Just as the dark spots were about to spread all over the ogre’s body, suddenly a body was pierced and the sound echoed in the enclosure, and blood flowed along the black armor to the ground to form a pool of blood.
A meat and bone knife broke through the ground and directly penetrated Li Xiangkang’s body.
"Jie Jie …"
The ogre smiled impudently and his eyes became ferocious, but he was not crazy. He pulled out, pierced and pulled out the meat and bone knife and once again pierced the eye socket of Li Xiangjuan’s incarnation. Two fires became more and more dim, and he couldn’t believe that he was pierced through the wound.
One mouthful blood gushed out and slowly lay down. The long black knife also became dim and inserted into the ogre’s body.
"Although you are endowed with energy by the soul Lord, you are still too weak! Jie Jie … get rid of fate! " Ogre pulled out a knife and threw it at Li Xiangkang, who was recovering, and said savagely
Just as he was about to stomp Li Xiangkui into a meat pie, a woman sounded up.
"Aren’t you happy a little early?"
"Huh?" The ogre turned around in confusion and found a petite body clutching the long black knife and pointing it at his body, still shivering.
"Little sister, if you promise to be my little wife, I can consider letting this nobody go. Is it a good deal?" Ogre color heart big eyes slightly narrowed to the sunseeker language to do the flow.
"Go to hell!" Sunseeker Jiao drank a long knife in his right hand, which endowed him with magic and threw it straight at the ogre’s heart. This blow stained the last intact part of his body with black spots.
The ogre screamed and a black spot burned, purifying his body and soul at the same time and turning it into a mass of ashes in just a few seconds.
"Shout … over" Sunseeker language legs a soft directly sat down, she didn’t think she had the courage to face that kind of terror.
Bewitched eyes hurriedly ran to her side and looked around and asked earnestly, "What happened to you? Are you injured! "
"It’s okay … I don’t have anything." Sunseeker language got up with the wave to help her eyes and stumbled in the direction of Li Xiangkang.
Yanhuang and Yaoshun also rushed to Li Xiangkun’s side and saw that he was covered in blood and couldn’t help but step.
"He … he won’t die, will he?" Yao Shun asked hesitantly that he was very sympathetic to Li Xiangkun at this time. Although death can be resurrected, the pain of death can hardly be imagined.
"Should be dead! No one can live with such a serious injury, and so much blood should reach the limit of human blood, even if it is not the wound that causes death. "Yanhuang Xiao replied that the two of them put on incense together and worshipped Li Xiangkang’s" body. "
"Ahem …"
A sudden cough startled the two whispering people. They sat back with their eyes wide open and said imploringly, "Brother Xiang, we are all joking! Don’t turn into a spectre and come to us! "
Li Xiangkui didn’t open his eyes when he heard two big masters talking about god and god. He couldn’t help but drink, "What do you people want to disturb my peace?" I want you to accompany me to bury! "
"ah! Mamma Mia! Fraudulent corpse! " Two people running around like crazy, just like two strings of firecrackers tied behind them.
Sunseeker language and bewitched eyes laughed when they saw this scene. This Li Xianglian is really funny.
"Stop, stop! It’s almost dizzy to run again. "Li Xiangkui saw two stooges walking around like hot wheels, and it took him a while to get up and stop.
Where do two people dare to stop and continue to run around? Their footsteps are extremely harsh.
The two ladies couldn’t listen to it, and they stretched out their feet leisurely at the same time, and then they listened to "plop plop", and two people fell black and blue.
Children’s Day special (text! )
(The development of the text in the PS text is not necessarily the same. Just have fun! )
Beautiful city H is located in the northern part of China, and the four seasons are very pleasant except for the heavy smog in winter.
H there is a very beautiful manor in the suburbs, and tourists come here to stay and take pictures.
However, these people came not only for the scenery, but also for the owner of this manor, a strange young man whose name may not be famous, but almost no one does not know the names of dusty and fragrant.
Deep in the manor, a beautifully dressed young woman is sitting in the second floor window, feeling the breeze on her face. She is looking at a small figure on the lawn gently.
"mom! Come and play with me. "The little boy’s waxy sound makes people happy.
Belle smiled and said softly to her son, "Xiao Feng’s mother has business to deal with. Go and play with Linlin."
