Looking at the axe’s trajectory in the virtual space, Song Changjue has a kind of lead in his heart, but if you ask him what he has learned, he feels that he has learned nothing. Pangu chopped the chaotic world with an axe, and the clear air rose and evolved all day, and the turbid air sank and became big and more and more chaotic air became clear and turbid. Song Changgeng knew that this was a life-long process.
One is chaotic, the other is cloudy and cloudy, and the other is clear. The Pangu giant stood in the sky to prevent the sky from overlapping, while the three talents of heaven and man completed the process of two lives and three lives. It was from the inside that the sage Tao Te Ching realized this, which was all white in the Song Dynasty.
Then he felt as if the time passed slowly. What he saw was that the sky was gradually divided, but it would still be reunited in chaos. When Pangu God threw the axe into the middle, he saw that the axe was automatically divided into three treasures, and the handle of the axe turned into a big clock, and everything was peaceful when it sounded.
Then the blade of the axe waved in the void under Pangu’s control, uniting some parties, and the talent finally rose and fell, but the power derived from the days after the flood, wind and fire ravaged Pangu, and finally the axe body was thrown away to enlarge. A picture showed that black and white two gases automatically operated to calm the water, wind and fire.
Seeing that the flow of Yin and Yang kept calming the water, wind and fire in their respective places, Song Changgeng knew that this was the Taiji diagram, and at the same time understood that chaos was the root of all things, and that the flow of Yin and Yang by all the subjects of Yin and Yang could make all things naturally converge and calm down the five things, calming the water, wind and fire was natural. This realization was just realized when Song Changgeng saw a golden light in the Taiji diagram, and when he followed the golden light, he saw that the ancient body was getting longer and longer, and his hands supported the sky. The golden light in the Taiji diagram was to help him hold up the sky, and Pangu grew taller.
There is a man who stands in the sky for a long time and seems to be a moment. Song Changbai, this is because he is in memory. When the Pangu God was formed that day, he fell or fell, and his breath turned into spring breeze and the sound of clouds changed into thunder. His left eye turned into the sun and his right eye turned into the moon …
Then there are three creatures, each with storms, currents, mountains and rivers, plants, birds, animals, fish and insects. Song Changxin is slowly lost in the evolution of this wonderful day and gradually loses himself and is difficult to extricate himself.
Lost in the track of the avenue, he doesn’t even know who he is now. If he goes on like this, his mind will be addicted to the avenue forever, and the final result will be to merge with the rules of the avenue and disappear into the sky.
This is the meaning of Taiqing sage’s "It’s easy to die in the evening". No matter how hard Song Chang practices, he hasn’t left people. He is a fairy. Look at this thing, that is, a three-year-old doll will die playing with a bomb. Although he is a saint, he doesn’t care about Emei Sect. After all, he teaches Emei Sect as a minor matter.
However, since Song Changgeng, a troublemaker, bumped into his own hand and played with it conveniently, it was normal for Song Chang to think it was his great chance because he didn’t know that there was danger in it. He didn’t know that he almost didn’t let people play to death, so he saw that he was motionless in the green light and gradually showed signs of decomposition with the passage of time.
Thirty-three days away, Song Chang Gung’s changes are all seen in the eyes of these saints. When the saint chuckles, he ignores it. He knows that he is finished taking care of this little guy, but in the clear sky, the saint is frowning. It seems difficult to decide that in the Jade Palace, the original saint is blinking and doesn’t know what to think, so he closes his eyes and continues to do something else.
Looking at Song Changgeng’s changing eyes in the female self, I can’t bear the color flow.
Finally, she sighed and stopped going to see the family. It was created by herself, just like her own child, in which an outstanding person appeared. She was as happy as if she saw her own child’s achievements. Unfortunately, these children rarely had great luck. So it seems to Song Changgeng.
In the bliss world, Amitabha looked sad and closed his eyes, while in the Sanxing Cave on the slanting moon, the prospective Taoist smiled at the corners of his mouth and called on his brothers to preach. In the nether world, the water of the Santu River continued to flow, and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma was running quietly, but with a sigh, it came out clearly from the Tao.
Just when all saints recognized Song Chang, and everyone else ignored him except Tongtian, I saw his ten-foot-high mixed body suddenly collapse and then suddenly split into two forces and then automatically spun. One force turned black and the other changed during operation.
