"I hope that only Serina Liu people are looking forward!"
Volume 10 Who’s in charge of ups and downs Volume 1 The general will come out
The vastness asks who is in charge of the ups and downs of the vast earth.
Since it was difficult for the Phantom clan to stop at night, and then Wei Ya successfully banned the ancient demon clan in the coastal area to temporarily curb the deterioration of the situation, although it was less than a month before and after, the consequences were extremely bad.
Hualian, the acting administrator of Binhai Municipal Government, shyly announced that the number of casualties has exceeded two million. Of course, if you believe that you know the political system of Huaxia Empire, you will shake your head with a wry smile and say nothing. Such a terrorist casualty incident is not to say that it was born in peacetime. Even if the third world war started, all parties did not kill each other, and weapons of mass destruction did not see so many casualties.
I wonder if those who stay out of the way can’t give birth to a kind of rabbit and fox, and the coastal people who are in the bureau will feel that they have a different taste in their hearts
The far-reaching impact of the Magic Capital Incident is beyond the control of organizations and individuals. Even though the imperial government is tight on the blockade, even if Hualian is powerful and powerful, it will be somewhat different. However, in the face of millions of huge casualties, many calculations are futile, and it is even worse. It is the trend of the times that Wei Ya adopts the blockade method. Everyone knows that it is only a temporary solution but not a phantom family problem.
This cruel reality is like a head louse. No one can find a solution.
Binhai is now squatting in a crater brewing a fierce eruption. Is it a short-term threat or a huge one? Maybe the root won’t last long!
After the catastrophe, the market of Magic Capital was depressed, and all kinds of special entertainment and sex industries prospered abnormally. They survived that nightmare-like day by luck. The residents of Magic Capital spent all day in all mental places that could paralyze themselves and be on the verge of collapse, and lived a decadent day of spending money day and night, enjoying everything in front of them. Maybe they felt that kind of disaster in their hearts, but there was a place to escape nainai and sadness!
Those who are confused and indulged are like crossing the river, but those who are awakened are different. Wei Ya is planning a coping strategy at the moment while soaking in the swimming pool and digging it out by herself. Suddenly Yin Qianhui and Xu Keer are asleep in his ear through headphones. Wei Ya opened her eyes and picked up the walkman headphones. She looked at the two beautiful women who ran to her in confusion.
"hey! What did you say? The United Nations has proposed a ban on ball-throwing weapons, allowing private individuals to own non-automatic weapons! I heard you right! "
Chloe Xu unabashedly dragged Wei Ya from the pool and then threw a towel on him and said
"Wipe it quickly!"
On the side, Yin Qianhui witnessed that the two men didn’t have to be suspected of intimacy. They looked at Wei Ya in a complicated way and then looked at Xu Keer’s lips. She didn’t say anything. She turned her head slightly. When Yin Qianhui moved her eyes, Wei Ya looked at her and revealed a knowing smile.
When Wei Ya wiped the water stain, Xu Keer continued
"Hey, the news is on. The United Nations has passed a resolution. The world should agree to allow private people to hold guns."
Look at the quality through the phenomenon. This is Wei Yaji’s point of view. The threat of the phantom clan is indeed imminent. However, the empire is so huge that it means that the decision-making degree should not be so quick to accept the United Nations motion. Wei Ya frowned at this thought and then shook his head. He was too lazy to pay attention to what the officials liked and said with a cool smile.
"Actually doesn’t even have a little wind in advance! Hehe, anyway, these arms dealers, Colt and Terminal Force, are sure to make a fortune this time! "
In the courtyard where three people are talking, Wei Xing’s words rang. Wei Ya walked over and took a look at the towel quilt to pick up the words and said
"Hello is liu elder you! I heard that I have been very busy recently, so I have never dared to disturb you. Why do you have time to look after your younger generation today? "
Words in the receiver to Liu Tie hearty laugh and said
"alas! You ah! If you don’t slip your hands, where is it like a feather? It’s a fine old eel. You saw the news, didn’t you? "
Wei Ya knew for a long time that Liu Tie was in charge of Hualian Binhai Branch, and now he was ordered to temporarily accept the management of the daily affairs of future generations paralyzed by Binhai Municipal Government. He was so busy all day and night that he couldn’t idle his teeth. After laughing, Wei Ya teased and said.
"oh! You are really honest and honest, and you don’t tell the younger generation about it. Otherwise, I can earn some subsidies by hoarding and selling psionic firearms before! "
Smell Liu Tie also follow together to laugh, but there is no way to master poise smile after continued.
