But later, because he didn’t help his sister Ling Xuehong fight against enemies, his sister was finally seriously injured and died, and she was reincarnated as a stranger. Yang Jin and Bai Guyi, who was chasing the clouds, lost their fire because of his dead wife, actually wanted to take it out on Ling Hun for a while, and let the short Zhu Mei lead away the protector, the white dragon girl Cui Wugu, and destroyed Ling Hun’s body while he was traveling.
His flesh is well proportioned and handsome, otherwise the beautiful dragon girl Cui Wugu wouldn’t marry him, and she also lost her skill and gave birth to a daughter for him. However, since the body was destroyed, she was arrogant and courteous, and without him, she became ashamed and witty, and even the two dwarfs in Songshan avoided him.
Nowadays, in front of so many friends and younger generations, he pleaded with Song Chang Gung regardless of his face. It’s a shame that he almost didn’t kneel, but Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, also knows that his wife and his son were bullied only when they couldn’t get it, and their daughters couldn’t get revenge when they were killed. Now, with the opportunity, they can learn advanced dharma tactics, of course, they don’t want any face.
At this time, the worried younger brother has finished collecting the magic weapon and tied the knot near Song Chang Gung. Seeing this old cry and howling around the master can’t help but feel funny. The companions are whispering, and even the leading brothers can’t help but feel funny. Look at this side while arranging people to be alert.
Seeing that they have finished collecting the magic weapon, Song Chang-geng also took it back to the outside. Those ordinary brothers who were blocked from the outside to good and evil rushed in, but now there is nothing left. Some people look at them in the river and know that they want to start work, but they can’t beat these people, but they are unwilling to be surrounded by wait for a while.
Several of his disciples felt ashamed when they saw the crowd. They didn’t know why the master was like this. But after all, it’s the master. What do they want to say? It’s really embarrassing to say that it’s my master. All the cats are watching the master’s performance with everyone in the crowd, and I can’t help but despise him.
Seeing that more and more people around you don’t want to delay the old man with withered bamboo here, he took a hesitant look at Song Chang Gung and tentatively asked, "What kind of conditions do you want us to promise you? It’s agreed in advance that if we can do it, we won’t refuse, but if we can’t do it … "
"You can definitely do it. You two have the same three conditions. First, what are your experiences after learning those two? Please record them for me.
Second, you two have learned the Tao for nearly a thousand years. Have you accumulated a lot of magic weapons and flying swords? You two don’t have any apprentices, and I’ve seen too much here. You two don’t have magic weapons and flying swords. Why don’t you send me some? Of course, you have to do what you can, and I don’t insist that you can give as much as you want!
Third, you two are old-timers in the practice world anyway. I have to sell you both good and evil. My brothers are just beginners, so how much care do you have? "Song Chang Gung smiled contentedly like a chicken and fox. He knew that the other party would promise these three conditions so that he would have two levels of labor.
Who is this wild old man? That was an authentic figure in the early years of the Tang Dynasty. In the early years of the Song Dynasty, it was called the six eccentrics of the universe, and it was also a man of the hour. Later, it gradually retired, but experts like Xuanzhen and others knew that these two men were powerful. But now they are honest immediately, which shows that they have gained prestige.
Look at the characters in the Six Monsters of the Universe who are on a par with them, and you will know how powerful their brothers and sisters are. He’s learned a lot about the original [blood nerve] characters, and he knows he’s got it after he’s learned half of [blood nerve] Zheng Yinru badly.
With these two old men coming forward to take care of their younger brothers, there is no danger. So Song Chang-geng doesn’t mind that it’s a rare method to exchange them. Besides, who are these two people? After learning, even Song Chang-geng can’t compare with these three experiences, and all the brothers and sisters in the school will learn these three experiences and make faster progress.
Finally, there is a magic weapon, flying sword. What people’s thousand-year accumulation and Song Changgeng’s own decades of scraping are not the same? Now there are fewer and fewer magic weapons in the door. How can these two old thousand-year accumulation supplements last for a while? This aspect is flint. When Song Changgeng flashed in his mind, he decided what he should do.
"Good conditions are not harsh. I promise you and my school sister promise you that this is my pledge and my school sister’s pledge. You sometimes go to the East Great Barren Mountain. When you get there, we will pick you up. Then you can take away our accumulated experience. Let your brother go to our place with these two tokens once a year."
After the withered bamboo old man was busy and hesitated, he readily promised, and then took out a bamboo card from his waist and a star card engraved on it and handed it to Song Changgeng. At the same time, he handed him the magic weapon just now and said goodbye to several people around him! The imperial sword turned into a golden light and went away.
