Xu Ren was naturally happy to see that Luo Bai actually took the initiative to melt the fog, so he didn’t resist it and surrounded himself by the blood fog.
For a moment, Xu Ren offered the Xuan Gui Ding. He wanted the Xuan Gui Ding to lock the blood ShaQi and then slowly let the spirit-eating worms absorb it.
But Xu Ren’s intention was good, but things didn’t go as he expected.
When Xu Ren sent the Xuan Gui Ding out, Luo Bai’s incarnation blood Shaqi suddenly contracted and then expanded rapidly, which directly blew itself up.
A loud noise was earth-shattering
Xu Renshen’s explosion was the worst in the center, and his body was raw and the situation was very miserable.
However, even though Xu Ren’s situation was very miserable, there was no cause of death. At the last moment, he moved a "black hole" and most of the power generated by the explosion of the flying sword was swallowed up by the "black hole" of the flying sword.
Of course, even so, Xu Ren was badly injured and almost passed out directly.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Sword repair
Xu Ren is not in a good state now. He is in such a mess this time because his opponent’s strength is really too strong. Secondly, it is because he is too confident to capsize in the gutter.
However, although Xu Ren was in a bad state, he managed to support the evacuation to a relatively safe place.
When Xiaoer saw that her brother was seriously injured, she was also anxious and tried her best to launch a fierce attack on her opponent.
As soon as the little boy stormed his opponent, he couldn’t stand it. This guy gave off a strong fluctuation, and at the same time, his mouth gave out a low drink, "Monty changed from nine to one."
Xiao Nan ‘er, the opponent, is also unusual, but he is the second most difficult monk outside the blood evil temple among the six magic sects.
Monty Sect practices Monty Skill, which has a strong increase in strength. The secret method Monty Nine changes are powerful and can make people’s combat effectiveness rise to a new height in an instant.
At the beginning of the monty Sect, the monk’s momentum suddenly changed, as if the whole person had risen a few minutes.
Little darling was in a hurry, but now she can’t control which of the six magic sects the other party is. If you want to stop her, she will do everything right.
Swish swish swish-
Xiao Xiaoer waved his nirvana fairy sword to the extreme, and a series of powerful purple swords flew overwhelmingly towards the monk who was in the early days of the Monty Sect.
If the general monty was attacked by a little boy in the early days of the Jin Dan realm, he would have lost, but his opponent was different. Although he was also in the early days of the Jin Dan realm, his strength was very strong, especially when Monty Nine became the first. After the change, his strength was far superior to that of the peak monk in the Jin Dan realm. Although he had no advantage, he did not fall into the wind. No one could win when the little boy was deadlocked.
Little darling’s face is gloomy. She is really worried now. I don’t know what will happen to her brother Xu Ren after such a delay. She is really worried.
When Xiao Nan was struggling, Xiao Yaobao took the lead in solving his opponent.
The strength of Xiao Yaobao’s opponent is not as good as that of Xiao Xiaoer’s. The opponent’s battle on his side has been quite easy, but he didn’t expect that Xu Ren would capsize in the gutter and be injured by the blood-turned-magic blood evil temple, and the friar’s explosive blood in the middle of the then state.
At this time, the little demon leopard was in a hurry and immediately stepped up the offensive against his opponent.
The little demon leopard can still support his opponent, but Mo Lin can’t hold on immediately after he is serious.
Of course, this guy also has his own means. He is a Godsworn, and his strength has also increased a lot after he moved the bone magic skill. It’s a pity that even so, his little demon leopard storm didn’t last long, and finally he was directly beheaded by the little demon leopard and didn’t even have a chance to blow himself up.
Small demon leopard ink scale nature also didn’t let go of this bone cases then friar then immediately shun this guy then.
Shun went away, and the ink scales were not idle, so they jumped directly at the little boy’s opponent.
Mo Lin didn’t go to see Shen Tengyun because when he got rid of his opponent, Shen Tengyun also solved his opponent and flew away to Xu Ren first.
This also surprised the little demon leopard Molin. He didn’t expect that Shen Tengyun’s strength would grow so fast after he got Qing Di.
Now that Shen Tengyun is not what he used to be, the demon leopard ink scale is not worried about Xu Ren, so he came to help him fight hard.
On the fighting capacity, the little demon leopard Molin is stronger than the little boy. As soon as his little boy joined hands with the godsworn in the early stage of the Golden State, he couldn’t hold on. Even though he is different from the Godsworn in the Golden State, he can face the little boy and the little demon leopard Molin at the same time, and he will end up eating and drinking.
Solved the problem that after the bone-turning Sect of the Godsworn, whether it was a little boy or a little demon leopard Molin didn’t continue to find another Godsworn, but directly flashed his body to Xu Ren’s side.
"Brother, how are you?"
Small darling son looked at Xu Ren face is full of cut color.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s just an oversight."
Before Xu Ren also self-reviewed, his encounter with the blood evil spirit temple in the middle of the Jin Dan realm was indeed not enough attention, otherwise it would not be so miserable.
However, it is not without benefits for him. His body is already very strong, and it is not easy to go further. However, when he was blown up by the monk in the middle of the blood evil temple, his body appeared again. The disadvantage is that it is to make up the gods’ stones and the mysterious body tactics and play a role in helping him improve his body.