"Want to make money is not easy? I’m going to show you a way to make money now, and I’m afraid you won’t submit to the trouble! "
"oh! So you are always looking for the younger generation because you have something to tell you? "
It is natural for practitioners to rank their seniority first, regardless of the size of their strength. The reality behind Wei Ya’s achievements is that even if he doesn’t count magic weapons, his strength has passed Liu Tie. Now Wei Ya calls Liu Tieyi a senior, and others have to say that he is modest enough to be a man. Compared with the strength, Liu Tie dare not be too big. He immediately said with a wry smile.
"Old to say the word command? It is not too much to ask Wei Xiaoge to cooperate with a worker! "
Thought for a Wei Ya didn’t put the words to death and said
"Hey, hey, hey, you might as well talk about letting the younger generation consider one first."
Liu Tie paused to clear his mind and then said.
"The other day things must be can’t cover it, don’t say anything about foreign spy satellite mobile phone photos flying! First, those big men hold their noses and agree to the United Nations’ proposal to give people a gun license, to allow private people to hold guns, and to put appropriate restrictions on non-human forces to jointly deal with those dark shadows, that is, phantom attack countries. In this respect, you are allowed to organize a security company with a total scale in the name of thousands of people’s armed organizations in every county-level city. Are you interested? "
Volume 10 Section 2 Born into WTO
Faced with the current grim situation, Wei Ya naturally has a comprehensive consideration of cross-border immigration. At present, it is a long-term plan, but it is effective in a short-term method.
Before retreating to an area, it is also considered to ensure the daily safety of our own personnel. If security companies organize personnel to protect these people who don’t have enough strength, it seems that one solution is that Liu Tie’s proposal comes too suddenly, and Wei Ya doesn’t analyze the pros and cons clearly and is willing to answer easily. Besides, it is also his usual practice to be firm and not to spit out the truth
Thought of here Wei Ya make fun and said
"Ha ha ha, you said these things seem to have nothing to do with me!"
Wei Ya’s words made Liu Tie extremely annoyed when he grew up carrying Yasheng’s poverty, but he was immune to it and taught by heaven. He immediately retorted.
"Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the day! The rise of the phantom clan and the decline of the terran are days, but I’ve been waiting in the bureau for a long time. Even though I know that uncle Mayfly has lost his family, I’ll fight hard. If you have the heart, I will never force Brother Wei. Do you really think you are an able person? "
In the sense of honor and fame banner, Liu Tie pushed Wei Ya into the corner all the way, insisting that he was a capable person with a little status. Wei Ya really couldn’t pull this face and smiled wryly and said with self-deprecation.
"well! You always look down on my leisure! All right! If you have any orders, just tell them all! "
Smell Liu Tie laughed, and he was satisfied with Wei Ya’s statement, and then he said just now.
"Ha ha ha ha good indeed as expected is a joker. You’re welcome. I heard that you have worked for many years as a security supervisor in Qianzhuang, and there is no shortage of contacts and experience in this field. Therefore, the old man would like to invite you to organize a professional security company to run the project in general! It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to train an ordinary citizen to use firearms and evacuation training when necessary to assist Hualian in handling some emergencies? "
In these years, Wei Ya almost lived by working as a thug for people. It must be admitted that Liu Tie’s suggestion proved to be a professional counterpart.
Wei Ya carefully thought about it before and after, and felt that it was really easy for him to do it himself, so he didn’t refuse again, but it was not his character to buy things without bargaining, so Wei Ya said bluntly
"good! Senior Liu, there’s one thing we have to say first. I’m in charge of putting up the investment. That little money is nothing, but I’m not in the mood to take care of the trivial things in the daily operation and management of the company! "
Now Liu Tie is also in charge of complicated things by Hualian all day long, and Wei Ya’s words suddenly burst into laughter.
Most of the staff of Binhai Municipal Government belong to well-informed people, except those unlucky people who died in a series of incidents led by the Phantom Family, others simply quit their jobs and fled this Wei Cheng directly.
Nowadays, a large coastal city is as big as the repair and reconstruction of urban traffic trunk lines, across bridges, temporary resettlement of foreign victims and repair and demolition of damaged houses, as small as dredging water pipelines and even rat poison and disinfectant in residential areas to prevent the breeding of epidemic diseases. There is nothing wrong with Liu Tie’s intervention. Fortunately, Liu Tielai was an official before entering the mountains for monasticism, or even he could not understand this huge unified project.
Liu Tie can understand very well what kind of psychological feeling a yogi will have when he is forced to drive a duck rack to take charge of a lot of things done by a yogi. After laughing, he said sympathetically.
"Why don’t you look for a few competent senior officials for you to ensure that you won’t worry too much about mistakes? It’s no problem!"