Li Feng’s face was full of unhappiness, and his mouth pursed with a spatula and shoveled the ground at random.
Belle felt a little distressed when she saw her son lonely. She just wanted to go back on her word and was stopped by a magnetic man.
Don’t let him always rely on his mother. A man should stand tall and upright.’ Li Xiangkang looked at the copywriting tone before his desk carefully.
"But love each other! You have been busy with your work, and you haven’t played with Xiaofeng and Lingling once in these years. Don’t you think that your father is a bit dereliction of duty? "
Lin Mo looked at the tough man for the first time and felt that he had become a little strange.
Since they retired from the game and set up their own business, Li Xiangkui has become a little unreasonable. Although people often stay at home, they are separated from the children by several gaps.
"dereliction of duty?" Li Xiangkun raised his eyebrows and his tone became stern. He slammed the document on the table and roared, "If I didn’t work so hard every day, where would we have such a good life now?"
Lin Mo watched this beloved man’s tears gradually slide down her eyes. This was the first time he was angry with himself. She felt very wronged.
"The money accumulated in those years in our game is enough for our luxurious generation. Why are you so persistent about money?"
"money?" Li Xiangkun said disdainfully, "We have never lacked such things as money, but do you want others to treat us as unprofessional all the time?" Do you want a generation to be labeled as rich in games? If I were a social status, I would let everyone look up to me, Li Xiangkun! "
"You are crazy!" Lin Mo listened to it more and more, but she couldn’t listen to it. This person is no longer the Li Xiang she once admired. He doesn’t deserve it!
The door was slammed, and Li Xiangkang collapsed in his chair, panting. He didn’t understand what he had just said. He was so strange that he scared himself. He picked up a side glass and took a sip of water to try to calm himself down.
Lin Mo walked out of the door and sobbed on a side wall. She happened to be met by a passing servant and hurriedly asked what had happened.
Lin Mo, seeing this girl at a young age, won’t understand her feeling. She smiled and thanked her for her kindness and asked her to keep her secret.
Who wants the stairs? A pair of small eyes witnessed the whole process.
The maid had just walked not far when she was stopped by a small body.
"Sister Xiaolan, I saw it just now!" The finals are full of majesty.
"Miss, I don’t know what you’re talking about." Xiaolan felt guilty. She never lied, especially in front of the children.
"Xiao LAN elder sister what did mom tell you just now? Why does she cry? " Lingling’s hands rested on her hips, and she didn’t let go without telling the truth.
"Miss, I swear my wife really didn’t say anything to me." Xiaolan glanced at her eyes everywhere and rubbed her skirts constantly.
"Hum!" Lingling’s eyes were foggy and she said sadly, "Sister Xiaolan lied to me and I will never be with Sister Xiaolan again!"
"Don’t don’t! Miss, I’ll tell you! " Xiaolan naively bowed the linlin "threat"
"Madam just asked me to keep a secret for her. Don’t tell anyone that she cried, especially you and Master."
Linlin’s eyes turned strangely, and she remembered that her mother’s crying position seemed to be her father’s room, so her father made her cry! It must be like this!
Lingling’s two short legs were running happily in the building. When she ran to the second floor, she happened to meet Li Xiangkun formally coming out of the room dressed.
Li Xiangkui saw his lovely daughter running towards him, bent down to hug her with a smile, and stopped in front of him if anyone wanted to be linlin.
"Why doesn’t Lingling want her father to hug her?" Li Xiangrui said angrily.
I didn’t expect Lingling to learn to say "Dad, I hate you!" with her hands akimbo. Say that finish and throw up the short legs and run away.
Li Xiangkang was at a loss. He comforted himself that he had not been with his daughter for a long time. Today, after talking about business, he wanted to buy her some small gifts. What did she like best …
Thinking about him, he walked out of the house. When he was in the car, he saw the linlin on the second floor making faces at him and then disappeared from the window, and he couldn’t help laughing.
The driver was scared by Li Xiang’s smile and asked with some concern, "What happened to the boss?"
"There’s nothing about Lao Wang’s car, is there?" Li Xiangkun regained his composure and ordered the driver to continue reading the documents.
Day by day, it will soon be Children’s Day on June 1. No one knows about Lin Mo’s crying except four people, not even his brother Linlin.