However, it was the saddest thing for him to close his eyes and flash across his father’s figure in his mind until he died.
Third granduncle, and so on all of a sudden a than urgent sound.
Situhao opened his eyes and saw that the white-haired old man raised his right hand and slowly let it go. He looked at the pronunciation place and you had something to say.
The speaker is a middle-aged Han, and he is also the head of more than 30 pale spirits.
Middle-aged Han respectfully embraced the fuels in reply to the third granduncle Situhao, who is not suitable for killing at present.
Bridled old frowning slightly frowned.
The patriarch has sent a bunch of disciples from Xuanyuan to Fengyun Jianzong. Just check from Situhao that he practiced magic skills and then burn them down to kill them. But he practiced magic skills without him, and the oath of magic skills will be left over again. Sooner or later, that set of magic skills will still be a disaster for others. The middle-aged man said slowly
The bridled old man nodded slightly. Well, you’re right. Hehe, I’m not interested in the world. I happened to pass by here today. Then I’ll take Situ Hao back to Cangling Sect and take him up, and then slowly ask him to practice magic skills from him.
Is three granduncle middle-aged Han respectfully fuels salute way
The voice fell to the ground, and Stuart felt that the figure in front of him flashed, and the bridled old man left at this point, and the speed was still flashing.
Situhao walked from the ghost gate once and saw the bridled old leave, which greatly relieved him.
When people die, hope is gone. Otherwise, there is still hope for everything.
After bridled old man left, the middle-aged Han directly flew forward with Situhao and his royal flying sword for Cang Ling Zongdi.
Flying forward for about a lamp of tea, there are more than 30 miles of towering buildings in the mountains ahead, and several batches of martial arts are practicing in the wide square.
Situ Haobai is about to step into Cang Ling Zong.
Cangling Zongran deserves a door in Sendao, and this momentum is not comparable to that of Fengyun Jianzong.
More than 30 brothers of Cang Ling flew straight ahead in the building complex for some distance before they landed on the ground in front of a very magnificent building.
After the middle-aged Han gave Situhao to another pale spirit brother, he walked into the magnificent building.
No one spoke, but quietly in the square in front of the magnificent building.
After a long time, the middle-aged man came up to him with a pale beard fluttering old.
You are SiTuHao pale beard old light asked.
You’re human again. Situ Hao didn’t answer the old question, but asked it back.
I am the patriarch of Cang Ling Zong Mu Tianfeng when Cang Zhuan is slightly stunned.
I am Stuart Hao.
Cang Zhuan nodded slightly, Situhao. If you practice weird magic skills, you will be abolished. If you repair the old man, you will die.
Situhao smiled. It’s a pity that I didn’t practice ancient scrolls with me.
Oh, where
I hid it in Fengyun Jianzong, and whenever Situ Hao talks about making up ancient scrolls, he always says that he hid it here in Fengyun Jianzong to make sure his tune is correct.
Then tell me where you hid the ancient scrolls, and I will send someone to take them away and destroy them.
That’s my amulet. Even if I die, I won’t say it. Situhao said calmly.
Mu Tianfeng’s face flashed a cruel look, but in a blink of an eye, he hid it. Don’t worry, I always keep my word. I will never kill you if you are honest with where the magic power is hidden.
The fairy magic mainland has no strength. For a person, it is a matter of life and death. You’d better die. I won’t tell you about the ancient ruins, said Situ Haohan.
See SiTuHao look this firm mu Tianfeng know what can’t get from him and then turned to the middle-aged han said to him into the wind hole to take good care of.
Is the patriarch middle-aged han answer this just got up and led two pale spirit ZongDi with SiTuHao to one side. Chapter 41 The wind hole.
The gale cave is located in the highest solitary peak of Cangling Sect, facing the towering clouds in the north. It is quiet outside the gale cave, but when it arrives in the cave, it is really worthy of the name.
Hurricanes are not terrible. What is terrible is that the wind tunnel is full of cold winds. The temperature outside the wind tunnel is very suitable, but the temperature in the wind tunnel is several degrees. The surface of the wind tunnel flashes with cold ice.
Situhao was locked by a big chain in a stone pillar with a thin ice layer. The ice layer on the surface of the stone pillar was extremely cold and directly frozen into the body and bone marrow.
Situ Hao can use force to resist this maddening cold, but he can’t face the extreme cold attack when several large holes are sealed in his body, but he can also shake his body and firm his teeth.
The gale cave seems to be a torture, and a hut is built outside the cave. Sitting inside the hut door, you can see everything in the gale cave.
Of course, because the hut is outside the windy cave, it is not as cold as the cave.
Situhao is really depressed to death
This windy cave can be described as taking advantage of heaven and earth, but Situ Hao put up with the extreme cold.
I can’t stay in the windy cave for three days. I believe that Situhao will be stiff with cold.