Gu Hua was surprised. Fortunately, she stretched out her hand in front of Jin Shiyi, but she quickly grabbed Jin Shiyi’s wrist and lifted the iron sword. "Don’t try to die like this. What is it?" Jin Shiyi said, "Who told you not to believe me? I’ll show you my heart!" Gu Hua put his iron sword back into its sheath and laughed. I never said I didn’t believe you! Your heart is bloody and you are not afraid of people. What do I want you to do? " Before the words were finished, Jin Shiyi grabbed her hands and said happily, "Sister Gu, you almost made me a confused ghost!" GuHua laughed, "you are such a stubborn ghost and you still deserve it! Well, stop fooling around and I’ll tell you something serious. "
Jin Shiyi said, "Well, I’ll wait for you to get serious." Gu Huadao said, "Your sister Li will come later …" Jin Shiyi interrupted her with a heavy heart. "Let’s say we don’t care if she comes?" GuHua way "no, since you have an appointment with her, how can you ignore her? You know Meng and Meng Shentong are chasing her! It was last night that I was in an inn in Jimo City, and my brother Meng and Meng Shentong also saw me. I escaped desperately, and I don’t know if I was caught by him. Without him, I know he won’t let me go. I’m afraid I’m coming. Do you give me an idea to avoid him? Or see him? I want to hide from him, but how can I save Miss Li from him? " You know, although Gu Hua was annoyed that Li Shengnan lied to her, she was always uneasy when Li Shengnan fell into Meng Shentong’s hands.
Jin Shiyi said, "Well, I’m going to avenge Meng Shentong!" Gu Hua said, "There’s another Buddhist monk with him!" Jin Shiyi thought that this was indeed a difficult problem. Meng Shentong was already difficult to deal with alone. The monk himself was a loser. Listen to Gu Hua’s tone, she really didn’t want to see Meng Shentong, and she was embarrassed to be a helper.
Jin Shiyi is hesitating and suddenly feels that the breeze seems to have hidden weapons attacking behind him. Jin Shiyi thundered with a backhand, "Meng old thief, come out!" It’s strange that he clapped his hands but didn’t smell hidden weapons’s landing. Jin Shiyi suddenly saw a shadow flying out of the forest. Jin Shiyi Iron turned to meet the shadow. In the middle of it, a turn was made. Jin Shiyi Qu Zhun turned and swept away. Just then, he heard "pa". A Jin Shiyi other guy had a record earlier. The other guy was holding what seemed to be a branch, but it was worse than a soft whip. This detention made Jin Shiyi smoke a blood stain and beat him burning!
Jin Shiyi was shocked and angry when the shadow fell in front of him and said, "Jin Shiyi, you little thing!" be exactly; precisely
Heroic lingyun is willing to be humiliated because of the dilemma of love and hate.
Want to know what will happen? And listen to the decomposition

The twentieth time I looked far away, and there was a long way to go in Pengdao.
Jin Shiyi’s turn was about to hit a thunderbolt, which suddenly sounded like a sunny day, making him lose his mind and wait for the iron turn to hang down. It turned out that it was none other than Feng Lin! She hid in the forest, Jin Shiyi talked to Gu Hua, and she heard her anger. Jin Shiyi picked two leaves and hit him first, and then she showed herself ridiculous. Jin Shiyi was still Meng Shentong at first.
Hear Feng Lin continue to scold a way "hum! Hello, Jin Shiyi! Hello! How did my mother and daughter treat you? But you are such a heart breaker. Are you worthy of my daughter? " The more you scold the anger, the bigger the branches shake. It’s another Jin Shiyi’s hand caught off guard and the back of his hand was brushed with a blood stain. Jin Shiyi cried, "Aunt, I am grateful for your kindness to me, but things between men and women are not so simple. I treat Qin Mei as a sister … Will you listen to me?" Words still unfinished Feng Lin is "cha" a big nu scold a way "what else to say? I heard you. I can’t wait to kill you! Nobody wants my daughter? Do you think I have to force you? Hum! I really want to kill you! " Jin Shiyi was ashamed and angry. He lowered his hand and said, "Good aunt, if you don’t trust me, just kill me!"! I’m better off dead! " Gu Hua was embarrassed at this situation and called out, "Do you still recognize me, Aunt?" Feng Lin gave her a look. "I know you. It’s none of your business. It’s Jin Shiyi’s fault. Go! Why do you know that he is a heart breaker now? Do you still want to plead for him? " Gu Hua touched such an unreasonable elder and was filled with grievances. He cried and hid his face and ran away.
Feng Lin hit Jin Shiyi’s hands, feet and face with blood stains for more than a dozen times in a row. Jin Shiyi endured the pain and snorted. "You’d better save me a lot of troubles by killing me!" However, Feng Lin’s anger gradually subsided for a while and suddenly sighed, "Good bad karma daughter, I didn’t kill you!" Gave Jin Shiyi a hard look at the broken branches, turned around and left without looking back.
