The mysterious woman landed, and when her feet landed, the white bone spider monster had completely broken into a pool of bone residue.

Su Li could not help but take a breath of air conditioning when he saw all this.
Who is this mystery woman? It is so powerful that the first reaction is to move the "third eye" to observe her information.
I don’t want him to just peek at this woman, but I haven’t captured the message yet. The other party suddenly seems to have an induction, and suddenly a wave of his left hand.
Call to a terrorist red light directly lift the ground and instantly to Su Li and Xu Xuehui hiding place.
"How strong!" Su Li was frightened and immediately came up with this idea to launch the sacred field and the third talent with Xu Xuehui to retreat.
Rao is so still unable to be completely overturned by the fiery red light, giving a loud bang, and the sacred field was instantly shattered. He and Xu Xuehui were hit hard on the ground.
As soon as the mysterious woman turns her left hand, she is about to tighten her grip on the fiery light, and Su Li and Xu Xuehui will be swept away and killed suddenly.
Su Li felt the crisis of life and death, and was about to enter the state of sacred enemy, ready to take out the stone tools and fight back. I didn’t want this to contain terrorist energy fluctuations, and the red light suddenly converged. The mysterious woman stopped.
A pair of sharp eyes swept Su Li’s eyes with a hint of disdain.
"It’s a shame that you are not weak but so afraid of death to hide here. If everyone is so afraid of death, the Terran would have died long ago!"
A reprimand scolded Su Li with a face of annoyance, followed by a terrible red light that spread in all directions.
After this woman scolded Su Li, she turned into a fiery red light, which was like a comet breaking through the sky and disappearing in a flash.
She’s very busy. There are too many pauses here. Although she despises Suri, she can also reprimand the old Terran. It’s impossible to kill him with her own hands.
Looking at the mysterious woman disappearing at night, the four-level destroyer looked reverent and then turned his head to look at Su Li with a look of disdain and indignation. "Lord Huang is right. You are really a disgrace to the Terran. Although Brother Qian Fan died, he died of our Terran. He died a glorious death and a great death."
The more he said, the more excited he became. He pointed his hand at Su Li. "Look at your reaction just now, which won’t be much weaker than mine, but you secretly hid here and didn’t dare to shoot. It’s ridiculous. Haha, it’s really a shame on my terran. It’s really a death eater!"
"Brother Guo, let’s go and ignore this deserter who is afraid of death." The first-class guardian knight has already rushed over, and there is some anxious look in his eyes. "I just received the message that the third fortress is tight!"
"good!" This is called Guo Ge’s level-4 destroyer. As soon as he changed his look, he denounced Su Li and immediately turned around and gave a big drink. "Brothers, let’s go and support the third fortress to kill all those animals."
As soon as he screamed and jumped up, he immediately swept away to a distance of 100 meters. Those who were re-encircled killed the Skull King.
Su Li was inexplicably scolded by these people, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled white. They misunderstood, and when they changed their minds, they had two thoughts. One was to pretend to be awakened by their scolding, and now they decided not to shrink back and join them to visit the third fortress with them.
The other is to bear with them and act alone with Xu Xuehui, which is more free.
Looking at the reunion of the skeleton monster Su Li in all directions, he chose the second one.
If you follow them, you will be greatly restricted, and the stone tools will not be easy to take out.
Even if you don’t join them, you can secretly follow and see what the third fortress is and what is going on here after you leave the base area.
Although she was scolded by the mysterious woman Huang Sheng’s adult and the four-level destroyer, Su Li didn’t blame them, but she felt a little shaken in her heart.
"It seems that there is a great crisis here. They are fighting to the death. They see me hiding. I’m afraid of death. That’s why I was scolded, but even so, they restrained themselves from giving me a hand …"
Su Li looked at the four men and quickly rushed to the other side of Skull Island. In the dark night, a dazzling light suddenly lit up again, followed by rumbling thunder and explosion.
