When Luo Bai spoke, his body suddenly turned into a blood fog and descended on Xu Ren.

Xu Ren was naturally happy to see that Luo Bai actually took the initiative to melt the fog, so he didn’t resist it and surrounded himself by the blood fog.
For a moment, Xu Ren offered the Xuan Gui Ding. He wanted the Xuan Gui Ding to lock the blood ShaQi and then slowly let the spirit-eating worms absorb it.
But Xu Ren’s intention was good, but things didn’t go as he expected.
When Xu Ren sent the Xuan Gui Ding out, Luo Bai’s incarnation blood Shaqi suddenly contracted and then expanded rapidly, which directly blew itself up.
A loud noise was earth-shattering
Xu Renshen’s explosion was the worst in the center, and his body was raw and the situation was very miserable.
However, even though Xu Ren’s situation was very miserable, there was no cause of death. At the last moment, he moved a "black hole" and most of the power generated by the explosion of the flying sword was swallowed up by the "black hole" of the flying sword.
Of course, even so, Xu Ren was badly injured and almost passed out directly.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Sword repair
Xu Ren is not in a good state now. He is in such a mess this time because his opponent’s strength is really too strong. Secondly, it is because he is too confident to capsize in the gutter.
However, although Xu Ren was in a bad state, he managed to support the evacuation to a relatively safe place.
When Xiaoer saw that her brother was seriously injured, she was also anxious and tried her best to launch a fierce attack on her opponent.
As soon as the little boy stormed his opponent, he couldn’t stand it. This guy gave off a strong fluctuation, and at the same time, his mouth gave out a low drink, "Monty changed from nine to one."
Xiao Nan ‘er, the opponent, is also unusual, but he is the second most difficult monk outside the blood evil temple among the six magic sects.
Monty Sect practices Monty Skill, which has a strong increase in strength. The secret method Monty Nine changes are powerful and can make people’s combat effectiveness rise to a new height in an instant.
At the beginning of the monty Sect, the monk’s momentum suddenly changed, as if the whole person had risen a few minutes.
Little darling was in a hurry, but now she can’t control which of the six magic sects the other party is. If you want to stop her, she will do everything right.
Swish swish swish-
Xiao Xiaoer waved his nirvana fairy sword to the extreme, and a series of powerful purple swords flew overwhelmingly towards the monk who was in the early days of the Monty Sect.
If the general monty was attacked by a little boy in the early days of the Jin Dan realm, he would have lost, but his opponent was different. Although he was also in the early days of the Jin Dan realm, his strength was very strong, especially when Monty Nine became the first. After the change, his strength was far superior to that of the peak monk in the Jin Dan realm. Although he had no advantage, he did not fall into the wind. No one could win when the little boy was deadlocked.
Little darling’s face is gloomy. She is really worried now. I don’t know what will happen to her brother Xu Ren after such a delay. She is really worried.
When Xiao Nan was struggling, Xiao Yaobao took the lead in solving his opponent.
The strength of Xiao Yaobao’s opponent is not as good as that of Xiao Xiaoer’s. The opponent’s battle on his side has been quite easy, but he didn’t expect that Xu Ren would capsize in the gutter and be injured by the blood-turned-magic blood evil temple, and the friar’s explosive blood in the middle of the then state.
At this time, the little demon leopard was in a hurry and immediately stepped up the offensive against his opponent.
The little demon leopard can still support his opponent, but Mo Lin can’t hold on immediately after he is serious.
Of course, this guy also has his own means. He is a Godsworn, and his strength has also increased a lot after he moved the bone magic skill. It’s a pity that even so, his little demon leopard storm didn’t last long, and finally he was directly beheaded by the little demon leopard and didn’t even have a chance to blow himself up.
Small demon leopard ink scale nature also didn’t let go of this bone cases then friar then immediately shun this guy then.
Shun went away, and the ink scales were not idle, so they jumped directly at the little boy’s opponent.
Mo Lin didn’t go to see Shen Tengyun because when he got rid of his opponent, Shen Tengyun also solved his opponent and flew away to Xu Ren first.
This also surprised the little demon leopard Molin. He didn’t expect that Shen Tengyun’s strength would grow so fast after he got Qing Di.
