"Now it’s time to spend the infancy, and then it depends on the owner of the manor, such as going to raise it." Zhao Min’s hands are holding the palm of Zhuang’s hand and carefully looking at the glittering and translucent little thing.
Even in the era of manor owners, a well-cultivated grass was extremely extreme.
Grass-bearing is a magical plant domesticated by manor owners. After digging it out not far away, I feel as if something touches my consciousness and my head itches a little limp and numb.
This is grass consciousness, trying to touch Zhuang not far away. Although this little thing was planted, it has a simple consciousness and it is difficult to define its species.
When I passed through the manor vegetable field, I accelerated the planting of grass. Although it has taken shape, my consciousness is still a piece of white village. I carefully reached out and touched it. A little thing suddenly curled up like a small fist.
A little later, the little fist opened again.
Not far from Zhuang, I feel that this little thing has been poked several times. Suddenly, it seems to have poked something, and I generally feel a vague consciousness.
"I hate it. Stop poking me!"
"Ha!" Zhuang smiled and suddenly felt like he had a cute pet.
Everyone else keeps dogs, cats and grass?
"Master Zhuang, you’d better find a suitable residence for it quickly." Zhao Min looked at Zhuang’s curious behavior and was in distress situation.
Chapter 22 Grass-bearing
Suitable residence? Zhuang rummaged around for a long time and found himself with a shoulder bag carrying Ben.
Not far away, Zhuang put grass on his back, including grass roots, which quickly merged with the backpack, leaving four curled lobules the size of marbles. The top of the backpack seemed to be a special sign.
This is an ordinary small one-shouldered backpack. Not far away, it is used to put a wallet, and it can barely put a tablet brain.
After being parasitized by grass, a strange grain appeared in the backpack, which looked like a root and spread all over the backpack for several grades.
Wait until the grass parasitism is finished. Not far from hou zhuang, he took a backpack and looked inside. Nothing changed.
Then he gently poked a small leaf with grass and grass and stretched it out in vain. Then not far from Zhuang, he found that it was so big that he could fit a 15-inch note in it.
This is the grass-containing. In a relatively closed room, its four leaves are four dimensions that can be curled and stretched, and the bigger the part grows, the bigger it is. Its name is "Wei Ye Curled with Grass"
Now, the method of using it as a pocket is the most basic method, because it really has a fourth dimension, but it must be cultivated to be bigger
Poke a little bigger; One more poke will make the village small. I played with the grass for a while until the grass came again. The consciousness of "I hate it when someone pokes me" stopped not far away and laughed my head off.
Zhao Min turned to the sundries in distress situation. After a while, he came out with a small watering can. He said, "The owner needs to swallow grass to grow up. In addition, he needs to add some nutrients frequently. Here is the nutrient solution I have prepared. Take it with you. When you see that the color of the grass becomes less bright, you can spray it once or twice a day."
Zhuang picked up the watering can not far away and received it in the bag. He stretched out his hand and wanted to poke the grass, and he felt a consciousness. "Don’t poke me again, I will be angry!"
Not far from Zhuang, he touched his nose bitterly and was rejected by a grass. It’s really embarrassing.
"After the darling follow elder brother mixed elder brother to raise you greatly" Zhuang patted the packet way not far away.
"I hate it!" This consciousness again.
Zhuang is not far away, but he thinks Zhao Min must have raised this little thing badly, otherwise why is it so proud?
It’s just a grass!
It took more than an hour to plant a grass. Zhao Min said to Zhuang not far away, "I have to deal with the vegetable garden after the owner plants the grass, otherwise the fertility will drop badly, which may seriously affect the output. Shouldn’t you go to … deal with those people outside?"
Not far from Zhuang, I remembered that there were a group of people with moral "Golden Lock" company outside the road.
Not far from Zhuang’s consciousness, he heard a cry for help when he moved the manor door automatically. "Help! Come on, someone is dead! "
"Spare us and never dare to do it again!"
"Shan Gui grandpa is our mottled offended you also please atone …"
Not far from the door, Zhuang saw a group of scattered roads called "the ground should not be ineffective every day". The conscientious employees of Jinsuo Company turned pale with fear, and even the sprint champions ran fast and tired.
Look at their appearance of being surprised and tired one by one, and then consciously look at their own small bags, not far away, and feel that they have lost the principle of being far away and short-cutting.
Isn’t this road just like grass? But big or small, long or short …
Suddenly, a strange idea came to Zhuang’s mind not far away. Should the whole manor be inside a grass?
This is ridiculous.
Not far from Zhuang, he shook his head, dumped the idea and then made a conscious move.
The manor automatically gave birth to a reaction. Just now, seven people suddenly heard a noise in their ears. They ran in the direction of the noise, and then they were dumbfounded to find that they had returned to the card.
"Brother Wen!" The sprint champion hugged brother Wen and began to cry. "What have we met? Terrible! "
"Don’t … don’t be afraid that there can’t be that thing in broad daylight …" Brother Wen transferred the gold chain like a bead.
"Boy, did you encounter something strange inside?" An aunt passed by and saw them cry bitterly and asked how many people were awkward. Aunt shook her head and said, "I advise you to stay away from thieves here …"
A few people smell speech and look up at the narrow mountain path. As far as the eye can see, there seems to be nothing, but only when they really walk will they know what kind of strangeness it is.
"His mother is this little harm us! Bring us to this hellhole! " Several guys suddenly turned and glared at Zhang Zhengxiong, "Hit him!"
"Brother Wen, I can’t help it. Let me beat him!"
"no! We are now asking for accounts and can’t hit people! " Brother Wen waved his hand and said, "We are not as skilled as people, but I don’t believe you can make it to the end …"
Brother Wen smiled coldly and scared Zhang Zhengxiong’s face to white. He suddenly turned around and ran to the manor, shouting, "Master of the manor, help!"
Three or four guys grabbed him and directly pushed him to the ground.
"Do you want to die? We can’t let you die! Who will give us money if you die! "
That was a close call. I almost let this guy run into that weird road.
"Take away the evil door here!" Brother Wen turned the big gold chain into a bead faster. At this moment, he heard the sound of Didi and a luxury car came over. It seemed that they were in the way and were honking their horns to urge them.
Seeing that it was a luxury car, brother Wen quickly let it go and then saw that the car wanted to turn to the mountain. Brother Wen hurriedly stopped them and said, "Wait, it’s dangerous not to go to this mountain!"
A middle-aged man who looked very stylish dropped from the back window and glanced at him coldly, showing a disdainful smile.
"Mom, it’s rare to be kind once. It seems that good people can’t be true. Don’t blame me for not waking you up …" Wen Ge denounced but took a bite of automobile exhaust.
The luxury car turned the winding mountain path and then … gradually disappeared into the air.
WenGe tingling shuddered "let’s go! Go! "