"This command …"
Several well-known commanders who watched the battle could not help but frown at this time.
What they see from their eyes is not the wonderful performance of the dreamer team, but the dreamer team commander’s control over the whole battle layout and the whole rhythm.
Show weakness
Include that subsequent provocation to the CC52 team.
Not only do you master the opponent’s style of play by heart, but more importantly, the command of the dreamer team also fully transported the arrogance and weakness of CC52 team to anger the opponent, and predicted that it was born in the cracks and successfully reversed the whole battle.
This ability …
Let all the players who watch this live broadcast know a little bit about the command feel scared.
This kind of strength should not even reach the four kings, right?
Are the dreamer team leaders those people?
Dare to guess that many dream friends flashed through their minds, but soon they just shook their heads.
I don’t think those senior departments have already withdrawn from the stage of fantasy westward journey, and even if they want to return, they can’t come back and bully people with such a trumpet. Besides, even if they want a trumpet, they won’t be so hard-wired. How can such a simple, small-light, big-light team deserve the status of their predecessors?
And this time field
In a weak situation, Fang Xiang can make a successful comeback, not to mention holding such a big advantage in his hand. As Fang Xiang said, from his current channel, he said that after solving the CC52 team in five rounds, in the sixth round, the CC52 team was almost out of the game, but the base was almost the same.
The two outputs pulled up by BB can’t stand the dream team’s offensive, and your ex-boyfriend and Zhang Yang can kill a square inch mountain at the moment, which is more than enough for the CC52 team. daughter village didn’t say much about the previous bloody state, which was directly attacked by the dream team by two sumeru.
The seventh round of the game
The CC52 team has one hell left.
On the other hand, the five failed dreamers proudly stood in front of the top five summoners, which gave people the feeling of naked ridicule.
A wild road that CC52 team said ran out of nowhere was their "wild road" team, which simply kept the battle in double digits and ended the round.
At this time, even if the CC52 team has turned upside down, it will not be a day.
"The battle is over."
"We lost."
Until now, the captain of CC52 team still couldn’t believe what he saw with his eyes.
They dominated the first four rounds of the game, and judging from the situation, they didn’t have any temper at all when the dreamer team was pressed by them, but all this changed completely in the fifth round.
The sudden outbreak of the dreamer team caught the CC52 team off guard.
"Although we played very conservatively, we were a little impatient after the words from the dreamer F."
"Although losing some losses, losing is losing."
CC52 team leader said with a wry smile.
"Boss, don’t put too much pressure on you. After all, the previous chivalrous team was defeated by them in less than ten rounds. This dreamer team really has some real strength."
"Their command is really strong. It’s no use hanging me when it comes to command strength."
CC52 team commander sighed to comfort the former way
"Then I can fight with this dreamer team. I guess there is also a Carry team?"
Chapter ninety Luck
"Carry found the last of the four great kings in the fantasy westward journey command, and the command of the dreamer team doesn’t know if it’s an egg rival. After all, even if it ranks fourth among the four great kings, it still can’t hide his identity as the four great kings."
At the end of the battle, the captain of CC52 team was worried by the dreamer team. It seems that the dreamer team can get rid of them as a "wild road", which has fully proved the strength of the dreamer team, and a team with strength deserves everyone’s respect.
"It’s hard to say."
CC52 team all shook his head.
"We and the dreamer team hardware gap may be able to command to make up for it, but Carry there …"
Speaking of which, the commander of CC52 team said
"I heard that Carry bought new hardware before the Elite Cup. This time, they didn’t come for the Elite Cup, but for the Jingwu Tianshen League. However, the champion of the Elite Cup can walk directly to the semi-final of the Jingwu Tianshen League. It may be because he didn’t want to expose their new hardware too early that he discussed with his million-strong team to participate in this Elite Cup."
"If this news is true, the dreamer team will probably be miserable."
"Before the acquisition of new hardware, the hardware of the Carry team was already a few times different from that of the SK team. It can be said that all the top teams in the elite world can be called overlords. Now this time, new hardware has been introduced. It is estimated that this time, the Carry team is likely to go to the SK team, and the dreamer team’s chances of winning are almost equal."
no better than
So the slightest merciful words come out from the commander’s mouth of CC52 team, and everyone in CC52 team can’t help but nod his head.
It is true that the Carry team is at its peak since its establishment. At this time, even if they meet the SK team, they all have a fighting capacity, let alone just a dreamer team. Although they come to participate in the Elite Cup this time, they also want to compete with the Carry team, but strictly speaking, they want to see how big the gap between them and the Carry team is.
Everyone looks forward and keeps moving forward.
But some people are walking while others are running!
Obviously, the Carry team is a running team!
"But if you can’t fight, is there any chance of leveling?"
The captain of CC52 team suddenly added at this time.
I don’t know why he suddenly wants to see the expression when the Carry team meets the dreamer team, the "wild road" team in their eyes!
"It’s not easy to say it, but it shouldn’t be easy."
"But if it’s a tie, it depends on the two teams getting points in the elite cup. According to the current situation, it’s the Carry team or the dreamer team who is two points behind them."
"It’s only two points. You can catch up soon."
CC52 team captain pondered over one and then said to the team.
"I really think we can secretly help a team of dreamers."
"Boss, what do you mean?"
The CC52 team was not stupid, and soon understood what the former meant.
"Be subtle and don’t let the Carry team know."
"I hope the dreamer team won’t let us help in vain."
Looking straight at the brain screen, it seems that light can see the other side through the brain screen, just like the scene over there.
The other side of the brain
Fang wants to watch the end of the battle and quietly wipe the sweat on his forehead.
Be reasonable. Just now, the Gank with CC52 team was definitely the most dangerous Gank in more than a year. If it wasn’t for the other party’s anger and urgency, what would have happened?
But speaking of it, their dreamer team is unlucky enough.
The top three teams in the Elite Cup, except Team Carry, have two teams left. Although they have won, including the battle with the former chivalrous team, it is very dangerous to win. If the CC52 team is more cautious, the result will be completely different. If the chivalrous team did not despise the dreamer team from the beginning, it is hard to say whether there is a dreamer team in the Elite Cup now.
But although luck makes it, luck is also a kind of strength.
Moreover, we can’t all be lucky to explain those. If Fang wants to have some strength, can he do it? Can the dreamer team go this far? His team can also try it with their so-called luck.
After playing CC52 team, you shouldn’t meet a strong team for a short time. According to the current points, the battle with Team Carry should be held in the semi-final or the final.
At present, the difference between the dreamer team and the Carry team is still 2 points. When the dreamer team ended the battle with the CC52 team, the Carry team just ended a battle.
"There will be a long period of relaxation, but everyone should be serious because we don’t have a few days. This time, the top 32 is 32 into 16 and then 16 into it, so we have only two days left."
"The semi-final points will be closed in two days."
"We must hurry if we want to tie the score and beat the Carry team."
Fang wants to say to the dreamer team and all.
Naturally, everyone should also say yes.