When I got out of the carriage, I was pushed by the two supervisors and walked into the gate of Zongren Mansion.
As dark as I thought, and as … scary.
From time to time, I hear a prisoner howling in pain, mixed with a sizzling sound when a hot soldering iron is immersed in water.
The further I walk, the narrower the road becomes, and I have almost seen all the instruments of torture in the top ten in the Qing Dynasty.
Axes, knives, saws, drills, chisels, whips, sticks … and a huge pot …
The jailer who dragged the chain to lock me saw me staring at the cauldron and smiled proudly. "This is a status symbol, but you can’t enjoy this cooking punishment unless you are guilty of the most heinous crimes. The old people have to do their best to add firewood to the criminal and wait for him to go to the grave. Haha …"
The jailers around also laughed.
Cooking torture …
According to historical records, when Zhou Zu Xibo was imprisoned in prison, Zhou Wang, the hostage of Xibo’s Boyi Kao Yindu, was the driver. Zhou Wang gave Xibo Xibo the "boiled soup" in the enlarged pot of Boyi Kao, but he didn’t know it was human meat soup. Zhou Wang proudly said to others, "Who said Xibo was a saint? He ate his own meat soup and didn’t know it! " This is the earliest example of cooking people in ancient times.
In ancient times, the cooking cauldron was called a tripod or wok, which was made of copper or iron, but the tripod had three feet and wok feet.
I looked at the tripod and stopped saying what it was to follow the jailers and went into the cell.
"Hua Hua" locked the door and I didn’t look up. I was looking at this cell made of stones and a cell door arranged by a piece of wood.
If I see something like this in modern times, I’m afraid I should be surprised from ear to ear.
But in my present situation, I couldn’t laugh at it.
The ground is covered with some straw, which is a bed for prisoners. The ground is very cold, and the real chill goes straight into the heart from the soles of the feet.
I stayed here for two days and no one came to judge me. I also sent three meals a day as usual. Naturally, the food was poor, and the rice was spoiled at the worst time.
I always have a wry smile at this moment and then swallow these things one by one.
I hate him for breaking his word and being fat. I hate him for not believing me. I hate his rhetoric. Everything is just a trick.
Once something really happened, he kicked me out regardless of my feelings …
However, once I think of the past when we were together, his tone of voice and his eyes when he looked at me, I can’t help but be confused.
Is all this really false?
On the third day, Xiaoshun secretly came to see me.
I don’t know how many cards he had to go through to get into this place, and I don’t know how much silver he spent to clear the festival.
These xiaoshun didn’t say anything, and I naturally won’t ask.
However, the news he brought made me suddenly lose all my strength as if my physical strength had been taken away
After Xiaoshun left, I stared at the gray wall in front of me and suddenly felt very scared. Is it really so unbelievable?
So Yin Zhen, you’d rather not believe me than risk leaving a dangerous person around him …
Yin Zhen, is that right?
Chapter 14 Poisonous woman [5]
"Gege … I saw … Dong Ying’s sister that night and she embroidered the doll …"
Xiaoshun’s hesitant voice keeps echoing in my ear over and over again.
Is it winter jade-like stone?