Power is constantly absorbed by it and compressed into two forces of black and white at the same time. The rotating black and white power is like a Tai Chi diagram. Yin and Yang are divided into pairs and unified. Yin is constantly absorbing Yang power and transforming them into Yin power, and Yang power is constantly transforming into Yang power. Yin and Yang are transformed into each other, opposing each other and unified.
During the rotation, the ball with a diameter of more than ten feet gradually compressed and became smaller and smaller. Finally, it stopped shrinking after a foot in diameter, and kept spinning and absorbing the power of the sky. He had been observing the sky and looked at it. He knew that other people had stopped watching, but this little guy had realized that once he was awake, he would leave the Qing Dynasty and create a dreamland. That was his chance.
It’s inevitable that this guy will wake up now. His eyes are moving and his mind is spinning. Song Chang’s side is chaotic, which can temporarily make everything around him difficult to speculate. But now the sage, if he wants to come back, will be scattered to the sky because he stirred up the secret of Yin and Yang.
Then Tongtian himself put up a Taoist like him, but with the appearance of the Taoist, he reached out and grabbed a green gourd in his hand, then turned it into a streamer and went across the barriers from all walks of life. When people flew to the light, God’s hand appeared in his hand with a stroke and a purple hammer.
In Ziyun Palace, the immortals suddenly felt that the purple hammer suddenly disappeared, and then they heard that Master Hai said, "I took the hammer and waited here to protect Song Changmen from being drilled by Buddhism."
As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, he knew that the teacher had done it himself. He couldn’t help but change his face. This Song Changzhen was so lucky. Now this question Song Changgeng himself doesn’t know because he is confused. He doesn’t know where he is. His memory can reflect his understanding of this experience.
The heavenly sage arrived near the light realm in a few calls. The guardian array and various screens here seemed to have no hindrance to him. He lifted his legs like walking from the door to the outside, easily entered the light realm, and then instantly appeared in the jade peak, which had been refined by the Taiqing saint. This jade peak is the same as the original heavenly mountain.
Now, it has completely replaced the Heavenly Mountain, and it is still integrated with the light environment. It is really extraordinary. In the light environment, life has not felt anything, and people have already changed the central treasure. The Tongtian Saint saw this jade peak and stopped for a while, then swept his eyes and knew that the master elder brother didn’t move any hands and feet, in fact, he didn’t bother to move any hands and feet.
He came to Song Chang-geng’s one-foot big ball and sighed, "I’m afraid you have to work like this before you can gradually recover your consciousness. At that time, everything has changed greatly. Although you are still your relative and brother, your sect is gone. I hope I can help you once. I hope you don’t let me down."
With a wave of his hand, a clear light flashed into the sphere of rotation of Yin and Yang, and he saw that the force of Yin and Yang in the sphere suddenly turned and then quickly turned up. The Saint Tongtian smiled and said, "It’s really good to understand my" Tongtian Daoji "so quickly. It seems that you are a disciple, so I will help you again and give you two innate treasures to suppress Yin and Yang."
As soon as the words fell, I saw that he was spinning fast in the virtual space, and even the number of impressions was sealed around him. However, when the purple hammer and the green gourd were thrown into the Song Chang Gung’s ball, I saw that the ball shook violently and expanded to make a few clear lights, and the ball trembled more violently.
Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master to proselytize
Blood in shushan. Sixty-one Purple crack. Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master.
When Song Chang was still not awake, he didn’t know who he was. As soon as he realized that Saint Taiqing had specially prepared something for him, his spirit was imitated. As a result, the mixed body was decomposed. It should be gradually realized in the continuous operation before he finally regained consciousness.
However, the process was shortened several times after the Tongtian Sage entered his understanding of Tao, and when Yin was about to fix the track, Tong Sage called in two Lingbao and followed them, as well as Lingbao refining method. Song Changgeng could feel that this thing was not only beneficial to himself, but also very beneficial, so he automatically absorbed it.
Then I saw that the one-foot-big black-and-white rotating ball suddenly rose and expanded to more than ten feet in a blink of an eye. A purple ball of light appeared in the room. A purple hammer of purple ball floated and sank in yin and became yin and yang, while a blue ball of light and a blue gourd appeared in yang and white.
