Oriental family has never been able to pose a threat to them. This time, when they met in Jinsha Bay, Ding and Yang Muyu of the Oriental State had to impress her.
If these two people don’t die, they will become a stumbling block to unify the mountains and seas in the future. They are all close opponents she has seen in this life.
The man in black promised to disappear as soon as he shook his body.
Yang Muyu saw that everything had been arranged. Yang Tie went to the dock to buy some daily necessities. At this time, Du Yun and the ghost servant were also busy arranging their residences. Yang Muyu pushed the bedroom to the south and looked out from the window. There was another small building not far from next door.
There are several bamboos planted in the courtyard of the small building. A girl in red is talking with an old mammy in the courtyard. Suddenly, she looks up and sees Yang Muyu staring at her girl’s face and goes to the room.
Yang Muyu couldn’t help laughing. "This girl is so shy!"
The wife seems to have noticed that Yang Muyu couldn’t help but look up and stare at him mercilessly before turning and walking towards the room. Yang Muyu touched his nose and said to himself with a wry smile, "I didn’t provoke you!"
"There is a man called Lin Xing outside," Du Yunlai reported.
"Oh, how did he find here?" Yang Muyu heard a laugh and said, "Just invite him in."
"Yes-"Du Yun promised. Soon Lin Xing came in with a smile on his face and saw Yang Muyu laughing. "You prepared so quickly. I’ve been busy for two days. I came to see what you can do here?"
"Thanks for thinking!" Yang Muyu said with a smile, "Please have a seat. There’s no tea here."
"It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re ambiguous. I live in front of you. I just met your boss and realized that you live here …" Lin Xing laughed. "You can walk more after the building in front. Brother Yang, wait for me to host. Let’s go to Tianxiang Building and have a good meal to celebrate. We finally became students of Tianyi College."
Chapter 9 Fairy
Aristocratic families all recruit dinning nursing home to Lin Xing. Yang Tie is also regarded as dinning nursing home. Yang Muyu smiled and didn’t bother to explain anything. He asked, "It’s no big deal to be a student of Tianyi College, but since Lin Xiong is happy, we will have a good meal."
Lin Xing laughed. "Not bad!" Talking about the topic, I smiled mysteriously. "Brother Yang, how many family members did you bring?"
"How many families?" Yang Muyu muttered in his heart, "What does a student do with his family?" If Mo Qing hadn’t repeatedly asked him how free he would be if he didn’t want to be alone? Taking your family with you looks like the scenery on the surface, but it’s actually a burden.
"Just two!" Yang Muyu laughed. "How many family members did Lin Xiong bring?" He did bring two family members, one is Du Yun and the other is the ghost servant Yang Tie, who will go to Jinsha Bay in a few days.
Lin Xing is not proud. "I brought three people with my father to prepare me to bring five people. I am afraid of provoking people to gossip."
"Want to come to your father still hurts you" Yang Muyu laughed.
"Nature!" Lin Xing laughed. "Although I still have two younger brothers, regardless of their aunt’s birth," it is natural that the position of the housemaster who grew up with his wife is different at home.
"Oh?" Yang Muyu is a little envious of Mo Qing. It’s really that he doesn’t even accept a side princess. Otherwise, he will probably have a younger brother and sister … "How many brothers are there in Yang’s family?" Lin Xing curious asked.
Yang Muyu frowned and said, "I am alone!"
"No way?" Lin Xing is incredible. How is it possible to look at him? Ordinary people have fewer than two or three children in their homes, unless they are poor and can’t afford to support them, but they are a little rich. If they are not three wives and four concubines, they will naturally have more children, but they won’t even have more concubines in the room without children.
"It’s true!" Speaking of which, Yang Muyu not only wryly said, "My father has only one child, and even my uncle has no children …" He should still have a sister, but Mo Qing said that the child had already been halved by Yang Chen at the age of five, and he was the only one left.
"You are so happy!" Lin Xing don’t envy way
"What is happiness?" Yang Muyu sighed, "I have to take care of everything in the family, but anyone who has a brother can share a little responsibility." He is not too concerned about the facts. If he has a brother and sister, he doesn’t care about sharing a little, but now-he is the only heir of Mohism. Where can I find that sharer?
Thought of here, he not only dark scold Yang Chen bastard, if it weren’t for him, at least he still has a sister.
"This … that …" Lin Xing gesticulated and smiled. "Brother Yang, I have a big mouth. Say whatever you want. Don’t care how you can be alone. I don’t think you want to blow people’s minds by dressing up. Is it true that your father actually … has any hidden diseases? "
Yang Muyu wry smile way "you say this to let my dad know that he will kill you" He is telling the truth. It’s just that if Yang Chen hears that he has to cut him off with a sword, "my father’s health is no disease, but something happened in my family more than ten years ago that made my father not like women very much"
"So that’s it, I said!" Lin Xing laughed when he was joking.
"Brother Lin, what about you?" Yang Muyu asked, "Don’t tell me about your family. Do you have sisters besides two younger brothers?"
"There is a sister named Lin Lin who is two years older than me. She is engaged and will get married at the end of the year." Lin Xing laughed.
"That’s good," Yang Muyu said with emotion.
"That’s right!" Lin Xing suddenly mysterious way, "I tell you that my sister is a godsend, and my future brother-in-law is actually a sunny Yaocheng. Do you know where Sunny Yaocheng is? That’s the descent of Qing Yao Empire. Even the emperor of Qing Yu Empire has to bow down and salute the duke of Qing Yao City. My sister can marry into Qing Yao City and be regarded as a phoenix from now on. "