"It’s a big brother, I remember!"
Fu Xia Liang roared out!
"good! Now I’ll give you the first benefit after joining the teacher’s school
Go back and move the abode of fairies and immortals into the thirty-five abode of fairies and immortals in jinfenglin.
That’s the real Qingping Cave House! "
A listen to Qingping abode of fairies and immortals Fu Xialiang seems to be more excited than.
Zhang Yue couldn’t help asking, "What’s the matter?"
"That is green ping abode of fairies and immortals.
Qingping started from the end of Qingping!
Taidao Shendong Mansion is divided into six levels: ordinary integrity, green ping, floating clouds, Jinchuan and Yulei!
Yulei is Yuanying’s cave, Jinchuan is then the cave, floating clouds are the cave, Qingping is the cave of refining gas.
Although Qingping is a refined gas abode of fairies and immortals, the base row is not even numbered, and some nine kinds of brothers are not in turn.
My original abode of fairies and immortals is an ordinary level, not even a complete level.
No way. The first important thing is that you can’t buy the qualifications you need if you have a stone. "
Lee Sumeru continued, "The second benefit is that you can get a flying device with this token when you are promoted to the late stage of gas refining."
This is free to fly and escape, and there is no need to crowd and queue up to take the birds in Zongmen traffic. "
Friar, when you enter the later stage of practicing Qi, you can use flying instruments to escape, but flying instruments are expensive.
Fu Xialiang put away the token and said, "Thank you, brother!"
I’m very satisfied with this teacher’s welfare!
In fact, this kind of welfare is granted by the clan, but no one in the clan can never get it
It’s worth it to serve twice a year!
Lee Sumeru nodded and said, "Teacher younger brother doesn’t want us to take advantage of Zongmen."
These benefits of yours are all meritorious deeds spelled out by brothers and sisters with their lives.
I also hope that your younger brother and sister will accumulate meritorious service after you! "
Fu Xialiang replied, "No problem!"
"Don’t be confused by them before getting started.
Pak Lei’s younger sister, Million Lingshi, was delivered to our teacher as a mere formality.
The White House offended people who shouldn’t have offended others, and finally decided to make a move by playing a game with us.
The so-called teacher-honoring ceremony is not for my father, we are just passers-by.
Don’t sell yourself short. It’s not that simple! "
Fu Xialiang nodded and said, "I thank you for your big brother’s point."
"So is Brother Liu’s magic weapon?"
"No, that’s not that, that’s the gift place. Brother Liu was directly promoted to the 14th in-laws brother!"
Fu Xia’s sarcastic remarks are still good for money!
"Well, go back and practice well.
It’s better for a horse to go to the clan than this time. It should be a game of chaos and desolation.
I hope you can have a good grade. If you can enter the top 100 in the middle of refining gas, you will be promoted directly to the official brother! "
Fu Xialiang immediately replied, "Yes, I will try my best to get good grades!"
This is the completion of the introductory ceremony.
Li sumeru turned away from Fu Xialiang and also from the hall.
Walking out of the hall, the golden sun shone on his face and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Write a take-off symbol for a letter
Pass out the good news of today’s introduction in turn, six senior sisters, namely, Qingluan, Linghe, Liangqing, Hazy, Pivoting and Linglong, plus one senior sister, Ye Qingshuang …
Then Fu Xialiang turned three times and two times along the mountain road and came to a building.
This is a three-story stone workshop with three big characters beside it!
Fu Xia Liang said, "The younger brother who can’t fly in Zongmen relies on it to move on."
This is similar to our world bus.
This handyman is an outsider. "
Here came to a window before Fu Xia cool directly said
"Charter a car to Bichao Lake!"
Then he explained a