He summoned up the courage to tear down a board again, and walked along the street looking for the source of bloody smell with a guilty conscience. He saw bodies everywhere.
He suddenly covered his nose and mouth and almost vomited.
Where have I seen so many people lying dead on the street? Li Xiuyuan hurried back to Zhai to nail the door plank and couldn’t wait to go out from now on.
Turn the cup upside down and pour yourself a cool tea. Li Xiuyuan hurriedly rushed to the backyard bedroom.
He pushed the door.
Suddenly there was a long sword with wet blood on its neck.
His body collapsed straight, his eyes were full of fear, and he looked at the black man haunted by ghosts and gods.
"Stop it."
The woman who was seriously injured on the bed reached out anxiously.
Her voice still sounds weak, but she has regained some sanity
"Ahem, he saved me." The woman in black covered her chest and looked very painful.
Li Xiuyuan caught a glimpse of the woman.
Very pale, but also let him have a moment amazing.
The sword with heavy blood smell was taken back by the female companion in black, and Li Xiuyuan was finally slightly relieved. Before he had a chance to speak, he fell black at the moment.
The woman in black is unhappy. "You …"
Her companion looked at Li Xiuyuan, who was in a coma, and said, "You can’t get away easily once you are in the game. Going further and further is the right choice to live."
The motorcade drove into the deserted mountains and forests.
This sunshine can’t take care of the place, and the roar of animals is lingering. Manager Zhao really doesn’t want to take one more step.
Feet are already the boundary of ghost valley forest
Although it is the edge, it is also the place where Guigulin’s tentacles extend.
He thinks that he has done his duty to send the girl here safely, and he will risk his life again to provoke the patriarch. Adults are willing to tolerate those evils.
Glancing at the carriage, Qiansun Zhao called the girl and waved to the retinue to retreat quietly.
Reluctantly, the girl looked tearfully at the girl in front of her and said, "Take care."
Driving SEO also jumped out of the carriage in horror.
Everyone’s gone.
Listening to manager Zhao and others getting farther and farther, the girl smiled and looked at Luo Changfeng, who was puzzled.
Luo Changfeng still holds the girl’s skirts tightly, and this dependence is like a child.
The girl said softly, "They are all gone."
Luo Changfeng looked outside the car curtain and said, "They are all gone."
The girl said, "You should go, too. You may die if you stay."
Luo Changfeng shook his head. "I’m not going."
The girl wanted to tell him about the horror here, so she was a little anxious. "Do you know where this is?"
Listen to the animals roar and some timid Luo Changfeng shook his head.
The girl said, "This is the Ghost Valley. There is a free and unfettered villa in the forest, where all the most horrible demons live."
Luo Changfeng tugged at the corner of the girl’s sleeve and begged, "Don’t see the devil."
The girl smiled mournfully. "I don’t want to see it either, but what can I do?"
What can she do?
Everything is fate.
From the moment her orphan was taken to the most prosperous brothel in Jiangling County, her life was doomed.
She suddenly felt wronged when she remembered all kinds of things in the past.
For twenty years, she has been busking, not selling herself, trying to protect perfection, but she didn’t expect to end up in the hands of those demons in the ghost valley forest.
That’s ridiculous …
She looked at Luo Changfeng’s handsome face and looked at his face. She was naive and unconscious, and tears came to her eyes.
She thought that if there was still a chance, she would rather give her beauty to the present, and it would not be cheap for those demons who eat people and don’t spit bones.
Thinking about this ear, I suddenly came to Sen’s cold smile. The girl trembled and hid in Luo Changfeng’s arms.
A burst of black smoke came from the depths of the forest with a gloomy voice, "Come to Guigulin and live your life … I have waited so long, my little beauty."
Chapter 53 Shout your throat and no one will talk to you.
The gloomy black wind lifted the curtain of the carriage with dust
I don’t remember the past. Luo Changfeng knew that the girl blocked her eyes out of consciousness and fear. When the wind stopped, she suddenly saw one more carriage.
The figure of that man is as thin as being sucked dry by a spectre, and his eyes are bulging, his jaws are long and his ugly appearance is frightening.
The mind is like a child. Where can Luo Changfeng withstand such a fright and horror? He was annoyed by a ghostly man and then waved his sleeve and threw it out of the carriage.
Knowing that the girl wants to pull Luo Changfeng and hold her soft, she is so strong that she looks at Luo Changfeng’s black robe and skirts in despair and strokes them away from her hands.
She heard a heavy impact like a fracture.
She knew he must be in pain.