He also wants to give Lu Sheng a relaxed environment, such as putting Lu Sheng’s favorite things on the TV as much as possible, but who knows what else the Huangliangxianpai will do? What if this guy gets into a black hole when the TV appears in the universe?
It is still the most appropriate in the circle.
When No.2 gets the contract, Lu Sheng will be liberated if something goes wrong in practice and the truth is known.
"At this time, it’s not true that there is something missing from the niche. This room is isolated from heaven and earth, and a pen can be confined to niche."
"Even if I enter the dreamland with you again, I can’t escape if you ask you to draw a circle …"
"Line line" Lin Chong motioning with his hand "not don’t believe you but there is no reason to believe you"
Lin Chong wants to recognize the truth and doesn’t want to talk about feelings, but whenever he meets someone who wants to talk to him about feelings instead of truth, Lin Chong will always stay at a respectful distance. If this person can’t alienate his close relatives, it will put Lin Chong in an extremely difficult position.
This is one of the reasons why Lin Chong doesn’t want to associate with others.
Don’t listen to Lu Sheng’s long-winded Lin Chong and let Lu Sheng send him out of his dream.
This is also the reason why Lin Chong was afraid of Lu Sheng. He couldn’t wake up after he found that Lu Sheng had put him to sleep.
Even if you pinch yourself again, you won’t feel pain.
If Lu Sheng is malicious, can Lin Chong dream forever?
Of course, Lin Chong, who is trapped in Lu Sheng, will pick up the hammer and give him a hard hammer, and Lu Sheng will be unable to help but let Lin Chong out in pain.
This is probably also the weakness of the Huangliangxian Sect, that is, their own weakness? Can pull people into dreams, but they are weak in dreams?
Ah … Lu Sheng sighed and let Lin rush out of the dream.
Lin chong a trance to stand in the living room.
"Through what did you do with this guy PY deal? !” Ear ringing unified questioning
Yes, I almost traded you out. Lin Chong looked at it and wondered how it would feel if Lu Sheng was playing a film while reunifying.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Not Island
After a while, it was very calm.
Lin Chong was busy educating No.2 to pour all kinds of screened’ thoughts’ into No.2′ s brain.
The system is to teach Xiaohu to spare another hour every day to broadcast films to Lu Sheng for more than half of the time.
Lu Sheng enjoys swimming in the sea of knowledge every day, which means that there is so much knowledge on the earth that he is afraid of it and can’t finish learning. After all, life is short and learning is long, and new knowledge is endless.
Dapeng Wang Zheng is very profound in practicing Lin Chong. He suspects that he intends to practice for 200 years and raise the mixed mountain to a higher level to fight with the Great Sage of Bones.
Little Tiger, from the cultivation, it seems that even Lin Chong, who crossed the air and built the base, sprinkled some black mushroom powder on him and saw the energy core of thunder and fire … Is that a mud pill?
Before he was three years old, he entered the mud pill realm.
This makes that year’s ten-year cultivation still be a fairy scholar in the clay pill pot.
And the tiger’s practice is still his own achievement method, which is better than the fallen fairy, and so the progress is worthy of the word "natural enemy"
When I was in a hurry, I spent a lot of time in a detailed and learning atmosphere. Lin Chong sometimes felt that he was in the study room of a university.
You see, in the snow valley, a Dapeng king has been locked up for 200 years.
There is a two-year-old doll in front of the plane wall who is trying to cultivate and brush all kinds of palace fights, history and workplace series with the goal of’ natural enemies’
There is also a QR code on the coffee table in the living room … No, the second-dimensional humanoid sponge generally attracts the dregs of another world … without knowledge.
And Lin Chong is painstakingly teaching No.2 mushroom man how to be a man. From time to time, Lin Haoheng tells No.2 to be a mushroom … Don’t be too impulsive and make a decision before you move.
Sometimes Lin Chong doesn’t go around the mountain and sees that the world is more and more colorful and more like the real world.
Wearing a helmet to enter Buzhoushan gives Lin Chong a feeling of wandering the streets of the real world. Although Lin Chong thinks that the world setting is a bit chicken-ribbed, he prefers the virtual reality World of Warcraft, but it is not easy to interfere with the progress and direction of the Buzhoushan project team.
Until one time, when Lin Chong chatted online and went to visit the mountain, he saw the latest progress. There were already people on the streets of Shanghai. Although it was a phantom method, Lin Chong communicated, but Lin Chong generally did not need people to communicate.
It’s early evening, early spring and dusk in Shanghai, and there’s still some chill on the streets. Lin Chong strolled through a neon fire, just like going back to ten years ago when he was a white-collar worker who wanted to retire. Isn’t that his favorite hobby to walk the streets and watch all the lights and people feel sad and happy?
Suddenly, Lin Chong was moved like a palpitation because he didn’t understand why the’ authenticity’ of the Zhoushan project ranked first.
Maybe buzhoushan will be the trump card of the national information industry in the future.
But at this moment, hundreds of workers, hundreds of 7 or 996 work cycles, hundreds of the world’s fastest supercomputers, the ability to support a Spring Festival travel rush transportation resource, and tens of billions of calculations … all these have built this extremely real and simulated real world, the Shanghai street virtual world.
But that’s it. Let Lin Chong walk the streets of Shanghai again.
"Wanmu frosty sky is red and brilliant, and the mountain soldiers are angry and rush to the night Han … not the red flag in Zhoushan."
Lin Chong thought of Lin Man’s name and the reason why he thought of the’ No Mountain’ project, which was also the national project personally instructed. So that’s it.