"Anytime. We’ll keep you safe."
In the summer, I didn’t expect the police to answer like this. It seems that it is not too serious to be slightly stunned.
Yes, she hasn’t heard from angelo, and neither Ji Jie nor Xia Teng, which makes her vaguely a little uneasy.
In summer, when they were anxiously waiting for the development, a plane had just taken off at the other end of the city, and the back seat of an ordinary private car outside the airport was full of glistening scraps of paper.
The driver’s seat is a Nordic man who can feel tall at half length. He looks a little old. His blond hair has faded gradually, but his green eyes are still clearer than he looks at the "angry little boy" in the back seat in the rearview mirror. Tong Mai Wang Guoyu said, "Fortunately, it is a copy."
Angelo looked up and his eyes turned pink because of illness, and now they became redder because of anger. He stared at the man unblinkingly, his lips moved, and finally he closed tightly without saying anything.
Neil’s gone. angelo hasn’t seen him.
Angelo has found many identities of neil over the years. This time, as soon as he saw neil make one of them buy a plane ticket, he immediately rushed over at the risk of exposing himself. Unexpectedly, he just got into a taxi and the man pulled up to him and showed him a pocket watch-Neil black rose pocket watch.
Angelo immediately obeys the car, and the driver will take him to neil. Unexpectedly, he directly locked the door and parked the car outside until neil took off by plane.
During this period, the driver gave angelo a piece of information, and it was angelo himself, but he didn’t know when he inherited so much property.
Neil left them to him without his knowledge.
Angelo tore up the information, and he wanted to growl and ask why neil did it. He didn’t mean neil quietly transferred his property, but that it was too risky for him to take an ordinary plane. Someone should check it, and maybe he could be caught before the plane landed.
It’s like putting yourself in the hands of the police.
"Oh, I almost forgot this." The driver observed angelo’s look and saw that he didn’t seem so angry. Then he handed him another document and added, "This one is not copied, but it has not been torn up. The procedure has been completed."
Angelo didn’t want to pick up the information, but he looked up and was very surprised and took it involuntarily.
That’s an admission notice to prove that he has completed the transfer formalities and can report to the school at any time. The name of that school is familiar to him-the middle school affiliated to Dashun University.
Although there is no class written in the face, angelo seems to have guessed that he will be assigned to Class 5, Grade 2 "randomly" when he comes to the school.
Angelo spit out a word in a low voice, which is "what" in Tongmai language. He has not spoken this language for many years. He found that his pronunciation has become a little stiff, although Tongmai Wang Guocai is his real motherland.
The driver started the car and went downtown. He didn’t look back, and a deep voice came steadily.
"That middle school has a school building, but neil thinks you may not like that kind of physical life. Now I will take you around the school to help you buy a suite."
Angelo didn’t speak. He put his hand into the neckline and there was a hidden pocket near his left chest. He pulled out his pocket watch from it-a gold pocket watch also engraved with rosa multiflora patterns.
"Give it to me." angelo reached for the front seat and the driver put the black rose pocket watch in his hand.
Angelo pressed the pocket watch slightly one leng and immediately found that it was smooth and unmarked.
"This is not him!" Angelo instantly arched himself like a little beast about to run away. "Where is he!"
The driver continued to comfort the car and said, "He gave the real pocket watch to the girl for safekeeping."
Angelo hesitated to take out a cellular phone and send Xia Fa a message.
"Do you have neil’s pocket watch?"
Xia finally waited for angelo’s news. Although it was a bit strange, he immediately sent him a message. "Yes, I am here. Where are you?" Are you okay? "
After thinking about it, she added, "Something happened to Tao Yaoyao’s family, but it’s all right now. The police are protecting us."
Tao Yaoyao saw Xia telling angelo this next to Xia and couldn’t help but hold her hand in surprise. "Xia Xia, what if you tell him this in case he never shows up again?"
Summer looked up at TaoYaoYao confused eyes questioned TaoYaoYao eyes and then the bottom of my heart a bright incredible way "Momo you don’t doubt angelo? He he and neil are not a group … "
Tao Yaoyao sighed and shook his head. "I don’t know angelo or neil, and I don’t know them well. I don’t believe them now. Do you still believe them? If angelo is with us, why doesn’t he ask about irrelevant pocket watches instead of’ sword reflecting Qin Dou’ and’ Green digging ears’? "
It’s like angelo didn’t reply to Tao Yaoyao’s words.
Huang Xiaoyi’s situation is very stable. After seeing him for the last time in summer, she sat in her chair and logged on to the afterlife online. Although she was not in contact with angelo for a long time, she felt that the fact would not be as Tao Yaoyao said. angelo might have encountered something to help.
Xia, she has never been a person who depends on others. If there is no angelo, will these things be stopped? She doesn’t want it. Even if she’s the only one left, she’ll play along to the end.
After the maintenance of the Babel, the eternal paradise is officially released. Players can take a specific afforestation method at np Luoxi in exchange for sending stones, or they can buy stones directly at the mall. They can send players to the hidden passage of the Babel, where there are no monsters straight like an abandoned ladder track.
Some players don’t have flying mounts or flying skills. There are many players who are "part-time pilots" here. Xia paid money and was sent to the top floor of Babel.
The statue of angels standing in this gorgeous hall is a real statue, not a moving monster or the np paradise ladder is still there, but its climbing order has been made into a raiders’ strategy, which can be passed with eyes closed.
In summer, walking up the steps and pushing the golden gate, the sea of clouds and the arch are all gone. It is normal to show them in front of her eyes, but the game map changes common flowers and trees into clouds and stars. This is no longer the entrance to the second world, but an eternal paradise that truly belongs to the game.
Before Xia took it out, he bought the "afterlife eye" and entered the words "Sword reflects Qin Dou"
The afterlife eyes flashed and faithfully gave its search result "eternal paradise starlight garden broken starlight path"
Chapter two hundred and ten Don’t let go of death