The two palms "bang" collided, and Lin Yi’s palm force was like waves and waves, and he hid his soul arm in Hu Ling.
This arm of Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul was hit hard by Su Qinghou, and now the bones of Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul arm are broken into several pieces by Lin Yi’s strong impact.
At this time, Hu Ling’s right palm of the hidden soul has scattered Lin Yi’s firm but gentle palm and drew an arc with his right palm, and struggled to strike Lin Yi’s chest. Lin Yi just withdrew his palm and slightly moved away from Hu Ling’s hidden soul palm.
Taking advantage of Lin Yi’s dodge machine, Hu Ling hid his soul and flew to the front of the burning house. Then he growled and sucked three burning oaks at Lin Yi.
Facing Mars, the oak Lin Yi evaded the first one and kicked the second one. The oak at the top immediately reflected Hu Ling’s hidden soul. Then Lin Yi swung his sword and split the third oak. The oak was split by Lin Yi’s sword. Two pieces of wood split left and right. Lin Yi’s figure also passed through two pieces of broken oak.
At this time, Hu Ling’s hidden soul just kicked the blow to his oak and Lin Yi arrived again with his sword.
Hu Ling hides the soul and has to deal with Lin Yi’s sharp sword again.
The two men fought fiercely in the garden filled with flames and smoke …
After all, there was a fierce battle between Hu Ling and Su Qinghou. Although he felt pain, he was hit hard in many places, and his posture, strength and speed were reduced by half.
Su Qinghou has been beaten by Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul to fight again. It is amazing that Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul can still fight. If it were anyone else, it might not be his opponent, but his opponent is too strong now, and Lin Yi ranks second in the Jianghu.
Now, in the face of Lin Yi’s stormy attack on Hu Ling’s hidden souls, there is almost no breathing space.
Lin Yi just doesn’t give Hu Ling a breathing space.
Hu Ling’s ghost hiding is unusual. Maybe give him a break and Hu Ling’s ghost hiding can escape.
And Hu Ling’s hidden soul is hard to compare with Lin Yi in terms of posture, strength and speed at the moment. He seems to be extremely backward. Hu Ling’s hidden soul can constantly roar with anger to cope with Lin Yi’s ever-changing offensive. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is like a troubled beast at the moment. Although angry, it is difficult to get away.
Hu Ling’s hidden spirits, body and animal carcasses have also been carved into strips by Lin Yijian, and the protective black iron has also been exposed.
To attack Hu Ling urgently, the Tibetan soul was also injured in many places.
Shoulder cheekbones were also broken by Lin Yi, and Hu Ling kept bleeding from the cracks in the hides of Tibetan souls.
After more than a dozen strokes, Lin Yi split Hu Ling’s soul rib with another sword.
At the moment, the true qi of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul protector has weakened by 60% to 70%. Although there is black iron protector, the sword is powerful enough to shatter the left cavity of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul and poke a broken bone at Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul.
Hu Ling hidden soul body also immediately like being hit a quiver.
This is also the first time that Hu Ling’s hidden soul felt that death was so close to him.
Chapter 55 King Lin fights and hides the king (3)
Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul, which was hit hard again, growled again, which contained too much unwillingness and unspeakable sorrow.
With the roar of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul, his body became more rancid and the choking smoke in the field could not cover his rancid smell.
His eyes were even redder, and blood was oozing out.
Like blood and tears
His bones are constantly making a terrible noise.
Lin Yi knew that Hu Ling’s soul-hiding was an extreme way of "The Hunger Gong" to strengthen his physique and make him dying. Lin Yi guessed that Hu Ling’s soul-hiding was indeed an extreme way to force his body to suffer heavy losses.
When this way reaches a certain intensity, the damage to Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits will greatly aggravate the decay of Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits, and Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits will control the intensity a few years ago
Now, Hu Ling Tibetan Soul has used this method almost to the extreme.
The whole body smells like a rotting corpse.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared like a mad beast, and Lin Yi also roared like a fearful person. The hunter Lin Yi’s palm sword, Qi Jianguang’s palm shadow, continued to attack Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and its strength became more and more fierce.
Lin Yi knows better than anyone that this head is bound like a tiger struggling to resist, and it must not be relaxed by half a point or it will fall short.
Lin Yi took another sword and split it to Hu Ling to hide the soul from Lin Yi. This sword palm sucked up a stone brick and hit Lin Yi.
Just then, a master of the Northern Mansion swept into the garden, and he called to Hu Ling to hide the soul. "Simon Wang, the Tibetan king, asked me to … ahem … find you. He said that the Tibetan king, don’t try to be brave for a while, and then find Lin Yi to settle accounts after you get hurt …"
The man’s words haven’t finished when he was killed by Lin Yi every other sword.
It turns out that Ximen Xuanbai was hit hard by Su Qinghou. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not Lin Yi’s opponent. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is the first day and Optimus Prime is the deterrent. If Hu Ling’s hidden soul dies, the morale of the North House will fall to the bottom, and the North House will not be far from its demise.
The consequences are terrible.
We must not let Hu Ling hide his soul and die.
However, Hu Ling’s spirit-hiding temper Ximenxuan also knew that he was afraid that Hu Ling’s spirit-hiding would rather die than retreat. Now that Ximenxuan had got away, he was afraid to venture easily again, so he sent someone to persuade Hu Ling to hide the spirit.
Several experts from the Northern Mansion who were sent here have died, and only one person left. As a result, before he finished his words, Lin Yifei came to chop the ground with a sword.
Lin Yichao still didn’t give Hu Ling a breathing space when he waved his sword at the high priest. At the same time, his left hand struck Hu Ling, the hidden soul of Hu Ling, and he had to deal with Lin Yi’s two palms.
Now it’s not Hu Ling who hides his soul and doesn’t want to leave.
Although Hu Ling’s hidden soul is above all else, he was by no means killed alive, but he didn’t know that he was retired. He was badly hit and Hu Ling’s hidden soul was entangled in Lin Yi.
Lin Yi’s palm shadow was shattered, and he jumped up and split two swords in a row.
Although Hu Ling hides the soul in an extreme way, it is still difficult to get rid of Lin Yi because of his injuries.
When Hu Ling’s hidden spirits were in danger, four or five masters from the West Sea, all covered in blood, rushed into the garden. They had been following Xiaowu and Hu Ling’s theory that the hidden spirits were loyal warriors, and they would not abandon Hu Ling’s hidden spirits.
When they heard the roar of the Tibetan king, they also rushed from other places to help Hu Ling hide his soul.
Several masters in the West Sea are tough. They roared and waved their weapons and came at Lin Yi. At this moment, Lin Yi turned his back on them and attacked Lin Yi’s chest.
Lin Yi still doesn’t give Hu Ling a breathing machine. His right hand swings two swords and two firm but gentle shots behind him. At the same time, Lin Yi flies up and kicks Hu Ling’s hidden soul body and Hu Ling’s hidden soul body. Lin Yi’s left palm splits again.
And Lin Yi behind also sounded two screams.
First came two masters of the West Sea who were thrown out by Lin Yi backhand with two firm but gentle punches and flew out on his back.
The remaining three masters of the West Sea continued to rush at Lin Yi. They wanted their lives to win an offline for Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and suddenly a thin figure jumped into the park.
The child’s face was blackened by fireworks, his clothes were blackened, and there were still some sparks.