It became Yang, Yin and Yin. With these two treasures, the trajectory of Yin and Yang became more wonderful and stable after the suppression of Yin. Song consciousness also refined these two treasures according to the method of refining Lingbao by Tongtian saints. As he refined the black and white Tai Chi ball with a diameter of Zhang Xu, it contracted and became smaller and smaller, and the later it contracted faster and faster.
At last, when did it stop and Song Geng’s consciousness recovered? He didn’t move, but after thinking about the past, he couldn’t help but feel scared. If he kept sinking into the road changes, it was estimated that he would melt away. Although he could imitate it and let the mixed body run, it was estimated that it would take a long time to wake up.
I guess I wouldn’t have woken up now if I hadn’t come to help me with the road perception method. Later, I was awakened by two things that I didn’t know, and then I refined two treasures according to the subsequent refining method. When I was successful, I instantly destroyed the road and everything went back to chaos
In this instant, Song Chang experienced a natural extinction and some unconscious influx. At the same time, he also knew that he had experienced a thrilling experience and arrived at many things. He didn’t know who would help him to finish his recollection. He was shocked by a slight induction. First, he didn’t have a body consciousness and mixed body. Hwa-Sung Do got a black and white rotating inch ball
Second, he feels that there are people next to him, but it seems that no one is fluttering like a real illusion. This feeling makes him feel uncomfortable, but he also knows that the other party must be very strong. Just when he doesn’t know it, he listens to a majestic voice, "Xuangong has become you. Go back to the unity of body and spirit."
That sound seems to have an irresistible force. Song Chang-geng immediately flew the Yuan God, who had turned into a bead, to the top of his head as he said, and then went into his head along with Baihui Tianmen. After going in, he could turn the force of the bead into operation, see a black-and-white brilliance spinning and turning bigger and bigger, and then wrapped his body in it, and then everything returned to normal in an instant.
Tongtian sage looked at the "Tai Chi Pearl" and couldn’t help twisting his beard on Song Changgeng’s head and laughing. When he turned his kung fu, he really didn’t turn white. Then he saw Song Changgeng come to stand still and suddenly put on a five-hearted posture, sitting with his fingers like lotus flowers, demonstrating the wonderful spiritual rotation of the mysterious traces.
As he moved his fingers, he saw a stream of clear air from above his head and a stream of dark polluted air gushing from the bottom into the body.
With the continuous influx of turbid qi into the sky, I feel that the turbid qi is constantly rotating and changing in Song Changti, and is in harmony with his own body. Song Changgeng is also immersed in practice. Although he is a little anxious, he doesn’t know who is around him, but he knows that the realm is hard to find if he misses it.
He knows that he is now in a wonderful world, although he has cleared up, but it is time to strike while the iron is hot. The man next to him just helped himself to want to come, and he has no bad feelings. He just decided to put it aside and practice quietly, and according to his own understanding of the avenue, he runs a clear and turbid way, and his two vitality runs in his body in meridians according to different routes.
The clear and turbid gas in the influx body was compressed into a clear, black and two-minute liquid truth element in the meridian operation, and finally flowed into Dantian. With the continuous influx of clear and turbid gas, he felt that the big clear and turbid truth element gathered in Dantian, and the two truth elements each occupied a corner in Dantian, and then a violent outburst occurred.
Two really different things want to assimilate each other, so they regard him as a battlefield fight.
At that time, the "Tai Chi Bead" in Song Chang’s brain moved, and the color light swept through the clear and turbid Yuan Zhen, and immediately became docile and automatically operated and transformed, which soon formed a balance, and the blood God Yuan Bead in his abdomen was also broken down.
Yang returns to Yang, Yin returns to Yin, and each other’s eyes guide the turbid and turbid gases to form a Tai Chi diagram, which moves slowly in the body like a ball. Finally, after several transformations, the turbid and turbid gases are condensed and changed into a special pure yin and yang force, which is attributed to the fact that the sage in the "Tai Chi bead" in his brain is not happy, and Song Changgeng also feels that he has completely integrated the newly condensed "Tai Chi bead" with his body.