Now that Shen Tengyun is not what he used to be, the demon leopard ink scale is not worried about Xu Ren, so he came to help him fight hard.
On the fighting capacity, the little demon leopard Molin is stronger than the little boy. As soon as his little boy joined hands with the godsworn in the early stage of the Golden State, he couldn’t hold on. Even though he is different from the Godsworn in the Golden State, he can face the little boy and the little demon leopard Molin at the same time, and he will end up eating and drinking.
Solved the problem that after the bone-turning Sect of the Godsworn, whether it was a little boy or a little demon leopard Molin didn’t continue to find another Godsworn, but directly flashed his body to Xu Ren’s side.
"Brother, how are you?"
Small darling son looked at Xu Ren face is full of cut color.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s just an oversight."
Before Xu Ren also self-reviewed, his encounter with the blood evil spirit temple in the middle of the Jin Dan realm was indeed not enough attention, otherwise it would not be so miserable.
However, it is not without benefits for him. His body is already very strong, and it is not easy to go further. However, when he was blown up by the monk in the middle of the blood evil temple, his body appeared again. The disadvantage is that it is to make up the gods’ stones and the mysterious body tactics and play a role in helping him improve his body.

Jin Shiyi spent a stay listening to Gu Hua’s remarks, like a sharp cone, and suddenly burst into tears and said sadly, "Sister Gu, don’t you know my heart? Although we have been together for a long time, I have long regarded you as my only confidant! I am an orphan whose parents don’t know their origins; If you have a father, you have no father! Our life experience is equally poor! Our master has such a deep friendship. I admire you the most, master. You knew I was here. As soon as we met, we seemed to have known each other for a long time. Shouldn’t we be sympathetic but suspicious of each other? I treat Qin Mei as my own sister and treat you well, don’t you know that my heart still wants me to say it for nothing? My heart has already been given to you! To that Shirley girl? I want to repay her with a kindness. When it’s over, I’ve done my best, so it’s irrelevant to go our separate ways! Do you believe me? Well, you still don’t believe me? Ok, I’ll show you my heart! " Abruptly turned the iron and pulled it out of the iron sword and suddenly stabbed it in the chest!

Gu Hua was surprised. Fortunately, she stretched out her hand in front of Jin Shiyi, but she quickly grabbed Jin Shiyi’s wrist and lifted the iron sword. "Don’t try to die like this. What is it?" Jin Shiyi said, "Who told you not to believe me? I’ll show you my heart!" Gu Hua put his iron sword back into its sheath and laughed. I never said I didn’t believe you! Your heart is bloody and you are not afraid of people. What do I want you to do? " Before the words were finished, Jin Shiyi grabbed her hands and said happily, "Sister Gu, you almost made me a confused ghost!" GuHua laughed, "you are such a stubborn ghost and you still deserve it! Well, stop fooling around and I’ll tell you something serious. "
Jin Shiyi said, "Well, I’ll wait for you to get serious." Gu Huadao said, "Your sister Li will come later …" Jin Shiyi interrupted her with a heavy heart. "Let’s say we don’t care if she comes?" GuHua way "no, since you have an appointment with her, how can you ignore her? You know Meng and Meng Shentong are chasing her! It was last night that I was in an inn in Jimo City, and my brother Meng and Meng Shentong also saw me. I escaped desperately, and I don’t know if I was caught by him. Without him, I know he won’t let me go. I’m afraid I’m coming. Do you give me an idea to avoid him? Or see him? I want to hide from him, but how can I save Miss Li from him? " You know, although Gu Hua was annoyed that Li Shengnan lied to her, she was always uneasy when Li Shengnan fell into Meng Shentong’s hands.
Jin Shiyi said, "Well, I’m going to avenge Meng Shentong!" Gu Hua said, "There’s another Buddhist monk with him!" Jin Shiyi thought that this was indeed a difficult problem. Meng Shentong was already difficult to deal with alone. The monk himself was a loser. Listen to Gu Hua’s tone, she really didn’t want to see Meng Shentong, and she was embarrassed to be a helper.
