"What about the promise?"
"I think the cave master now is that cool thin is withdrawn to the extreme. She wants to completely cut off the root of the black wind tunnel."
"No wonder you can kill yourself so hard."
Zhou Yi Moran
The real horror of Zizhen’s move is that he is no longer influenced by his younger brother, which is equivalent to directly eliminating the black wind tunnel, and then someone can advance the road base.
only if
Change to other methods!
It’s not obvious now, but if we really enfeoffment the princes, the future of our grandchildren will also be changed to other methods
In a few decades, the five evils will probably decline completely.
several decades
Ordinary people can’t afford to wait, but it’s not long enough for Shou Yuan’s 300-year-old brother Doggi to have enough patience.
However, Zizhen is better than a generation of cave owners, and he went to the same door without advanced foundation.
Instead, she is going to kill the same generation, and her hands will be completely changed when she waits for a generation of black wind tunnels
Kang Rong sighed lightly.
"How much purple really hates the black wind tunnel to be broken!"
"This We" Zhou Yikou
"What are you going to do?"
"I should ask you this" Kang Rong sideways with envy.
"Six regional Zhou Xiong can take a share. If we can start with the harvest of Fang City alone, it will be enough to pay the share every year."
"Ah …" Zhou Yi chuckled.
"I don’t know if Qixuanmen is interested in this share in my hand, but I’m willing to sell it at a price."
"Huh?" Kang Rong one leng immediately face dew.
"Brother Zhou, is this true?"
"Nature is true" Zhou Yi nodded.
"But you’d better hurry up. The cave owner won’t let us go to the mountain, and he wants to set six share candidates these days."
"Rest assured" Kang Rong took something out of his body.
"There will be an answer in three days."
The black wind roared
Zizhen sits on a rock with her back facing the black wind, and her black cloak hunts and dances, devouring the rear and roaring out.
A figure from the party more and more fall near.
"cave master"
"Jade" Zizhen smiled indifferently with her eyes open.
"If you need a stranger, just call me Senior Sister."
"Yes" jade qiao face red ChuiShou low way
"Can I … stay in the mountain?"
"Leave the mountain?" Purple is really crooked, head is crooked, beautiful eyes are flashing.
"Jade, if you want to think about it, you are the master outside, and you may not meet a few people in a generation."
"Senior Sister" Yuyinyi
"Can’t I find you?"
"I …" Purple really chuckled and looked up at the high dark clouds for a long time.
"I’ll spend the rest of my life in the metropolis, and I’ll fix you after decades … can it wait?"
Jade face a white.
"Rest assured"
Zi Zhen man kou
"You and my sister have been friends for many years, even if you come out of the mountain, you can come back to me, and I will help you start with a Zhujidan."
"If you can build a foundation, we have time."
Jade look stupefied.
She knew that it was impossible for her to build a foundation.