See dead bamboo old man busy away ling muddy beside the ceiling 1 vigorously said, "I also promised to brother brother, you be good enough, what do you want? Huh? Say a condition? "
Song Chang Gung was about to speak when a woman in the distance shouted excitedly, "Brother, brother, what do you think I got?" Come and see. How about this sword? It’s my hand again. "
Everyone turned to look at the two fierce birds, and there were two people on each side. One of them, a little girl in purple, excitedly held a sword and cried, "It’s Shuangying coming." Song Changgeng smiled at Ling Hun. "Don’t worry about it. We’ll talk about things later. It’s hard to say that the couple here are talkative. Let’s be patient."
After that, he greeted him with arrogance. In the middle of the meeting, he saw someone releasing a magic weapon to attack Shuangying. He waved a few words of gold and purple brilliance with his hands and even flashed those unscrupulous people who didn’t catch the magic weapon and wanted to take the opportunity to take Shuangying away. No matter who the other party was right or evil, he was merciless. Shuangying also saw someone attacking himself. Their faces immediately tightened up.
At this time, a wonderful lady, Xun Lanyin, said to a wonderful real person, Qi Shuming and Xuan Zhen, in a low voice, "Isn’t the purple Ying sword in the hand of the elder brother of Qi robbed by the blood god?" How did it get into her hands? "
See the eyes not far from the blood god Zheng Yinmiao, a real person Qi Shuming whispered, "Let’s talk about it first." English flew up with the Buddha slave black carving and the ancient god dove. Only when Li Yingqiong arrived near the crowd did he have a smiling face and Yu Yingnan talked and laughed at Song Changgeng, and how he cooperated with Yang Jin to defeat the blood god and got this sword. Song Changgeng listened to Shuangying with a smile and said that Yu Yingnan suddenly saw Zheng Yin, the blood god next to him. He couldn’t help but exclaim.
Li Yingqiong also turned to see Zheng Yin, the blood god, and cried, "What brings you here? Didn’t you just get kicked out by Sister Yang? "
The twenty-third volume NingBi against Chapter two hundred and twenty Treasure Assembly
Zheng Yin, the god of blood, looked faintly like a person. He looked at the purple sword in Li Yingqiong’s hand and said, "You defeated me. I want him to contain and confuse you. I don’t want to lose your sight. Since you got this sword, I’ll give it to you. It’s interesting that I took it from Emei Sect and you took it from me."
At this time, a wonderful real person, Qi Shuming, laughed nearby. "This sword is my Emei property. Uncle Zheng once wore Yingqiong when he was in Emei. It’s also my Emei brother. Now it’s returned to its owner. Hehe, today’s treasure has been taken away. Anyway, it’s a grand event. It’s just that I want the government in Emei. Why don’t you just watch the ceremony in Emei?"
"You this person how so? You robbed me of my sword in three or two sentences. Do you want to lose face? What, this sword is your Emei Sect? It was this man named Blood God who took this sword from your wife, and now it’s me when I take it back. Why do you count this sword or you Emei Sect? I’m Emei’s registered brother, but all my things are yours. Can’t I be Emei? "
After listening to Qi Shuming’s words, others haven’t said anything about the little girl Li Yingqiong’s reluctance. She used to fight and bicker with several other teachers and sisters these days, so she stopped Miao Yimen from a tricky point of view. Qi Shuming asked him to admit that he was a registered brother. Everything he got and everything he got was Emei, and the reputation of Emei Sect was ruined.
Although the Emei Sect has been arrogant and overbearing for a long time, if you recognize this sentence, they have never given up building a magnificent and generous image of the right path, and they have lost their consistent demeanor in front of their peers. However, if you don’t recognize this sentence, the purple sword will no longer be the Emei Sect, and it is also worthwhile to lose.
A wonderful real person, Qi Shuming, was choked and speechless for a while. His face became more and more gloomy. A wonderful lady, Xun Lanyin, knew that Shuangying had long since ceased to return to Emei and her husband was trying to save it. She didn’t want to entangle herself in this matter and laughed. "Of course, it’s not how can we do such overbearing things in Emei?" You misunderstood the meaning of palm teaching. "
"It’s not the best. If it is, it will be troublesome. We dare not stay in Emei and leave early. Anyway, we were forced to worship Emei and leave early!" Yu Yingnan sarcastically said that she and Ying Qiong had never liked Emei school people. On the other hand, Song Chang-geng succeeded in cultivating their educational foundation.
"Okay, okay, British men don’t say angry words. Since Mrs. Miao said no, don’t pester others on this issue. How can a sect as big as this watch you break the sword? I will take you to see people’s Emei when they are invited to wait for the government. Forget it. Let’s go back to Kuzhu Temple."
