"Not too many people are usually middle-level." At this point, monkeys no longer say anything, knowing that they must have rules.
At this time, Wu Yueer finally got impatient and came over. "You ran very fast that day. Why didn’t you run today?"
"Khan! If you hadn’t pulled my clothes hard, I would have run away. "A big lady like this is Duan Muming’s biggest headache and a big lady in the underworld."
"Anyway, you have nothing to do and you are idle. Why don’t I take you to a place?" Miss Wu said while smiling at Duan Muming-of course, she thought it was holding a lollipop to lure the wolf.
Don’t tempt me, I am a good student!
Just as Duan Muming wanted to find an excuse to refuse Miss Wu’s proposal, Xue Hanmei actually took her sister and came here. On the other hand, Zhang Xinlan was also eager to get fat. Many of them hurriedly took Wu Yueer all the way and left the monkey. There was a wry smile, Xue Hanmei’s eyes were blazing with snow and frost, while watching from a distance, Zhang Xinlan was very funny. Looking at all the eyes, it seemed quite far away from those colored men. If fat left later, they would probably come to "kill the people."
Pulling Wu Yueer out of the basketball stadium in running all the way to his car, Duanmu Ming stopped and took strenuous exercise to make the fat breathe. Wu Yueer was also tired and her cheeks were reddish and breathed heavily.
"What secrets do you have? Run away when you see them!" Wu Yueer actually twisted Duanmuming’s ears and looked fat. This is a dangerous situation.
I’m afraid Miss Wu has died several times, Lvses (;
Chapter 14 Beauty Power ()
"Let go, let go. What else do you want Wu to let others see?" Duanmuming woke up while pleading.
"What?" I didn’t expect to hear Duanmu Ming’s words. Wu immediately opened his eyes. "Why didn’t we?" Don’t you admit that you have done something? "
"What have I done?" Duanmuming’s eyebrows are condensed into twists, which can’t be easily admitted.
"You personally promised to be my little brother."
Whew … What are you scared of? Admit it well and admit it. See what Miss Wu is playing.
Pushing out a bicycle endured Miss Wu’s complaining all the way, depending on the envy of the people around her, and finally out of the school gate Duanmu Ming took a long breath.
"Very uncomfortable?"
"Yes, it’s unpleasant to be the focus."
"Slice! Also focus big miss is the focus, but you touch a little light. "
"Well, I’ve got a big miss. Can you tell me where you want to take me as a hillbilly today?"
"Hey, hey," Wu Yueer suddenly gave Duan Muming a cold and charming smile. "What is your power?"
"This ….." Duanmu Ming hesitated. The power belongs to privacy for everyone. When it comes to the key, the more mysterious he is, the more chance he has to live.
Wu Yueer obviously knows this rule, and then added, "How about this? If you tell me your own powers, I will tell you my powers." Obviously, Wu’s curiosity is not generally serious. Although he got some news from the monkey’s mouth, it is impossible for the fat monkey to know whether the secrets of their powers for the senior staff in Nantian have been dug up by her.
"You agreed?" Wu Yueer saw Duan Muming thoughtfully and he considered it.
Duan Muming smiled and said, "Wu didn’t try to dig one by himself?"
"Call me elder sister! This is what you said, "Wu Yueer paused first and then made a plot to succeed. Isn’t this to find something for yourself?"
"Well, that’s it, but you have to listen to me. Let’s go." Wu Yueer is rubbing his hands.
"Where to go? How to get there? " Duanmuming asked
"Of course, take your bike. What a fool!"
In this way, Miss Wu took her along the road in the back seat of Duanmuming’s bicycle. After a long time, she became accustomed to sitting in the back seat. Wu Yueer also hummed an unknown song with a sweet rhythm, which made people unconsciously immersed in the song. It seems that Wu Yueer, a seemingly "fierce" and unreasonable lady, also has an intoxicating side.
But the horse that Jielaipang had just made a good impression on her was smashed to pieces by her words.
"See what see! Look at your eyes again! " Although not to Duan Muming, Miss Wu’s insolence is evident.
But this time, Miss Wu touched the nail and whistled with the car to flirt with a beauty. I didn’t expect the beauty to be rude. These gangsters can’t pass. Two steps, three or four bicycles will block the wall.
Miss Wu is in a good mood, but she is disturbed by these short-sighted gangsters. She has made up her mind to have a good look at these gangsters.
"Where are you from? Not to people, right? "Wu Yueer’s mouth revealed the other side’s bottom.
"How do you know?" Indeed as expected with a strong foreign accent.
"This also asks people who don’t know me, fat, give me a good beating" Wu Yueer tone with ten thousand disdain.