But at this time, the strength of Chunyang reality has reached the middle stage of seven robberies and scattered immortals, and he has lost his mind. He is even more horrible. The silver dome and the spirit sword rushed at them with a blood-red breath.
This is the real blood shed. A dozen people have died in his hands in a blink of an eye.
Everyone has been dodging, but how can the speed be that it has already robbed the real opponent of Chunyang, and the real attack power of Chunyang is fatal to them?
Wood, water and fire three elders also found that the situation was wrong at this time, and they all rushed to the side of the soil elder.
Elder Mu asked in a hurry, "Elder Tu, you are most familiar with the array. Will this nine-yin evil array make people lose their minds?"
The water elder exclaimed, "It’s not as simple as losing your mind. You see, at this time, the pure yang is the strength, and at this time, the strength has absolutely robbed the fairy."
Soil elders also frowned and said, "It’s impossible that the nine Yin Jue evil spirit array has never lost its mental function. His harm is not small, although the damage is not bad, but now Brigitte Qiong can’t play the strongest power in this law and the deep and remote cold is impure. This situation can’t happen."
Elder Fire asked, "No way. Then how do you explain this?"
"It seems that things may become pure Yang, and I’m afraid it will fall into each other’s hands. Elder Water, you go together and stop Pure Yang. If the reality fails, you will kill Kunlun Sect. You can’t leave him a disgrace." Although there is no water level with each other, there are several people who grow up together and do everything.
Most of the time, the soil elders will act as command and deployment workers, and several of them have already looked down on that kind of competition.
Hearing the words of the soil elders, the wood elders nodded with the water elders and rushed directly to Chunyang reality.
Elder Tu looked at Elder Huo again. "What’s going on there?"
Chapter four hundred and nine Indiana ()
The fire elder said, "Now there are two refining and one refining. If we can make up our minds earlier …"
Speaking of which, the fire elder couldn’t help sighing.
Magic weapon and fairy sword are not never made. The less you eat old, the less you can see it. You can know that after all, if you stay for a limited time, you will eat it for tens of thousands of years.
This is also the reason why the fix-true world is getting worse and worse. Only the Kunlun Sect, in particular, has experienced various upheavals and battles in the past tens of thousands of years, and various reasons for being taken away and soaring have become less and less.
Only the Kunlun Sect can maintain a certain degree, including a certain degree of fairy wares and a large number of fairy wares.
It is also said that there are many magic weapons in the Kunlun Sect, so the elders of the real soil know best that the fairy wares of the Kunlun Sect have not increased, but have also decreased. Every once in a while, they will teach some fairy wares to the contemporary palm, let him reward his younger brothers, and train a best guardian of the Kunlun Sect.
If you count the magic weapon of Kunlun Sect today, it was said that twenty-one schools were more than ten thousand years ago because there were less than one percent of other sects left.
It is for this reason that people like Chunyang have a lot of fear and dissatisfaction in their hearts.
Recognize that they will hide the Kunlun Sect baby and not take it out.
In fact, they also go to the Kunlun Mountain array every few decades and hundreds of years to get one or two fairy wares, so that the array can run.
They have long known that the large array will eventually collapse if it is taken too much.
When they came slowly, they wanted to win more, but they didn’t expect anyone to dare to go in and live without knowing the secret situation, and they could still solve the secret of Kunlun Mountain Law.
"This is also can’t things never thought things would be so bad" soil elders looked at the large array has been restored, looking at those deep and remote cold heart is also a lot of regrets.
Look at Chunyang, who lost himself and killed dozens of Kunlun disciples.
Stopped by the wood elders and the water elders, the two elders all robbed the peak of scattered immortals.
For the time being, they suppressed the madness. The two of them tried to communicate with the pure Yang real person, and it didn’t work whether it was propaganda or consciousness.
Chunyang real people are more and more excited when they meet someone who can beat their opponents. Their eyes have been completely covered with red light.
I can’t see with my eyes. Black and white are blood red.
