Bai Qilin a bowl and the pie mouth anyway, now this distance Windows can’t see him do these expressions.
Wen Tao’s spirit can communicate with him only through Bai Qilin.
"It’s a simple battle, but it’s more troublesome when they are near the Kunlun Mountains, and I first heard the words that day to judge that these people are also trying to attract the boss to set you up and then introduce you into the Kunlun Mountains. They should also know very well that they can’t stop you if they just put on a big array."
"Because of the boss, you can’t leave the Kunlun Mountains at any time. They can completely trap you or the unique forces of the Kunlun Mountains, even the square world is hard to resist."
Listening to him go to Wentao Road in Kunlun Mountain, "Is Kunlun Mountain a magic weapon?"
"This?" Bai Qilin said, "I don’t know. I doubted it so much, but the Kunlun Mountains have not changed since I was born."
"Well, you continue to say that there is any good way to break the array?" By the way, Wen Tao can imagine the situation of the Kunlun Sect by asking the situation of the current fix true boundary. Even if the Kunlun Mountains are magic weapons, they can’t really make it.
Although Bai Qilin’s character is cynical, giving advice or disposing of the enemy, he is not considered
But he must be the first to have such a good database, just like having a brain search engine to search for things in one second. If you have to go to the library and spend years looking for such things, Wentao will never do it.
What’s more, it is a style of Wentao to give full play to hand ability and heat.
"Broken array is simple and they are afraid that their array is a trap, so we must first disrupt this trap according to the law with transfer function …"
"What is the transfer function array?"
"No matter whether you are attacking or defending, as soon as you enter this battle range, this battle array will operate and then forcibly take you to another place. This place should not be too far away, and it is generally impossible to cross the boundary. For example, it is impossible to take it from the secular world to Shushan, but it is impossible to take it from this place to another place. This is the transfer function array. I estimate that their array is similar to this one."
"So what should we do?" Ask when it’s time to listen, and when it’s time to ask with humility.
"Let them change their array slightly. Without this function, they can start immediately."
"Can you change their formation?"
Bai Qilin proudly said, "This is not simple. Although they communicate very little, they still communicate with each other occasionally, especially some spiritual powers are weak. I can directly influence them to insert their own meaning in the process of spiritual communication."
Bai Qilin was also afraid that Wentao explained that "just like hackers in the secular world, they have hacked others and then changed their communication words or instructions."
"Good" Wentao’s heart is so happy that things are difficult that he can’t help it. The other party has also set a trap, but now it has turned around.
After a few hours, Wentao asked Bai Qilin many questions, and Bai Qilin gradually answered them.
There are several people in the large array, and they don’t need to think much, and the long-term superiority also makes them unprepared.
As for the owners, they also feel that they are too worried about who dares to send trouble to Kunlun.
What’s more, the large array has a defensive function, and people will touch the large array if they don’t enter through the door of fighting for life.
"Cai Tou, how many days do we have to finish? It’s not necessary. Who dares to touch our Kunlun Sect?" Jin Mopu is an ordinary Kunlun Sect brother. One of every ten of these people is Jin Mo, and their little leader Jin Mo chats with Cai Tou through consciousness.
"Just put on a scene, such as owners talk about good …"
Just then, Cai Tou’s consciousness suddenly binged and drank like a bolt from the blue. "You are in the wrong position, take a step to the right."
The golden ink instantaneous root didn’t react and was directly followed by this thunderbolt sound.
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t move. The whole array will be invalid immediately.
They didn’t have anything to do in the battle, and Wentao had already ambushed the side.
Jin Mo moved for a moment, and Wentao simultaneously controlled two flying swords to fight at super speed, killing four late Du Jie masters and injuring two others.
Others didn’t expect someone to sneak attack.
"Look at my Kirin roar …" Said Bai Qilin with a roar.
At the beginning, the armor of Wentao Tianlei could not resist those unsuspecting people, and how could it resist the first three people’s direct body being shattered and even flying out of Yuanying failed.
Bai Qilin’s wave range is very large, and many people are injured, at least nearly 20 people are injured.
Window and Bai Qilin, these forces are all done in flint.
"Waves …" Pure Yang reality never thought this would happen. How could a large array be broken?
It didn’t occur to him that there was something wrong with the department.
During the test, even if you jointly send experts to shoot at the same time, it is impossible to get close to it. It is even more difficult to break it. This array is not very powerful, but it can transfer people into several other large arrays in Kunlun Mountains.
Those places are kill array, which is one of the hundreds of laws in Kunlun Mountains. Even if they have access methods, they dare not easily get in and out. Worse, even they dare not easily touch many places in Kunlun Mountains.
There are more than 30 forbidden areas among many hills.
When I saw this scene, I felt a quiver in my heart. Wentao was all hands-on, but I didn’t expect Wentao to be so hand-on.
When he came here to pay himself back, he had a way to enter the Kunlun Mountains. Although he knew that this was unlikely, Wentao always surprised people and created miracles after all.
"Don’t look at me. I, I, Mishima Alliance and I won’t do this." Before he said it, the waves were blocked directly for him.
I don’t understand why Wen Tao’s move is so turbulent. What can it do? Can be startle their large array at most, that is, humiliate a pure Yang real person with Kunlun Sect, but it will be dangerous to expose his identity.
Hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-
It’s a pity that Yanlin immediately means that no one is allowed to touch behind the waves.
The two men’s raid was rich, and when Wentao rushed to kill them again, Bai Qilin was also a coup with amazing power.
Especially if you have just entered the four robberies and scattered immortals, or if you are a descendant of God beast, you are also very enjoyable.
But it’s just a head cause. When Kunlun sent these people to react, they immediately gathered around.
And pure Yang reality they should also catch back.
"Shit …" Bai Qilin looks bad. "Boss, let’s go."
Bai Qilin never thought that Wentao would really want to rely on the two of them or the waves. These people fight with Kunlun Mountain.
He’s Wen Tao. He wants to break the big array. What does he mean?
He talked for a long time himself, and it didn’t hurt to do such exciting things. Later, his enthusiasm was still good. When he really fought, he immediately called Wentao to withdraw as soon as he saw something wrong.
"Kill my master and want to go." Pure Yang reality has brought people around.