Jin Shiyi’s feet are sore, his whole body aches, and his heart aches are much worse. Feng Lin has gone, and Gu Hua has gone, leaving him stupefied before the Qing Palace.
After Li Qinmei broke up with Chen Tianyu, she also hurried to Laoshan. Chen Tianyu used to ride this horse when she was in Tibet. Chen Tianyu loved this horse most, but in order to get Li Qinmei to Laoshan as soon as possible, he gave it to her without stint. Although Li Qinmei was cheated by Li Shengnan, she missed her journey by five or six days, but she was still able to arrive at Laoshan on the same day with Gu Hua Li Shengnan. Li Qinmei was very excited to take care of the owner of the inn and climbed the mountain early in the morning. When her mother beat Jin Shiyi, she was also expected to reach the mountain.
At this moment, I suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind. Li Qinmei was a Taoist priest in the mountains at first, but she didn’t care. Suddenly, it seemed that these people were walking very fast. It didn’t seem to be ordinary people’s minds. Then she heard an old voice saying, "The Taoist temple in front of me is the Qing Palace. Alas, it seems that someone is quarreling. I wonder if it is Jin Shiyi?"
Li Qinmei’s surprise is quite serious. This is exactly the sound of Meng Shentong, and then the monk said, "Okay, let’s get there quickly and don’t let Jin Shiyi run away." The monk remembered Mangshan’s revenge. Of course, there are other reasons for him to come with Meng Shentong this time, but the most important thing is to rely on Meng Shentong to avenge Jin Shiyi. His skill is less than Meng Shentong’s. He can’t hear Feng Lin’s scolding Jin Shiyi. Meng Shentong heard it, but he couldn’t recognize it because it was too far away.
At this moment, Meng Shentong and the monk’s voice were closer. Many Li Qinmei was scared out of her wits and ran for her life. It would be better if she hid. Meng Shentong and others might not notice her when they were rushing to the mountain. Her running alarmed Ji Xiaofeng and shouted, "There is someone in front of Master!" Meng Shentong chased the ravine and saw Li Qinmei’s back happily laughing. "So you can’t run!" He just bumped into Feng Lin a few days ago, and now he meets Li Qinmei, for fear that their mother and daughter will meet, Li Qinmei will expose what he has done, and he will kill Li Qinmei.
After Feng Lin beat Jin Shiyi, she was both angry and sad. She walked around the corner of the ravine and suddenly saw Li Qinmei running, surprised and happy, and hurriedly called out, "Qiner!" Li Qinmei threw herself into her mother’s arms, panting for a moment and unable to speak.
Feng Lin suddenly interrupted with a sigh and said, "Qin son go home! There’s no need to clear the palace, "Li Qinmei wondered." How does mom know I’m a clear palace? " But the pursuer, that is, she has been asking questions for a long time and called out, "Mom, someone is chasing me!" Feng Lin was furious. "Who dares to bully my daughter so much?" See Meng Shentong leading the way, followed by his brother Ji Xiaofeng and the monk who destroyed the law.
Li Qinmei pointed to Meng Shentong. "Mom is him! He is so bad that he bullies Sister Gu Hua! " Feng Lindao "good you wait here for mom to kill him to give you vent! Qin son, don’t go if you want to listen to your mother. "
Meng Shentong suddenly found that Feng Lin’s heart was still untouched. Feng Lin was already in a flash. Without saying anything, he raised the branches in his hand and hit her. It turned out that Meng Shentong, a subtle killer in Tianshan swordsmanship, thought that he was indestructible, and his body flashed a little slowly. He listened and brushed his shoulders first.
This is ten times worse than when she hit Jin Shiyi just now, but seeing Meng Shentong’s broken shoulders reveal a blood stain, Rao has practiced to be nearly indestructible, and he has also beaten Feng Lin with burning pain! Meng Shentong was furious, his hands pushed and shouted, and Feng Lin was shocked to fly half!
Li Qinmei exclaimed that Feng Lin turned over and shouted, "Qin Er, don’t be afraid of seeing your mother hit him again!" Feng Lin has practiced cat and eagle attack skills with Saxo’s double demons since she was a child. Her posture is strange and contemporary! But seeing her bend and stretch, using the branch as a sword to make the brush is another stroke of "meteor from outer space", and Meng Shentong chopped Feng Lin’s body and half branches with one hand, and the quiver was more flexible than the flat ground. He heard "before" and pierced a hole in Meng Shentong’s skirt. Fortunately, this time, Meng Shentong was more prepared and closed the acupuncture points without stabbing her.
Because Feng Lin’s posture is too fast and Meng Shentong’s Shura Yin Skill has reached the seventh level, it still takes a moment to exercise the Shura Yin Skill at will. At this time, it will not be a slight loss. After two moves, Meng Shentong has prepared for the exercise, and the true qi is covered with Feng Lin’s heel. The third move is waiting to be stabbed. Meng Shentong drinks a pair of hands, and the power of Shura Yin Skill is effective. Feng Lin feels cold all over and is almost caught in the whirlpool by his palm. Fortunately, her flying stunt day Shuang Yi feels bad and her figure is slightly swaying, so she avoids Meng Shentong’s palm.