There must be a fierce and cruel war at the far end of Sulibai. Look at this scale and momentum, it’s completely different from hunting monsters in Shoude City or attacking cities every night.
From these destroyers, he vaguely felt a tragic wave. They all fought with the belief of death.
There are a lot of skeleton kings in all directions, and it’s like they can’t kill them all, so they will reunite soon.
Su Li took Xu Xuehui by the left hand and took the stone tools out again, then rushed towards the place with the most skeleton monsters.
Chapter 73 The third fortress
Suddenly, a bright divine light shot out sideways and swept out toward these skeleton monsters.
In the terrible burst, a skeleton king was shattered and a large number of spiritual sources surged towards his forehead.
Sensing the message in my mind, Su Li suddenly found that the number of spiritual sources harvested by killing these skull kings and skull kings suddenly decreased by dozens of times as he became a first-class destroyer.
Killing a Skull King before the territory was broken can fully harvest five spiritual sources. Now killing one can actually harvest two.
Killing an elite skull king will yield five spiritual sources.
This blow killed less than 70 skull kings, and as a result, two or three hundred spiritual sources were harvested.
Entering the enemy’s state for eleven and a half seconds, Su Li took Xu Xuehui in his left hand and stone tools in his right hand, all the way towards the group of skeleton monsters in front of him.
Every time he swings the stone tools, he can harvest two or three hundred spiritual sources, and soon he has more than a thousand spiritual sources.
When the enemy ended in eleven and a half seconds, Su Li had killed the end of this skull island, and the number of spiritual sources reached three.
Put away the stone tools, Su Li took the ruler’s spear again, and the energy on the top of his head surged with the third talent, and the soles of his feet stepped on the sacred field of the underworld circle.
Being in the sacred realm, his fighting power is less and doubled, and now he can easily hit tens of millions of pounds of great power.
And the doubling of combat power is the most basic primary luck in the sacred field
Killed at the end of Skull Island, and from time to time there was a boom and explosion in the distance.
Su Li saw a dazzling white light rising like a flare in the dark night in the distance.
This is a special signal crystal.
Then at the end of the dark day on the other side, Su Li saw a huge ship, which looked like a floating warship from a distance. It was hidden too far away in the dark and was not noticed by him.
Until now, the warship at the end of the hidden darkness lit up with a thick light beam bigger than white, which exploded the place where the signal crystal was emitted.
The earth-shattering explosion is far away.

"Oh, my name is Xu … Ahem, my name is Ning Caichen …"

"Hey, what a good name! It sounds very windy!"
"Don’t you think so, Pu Songling!"
Chapter My senior sister is not a person.
On the first day of coming to Shushan, Xu Zhihu found that he had more strange experiences than all the past decades combined!
First, I passed the quiz inexplicably, then I was taken hostage inexplicably, and finally I demolished an entire fairy palace by myself inexplicably … Er, wait a minute, it’s not really my own hands, is it?
Okay, but anyway, the result is satisfactory, isn’t it?
At this moment, he has successfully joined the shushan ship school, and he is also riding the cloud elder sister’s golden light ship to 36 inverted peaks, 1,000 ship peaks, and live with elder sister …
Speaking of this elder martial sister named Yun Fan Yun, although she was quite a cold goddess when she first met, she soon revealed her love for hexagrams after chatting … Let’s just say that she just flew in a building boat for half an hour and asked dozens of questions in one breath, all of which have reached the level of "Do you like listening to music or eating when you are lovelorn?"!
Don’t be like this, okay? Xu Zhihu was asked profusely, but she couldn’t help but feel a little strange. Sister Yun, you are the kind of enthusiastic sister next door. Why did you pretend to be very cold before the divination party?
"Well, I don’t want to." Speaking of this, Yun Fan also sighed with emotion. "But the elders said that we in Shushan represent Tian Haoran’s right path to make those evil spirits afraid when they see us. Therefore, considering the overall image of Zongmen, every brother should pay attention to his appearance and be unsmiling when he is foreign."
