Haikui also smoothed her clothes and carried her bags on her back. Yu Lin also put her hat back on.
In fact, Haikui didn’t ask Lin Yu to cover up with a hat. How did the shop assistant or boss recognize her as a local person?
The two of them went out to the lobby and went to the store. The guy was still chatting and dozing, but the owner of the store was counting the numbers, which seemed to be calculating how much he had earned these days.
Haikui and his wife walked slightly to the front of them, and the shop assistant was still dozing off, and the shop owner was still counting accounts.
"The store is ready to eat!" Haikui pulled up a stool to sit and shouted
Shopkeeper got a fright. Shopkeeper also suddenly looked at Haikui soberly. Shopkeeper asked, "You were last night …" But he immediately found that it was wrong and didn’t ask again.
Yu Lin said a few words with his head down and his voice down. Haikui didn’t understand anything.
Wait for Yu Lin to sit in Haikui and ask, "What did you just say?"
Lin Yuqing replied, "I’ll tell him in our local dialect to go and cook."
Hai Kui understood that it turned out to be a local dialect. How did he know that Yu Lin was a local? It turned out that he had his own local language no matter where he was.
The shop boy turned back, and the boss stared at Haikui for a while without saying anything and continued to lower his head.
After a while, the shop assistant brought two bowls of plain noodles. "There are no ingredients for breakfast!"
"Nothing to make do!" Haikui said and took over two bowls of noodles.
The shop boy looked at Yu Lin carefully with questioning eyes.
Haikui snorted. "What are you looking at?"
Shop buddy this just Nuo Nuo turned back to the bar there.
Although Haikui’s mana can’t be used for the time being, there are still some glaring and yelling in these years, and there is still some malicious strength.
Yu Lin picked up chopsticks to eat Haikui hurriedly stop her low, "aren’t you afraid of medicine inside? What should I do if I confuse you? "
Yu Lin smiled. "No, we are short of medicinal materials here. Most people dare not get sick. It took him a long time to save money on this medicine!"
As soon as Haikui wanted to make sense, he picked up chopsticks and shoveled it.
After eating vegetarian noodles, I wiped my mouth. Anyway, I paid the bill last night. Haikui didn’t have to talk too much and didn’t want any money left. He said to Yu Lin, "Shall we go?"
Lin Yu nodded
Two tandem out of the inn lobby.
The shop assistant was anxious to whisper to the shop owner, "Boss Fat Sheep, this can go!"
The boss slowly raised his head. "Let’s go! We can’t put them down in broad daylight!"
"What do you say?" Shop man urgent way
"Go find Zhu Laoda!" The boss said slowly
"oh! ! ~ "The shop buddy reacted immediately. Hey hey smiled." I’m going to wait for the fat sheep, but I can’t let it go! "
Shop buddy said and turned to the back.
The shopkeeper looked at Haikui’s departure direction with profound meaning.
Haikui took his carriage. The horse looked in good spirits after a night’s rest.
"Go to your car," Haikui said to Yu Lin who followed him.
Yu Lin looked up in the hat and smiled wittily. "I don’t chat in the car, I’m sitting here, too." Lin Yuyi said.
Haikui smiled "Ke"
With a smile, the two men sat in the reins and Haikui gently pulled the reins and the horse trotted.
Haikui laughed. "My fairy sisters are all arrogant Leng Yan. I didn’t expect you to be!"
Yu Lin gently lamented Haikui, "What fairy elder sister do you want me to lose my life? Besides, if I were a fairy, I should be a fairy elder sister, you are a fairy elder brother, and of course I can’t be cold to you!"
Anyway, Haikui sounds disgusting. My brother and sister are covered in goose bumps. Haikui wryly knows that Yu Lin likes Ye Sheng too much to make such a woman be dead set on your mother’s plot!
Haikui yy started to throw the reins and hit the horse hard, and the horse accelerated.
From this post office place, it’s all the way to this official road. You need to cross this mountain, but it may be because there are merchants coming and going all the year round, and the road is still smooth.
Sure enough, it took a long time for the dead horse to drive the carriage to the foot of the mountain. Looking at the top of the mountain, Haikui suddenly had a tingle. Just now, he had an affair with the fairy sister and forgot about the robbers in the mountains!
Haikui quickly asked Yu Lin, "Are there robbers in this mountain in Yu Lin?"
Yu Lin one leng shook his head "I don’t know".
Haikui was relieved. "It seems that you don’t know that there are no robbers!" "
Yu Lin is full of sorrow. "I have never walked here since I was a child, and I have never heard of my family. Of course I don’t know."
Haikui was just relieved and got up again. "Are you saying that there are robbers?"
Yu Lin shook his head again. "I don’t know!"