Jin Shiyi is hesitating and suddenly feels that the breeze seems to have hidden weapons attacking behind him. Jin Shiyi thundered with a backhand, "Meng old thief, come out!" It’s strange that he clapped his hands but didn’t smell hidden weapons’s landing. Jin Shiyi suddenly saw a shadow flying out of the forest. Jin Shiyi Iron turned to meet the shadow. In the middle of it, a turn was made. Jin Shiyi Qu Zhun turned and swept away. Just then, he heard "pa". A Jin Shiyi other guy had a record earlier. The other guy was holding what seemed to be a branch, but it was worse than a soft whip. This detention made Jin Shiyi smoke a blood stain and beat him burning!
Jin Shiyi was shocked and angry when the shadow fell in front of him and said, "Jin Shiyi, you little thing!" be exactly; precisely
Heroic lingyun is willing to be humiliated because of the dilemma of love and hate.
Want to know what will happen? And listen to the decomposition

The twentieth time I looked far away, and there was a long way to go in Pengdao.
Jin Shiyi’s turn was about to hit a thunderbolt, which suddenly sounded like a sunny day, making him lose his mind and wait for the iron turn to hang down. It turned out that it was none other than Feng Lin! She hid in the forest, Jin Shiyi talked to Gu Hua, and she heard her anger. Jin Shiyi picked two leaves and hit him first, and then she showed herself ridiculous. Jin Shiyi was still Meng Shentong at first.
Hear Feng Lin continue to scold a way "hum! Hello, Jin Shiyi! Hello! How did my mother and daughter treat you? But you are such a heart breaker. Are you worthy of my daughter? " The more you scold the anger, the bigger the branches shake. It’s another Jin Shiyi’s hand caught off guard and the back of his hand was brushed with a blood stain. Jin Shiyi cried, "Aunt, I am grateful for your kindness to me, but things between men and women are not so simple. I treat Qin Mei as a sister … Will you listen to me?" Words still unfinished Feng Lin is "cha" a big nu scold a way "what else to say? I heard you. I can’t wait to kill you! Nobody wants my daughter? Do you think I have to force you? Hum! I really want to kill you! " Jin Shiyi was ashamed and angry. He lowered his hand and said, "Good aunt, if you don’t trust me, just kill me!"! I’m better off dead! " Gu Hua was embarrassed at this situation and called out, "Do you still recognize me, Aunt?" Feng Lin gave her a look. "I know you. It’s none of your business. It’s Jin Shiyi’s fault. Go! Why do you know that he is a heart breaker now? Do you still want to plead for him? " Gu Hua touched such an unreasonable elder and was filled with grievances. He cried and hid his face and ran away.
Feng Lin hit Jin Shiyi’s hands, feet and face with blood stains for more than a dozen times in a row. Jin Shiyi endured the pain and snorted. "You’d better save me a lot of troubles by killing me!" However, Feng Lin’s anger gradually subsided for a while and suddenly sighed, "Good bad karma daughter, I didn’t kill you!" Gave Jin Shiyi a hard look at the broken branches, turned around and left without looking back.
Jin Shiyi’s feet are sore, his whole body aches, and his heart aches are much worse. Feng Lin has gone, and Gu Hua has gone, leaving him stupefied before the Qing Palace.
After Li Qinmei broke up with Chen Tianyu, she also hurried to Laoshan. Chen Tianyu used to ride this horse when she was in Tibet. Chen Tianyu loved this horse most, but in order to get Li Qinmei to Laoshan as soon as possible, he gave it to her without stint. Although Li Qinmei was cheated by Li Shengnan, she missed her journey by five or six days, but she was still able to arrive at Laoshan on the same day with Gu Hua Li Shengnan. Li Qinmei was very excited to take care of the owner of the inn and climbed the mountain early in the morning. When her mother beat Jin Shiyi, she was also expected to reach the mountain.
At this moment, I suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind. Li Qinmei was a Taoist priest in the mountains at first, but she didn’t care. Suddenly, it seemed that these people were walking very fast. It didn’t seem to be ordinary people’s minds. Then she heard an old voice saying, "The Taoist temple in front of me is the Qing Palace. Alas, it seems that someone is quarreling. I wonder if it is Jin Shiyi?"
