The younger brothers and sisters are very much looking forward to the freshmen entering this brand-new campus after the college entrance examination.
"I heard that Liu Yu’s senior is very powerful. He only completed the counterattack in one year."
"I heard from the senior in Grade Two that Senior Liu Yu was a genius, but he was frustrated. If we can get his learning methods, we may be able to come to University next year."
Liu Yu and Chen Jiali have reached the outside of the school gate and looked at the familiar school gate. Two people smiled at each other.
The story is this school.
On this day, many parents came to look at their children and then at their own children, and they couldn’t help speaking to the table, and the couple cast admiring eyes.
Liu Yu’s deeds were hung up by the school bulletin board and even the statue was named "Kao Shen"
Sitting in the stone chair on campus, Liu Yu recalled the past. "It’s Du Jie. What else do you have to do?"
Chen Jiali was silent for a while, and then happiness took Liu Yu’s arm. "What I have to do now without others is to take a good look at you."
"Idiot" Liu Yuxiao.
"Hum" Chen Jiali pouted and then smiled and asked, "Brother Liu, what if there is one?"
Although she heard that the first time won’t be so easy, Liu Yu’s number of times last night … lifted her to many peaks.
"That says you are very powerful." Liu Yu smiled hey.
After a while, Liu Yu received a message from Huang Mu WeChat.
He has personally come to Nanling City and received a wonderful victory. He also hopes that Liu Yu can cure him.
However, Liu Yu told him the medicine list and then bathed for a course of treatment, mainly because the earth’s traditional Chinese medicine aura is not enough, and it takes several times to completely cure him. He is really a cancer and has few days to live.
One day away from Du Jie, Liu Yu has completely left the human world and changed into a black costume, wearing a purple and gold crown, which looks like an ancient emperor who has stepped from a distant time. Next to him is a peerless beauty dressed in a light blue wide-sleeved fairy skirt. She quietly looks at the deep valley ahead with clear eyes.
The momentum of fairy rhyme is still more and more beautiful.
"Dear host, have you chosen a place in Du Jie? Armageddon is coming, please go if you are ready. "
Here comes the beep.
Liu Yu gently dressed Chen Jiali in ancient costume "wait for me to come back"
"Well, I’ll wait for you here."
Liu Yu nodded and flew to the valley.
Along the way, several figures rushed out of the ghost barrel, and they occupied the valley position respectively.
Long Xiaolang laughed. "Breaking through the half-step god’s land attracted Mr. Liu, who was really extraordinary."
Even if the Big Dipper breaks through and causes Armageddon, it is extremely fate. Liu Yu is just that this myth has no planet, and the indigenous people have also attracted Armageddon.
Should I say you are unlucky or praise you?
"I’m a little excited to accompany the boss to go abroad this time."
"Don’t panic, I can still bully and leave it to the boss to deal with it."
The dialogue between several ghost kings is very heroic. Follow Liu Yugan and go abroad. It’s awesome to think about it.
The dancer didn’t react much. For a ghost king who has lived for thousands of years, it’s nothing to go abroad from here.
When Liu Yugang was standing in the valley, he felt that the sky was blustery overhead, and a large black cloud and a lightning arc were flickering.
He’s a little choked up before the apocalypse.
The first warrior in Du Jie, the history of the earth, said that it would be nice to put it mildly, but it would be ugly for Du Jie to get struck by lightning.
"Do you think Lautz will be hacked to death if he pretends to force the king?"
"I can’t answer this question, but according to the data, your strength is equivalent to that of a half-step god."