How did Master He achieve it early?
After a pause, the light curtain appeared in my mind.
Name Zhou Jia
Six pulps of Xiufan stage (1146/)
Yuanxing Tianyingxing (trait commanding soldier) and Earthstorm Star (trait violence)
Introduction to Tri-element Orthodoxy (15/3)
Proficient in anti-shield (67/3), skilled in shield attack (42/12), proficient in cloak and axe (23/6), and introductory to Naer’s secret technique (11/2).
"Different achievement methods are difficult to practice." Zhou Jia got up and picked up the shield axe.
"The higher the martial arts level, the more difficult it is to improve the proficiency. From this point, it is also convenient to distinguish which martial arts has greater potential and then choose the achievement method."
Thoughts turned him to push the door and go out.
There will be more and more people fleeing from the Baron, and they will eat when they just need to hoard some food.
You can see several figures far away before you get to the mine.
In the past, Samuel came early today, and was reprimanded by several guards, such as Black Third Class.
"Da …"
Zhou Jia stopped and looked out in the shadow of the jungle. Samuel stopped and his eyes flashed back and forth.
I have become six, although I have insufficient background, but I have a violent card, and I am more proficient in Wushu than before.
So …
A trace of murder crept from my heart.
Touch your hand to the handle of the axe.
He did know something about Samuel from Han Pang.
This woman was transferred from the outer hall, tired of fighting outside, and now she thinks that ichthyosaur will catch a rich man and live a stable life.
If you want to catch a rich man, you have to have money yourself.
She looks and has a good figure, but the front wind is not very good, and the ichthyosaur club has no foundation and is not very popular.
So Samuel turned his attention to the mine
If we can grasp the mine, we will have a foundation and money to hold her hostage. Zhou Jia naturally becomes a thorn in the side.
Zhou Jia is not interested in the mine, but he doesn’t want to be held at will.
"All right!" Samuel waved his hand at several people with a cold face.
"It’s time to say that I told you to be busy when you grow up!"
A few people should be low head back in order.
She skimmed the pie mouth and there was a sudden shout in her ear, and she quickly turned around and stepped towards the road with joy.
Go to Zhou Jia and you won’t find any difference.
Now, with the mastery of Tian Ying Xing, we can see that Samuel’s every move has a unique charm.
Like a smart female leopard.
Every step out of the body muscles are orderly ups and downs, step by step like a ruler, and it is almost exactly the same.
This means that no matter what happens, Samuel can instantly explode, which is a symbol of practicing martial arts to the bone.