Beside him, the three-hole ware in his hand should be sprayed with three flames and instantly blasted into the dense fog.
The terrible flame rose from the dense fog and became a huge sea of fire, and the shadow was instantly submerged by the sea of fire, but it was followed by a long shadow like a snake.
People can’t see the true appearance of this shadow in this fog, but they can see this long snake-shaped shadow disappearing again and again in the fog.
Followed by a scream that zhi flew out with a three-hole ware in his hand, and Ling fell back heavily. His mouth was full of blood and his body armor was dripping with blood.
"Hey!" Zhang Wei was frightened and couldn’t help but exclaim, while running to this zhi-containing place, he suddenly controlled the scalpel with a hundred handles and waved wildly to form a defensive formation.
"Look out!" The two-meter giant growled again, only to find that the shadow of the long snake suddenly flashed into the crowd again.
The two-meter giant narrowly avoided following another advanced level 2 strong man behind him, but he didn’t dodge, just as the shadow passed over his head.
In an instant, he lost his head, and his body spewed blood and fell back.
A strength of the earth advanced level 2 strong man died like this.
The original momentum is enough. This group of strong people suddenly panicked.
In this dark shadow and fog, there is no action, such as flashing, and everyone is caught by the root method.
"Yan Shura-"The two-meter giant seems to be extremely angry and suddenly waved out his latosolic red giant fork, only to see a huge flame rising from this giant fork, which turned into a horrible monster, which is exactly what Shura said.
This statue of Yan Shura strided straight to the depths of the fog.
The dense fog ahead can’t stand this horrible flame, but there are no shadows or monsters in this dense fog, so Yan Shura saved one.
Although zhi fell to the ground, she was almost killed and wounded by the body, but her wound was healing with a faint white light visible to the naked eye.
This is her special ability to heal the light, which can not cure herself, but also cure others. Without instant death, she can recover with this healing light.
Zhang Weizheng’s face was full of tension, and he kept the scalpel suspended around her for fear that the shadow would attack Zhi again.
Suddenly, the shadow that had just disappeared appeared again, and it was still a flash. This time, it was almost less than three meters in front of Su Li, and he could faintly feel a wind whistling.
In Su Li’s eyes, it seems that this shadow seems to be true, unreal, real and has no entity.
As this shadow flashed and screamed, another advanced level 2 strong man was killed by the body.
Almost at the same time, Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern" finally captured a message.
"The name of the ancient species can be teleported in the fog, where the fog covers it, it can be born in the fog."
Sensing this message, Su Li’s heart moved slightly. Is this guy an ancient relic? No wonder it’s so weird
This is the second ancient species he has encountered so far.
The first is a mirage, and the mirage world has encountered a large number of monsters, all of which are descendants of ancient species. This is the second.
Su Li’s mind suddenly became more and more alive. If you can slay the ancient heritage, you will surely gain a lot.
Sensing data, it can teleport in the fog, which means that no one in this fog is faster than it, but it can kill people at will in this fog and want to kill it unless there is no fog.
This fog appears from time to time, and every time a dark shadow flashes, one person will die or suffer heavy losses.
These advanced level 2 strong people, such as powerful, also defend themselves by law.
Five people were killed in a short time.
Everyone is strong, and everyone’s death is a great loss.
The two-meter giant’s eyes are so dazzling that it hurts. The shadow just didn’t attack him. It seems that it wants to play with the two-meter giant and kill everyone slowly.
Chapter 33 The Sun Ball
"Damn monster-"The two-meter giant roared. When he saw the shadow flashing again, he immediately rushed to his hands with a pedal force, but the latosolic red giant fork still fell. Then he felt a cold back and couldn’t help but give a violent roar.
Terrorist forces exploded from his body-there was a faint bronze light flashing in his body, which made his body transient like a copper head and an iron back.
Rao, the impact of this shadow is too strong. He still opens his mouth, his mouth is full of blood, and his back suddenly becomes a bloody mess. He tumbles and falls out, even flying out of his latosolic red fork.
He is also the first person who has not been instantly penetrated by the shadow, which shows what level his physical strength has reached.
Followed by this black shadow, if it is crazy and constantly shuttling through the fog.
This time it made a differential attack.
Both the two-meter giant who came out of the gate and the "Nanjiang Alliance" brought by the leaders such as Su Li were attacked.
The scene suddenly became very chaotic.
The instant screams rang out.
"Fast flame, this monster can move in the fog-"Su Li issued a low drink and attached to the display of "demon enchantment" to summon the four-armed demon to come and protect all around.
Xu Haishui immediately cast "fire control" and the flame in the center of his body rose and forced it in all directions.
This flame is obviously a fog buster. Wherever the flame extends, the fog will subside.
Gong Xiao also launched an "Unburned Fire" to burn the surrounding clouds.
Although the appearance of a large number of flames forced the fog into an area, more fog poured out in all directions, which seemed to be exhausted. It was almost impossible to force the fog or make it disappear with everyone controlling the flames.
"Go back to the city!" The two-meter giant was still barely able to climb from the ground with his mouth full of blood. Those who had rushed out of the city gate fled to the city one after another.
Obviously, they are afraid, and the root of this terror is not human.
Although people keep launching all kinds of terrible attacks and shaking the clouds, the root can’t play its role. People can hardly catch this shadow, let alone attack it.
Even a flame can force a regional fog, but people can capture this elusive.
This fog is like an invincible fiend.
At this moment, the top of the mountain has fallen into chaos. Some people retreat along the top of the mountain and escape from the area covered by clouds, while those who have climbed the top of the mountain rush in the direction of the ancient city.
Those who belong to the ancient city also want to stop Su Li and others from entering. The two-meter giant shouted, "Let them come in together!" "
As he ordered these people to stop Su Li and others from turning around and rushing to the city.