It is more difficult to compete for luis garcia.
It’s much easier in mista
Terry can let people go at any time if he wants to quote the right price
After bargaining, the two sides always won and finally offered a price of 700 thousand euros
Terry was moved by this price, and they planned to cash out mista, who performed so well in the team.
In fact, Chang Shenggen can’t take out the money in one breath.
But sometimes when you do business, you have to pretend to be very rich even if you put all your money on the show, otherwise you won’t be able to negotiate business at all
Now, Chang Sheng can also be so swollen and fat.
He made 600,000 euros before selling those "disorderly parties".
It cost 250 thousand to buy Charles, and there are 350 thousand left
It’s only 700 thousand and a half
If we don’t sell Pida, mista’s transfer deal may fall through.
But at this time, Changsheng doesn’t care so much. Since the other club has agreed, let’s talk about the contract with Mista quickly.
Would mista like to come to Hertha?
This question is meaningless.
Terry and Hertha are both second-division teams. Where do they play or not?
If Terry wants to sell it, how can they not know that Mista is not particularly important to them?
What’s more, mista’s agent also hopes that he can make a lot of money by having a transfer agent.
In the end, mista will definitely agree to come to Hertha.
The staff who sold the ball didn’t stop for a second while winning from the future master Benitez.
Pida finally reached an agreement with the team willing to accept him, and now the transfer deal can take effect.
Changsheng can also grow a sigh of relief.
Peter is the most difficult player to deal with in the "chaotic party", because his price is too high to win, and it is impossible to really sell him as cabbage price.
After all, it used to be worth 2 million yuan, and now it’s already a loss to sell it at a 50% discount. If it’s cheaper, it’s really a bargain.
The sale of Pida brought Changsheng a million euros in income, and now he not only has the money to buy mista, but also has 650 thousand euros left.
This money should buy one more person.
Who are you buying?
At present, the back line has not moved, and there seems to be a lack of competition.
In addition, there are too few people in midfield and midfield. He is going to list Cesc carlos rodriguez Valero. If anyone wants to sell it, he can make some money. If he can’t sell it, he will keep it as a substitute.
But he has so little money now, it is difficult to focus on one place if he wants to add new strength to both places. Now, if the money has to be in one person and another place, he should choose other methods, such as renting.
Changsheng pondered for a while and decided to strengthen the midfield strength.
He still has some doubts about the lower back.
After all, he will start with three midfielders at a time, and Gassena has four midfielders now.
If one person is injured, he will have no substitute.
The low back is very important in his tactics.
One less may have very serious consequences.
So he must increase this strength again.
He knows that there will be many excellent midfielders in international football in the future, but it is the most suitable one. At present, Hertha is not able to come.
After much thought, he set his sights on the African continent.
There are many excellent African waists, all of which come from here.
This time, his goal is to create yaya toure, the first high-paid "new Vieira" in the Premier League.
Yaya toure should still be in C? te d ‘Ivoire at this time …
It should be easy to buy him and it won’t cost much.
Although yaya toure will occupy a non-EU quota, there are not many non-EU players in Hertha team at present.
In addition to joining Senna, Popovich has a non-EU quota because he is a Yugoslav.
Plus Senahetta, there are two non-EU players and a team is allowed to have four non-EU players.
There are still two places.
There is no problem in this regard.
The introduction of yaya toure’s defensive line into the lower back should also add fresh blood to stimulate them to double their training, so that they can always win and rely on them.
The central defender is more important, and the winner is also satisfied with the central defender. One is captain Pedro canizares and the other is Sai Passareira. These two people are always at ease with them.
Then we can start with full-backs.
Since 212, people have always won, which inevitably impressed the people of that era and unconsciously.
For example, when he considers a player, he doesn’t pay attention to the player’s specialization as he does now. On the contrary, he looks more at whether the player can adapt to multiple positions or characteristics, and whether a player should be able to adapt to multiple positions, playing on the left or right, or defending and attacking.
This is the basic requirement of football in the era of 212.
Always win a man from that era. These things are directly printed in his mind, which is almost enough.
Either you can play full-back or centre-back, or you can play both flanks, or you can attack and defend well.
When thinking of being able to play multiple positions, Changsheng popped up a name directly in his mind.
A young Italian full-back has played for many clubs in Turin, Juventus, Florence and Rome.