Everyone looked at Su Yu’s eyes with support, complexity and an inexplicable expectation.
They really want to see what Su Yu will do.
Do you insist that the Terran poor uphold justice, or do you always identify with the Presbyterian group regardless of race?
"I know Xiao. Tell me what you want."
Su Yu slightly silent indifferently openings.
Don’t say that people on the street are silent, even Su Yu’s horse can’t scream.
Emperor Regal is just an old man who can crush people to death, let alone always kneel and dare not look up.
"The little old son wants the alien adult to return my daughter, and I have this blood in the Li family, even if I spend all my money to compensate the adult and the little old son!"
The old man said with a trembling voice, sadness and sorrow, including humiliation
After hearing the neighbors’ comments, the old man knew that he had gone too far. Now he dared not expect anything and asked his daughter to come back safely.
Innocent and innocent, is your daughter disabled?
He didn’t dare to ask the old man to open his eyes and let his daughter come back completely.
Although the old man’s voice barely kept smooth, Su Yu still heard a humiliation in the old voice and said, "You’ve had enough fun and send my daughter back!"
This is a bottom Terran’s deep resistance to foreign nobles.
My daughter was forcibly taken away by foreigners, and I have to go bankrupt and beg the other party to return it?
What kind of overbearing truth is this!
Maybe the Terran poor deserve to be so cheap!
I don’t know that an anger is boiling from Su Yu’s chest. He is a past life. Although he is in the most noble position in class society, he still can’t change Su Yu’s ideal of seeking justice by his heart.
At the very least, Su Yu can’t bear the loss of the Terran race in everything external!
Emperor silence combined with others all dare not speak have held their breath.
Half ring
Su Yu slowly spat out a sigh of relief and motioning with his hand indifferently commanded "bearer"
"At the end!"
Sue nine hurriedly out hand respectfully promised.
"Qinjian City has been returned to me, that is, Chinese territory! You taught me to follow the Chinese law, and this matter should be judged! "
Su Yu sound cold even battle-hardened Su Jiu couldn’t help but feel a quiver.
"I won’t dare to teach the emperor at the end of this."
Sue nine hurriedly knelt with a wry smile and dared not speak again.
Su Yu’s words are too cruel.
Looking at the sky, who dares to teach the Terran Emperor?
Is it or impatient!
Su Yu suddenly binge drinking suddenly turned to look down at the cold eyes fell Sue nine body "I let you say! I am judged by the Chinese law! "
Chapter 244 I don’t kill people I kill animals!
Sue nine hurriedly knelt soldiers used to let him conditioned reflex shouted "back to the emperor! Forcibly abduct young girls according to the Chinese law! Punish the border army for ten years! Anti-street killing people! Life is equal! Any alien case, big or small, damage theory, right or wrong, aliens are doomed! "
Su Jiu roared through the street and made everyone move slightly.
"psst ~!"
People gasped and their expressions were shocked.
Yanhuang law is so protective of Terran!
Throughout the history of the Terran, there has never been such a cruel and unreasonable law for nearly ten thousand years!
Alien and Terran cases are sentenced to death for their size, nature, right and wrong injuries!
Even the law is a torture stained with alien blood!
Too overbearing!
But I don’t know that everyone feels heavy and can’t help but look at Su Yu with warm eyes, expecting him to say that sentence that everyone expects.
"Well, Royal Guards will investigate this matter and bring it back to the old man’s daughter to get the person involved back!"
Su Yu indifferently commanded
Su Jiu Da should get up and say to Su Yu, "Emperor, do you think this matter is over? Are we going back to the government?"
Su Yu eyebrows sneer at "to check! I want to judge this old man in the street and give him justice! "
"I won’t leave until the prisoner comes."
Su Yu’s voice is cold.