Then Zhang chop yuan asked a fragrant Yaoxiang.
Judging from these two points alone, you will know that this Dan medicine is definitely not everything, but whether it is good for you or not, then ghosts and the strange people in front of you will know
But Zhang chop yuan is very single, without hesitation, without grabbing the Dan medicine and looking up.
Dan medicine dissolves in the mouth.
Then "bang-"I felt as if there was a fire burning suddenly in my abdomen, and generally it seemed that all my internal organs were burned to ashes.
Zhang chop yuan is open my mouth and exclaim. I can’t make a sound any more. My body mana is frozen and can’t run.
For a moment, Zhang Yuan was going to die.
"gee! Really not! Poor human body is so poor, no wonder it can be the most humble race! " Gouhuan mouth tut shook his head with a sigh.
"It seems that you have to respect it."
As he spoke, Gou Huan’s hand had once again put a chop on Yuan’s head.
Zhang chop yuan once again felt a hot breath straight from the top of his head.
This air current is hot, but it runs along a certain track along the meridians and the path of one’s own mana.
In this way, not only did it not cause much pain to itself, but the airflow that was not smooth enough in the original operation became smoother.
Zhang chop yuan feel body mana airflow with Sunday cycle is becoming more and more thick.
If there is a third party, you will find that Zhang Yuan’s breath is soaring rapidly.
But Yuan Ying’s high-level strength quickly broke through to Yuan Ying’s peak, Yuan Ying dzogchen …
By the time Yuan Ying’s state of dzogchen was only stagnant, but after a few breaths, it continued to skyrocket and quickly broke through the obstacles to advance to Godsworn.
Strangely, during this breakthrough, there was neither fluctuation of the laws of heaven and earth nor dull arrival of thunder.
Zhang Jian-yuan didn’t know his situation at this time. He felt pain, but seeing his whole body and skin encouraged his face to tremble.
The first stage of deification, the middle stage of deification …
The breath has also skyrocketed all the way until it reaches the peak of the gods, and then it is slow to finally stop the realm of dzogchen.
A Dan medicine plus Gou Huan actually brought a Yuan Ying senior monk to the realm of dzogchen.
Zhang chop yuan shout gradually stopped.
Gou Huan let go and instantly fell to the ground.
But soon he got up again.
Run the achievement method slightly and feel the surging mana. First, Zhang Yuan is full of disbelief, and then he is full of ecstasy.
"I … I this realm of dzogchen?"
"I actually advanced to the realm of dzogchen?"
Zhang chop yuan face incredible expression.
Just now, he was a brother Yuan Ying, and he didn’t even dare to expect whether he would have a chance to advance to the gods in this generation.
I didn’t expect all this to come true in the blink of an eye
Zhang chop yuan deeply felt grateful for his decision just now, thanks to his cleverness! Not only did you save your life, but you also quickly gained strength. This is simply every cloud has a silver lining!
Look at the color robe next to Brother Zhang Yuan, and you will be deeply awed.
It turns out that he can’t see through each other’s strength during his infancy, and this colored robe monk is just a godsworn.
A Godsworn Terran is a mighty man.
But now the other party raised their hands and raised themselves to the realm of dzogchen.
Raise your hand to raise a Yuan Ying senior monk to dzogchen, the deity. What means is this?
It is simply unpredictable!
At the very least, Zhang Jianyuan’s knowledge is unheard of.
Even those drugs or special secret methods that temporarily increase strength can’t make strength span such a big span.
What’s more, Zhang Yuan clearly felt that his realm was very stable, and the root was not a temporary rise.
"Thank you, master, for your promotion. You must be grateful to your master!"
Zhang chop yuan respectfully joins at this time he has no idea of it all dare not.
Gou Huan glanced coldly and didn’t say much.
In fact, the process of upgrading just now seems magical, and there are many hidden dangers. This practice of forcibly upgrading the repair is really encouraging.
From then on, Zhang Jianyuan will not only be promoted again, but also Shou Yuan will be greatly affected
But all this is not a problem for Gou Huan.
Anyway, what he needs is just a running dog in the fix-true world.
"Let’s go! Go and find the stone "Gou Huan" as an order.
"It’s the master!" Zhang chop yuan humble as a dog promised to one.
Zhang chop yuan just promised to feel a flash has arrived.
A huge force wrapped in Zhang Yuan’s body rose rapidly forward, and the scenery of the mountains on the ground became blurred, and the speed was fast.
I was out of the ghost cave in a short time.
Shi Gui doesn’t like the cold environment, so although there are many rocks in the ghost cave, Shi Gui won’t enter unless he has to.