So she had a meal to make sure that no one around was eavesdropping and then leaned in mysteriously. "Actually, when you are in Shushan, it is completely different from the outside. For example, Brother Jin just now, did you know that his favorite doll collection is full of a whole room …"
Er, true or false, Xu Zhihu couldn’t help looking up and imagining a scene where the stubborn old-fashioned gold brother was holding a pile of dolls, and suddenly he felt awe.
Well, regardless of whether it’s true or not, at this time, Yun Fan finally arrived at the destination of this trip after controlling the golden light ship to bypass a towering cliff, that is, Sister Yun lived in Thousand Ships Peak-
The dim moonlight, a quiet suspended silvery white cloud in the inverted peak on the periphery of Shushan Mountain, can vaguely see a vast expanse outside the Thousand Ships Peak, where several white cranes spread their wings and fly and spin leisurely …
"Wait a minute, didn’t you say thousand ship peaks?" Xu Zhihu was slightly startled when he looked from a distance. "What about the thousand fairy ships?"
"Well, it hasn’t been delivered yet." Yun Fan lifted her swan-like slender jade neck and looked at the vast original ourtenant expression in front of the mountain peak. "The fact is that only on the 15th of each month will a large number of fairy ships with failed refining be sent here and then destroyed."
"Huh?" Xu Zhihu really didn’t expect this result. "The Thousand Ships Peak is recycling abandoned fairy ships … Well, it’s such a domineering name!"
Talking with the two people, the golden light ship has successfully reached the Thousand Ship Peak and slowly turned to a towering cliff. Sister Yun controlled the ship to dock and pointed to the golden light circle on the cliff. "This is where I live. You will sleep with me tonight!"
Sleep together?
Xu Zhihu’s foot stumbled and almost fell off the ship’s rail. Wait a minute. Sister Yun just meant to let me go with her …
Stunned, I almost doubt that I heard him wrong. He couldn’t help but turn his head and look at a goose yellow dress dancing in the wind beside him. Sister Yun Fan Yun-
Pale red sunset afterglow, the graceful beauty of the royal elder sister is slightly raising her swan-like slender jade neck and casually looking at the distance. Her cheeks are slightly flushed, her earlobes are crystal clear like white jade, and her posture is even more graceful and tall. Although her posture is slightly different from that of Chichi, she is undeniably a first-class and beautiful beauty!
"Uh-huh?" Xu Zhihu suddenly a little heart disorderly jump.
Well, when a moral integrity is full of young people, it should be strictly refused, right? But then again, considering Sister Yun’s initiative to ask for respect for women’s etiquette …
Well, before he made a decision on the battle between heaven and man here, Yun Fan saw the golden light circle shining with a flick of his sleeve over there. The cliff roared and vibrated and slowly split from it to reveal a big dock that hides the mountain … er, wait a minute. Dock?
Yes, it’s a dock!
The huge dock in the Tibetan mountain covers an area of several thousand feet, but it just seems very messy. The roots of the surrounding rock walls are not modified. In the end, shipbuilding materials and repair tools, such as wood canvas nails, are piled up at will, which makes people unable to root. The square table full of drawings is barely furniture.
No, don’t tell me that we live here?
Xu Zhihu was dumbfounded. Wait a minute. What about the sweet boudoir? What about the soft big bed? What about the bath? Hey, hey, there is no bath. Wait a minute. How is Sister Yun going to step on the bathrobe? How did she accidentally fall into my arms? How did she accidentally touch her lips?
"Yes, we slept here late." Yun Fan casually clapped her hands and took the lead in jumping off a building and walked into the dock. "Because no one has lived here before, I’m not ready to give people food. There is … scratch! Hey! "
"What is it?" Xu Zhihu is at a loss. Hearing this strange sound, he turned his head and suddenly was shocked!
