"Loyal son, don’t lose your identity. You will always be a gentleman in this family." Four aunts have a heavy neck.
Several other aunts stopped crying and stared at the confrontation between the second lady and the fourth aunt.
If the second lady is a serious first wife, it’s just that she is not the first wife of master Qin. She was originally the mother of the fourth young master, Jiang Heye, and Qin Jia’s original name was Jia Qin. Jiang Heye once went to the county to see a woman who sold herself to bury her father, Jiang Heye, and took her in. Jia Qin was Jiang Heye’s maid. Actually, Jiang Heye took Jia Qin as his sister.
Later, Jia Qin became the sixth concubine of Jiang Heye. Jiang Heye not only didn’t blame Jia Qin, but also treated her as before. Jiang Heye was not pregnant for seven years, so she took Jia Qiner Qinling as a relative. Later, God had mercy on Jiang Heye and finally died in dystocia. Master Qin read Jiang Heye’s friendship with Jia Qin and gave the child to Jia Qin to raise.
Qin Yue was born early, so it was difficult to feed Jia Qin. He not only sought medical advice everywhere, but also prepared a small Buddhist temple at home. Qin Yue chanted prayers day and night, and Qin Yue sent a name to his foster mother, Niu Daopo, who said that a cheap name was a good provider and gave Qin Yue a nickname.
Jia Qin really hurts Qin Yue more than himself in Qinling Mountains. Master Qin thinks that it is Jia Qin who sincerely touched the Buddha, making Qin Yue’s body look like a day. Adding Jia Qin’s housekeeping skills will also make Master Qin happy. In just one year, he rose to the top and became a second lady by Master Qin.
Although Jia Qin became the second wife, it was not justified in the end, even if the family dared not obey her orders. However, after a thing or two, people in the government knew that the second wife was sour and hard-hearted, and she was annoyed and didn’t talk about half a face. There was no big lady who was generous and benevolent
However, after Jia Qin’s vigorous put in order, the house really achieved good results, and even the gamblers who stole money and played tricks at night were gone. Not only people began to fear Jia Qin, but even Master Qin praised Jia Qin for his good housekeeping.
However, no matter how well Jia Qin manages the family, she can’t get rid of the fact that she used to be Jiang Heye’s maid. There are many wives and concubines of Master Qin, who account for the vast majority. When Master Qin is around, few people dare to openly provoke him. When Master Qin dies, her concubines feel that she should turn over, especially the fourth aunt. If she has a Qin prefect, she will be deeply troubled by Jia Qin.
As soon as she finished her speech, Jia Qin thought that she could not lose her identity in front of the villagers and gave her a loud slap.
One to two, noisy
Everyone shook their heads, sighed and laughed at this big family. Although it is rich, it is a disaster. It seems that too many wives are not necessarily good. Now look at how many are true. Qin master is dead and sad. Qin master’s first wife is a long strip, but he doesn’t even have a chance to close his eyes.
Qin eleven saw that his family was getting noisier and fiercer. He snuggled up in Qinling’s arms and cried more and more fiercely. Qinling looked up at this terrible silence, stretched out his hand and closed his eyes, but there was anger coming out.
He has had enough of this family’s improper behavior, and he once coveted this property. He stepped into the quagmire step by step, actively or passively. As the quagmire got deeper and deeper, he became more and more painful and faced the pure woman in his heart. He wanted to turn back, but he turned back.
I hope my brother dies, the whole Donggou village is destroyed, and how many girls’ lives are caused by him? Although he is not the mastermind, he will never get rid of his accomplice status, an accomplice with blood on his hands.
If he hadn’t been so greedy for this family business, maybe he wouldn’t have come to this point. In fact, he envied Qin Yue. Although Qin Yue’s name was not good, he bullied men and bullied women everywhere and caused trouble. After all, Qin Yue’s heart still had a clean Qin Yue, but he couldn’t turn back without him.
He wanted to be able to master money and power, so-called money and power. He was walking on thin ice in the palm of the devil’s hand and eventually made himself a demon.
There was a lot of confusion around him. He was full of tears and water. He looked at the family members one by one. They were fighting for each other’s faces. His fist clenched tightly and shook. His fist was white. He suddenly put Qin Eleventh in a heavy position and drank "Shut up!"