The blade that eats the spirit is especially powerful at this time, and it has an echo effect with the pure Yang reality.
The wood elders and the water elders became more and more difficult. When they saw that the situation was wrong, they immediately ordered the surrounding brothers to help.
However, most of these brothers still have scruples. After all, this is a real person.
"Chunyang has been countered by the enemy and lost his soul and wisdom. The younger brothers will take it when they listen to the order." The soil elder immediately ordered when he saw that the situation was wrong.
Nine Yin Jue evil spirit array outside still don’t know how to deal with the department, and so many things have happened. If it weren’t for the temporary resistance of the wood elders and the water elders, it would be too great for the real Chunyang to send such a cow to Kunlun.
But it’s not as big as the explosion just now.
When I think of it, Elder Tu still feels cold all over. He is so knowledgeable that he can’t think of anyone in the fix-true world who would attack in this way.
It’s like a self-explosion, but are they like entering Kunlun Mountain?
These problems can’t even be thought about by the elders of the earth. When the waves are a little bit, there are nearly a thousand people trapped in this nine-yin evil spirit array, but now they can’t help but dare not go in.
The best way is to wait for the people from San Xian Valley to get through from the outside, and then combine the inside and the outside.
Chunyang’s real strength finally skyrocketed to the peak of seven robberies and scattered immortals. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the avoidance and strategy. Hundreds of late Du Jie masters and hundreds of four robbers and scattered immortals led by the elders of wood and water directly blasted Chunyang to death.
But everyone didn’t notice that a reddish gas dissipated after Chunyang was killed.
And the people who inhale around don’t feel anything wrong, but they feel that they haven’t played enough and want to play again. But they can live with that restlessness without opponents for the time being.
The large array of Haiming is beside Biqiong at this time.
Brigitte Joan is giving him the essence of a large array, which should have been lost in ancient times, like the array of nine Yin Jue evil spirits.
Magic weapons, array methods, masters … are either destroyed or taken away because their power exceeds a certain limit, and only a trace of essence is lost with time.
No matter how strong the fix-true boundary is, there will be restrictions on the fix-true boundary.
What Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array can stay is also Bibo Haitian. This old man can calculate people’s abilities. He will divide Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array into several parts, and then let Biqiong and them discover a little in Biqiong area, which will just complete Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array.
In this way, he didn’t commit dogma, and he could make Bibo Haitian have a powerful array.
At least 120 people are required to make the Jiuyin Jue evil spirit array at the same time. At this time, there are 12,200 people in the Jiuyin Jue evil spirit array that besieges the Kunlun Mountains.
"You should pay attention to the fact that this nine-yin-Jue array will be more effective than the fairy device. I have taught you the method of extracting the deep cold a few days ago." Speaking of this, Bi Qiong Su said, "But you must remember not to launch such a large-scale array unless necessary, and you must also control it so that after all, if the deep cold is too much, it will change."
"the sea is white"
Brigitte Joan continued, "There are thirty-three attack methods, thirty-three defense methods, thirty-three birth doors and thirty-three death doors in this large array. The thirty-three changes are just the multiplication of these four thirty-three, totaling 1,105,921 changes. You must mature these changes in the mind. Now, the situation in the fix-true world shows that there will never be more than three legal persons who can break this array."
"What ….." Haiming already knew that this large array was terrible. She said that someone could break the shock. "Can anyone in the fix-true world break the array of nine yin and evil spirits?"
"I’m also guessing …" Brigitte Qiong said, "I don’t know whether it can be broken or not, but you should be careful when you meet them. The two of them have the ability to enter the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery. Even the three-robbery and the three-robbery can’t affect it. Then they will have the opportunity to rush out of the large array with the strength of the earth and try their best."
For the fix true world, Qin Huang and Long Huang mean that Chinese characters are generally similar to immortals.
Most of the time, people in the fix-the-true world almost think that they don’t know the fact that there are not too many people in Qin Huang and Long Huang.
"Who is the third person?"