Xuanji handed a newly refined polar vinblastine to the flower mirror to see if it had any effect this time. Seeing that the fox in the water was wet and its hair grew rapidly, the most important thing was that the flower mirror did not lose its hair this time.
"It worked!" Hua Ci mirror was excited and turned back to human form for the first time, which made the mystery suddenly surprised
Hua Ci mirror looked down at himself consciously. His body was still in the water, and there were petals on the surface of the water, which didn’t even show two points.
Mystery awakens flowers and talks about "hair"
"hair? It has grown out, "Hua said in the mirror. He brushed his hair in front of him and found that the hair color was not quite right." Why is it black? "
You know, the hair of the flower mirror used to be silvery white, but now the hair on the top of the flower mirror is impressively black, but it is really strange that the hair on the fox’s body is white
"Why don’t you go and see my young master, Uncle Hua?" Mystery discussion
In the past, I didn’t want to find the old spring because I didn’t have hair. Now I should not have this concern when my hair grows.
It’s the mystery that I didn’t expect it to be before I make a decision.
It’s too late to walk again at this time. Qing Ming simply points to the flower mirror and directly presses it into the water. Anyway, the flower mirror won’t drown, but she is holding the mystery to quickly water.
Mystery can’t be prevented from entering the water. Consciousness embraces Qing Ming. "What are you doing?"
"Yuanyang bath" in front of the young spring
Not old spring came over and saw this scene. Qing Ming was holding a mystery and two people were bathing in his secret land. It was a provocation.
I can see that they have just started and their clothes are still there.
"Mystery, I am very surprised that you can come to my secret land. Adding a green ghost is just frightening." Bulaochun said to Mystery with a smile.
"I …" Mystery family can’t say that there is a flowery mirror besides Qing Ming.
"In fact, Qing Ming, I’m really curious. Can you bring feelings to the mystery without your body?" Said Bu Laochun, who has come to the water’s edge and started to enter the water.
What’s even worse is that vines extend into the water at the foot of the old spring.
Chapter 59 Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine
I don’t know how long in the past, Xuanji heard someone calling him.
Mystery opened his eyes and didn’t respond when he saw the palm of his hand pressing on his abdomen. At the same time, Mystery also sensed something new in his abdomen.
"This is a pattern? How can I have this and it’s different from you? " Mystery doubt way
"Why, do you still want to like the pattern of youth? Do you want to contract with the young couple? "Qing Ming sneers.
How is the flower demon pattern shared with the Taoist couple? Nature is sharing after becoming a Taoist couple.
Mystery: If you want the pattern of youth, you have to be a couple with youth.
"If Xuanji is willing to be with me, I will be very happy." BuLaoChun looked at Xuanji first.
"By the way, do you think your patterns are in full bloom now? I can instill a lot of ebony in you. "The mysterious abdominal pattern appears because of him. With his help, the mysterious pattern can accelerate the blooming."
"I …" Just as the mystery hesitated, the arch seemed to be scratched. The mystery was suddenly surprised when I remembered that the rhetoric mirror was still under the water.
Thought of here, mystery quickly promised to BuLaoChun, "All right, let’s bother you first, but let’s go out of the land first." Said the mystery and made a wink to Qing Ming, and BuLaoChun left first.
The young spring drooped his eyes over the water, and many petals passed by, then he was dragged away anxiously by the mystery without saying a word.
Finally, the flower mirror can emerge from the water and look at Qing Ming. "Aren’t you going after it?"
Even he can see that the mystery can’t leave with Laochun, and it’s just a sheep in the jaws.
"But forget it, because my little girl humiliated me, I will return her favor. I hope I have no intention to do bad things." What if the mystery is reluctant to fight and meet?
It’s almost the mystery of kung fu. I just returned to Bai Yujing with Bulao Chun, and I haven’t stepped into the bedroom, and I’ve officially visited you.
Fortunately, Xuanji and Bulaochun didn’t do anything and didn’t panic too much.
See with black hair wearing a fox mask HuaCi mirror to open the door mystery leng for a moment to react HuaCi mirror but like don’t know the mystery directly to the young spring bluntly let the young spring to help him treat a..
Mystery tugged at Qing Ming and asked, "What’s the matter?" It’s okay for Qing Ming to come over, but the mirror is here.
"He came to show BuLaoChun what the problem is and return your favor by the way. Do you think I have a body?" Green ghost shape seems to inadvertently ask mystery way
Xuanji’s attention was half focused on Hua Ci Jing and Bu Laochun, and he didn’t catch "What?"
"Nothing?" Qing Ming hangs his eyes, even if he has not made up his mind, how can he ask the mystery for an answer?
Let BuLaoChun check his health and see if he can change the color of his hair back. He still prefers his original silver hair.
"Not long ago, you said that hair removal liquid should not grow quickly. Is it because my hair removal liquid is not up to standard?" Not old spring looked at with black hair and flowery words, and said bluntly that there was doubt in his eyes.
At first, the fox mask disappeared casually, looking at the old spring and saying, "It turned out that my things were actually from your hands, and I should have thought of it."
Can hurt the ninth order monk can be another ninth order monk Yuan Qingbai may have strength, but he doesn’t understand the Dan medicine, and he can succeed.
"It turns out that Yuan Qingbai bought hair removal liquid from me in front of you, and I still have some doubts. After all, Yuan Qingbai’s body is covered with scales." Bu Laochun turned a blind eye to Hua Zijing’s anger. After all, he didn’t put hair removal liquid in Hua Zijing’s body
It’s no wonder that Hua Ci Jing will go to the secret realm of the earth’s spirit liquid after taking the hair removal liquid, and he has another new love.
"Since you have hair removal liquid for animals and demons, is there any Dan medicine that can make Yuan Qingbai scales lose light?" Take a deep breath and know that you can’t take it out on the youthful body.
He wants Yuan Qingbai to taste the loss of scales.
"Of course, there is. After all, the dragon scales need to be replaced. I have a Dan medicine that can accelerate the aging of Long Lin."
"Okay, I’ll take it …" Huaci mirror said.