Three factories embraced each other and planned to kill it while it was sick.
Being hit by a gun when jumping, this factory must have lost its resistance completely. Some factories will be torn apart, preferring to blow themselves up rather than be robbed.
Or take an emergency jump if the core is not completely destroyed.
What we need to do now is to destroy its core as soon as possible and let it escape.
After the three factories surrounded, they did not see the imaginary semi-disabled Cleisthenes factory
Debris scattered around the Cleisthenes factory.
But it’s just fragments
"What the hell?"
"Where did it go?"
"Strange …"
The three factory owners wondered, "What the hell is this?"
Just then they heard a song.
A vine stretched out from the void, and before a factory could react, it caught up with its destroyer.
"Hey!" There was a loud noise, and the huge destroyer was directly folded from the factory.
Break all kinds of cables and support frames, jingle and scatter pieces.
"I was attacked!" The attacked factory owner screamed, and the sub-gun next to the destroyer fired wildly.
The jet flame spit out fierce ammunition, but it went as far as possible.
It didn’t even catch its opponent’s hair.
The three factories scattered all kinds of observation points, and all the observers fired desperately.
But there is a void all around.
The tentacle seems to extend from the virtual and then hide back in the virtual.
The "vegetation" manor is like an invisible assassin. They are masters who are better at dealing with people than factory owners.
Not to mention Daniel has a secret skill that others can match-
That is, it can completely escape into the shadows
This is not even understood by factory owners.
After being ambushed by the invisible enemy, several factory owners were indecisive.
"What the hell is this!"
"Did you see anything?"
"no? You didn’t see it either? "
They have a feeling that they seem to have hit a hot potato.
The three factories consciously formed a defensive formation back to back.
Daniel walked in the shadow of three factories, and suddenly appeared in the gap and whipped the back of a factory.
The shell of the rattan pumping factory suddenly caved in and exploded, except for clouds of sparks.
"Boom!" The factory turned sharply and the main gun exploded.
But it blew up another factory beside it.
"What the hell are you doing!"
"Why did you attack me!"
"You attacked me!"
"Don’t make any noise!"
Faced with this ghostly enemy, they realized that they must have met a hard nut to crack.
The best thing to do at this time is to … run away!
The three factories have been together for many years and have already had a tacit understanding.
Escape in three directions in an instant
"moo!" A shadow in the virtual suddenly pounced on the No.1 factory