The witch gave a light smile.
"Can you find a person who is physically and mentally loyal to lighting his own fire?"
Zhao thief thinks he can give her a little big shock.
"I can name several names for this question."
There was a hint of ridicule in his tone.
Princess royal leng for a while and then also react to come over no longer continue this topic.
Prince Zhao refers to several people, and she knows quite well. After all, it was not uncommon for him to be a cat before, and his women clung to each other. When she thought of this, she suddenly frowned unconsciously, and the picture emerged in her heart made her feel uncomfortable.
"I will arrange for you to meet Prince Yu and the demon saint Puyuan later. They have talked about it in detail, such as setting up a communication mode in the north of Dayu Desert, and then they can go back."
Bo Luan Pinellia’s tone is as light as ever, and there is no obvious emotional fluctuation. General Zhao feels that she is not enough to ask questions.
"Can’t you give me an accurate picture of when they met?"
Guanwangdian doesn’t like her uncertainty.
"The two of them are not the temple? You can talk it over and set a time. "
Princess royal Temple listened to his words, but there was no response at the moment. He looked as usual, but he could vaguely detect that the witch was hesitant.
"I see," she said thoughtfully for a moment. "I asked Prince Yi Yu what he meant."
Zhao was silent after a mistake.
"Luan Pinellia" turned her attention to the silver-haired boy on the left hand side of the demon emperor. Suddenly, she closed her eyes as if she were making a difficult decision.
She doesn’t think she is hesitant to carry out the plan because of the villain. She thinks about the feasibility of the plan and what price she will pay if she fails. These are the things she will hesitate.
"Wang Shu" princess royal Hall said to Prince Yu a little later, "I will take Zhao Cuo to your mansion one day."
"Are you sure?"
Prince Yu is still talking and laughing on the surface.
A sharp color flashed through his pale blue eyes.
"Luan gasping for breath" did not find that Pro was plotting great things behind his back.
"He will come to your house with me. Make sure that the plan can be carried out smoothly and the consequences of failure are not something we can easily bear."
Xia Yaonv’s tone didn’t waver at all. It seems that she can win this gamble with her conceit.
"Don’t worry, he’s coming, and so are the three torchbearers."
She listened to the words of Prince Yu and took a sip of her rosy lip.
Pinellia ternata to Zhao wrong said
"I’ll take you to Prince Yu’s mansion."
Her grandfather will object to this and she has a plan, but …
"just arrange it. We’ll go to bed early tonight if we want to get up early."
General Zhao bit her delicate and charming lips and said
"I don’t think …"
Princess royal had a meal.
She wanted to ask something, but she couldn’t say it