out as he flew over, and the soul silk thread was tightly held in his hand.
Flying over a circle, the soul silk thread of the slave body of hundreds of demons was also taken away by him
The contract is lifted, and the demons and slaves are free!
Really free!
It won’t be long before they will no longer worry about being held as slaves and will be truly free!
Because of their ghosts, a Zhang Xiaotian was born.
With him, the ghost family will surely rise.
After solving the ghost’s self-cultivation contract, Hai Tianqiong returned to Zhang Xiaotian’s back, and then he saved up a ball of soul silk thread in his hand and threw it directly into his mouth to chew it.
He solved these soul threads in a special way.
Soul silk thread is a kind of pure soul energy, and powerful soul can absorb them well.
This is the means of celestial immortals, and only celestial immortals can absorb this pure soul energy.
Not that this kind of soul energy is very pure, but that they are relatively pure! After all, they also contain some information about their own owners. Only immortal souls who have experienced the experience of heaven can refine the information about their owners and turn this soul energy into their own soul energy.
Therefore, it can make them closer to heaven and realize the laws of heaven.
According to the theory of truly pure soul energy, it can be said that it is practical, but it is not! Because no matter what kind of soul will contain a trace of impurities, because soul energy is the most vulnerable to pollution.
Only the immortal soul who has experienced the experience of Heaven can absorb the energy of refining the soul containing impurities.
(Jinsha planned to finish the code word from yesterday afternoon, but when the code arrived at five o’clock, Hou Tong broke down and a lot of words disappeared. After careful calculation, there should be about 4 thousand! A dozen messed up the Jinsha plan! Jinsha is going to go back to his hometown after the imp is finished. Jinsha is also in a hurry! But there has been something going on these days, and there is nothing I can do without Jinsha! Today, Jinsha had to go back to her hometown. She stayed up all night and wanted to go home, but I didn’t expect this to happen! You can’t resist it. Jinsha sleeps and wakes up first, and then finishes the code before going home …) To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one The finale (in)
The soul silk thread was destroyed. In the challenge area, the slaves of the ghost king immediately convulsed when they signed the confession of the Lord. Several professionals in the novel network signed too many contracts to fix the truth and died on the spot.
Cancel the contract of recognition? Some knowledgeable fix true immediately rioted. Isn’t this the ability of order monks? How did that boy …
The dozen monks in the seventh order also shook again! Order … There is more than one …
Immediately they shut up and stopped talking! Brother Jie can’t handle it, and it’s not easy to pile up and die in large numbers!
"From now on, if I see anyone signing a contract to recognize the Lord, then …" Zhang Xiaotian glanced coldly at all the people present and finally said coldly, "Just like this gambling arena!" The words sound just fell and the figure changed nearly hundreds of tiny purple psychic powers and then dumped them out.
Purple spirit force passed through several buildings and collapsed!
Silence! The whole gambling pit is silent! Several monks were there, but no one spoke! The situation is very strange
Killing is not an end and it won’t solve the problem!
The class that has been nurtured for 100,000 years cannot be easily changed!