Everyone knows that Qinling Mountain is polite, warm and peaceful, and you have never seen him move so angrily. For a moment, it was still and eerie. Only the wind roared, the raindrops clicked and the slope twisted the dead body to show that there was a bloody case in Baitou Village, a horrific bloody case.
Slightly leaning Jia Qin shocked everyone when she saw her son say two words. She proudly looked at the concubines and concubines and said proudly, "From now on, everything in Qin family will be taken care of by Dong Fu."
Qinling Mountain, take a look at this woman named Niang. I can’t tell whether I hate or love her. I hold my lips tightly and look at the fallen body as if I saw it was my own bureau.
When I looked up again, a figure came at the end of the line of sight.
Please don’t turn when starting!
The winners of the communication spit in the courtyard are all on the micro-signal synvel (WeChat adds a friend WeChat official account to enter synve75 to seduce (two more).
Twenty-four-bone oil-paper umbrella coarse cloth cream-colored clothes set off a petite body, which was getting closer and closer, and a touch of warm and bright color was put in front of his eyes, which made this gloomy and dreary day show some brilliance.
Soft hair floats lightly with the wind like a weak willow, and a pair of charming eyes are clear as water. He has always longed to purify his heart, and he or she is separated by a thick wall after all.
He wants to look at her again. Maybe when she grows up and marries, he won’t even be qualified to look at her again.
But take a look at this, and he will be satisfied. He walked behind Xia Hua to see Xia Pinggui and Kong Jiaojiao coming in tandem.
Xia Pinggui’s footsteps gave birth to the wind. When Master Qin died, he must be the second young master of Qin in the future. This time, the second young master of Qin is sad. Can she not rush to comfort her? It is all because of the bad weather in Yin San that she got up late, otherwise she would have gone to Qinling.
Niang told her that although she is not as beautiful as a summer flower or as beautiful as a hole, she is also a handsome woman except that her lips are thicker and her life is darker. She thinks that her appearance is medium and better than many other girls in this village. There is no reason not to accept her if she is willing to work hard in Qinling Mountains.
Thinking that she almost has wings, I hate that the ridge is too narrow, and Xia Hua takes the lead alone. She can’t wait to kick Xia Hua down and walk over her, but she can’t and dare not.
She saw Qinling’s eyes focused on her. Even if Qinling was looking at Xia Hua, she could see her out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t let Qinling see a rude and fierce woman, and she didn’t dare to provoke Xia Hua easily again.
This summer flower has become a demon since she woke up from falling into the water. She hasn’t the courage to provoke this demon yet.
She jumped into the waist-high rice field with great effort, and fell down some rice. She brushed the summer flowers from the field, but the summer flowers prevented her from crossing the ridge again and flying to Qinling Mountains.
When she was flying, she didn’t forget to cut her clothes and hair. She thought she was a little charming when she ran in the wind and rain like this!
"hey! What do you want to do when the dead girl runs so fast? Wait for me. "Kong Jiaojiao behind me also thinks that Xia Hua is in the way. Just follow Xia Pinggui’s footsteps and jump into the rice fields and pass by Xia Hua. She also doesn’t forget to want to stare at Xia Hua Xia presbyopia, but she scared Dan’s ass and fled.
I don’t know if she hates Xia Hua more since she was slapped by Xia Hua, but she is really afraid of her. She is going to marry into a big family to be a housewife. If she annoys Xia Hua, she can’t beat her face because of Xia Hua. I thought it would be better to spend some money to buy off a few gangsters and ruin the dead girl’s body and face after being a housewife.
Thinking about her, she shouted at Xia Pinggui’s back again, "Dead girl is rushing to be reborn! Wait for me. "
Xia Ping Guigen doesn’t look back to the figure she has long admired, regardless of Kong Jiaojiao’s shouting head.
Xia Hua couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he looked at the two men running around, but Xia Pinggui rarely seized an opportunity, of course, and he had to exert himself. It was Qinling Mountain that was in a full mood now, and Xia Pinggui was sure to be ruined.
For the Qinling Mountains, this warm child has always been not generally kind to her. She is grateful to him, alienated and polite, but she has no feelings for men and women.