Song Changgeng said conclusively that he has been wooing Shuangying’s education and finally achieved some results. Moreover, this purple sword is also the blood god Zheng Yin deliberately busy to send it to Li Yingqiong. As a result, the sand prodigy asked Li Yingqiong and them to take a message to Song Changgeng, hoping to meet him.
After getting the news at Kuzhu Temple, Song Chang-geng once went alone to meet four people, and then talked happily. Zheng Yin, the god of blood, once asked about the silver cicada reef and [blood nerve] in the East China Sea. His meaning was actually very simple. If Song Chang-geng would tell him [blood nerve], he would promise Song Chang-geng something.
At that time, Song Chang-geng had a new cultivation direction [blood nerve] because of his own cultivation and improvement, which was mutated in the Armageddon, and later combined with several top methods such as Buddhism, Taoism and evil spirits.
Now that he has this thing, he naturally won’t let go. After several verbal representations, the two reached an agreement. Zheng Yin, the blood god, looked for an opportunity to give Li Yingqiong the purple sword in Yuanjiang, and Song Changgeng told him that the other half [blood nerve] was a happy thing. Later, he reached an agreement with the star god and others.
He got Zhu Hong [Hunyuan Yan Sheng Lian Dao Zhen Jing] and [Secret Magic Remnant Chapter] from Simen Mountain in exchange for the Star Magic Code, and at the same time, he got Huang [Western Magic Code] from Baiqin Road flyover in exchange for the Star Magic King to help him control the golden boat, which is why he is so confident that the Golden Pot can’t fly away. After all, the two masters are sitting in the sky, and the other is naturally a sand prodigy. At that time, he also got Zhu Hong from Simen Mountain [Hunyuan Yan Sheng Lian]
After listening to his words, we all know that the treasure collection in Yuanjiang is over, so no one will come to collect the treasure after all the departments have taken it out. Zheng Yin, the blood god, excused himself first, and others left in succession. Qi Shuming, a real person, and other Emei school people also left Yuanjiang in a complicated mood, and their ordinary brothers saw that they could not get cheap, and they all vanished.
After Song Chang Gung and others returned to Kuzhu Temple to count the number of people, although some people were injured, no one died. At last, it was a complete merit. Zi Xuanfeng led 51 male brothers who were worried about their families and Princess Changping led 50 female brothers, and Qin Ziling and Zheng Gu led more than a dozen male and female brothers of Qingcheng School, who had gathered in Kuzhu Temple and wu-tang clan.
Master Yu Qing and Yang Jinye Bin came back together, and the husband and wife also came back with their younger brothers. Everyone else left, but Ling Hun’s husband and wife still lingered on. Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, was lucky to talk to her reincarnation daughter Lin Luhua to relieve boredom, while Ling Hun looked at him like a follower behind Song Changgeng.
We teamed up to decorate the defense ban, and then took out all the magic weapons we received, such as flying swords. Song Chang-geng didn’t take out the most central treasures, but others didn’t hide their secrets. At that time, the square in the front yard of Kuzhu Temple was bright and bright, reflecting all the strange faces.
Everyone knows that there are 132 magic weapons to put golden light on the ends of the earth and 320 advanced magic weapons to put all kinds of brilliance after sending their confidants to count, but it is difficult to divide everyone. Because of the light, there are 112 people. If there are 15 men and women in Qingcheng School and two brothers in B Xiu, there will be 131 people.
Master Yu Qing, Yang Jin, Ye Bin, Zheng Dianxian and her six disciples and three disciples plus seven women from Wudang, a total of 20 people. This is not to mention that there are more than 150 people before and after Ling Hun’s husband and wife, etc. These magic weapons are counted, no matter how many leaders whisper together for a while, others also look at those treasures greedily.
After consultation, it was unanimously agreed that all the people present, except the worried brother, had made efforts, and one of them chose one magic weapon to put the golden brilliance and the remaining magic weapon to the worried door. All the worried brothers present could choose two advanced magic weapons to radiate all kinds of brilliance, so as to make up for them. After all, they have always been blocked.
In this operation, not only the amount of work is the largest, but also the number of injured people is more than the remaining 100 advanced magic weapons, which are divided up by Song Changgeng, Zheng Dianxian, Yi Xiu and other masters who have contributed the most this time.
Song Chang-geng got all these advanced magic weapons from them, so that all the advanced magic weapons fell into the hands of Youmen, and he also conveyed 50 or 60 pieces of extremely magic weapons and Song Chang-geng concealed more than a dozen treasures. It was at this time that the advantages of Youmen were reflected.