A group of black people looked at a scar-faced man together.
Scar face lead eldest brother face a ugly.
"Let’s go with the elders in my Hui nationality!" Take the lead in the eldest brother looks pale way
A group of strong black snakes quickly flew out of the city to a distant mountain forest.
There are a lot of black snakes around the forest land.
But when I came back this time, the number of black snakes was actually a lot of bloody.
"Something happened in the clan?" Lead the eldest brother face a change.
A line of black snakes quickly flew to the depths of the forest.
At the moment, there are a lot of monster beasts around the mountain forest, such as tigers, leopards, cows and snakes. At this moment, the roaring will surround the central lake.
Around the Great Lakes, a black snake with a head ten feet long holds its head high and looks at the monsters around it, showing lost face, but a group of monsters look even more fierce.
Not far away, Niu Mowang and Fan Li looked at each other coldly at a mountain pass.
Opposite at the moment there are dozens of black snakes in human form. The strong people are visiting Niu Mowang and others.
"Elder!" Lead the eldest brother exclaimed
Niu Mowang looked coldly at a group of black snakes that had just arrived.
"Hum!" Niu Mowang a cold hum left them alone.
A group of black snakes quickly flew to the center.
"Elder Nanmo City has an accident!" The lead eldest brother looks pale way
"South Magic City is that we took you too late!" Niu Mowang sneer at a way
The leader’s face changed.
Not far away, the black snake Lord was released. Fan Li asked the black snake Lord to talk about the black snake patriarch.
The whole black snake clan minister?
There is an island in the middle of the lake, an island and a hall. A burly man looks pale and looks at the black snake. There are a group of other black snake elders beside him.
"Minister? They let us be ministers? " Burly male cold way
"It was this group of people who didn’t suddenly appear and killed us and caught us off guard …!" Little Lord looks pale way
"Not caught off guard? Hum, even if you are prepared, you are no match for them! " Black snake heads cold way
"What about the patriarch now?" The elders looked at the heads of the fathers.
"That Niu Mowang is too powerful. As my son said, he broke the barrier of the Lord of Nanmo City with one punch. This person should be Tianmen!" Patriarch sink a way
"Tianmen territory?" The elders look very pale.
"Where did this group of people come from?"
"This is a lizard fairy territory. Do they dare to kill the lizard fairy so recklessly?"
"Can’t we be slaves?"
The elders look pale way
"The hades have given orders to kill us if we don’t do it …!" Little master fear way
The elders a silence.
"Let’s go and have a look!" Patriarch sink a way
"hmm!" The elders nodded.
The patriarch took all the elders to the outside world again and looked at Niu Mowang and Fan Li not far away.
"Do you want to? Old patience is limited! " Niu Mowang cold road
"Ge, I want to know what we want?" Black snake heads sink a way
"Nothing, nothing. This is the order of the keeper. If you don’t listen, you will die!" Niu Mowang cold road
The black snake patriarch’s face froze. What kind of answer is this?
Fan Li smiled slightly. "You are now the interpersonal keeper of Hades, but it is because you southern magic city are familiar with Hades that you want your help to master southern magic city as soon as possible!"
"Familiar with? If it’s a big deal, we’ll withdraw from the southern magic city, and we won’t care if we look at you! " Black snake patriarch said