Li Qinmei’s surprise is quite serious. This is exactly the sound of Meng Shentong, and then the monk said, "Okay, let’s get there quickly and don’t let Jin Shiyi run away." The monk remembered Mangshan’s revenge. Of course, there are other reasons for him to come with Meng Shentong this time, but the most important thing is to rely on Meng Shentong to avenge Jin Shiyi. His skill is less than Meng Shentong’s. He can’t hear Feng Lin’s scolding Jin Shiyi. Meng Shentong heard it, but he couldn’t recognize it because it was too far away.
At this moment, Meng Shentong and the monk’s voice were closer. Many Li Qinmei was scared out of her wits and ran for her life. It would be better if she hid. Meng Shentong and others might not notice her when they were rushing to the mountain. Her running alarmed Ji Xiaofeng and shouted, "There is someone in front of Master!" Meng Shentong chased the ravine and saw Li Qinmei’s back happily laughing. "So you can’t run!" He just bumped into Feng Lin a few days ago, and now he meets Li Qinmei, for fear that their mother and daughter will meet, Li Qinmei will expose what he has done, and he will kill Li Qinmei.
After Feng Lin beat Jin Shiyi, she was both angry and sad. She walked around the corner of the ravine and suddenly saw Li Qinmei running, surprised and happy, and hurriedly called out, "Qiner!" Li Qinmei threw herself into her mother’s arms, panting for a moment and unable to speak.
Feng Lin suddenly interrupted with a sigh and said, "Qin son go home! There’s no need to clear the palace, "Li Qinmei wondered." How does mom know I’m a clear palace? " But the pursuer, that is, she has been asking questions for a long time and called out, "Mom, someone is chasing me!" Feng Lin was furious. "Who dares to bully my daughter so much?" See Meng Shentong leading the way, followed by his brother Ji Xiaofeng and the monk who destroyed the law.
Li Qinmei pointed to Meng Shentong. "Mom is him! He is so bad that he bullies Sister Gu Hua! " Feng Lindao "good you wait here for mom to kill him to give you vent! Qin son, don’t go if you want to listen to your mother. "
Meng Shentong suddenly found that Feng Lin’s heart was still untouched. Feng Lin was already in a flash. Without saying anything, he raised the branches in his hand and hit her. It turned out that Meng Shentong, a subtle killer in Tianshan swordsmanship, thought that he was indestructible, and his body flashed a little slowly. He listened and brushed his shoulders first.
This is ten times worse than when she hit Jin Shiyi just now, but seeing Meng Shentong’s broken shoulders reveal a blood stain, Rao has practiced to be nearly indestructible, and he has also beaten Feng Lin with burning pain! Meng Shentong was furious, his hands pushed and shouted, and Feng Lin was shocked to fly half!
Li Qinmei exclaimed that Feng Lin turned over and shouted, "Qin Er, don’t be afraid of seeing your mother hit him again!" Feng Lin has practiced cat and eagle attack skills with Saxo’s double demons since she was a child. Her posture is strange and contemporary! But seeing her bend and stretch, using the branch as a sword to make the brush is another stroke of "meteor from outer space", and Meng Shentong chopped Feng Lin’s body and half branches with one hand, and the quiver was more flexible than the flat ground. He heard "before" and pierced a hole in Meng Shentong’s skirt. Fortunately, this time, Meng Shentong was more prepared and closed the acupuncture points without stabbing her.
Because Feng Lin’s posture is too fast and Meng Shentong’s Shura Yin Skill has reached the seventh level, it still takes a moment to exercise the Shura Yin Skill at will. At this time, it will not be a slight loss. After two moves, Meng Shentong has prepared for the exercise, and the true qi is covered with Feng Lin’s heel. The third move is waiting to be stabbed. Meng Shentong drinks a pair of hands, and the power of Shura Yin Skill is effective. Feng Lin feels cold all over and is almost caught in the whirlpool by his palm. Fortunately, her flying stunt day Shuang Yi feels bad and her figure is slightly swaying, so she avoids Meng Shentong’s palm.
This time, it was a head-on confrontation, which was very different from the encounter in the second inn. Both sides exerted their strength. Meng Shentong’s palm was as tight as a palm, and Xu Fiona Fang stirred up a cold air stream. Although Feng Lin was brave and brave, she dared not bully herself into it. She was both good and evil, and she was a Tibetan red coach to protect her heart. The "tree sword" in the hand is the bizarre sword trick of the white-haired witch; However, the flying skill and longitudinal skill are all kinds of wonderful kung fu, and Meng Shentong has shipped it to the seventh heavy shura, but she is just as good as a draw.
