The world seems to have him alone.
Try to keep your head down so that the snow doesn’t fall on your face. Lin Yue first solved his personal problems, then made a trap. After the shelter was placed around, he returned to the house.
There is nothing to explore outside, and the sight and hearing are greatly limited in the storm and blizzard. He is an ordinary person who does not have the fighting quality of shoveling snow with a spade to find mutant creatures.
Of course, the secret place was a good place to go, but it was closed for four hours because of this disaster
Although it is said that it is to prevent the survivors from taking refuge in it, it is one less opportunity for Lin Yue to search.
"How long do we have to wait?"
Lin Yue yawned and returned to the state of underpants vest and played the group.
It’s safe outside for the time being, and he doesn’t have much pressure. Just look at the group first and then solve the breakfast problem
As a result, the bulletin board directly told him that it had been eleven hours since the disaster!
Boy, it’s natural to wake up
I did sleep too late last night, and Du Ping had to exchange things, which made him study for a long time.
I bought 5kg of mutant mutton and 1L of water, and Lin Yue got several good things.
Rotor, end cover and source controller
Two of these three are necessary for the engine, and the source controller is the primary exoskeleton.
Although it cost more than before, Lin Yue did gradually get what he wanted.
After connecting the rotor end cover with the front stator bearing, he needs to find the terminal, the most important component of the generator.
In Du Ping, they changed the design of 3L water cross-country bike. After bargaining with Lin Yue, they finally sold 2L water.
After finishing these yesterday, I didn’t know what time it was, so I fell asleep and forgot about the snowstorm.
After all, the snowstorm is nothing to him.
Yawned and looked at the group.
"Well, I’m not dead but illusion? I can’t feel my legs? "
"Suddenly found that it’s not so cold thanks to Lin Yue selling fire! But at the same time despise those profiteers who resell after getting the fire source! You are still not people! "
"Thanks to Lin Yue finally sold a lot of water and food, or we’ll have to die! Lin Yue, you have got my approval. "
"Boss need you to identify with? Who are you? Does Lin Shen still sell mutton? It’s delicious, too. "
"Words Lin Yue original what occupation? Special forces? That score is too exaggerated! "
"Said the score actually reached the top? Are you kidding? I’ve been in Du Ping and they can be the first, but the fourth place is ok. "
"I can do it with water! Lin Yue has water! He is not much better than us! "
"Ah, yes, yes, yes."
"I saw my 195th gap is so big? No, what is this scoring standard? "
"Lin Yue score is the second three times higher than me fifteen times! Hang up! "
Lin Yue suddenly found that the whole group was discussing him instead of the snowstorm.
Although there was this trend before, it was not as successful as it is now.
And they do so because of this so-called "integral" problem.
He hit the points ranking panel.
1. Lin Yue scored 195 points.
2. Kirk Brown scored 33 points
3. Berger scored 299 points
4. Du Ping scored 297 points
Ah, this …
Why is the score so high? According to what judgment?