Xu Le was slightly shocked when he saw this result.
Death nail?
Didn’t this thing get killed last night? How did you turn your head and turn it into a fruit?
Compared with those people who are in awe of Xu Le and are the first to know Xu Le’s ability, she has no sense of distance from Xu Le.
Besides, she is much more observant than others.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with my fruit? "
"No, no problem. Your fruit reward is very strong and good."
Xu Le pendulum motioning with his hand this time can’t goof.
He hesitated for a moment, but still hesitated.
"But can I touch these fruits?"
"touch? This is not allowed by the mother tree. What do you want to do? " I can see that Chixiao is still very vigilant.
"No, it’s my ability. I won’t be rejected by the mother tree, and I can learn more about the fruits of ancient music."
In this respect, Xu Le didn’t lie, and he didn’t notice anything wrong.
"Ok, you do it."
Xu Le first put his finger on the first fruit.
[Burning your own ability to emit light and heat, burning life and emitting strength]
[Element Level-Industry Fire]
[The theory of combustible burning off the mind is that fear, lust and anger will become the nourishment of karma]
[Biological level-Death Nail]
[Ahriman Death Nail is powerful, and special external creatures have power that does not belong to this world]
Among the three fruits, the most valuable fruit is undoubtedly the death nail, but the most suitable fruit is definitely the fire.
Chixiao is the second fruit-level element metal of the fire disaster warlock besides the ancient sound and many fates.
After getting the metal, she often fires herself to forge her own equipment.
It’s like she gave herself a prosthetic leg that greatly enhanced her defense …
"Well …" Thought of here, Xu Le hesitated again.
What did Chixiao do to himself?
"It seems that I have advanced a few fruits and taught myself how to introduce the functions of the mother tree world in an elemental way. The ancient secrets of integrating the mother tree world to forge prosthetic ice bear fruits and …"
Xu Le …
Well, it’s nothing
Xu Le? ?
"If this is nothing, what am I? Xu Le, Xu Le, what do you think? "
Xu Le consciously bit his finger and bled, which made the pain erode and forced him to calm down.
However, in the mother tree world, if you are seriously injured and die, you will recover in a very short time
Because Xu Le was so immersed in his own world, Chixiao actually heard his soliloquy voice, and she felt that something was wrong with Xu Le. Just look at a fruit. How can it be like jumping into a god?