Stunned, as far as he was amazed, Yun Fan actually rolled up his sleeves and picked up a piece of rosewood board in the corner, followed by a crisp crack, biting a small piece and chewing it with relish …
In a blink of an eye, she actually ate a whole piece of wood, thought about it, rubbed her belly, picked up the white canvas next to her and tore a large piece from the surface, enjoying it and stuffed it into her mouth to continue tasting.
What happened? What the fuck is this?
Xu Zhihu was completely shocked by this pica, so he looked at the beautiful teacher elder sister with wide eyes and ate the whole canvas. "Wait a minute, you actually ate boards and canvas?"
"Yes, what’s the problem?" Yun Fan, of course, with a wink and a barrel, grabbed a handful of nails from the inside and stuffed them into his mouth like food. "I’ll explain to you later … click … my nails are broken … click … eat some nails first … click … repair them …"
Eat nails? Can you still eat nails?
Xu Zhihu gaped at her sudden reaction and suddenly stepped back in disbelief. "Wait a minute, teacher elder sister, what are you?"
Come on, come on, Yun Fan put the barrel contentedly and casually pointed out, "Yes, I’m not a person, I’m … that!"
Which one? Follow her to Xu Zhihu very language turned his head and immediately entered the petrochemical state.
Can it be that the golden ship is moored outside the dock? At this moment, as Yun Fan eats those wooden canvases and nails the ship, the original damages are magically healed automatically …
Stunned, Xu Zhihu looked at the golden boat and then at the graceful Yun Fan, then at the graceful Yun Fan, and continued to watch … Stop watching!
Braised in soy sauce, steamed. Is it true that you are a teacher elder sister?
That’s right. In his shocked eyes, Yun Fan bit a small piece of wood and stood up seriously. "Teacher younger brother, as you can see, I’m not a person. I’m … this ship!"
After three minutes and one second, Xu Zhihu directly turned into a humanoid fountain. Holy shit, who can tell me what’s going on?
"Calm down" Yun Fan kindly handed a small piece of canvas. "Come and eat a piece of canvas. It’s not right. I forgot that you don’t eat canvas … Well, to be honest, it’s very simple. Our Shushan ship sent refining fairy ships often have self-awareness, just like your pen."
"Er, you mean that all our fairy ships refined in Shushan are spirit vessels?" Xu Zhihu is still unbelievable.
"Yes, although most of them can be called pseudo-magic weapons," Yun Fan proudly explained to him, "Let’s put it this way, what can we be respected as the leader of the right path in shushan? Besides our dedication to eliminating evil and promoting good, it is also largely because we have the unique skill of refining ships that can make the refined fairy ships be magic weapons from the beginning of their birth …"
"Say?" Xu Zhihu stood in awe.
"I’m a fairy ship with a spirit level." Yun Fan cheerfully pointed to himself by the golden light ship. "A fairy ship with a spirit level will produce a spirit like me. Well, according to the name of Shushan, our spirit is usually called … well, the ship spirit!"
"poof!" Haven’t say that finish Xu Zhihu spray again "ship? Ship? Ship mother? "
"It’s not a ship mother, it’s a ship spirit!" Yun Fan seriously corrected it, but after thinking about it, he tilted his head slightly. "Well, then again, the ship’s mother sounds much cuter than the ship’s spirit. Should I find an opportunity to talk to Zhang Jiao and then everyone will call her the ship’s mother … Yi, your face seems to twitch?"
It’s okay. Leave me alone and let me smoke for a while!
Xu Zhihu’s eyes filled with tears. Looking up to heaven, it’s already a big surprise for Nima’s family to turn the Shushan Sword Sect into the Shushan Ship Sect. I didn’t expect that there would be a serial surprise package behind it. Is this to let me play the rhythm of a real-life ship girl?
No wonder I have a strange familiarity when I hear the Shushan Ship School. No wonder Brother Jin’s face was weird when they heard that I was going to live with Sister Yun. No wonder Sister Yun is so at ease to sleep with me. Think about it, too. What can our family do with a boat even if we are crazy again?