This time, it was a head-on confrontation, which was very different from the encounter in the second inn. Both sides exerted their strength. Meng Shentong’s palm was as tight as a palm, and Xu Fiona Fang stirred up a cold air stream. Although Feng Lin was brave and brave, she dared not bully herself into it. She was both good and evil, and she was a Tibetan red coach to protect her heart. The "tree sword" in the hand is the bizarre sword trick of the white-haired witch; However, the flying skill and longitudinal skill are all kinds of wonderful kung fu, and Meng Shentong has shipped it to the seventh heavy shura, but she is just as good as a draw.
At the sight of Meng Shentong’s steadiness, the monk lost a few minutes of timidity, but he still didn’t dare to attack Feng Lin immediately, but he wanted to bully Li Qinmei, who knew that Feng Lin’s eyes were all around. When he saw his figure leaping, he knew that his heart sneered at him and immediately went behind him.
With a wave of his mord, the Buddhist monk’s Zen stick whistled Feng Linshu’s sword, and he jumped up at the head of his staff, which just avoided Meng Shentong’s pushing a palm from behind, but he heard "bang". The original Buddhist monk’s stick could not hit the enemy, but he gave Meng Shentong a palm force to shake the Buddhist monk out, and he couldn’t stop hitting a big stone beside him and smashed it to pieces!
Meng Shentong shouted, "Are you afraid of getting away with it when you clean up the old man?" You know, although Meng Shentong is evil, she is a martial arts master. I think it is not a glorious thing to bully her daughter in front of Feng Lin. It is a greeting that secretly contains blame and extermination, and monks should not bully the weak and fear the strong.
Destroy the law and still smile and say, "Yes, let’s kill this witch together!" He tried Feng Lin once, and he knew that unless Meng Shentong joined forces to get rid of Feng Lin first, he would never bully his daughter.
Meng Shentong added the method of extermination, and the monks soon turned around and took over the wind, but Feng Lin’s various strange kungfu emerged one after another, and it was not easy for them to defeat Feng Lin.
Jin Shiyi was beaten by Feng Lin, and he couldn’t say how sad he was. He thought, "Everyone is really in trouble." The new moon climbed the branches and the evening breeze blew, which made him feel a chill. He was waiting for a Taoist priest to walk out of the mountain view alone. "All the troubles are made by heart, so forgetful?" Jin Shiyi abrupt longitudinal laugh "cow nose, smelly Taoist priest, you’re right. Worry is done by the heart, such as being too forgetful! But I don’t want to be a Taoist with you. Well, I’m still clean! " The Taoist priest grabbed him and laughed. "Is it possible to get away from trouble?" Come on, let me ask you if that woman just now is Feng Lin from Tianshan Mountain? " Jin Shiyi said, "Good. Do you know her?" The Taoist laughed, "This girl has lived to be a few decades old, and her temper has not changed and she and I will talk about it." Jin Shiyi said, "I don’t care about you." Only to find that the Taoist priest has turned to the mountains more than ten feet away, and this Taoist martial arts was unexpected.
It turns out that this old Taoist priest was well-known in the Jianghu fifty years ago, but his first name "Xuanfeng" and the seven chivalrous men in the south of the Yangtze River are the same generation. He is older than Lv Siniang, and now he is nearly ten years old. Three of the four chivalrous men-Zen master Lang Yue, Liu Xian and Chen Xuanba-have died one after another. He has only received two small Taoist priests as his disciples, and he has lived in seclusion for more than 20 years. Because of his profound work, it seems that he is just an ordinary old man in his 50 s and 60 s who returned from overseas for the first time.
This time, he will go to sea and think that Xuanfeng is a recluse monk, and his whereabouts will not be revealed. Therefore, he went to the Qing Palace to stay and prepare for going to sea. Unexpectedly, Li Shengnan has not yet come to Guhua and Feng Lin, and Taoist Xuanfeng turned out to be a man of great history.
Jin Shiyi couldn’t see Xuanfeng’s back and thought to himself, "Let him go, this old busybody. I have to go anyway." He was disheartened and hoped to avoid these troubles early.
My mind was moving when I saw a black shadow coming to Jin Shiyi. When I looked at it intently, I blurted out, "Hello, Li Shengnan!" LiSheng male giggle "what’s wrong with me? I arrived before the deadline and finally got your heart. "Jin Shiyi snorted." Why did you lie to Li Qinmei? " Jin Shiyi stared at her, but she chuckled. "Jin Shiyi, you have a bad memory. Did you forget to lose the bet to me? You allowed me to joke with you three times and never get angry. Now it’s the second time. There’s another time. You have to be careful in the future! "
Jin Shiyi was so angry that Li Shengnan smiled and said, "Don’t be angry. Who told you to promise me? Are you ready to go out to sea? Shall we leave now or in a couple of days? Meng Shentong and the Buddhist monk are chasing me. If you don’t want any more trouble, you’d better go now! "