Look at Wang Di’s hand. This sword is less than one meter long. It looks delicate and small, suitable for girls.
Wang Di’s appearance is not suitable for this delicate sword.
Looking at this handle is more suitable for stabbing a sword, and then thinking about the skills in the sword has never made Su Li once again exert the "Dragon Wrath" crazy attack, and at the same time, the thunder in his mind suddenly disappeared from Wang Di’s thoughts.
Since one’s sacred bone is so hard, the best way to kill oneself is to pierce one’s heart with a sword, and then launch a skill attack in the sword. At that time, I am afraid that ghosts and gods will be hard to save.
I don’t have Wang Di’s "life gift" ability to go against the sky. Once the heart is destroyed and shattered, the skills in the sword will explode and the power will be instantaneous. Even if I have the "super regeneration" ability, I am afraid I will not be able to display it.
Although monty is really tough, it is not difficult for Wang Di to pierce his body and heart with a sword.
This will be the easiest way to kill yourself.
Attacking other parts of your body can’t instantly kill yourself. If you don’t instantly kill yourself, you can recover your "super regeneration" ability.
Only the heart and brain can’t.
The brain is protected by a skull. He is not worried. The only vulnerable place is the heart.
At this moment, Wang Di has once again benefited from the "gift of life" ability and survived the "dragon wrath" attack. His face has aged like a 60-year-old man with gray hair and wrinkled face. Due to the influence of life energy, his "painting" power and skill have declined slightly
However, his face suddenly smiled and even the wrinkles rippled. He didn’t try his best to distance the two sides as before and took the initiative to come at Su Li for the first time.
It seems that I have decided not to escape and want Su Li to work hard.
The fighting between the two sides has dragged on for so long, which is beyond Su Li’s expectation. This Wang Di is really terrible. If he doesn’t have the ability of "life gift", he has killed him several times himself.
Now he has lost less than half of his "nuclear". Although Wang Di has become like an old man in his sixties and seventies, he is still alive and still actively fights back.
With Wang Di’s counterattack, boiling steam rolled in all directions and suddenly turned into a series of giant swords. The length of each giant sword was more than ten meters, and it was cut wildly from all directions to Suli.
This was Wang Dili’s blow, and he threw away all his worries, not thinking about Su Li’s counterattack against himself. He had an idea in his mind to kill Su Li with this blow.
The five-second interval is finally over, and he can use the "time stop" again.
Su Li has figured out that the only miscalculation of Wang Di’s idea is that his original opponent’s "time stop" is as long as his own divine power, so there is no need to be afraid. Even if the other party really attacks his heart, he can instantly display his "divine power" and enter the enemy state.
Just like before, although it was his sacred bone that blocked the other party’s soul sickle, even if there was no sacred bone Wang Di speed and his body toughness, the sickle could be cut into half of his neck
This is not fatal to yourself. Just stop and end yourself and instantly launch the divine power.
Compared with Su Li’s guess, Wang Di’s pause should be very short. It is very likely that he will have the fastest speed for one second, that is, the sword has just stabbed his heart, and then it will stop. Then he can easily disintegrate the opponent’s fatal blow by exerting his "divine power"
But Su Li’s miscalculation is that Wang Di’s "time stop" interval is 5 seconds and his "divine power" is ten seconds more than one minute.
When Wang Di’s "time-stop" is over, his "divine power" will be nine seconds short.
Looking at Wang Di’s face with a weird smile, the wrinkles are like laughing into flowers. Suddenly, Su Li took the initiative to rush toward himself, and a trace of unknown came out of his heart.
The only explanation for Wang Di’s abnormality is that his ability to stop instantly can be used again.
At the moment, my "divine power" is still ten seconds away to make it again.
Su Li suddenly understood that when the opponent paused, the time interval was not one minute but five seconds.
I don’t want to think much about it. When Su Li realized this, he wanted to pull Wang Di again at this moment. Even if he couldn’t get the distance, he turned all the muscles of Monty’s body into a defensive state "covered with silver armor" and started his muscles as hard as iron. At the same time, he launched the silver force in the "silver ring" of his left hand.
This silver power is very special. It can be attacked or defended.
As he read the silver force, it spread along the ring of his left hand and extended towards him.
All this happened in an instant, and Su Li finished it in an instant, that is, he was so quick that he couldn’t even start the "demon enchantment", which also belongs to the defense type.
Wang Di suddenly saw Su Li’s left hand with a silvery white light flashing and knew that it was not good. He immediately launched a "stop"
Everything in all directions is like a blink of an eye. Everyone stops moving and all kinds of sounds disappear.
Su Li wore a "silver ring" in the middle finger of his left hand, and the silver force just extended along his left arm to his chest and stopped because of "time stop"
The original Su Li Wang Di’s "time stop" is as much a minute as his own "divine power", and he never thought about evading it. If he knew that Wang Di’s "time stop" was 5 seconds, he could delay the distance between the two sides with his speed and wait until the divine power was restored.
Thanks to his sudden awakening, this moment has just started Wang Di and immediately entered the "time-stop" by transforming "monty himself" into a defensive state and adding "silver coverage".
"Stop" for a second, Wang Di almost launched a quick-acting right-hand sword and stabbed it out. All the forces were concentrated in this rare sword, and he suddenly stabbed Su Li’s chest and heart where he was still.
Baiyinli has just covered Su Li’s chest by half, just covering the left chest.
In order to ensure that this blow should be missed, Wang Dili launched an attack with rare skills when he stabbed this sword.
Although Silver Force has a strong defense ability, it is almost instantly pierced in the face of this long sword, and then the tip of the sword touches Su Li’s monarch-level "bloody armor"
"Bloody armor" is a monarch-class equipment, and its defense force is much tougher than that of rare armor. At this moment, it is instantly pierced by a sword and then covered with silver armor.
Su Li guessed that if Wang Di wants to use the "time-stop" blow, the biggest possibility is to kill the heart
Therefore, he launched the "silver armor coverage", and the power of the "silver armor coverage" was also increased after the "overrun". The scope of coverage was extended from the original moment to two or three seconds.
Once this "silver armor coverage" was an absolute defense capability, but the so-called absolute defense was also a relative spiritual source, which was not enough for the current strength of all people.
At the moment in the face of this handle contains Wang Dili blow sword is obviously unable to resist.