After feeling that there was no problem, he immediately closed his eyes and saw the sage who was not far ahead. He quickly became confused and saluted. "I don’t know where friends come from?" How did you get into my light? Just now, I felt that people were helping me, and my breath was similar to that of Taoist friends. Is it Taoist friends? Then I’ll thank you. "
Say that finish deep line a gift and borne saints there strange smile "guy, what did you call me? Daoyou hahaha, no one has dared to call me Daoyou for hundreds of millions of years. This little guy is very interesting, but I don’t know that it’s not a crime. Just now, I was helping you with how I got in. Hehe, it’s simple. Because I’m a saint, what can stop me? "
"Saint? Who’s the senior? Are you the leader of Tongtian? What will help me? " Song Changyi was shocked when he heard that his mind was even more stable. At this moment, his face could not help but change greatly. Although he knew that there were several holy disciples wrestling in his own place because of the celestial gods, he finally decided to give it to Taiqing. He wanted to be a saint and would not pay attention to himself.
But now a saint has come, and when he thinks about it, he knows that this person must be the leader of Tongtian, because he said that Nu Wa and Houdi are both accurate people. Although he is a Buddhist after all, he is dressed in a nondescript way, and then Amitabha is dressed in Buddhism. In Sanqing, the sage is an old man, and Tongtian is middle-aged.
But the original root will ignore that he has borne the sky and seems to have accepted his own meaning. It seems that it is him. As soon as his words are exported, the saint of the sky is stunned and laughs lightly. "You are really clever and immediately thought that I am good. You are trying to detect my master elder brother’s charm and lead me to put the avenue to you. You must not be separated."
Because it takes thousands of years for this true fairy to wake up, and the true fairy is scattered in it. I don’t want you to be able to get rid of this anomaly and improve your strength
Fortunately, at that time, I was the only one who watched you carelessly and disturbed the secret around you after seeing the change, and then secretly sent an avatar to help you. Not only did you not only suppress your "Tongtian Daoji", but also gave you two innate spiritual treasures to suppress Yin and Yang, taught you to refine the innate spiritual treasures and achieved Taiji beads. If it were not for me, it would take you ten thousand years to wake up on your own.
Although at that time you also had a great talent, but after thousands of years, your wife, disciples and friends have long been scattered. What do you mean by being alone? Besides, you are a changed man now, and after tens of thousands of years, you will not be your greatest advantage. After you lose it, you will feel bound hands and feet when you do things, and it is not conducive to my plan, so I will give you a hand. "
After Song Chang-geng’s speech for a long time, he just thought about it and knew that Tongtian said it was true. He suddenly threw his robe and knelt down after three kneeling and nine worships. He said, "Every mortal has a word teacher. Because you helped me get rid of it, it gave me a magic weapon to increase my strength. When you are my teacher, please accept my worship."
Tongtian saw that he reacted so quickly that he couldn’t help but feel comfortable. After he visited the shrine, he pulled himself up and laughed. "It’s easy to talk to Cong. Now that you’re white, I won’t say anything. The so-called master leads the door to practice. After a while, I will give you all the Qing Xian Jing, and you will have to practice on your own."
Say that finish hand stretched out a book appeared in his hand and handed it over. Song Changgeng respectfully took it over. Just a look at it and you will know that it is very profound. After that, you should study it slowly. He respectfully put away the [Qing Xian Jing] and then give him a deep gift. He has already understood things badly and knows that he has received the favor of others.
Just like the important team in the officialdom, it is impossible to reach his position without a team. After buddha magic chose to enter the Tao, he had three clean-ups to choose. If he didn’t choose, it was so powerful that he looked up to the giant. His little power and reality would instantly turn to dust. He decided to learn from the teacher and enter the sage.
[End of Volume 61]
Chapter six hundred and eleven Two Saints Fighting for Acts
Blood in shushan volume sixty-two People wind and rain Chapter six hundred and eleven Two saints fight for acts.
There may be a lot of hesitation and hesitation before, but after the decision, Song Chang should firmly follow his own path. Because everything is his own choice, think about it. Because of his own decision, his younger brother has been involved in intercepting and teaching himself to face the measurable fate. He is deeply ignorant of the law of the jungle at this moment
Seeing that his eyes were calm and calm, the Tongtian sage couldn’t help but feel gratified that he had chosen a good brother. Although he insisted on a kind of statement before, when most of his brothers were captured in the First World War, they defected and became Buddhist middleman. He said that he was not sad or not. He also knew that he didn’t have the treasure to suppress his luck, but there were also reasons why these heterogeneous brothers were uncertain.