At the sight of Meng Shentong’s steadiness, the monk lost a few minutes of timidity, but he still didn’t dare to attack Feng Lin immediately, but he wanted to bully Li Qinmei, who knew that Feng Lin’s eyes were all around. When he saw his figure leaping, he knew that his heart sneered at him and immediately went behind him.
With a wave of his mord, the Buddhist monk’s Zen stick whistled Feng Linshu’s sword, and he jumped up at the head of his staff, which just avoided Meng Shentong’s pushing a palm from behind, but he heard "bang". The original Buddhist monk’s stick could not hit the enemy, but he gave Meng Shentong a palm force to shake the Buddhist monk out, and he couldn’t stop hitting a big stone beside him and smashed it to pieces!
Meng Shentong shouted, "Are you afraid of getting away with it when you clean up the old man?" You know, although Meng Shentong is evil, she is a martial arts master. I think it is not a glorious thing to bully her daughter in front of Feng Lin. It is a greeting that secretly contains blame and extermination, and monks should not bully the weak and fear the strong.
Destroy the law and still smile and say, "Yes, let’s kill this witch together!" He tried Feng Lin once, and he knew that unless Meng Shentong joined forces to get rid of Feng Lin first, he would never bully his daughter.
Meng Shentong added the method of extermination, and the monks soon turned around and took over the wind, but Feng Lin’s various strange kungfu emerged one after another, and it was not easy for them to defeat Feng Lin.
Jin Shiyi was beaten by Feng Lin, and he couldn’t say how sad he was. He thought, "Everyone is really in trouble." The new moon climbed the branches and the evening breeze blew, which made him feel a chill. He was waiting for a Taoist priest to walk out of the mountain view alone. "All the troubles are made by heart, so forgetful?" Jin Shiyi abrupt longitudinal laugh "cow nose, smelly Taoist priest, you’re right. Worry is done by the heart, such as being too forgetful! But I don’t want to be a Taoist with you. Well, I’m still clean! " The Taoist priest grabbed him and laughed. "Is it possible to get away from trouble?" Come on, let me ask you if that woman just now is Feng Lin from Tianshan Mountain? " Jin Shiyi said, "Good. Do you know her?" The Taoist laughed, "This girl has lived to be a few decades old, and her temper has not changed and she and I will talk about it." Jin Shiyi said, "I don’t care about you." Only to find that the Taoist priest has turned to the mountains more than ten feet away, and this Taoist martial arts was unexpected.
It turns out that this old Taoist priest was well-known in the Jianghu fifty years ago, but his first name "Xuanfeng" and the seven chivalrous men in the south of the Yangtze River are the same generation. He is older than Lv Siniang, and now he is nearly ten years old. Three of the four chivalrous men-Zen master Lang Yue, Liu Xian and Chen Xuanba-have died one after another. He has only received two small Taoist priests as his disciples, and he has lived in seclusion for more than 20 years. Because of his profound work, it seems that he is just an ordinary old man in his 50 s and 60 s who returned from overseas for the first time.
This time, he will go to sea and think that Xuanfeng is a recluse monk, and his whereabouts will not be revealed. Therefore, he went to the Qing Palace to stay and prepare for going to sea. Unexpectedly, Li Shengnan has not yet come to Guhua and Feng Lin, and Taoist Xuanfeng turned out to be a man of great history.
Jin Shiyi couldn’t see Xuanfeng’s back and thought to himself, "Let him go, this old busybody. I have to go anyway." He was disheartened and hoped to avoid these troubles early.
My mind was moving when I saw a black shadow coming to Jin Shiyi. When I looked at it intently, I blurted out, "Hello, Li Shengnan!" LiSheng male giggle "what’s wrong with me? I arrived before the deadline and finally got your heart. "Jin Shiyi snorted." Why did you lie to Li Qinmei? " Jin Shiyi stared at her, but she chuckled. "Jin Shiyi, you have a bad memory. Did you forget to lose the bet to me? You allowed me to joke with you three times and never get angry. Now it’s the second time. There’s another time. You have to be careful in the future! "
Jin Shiyi was so angry that Li Shengnan smiled and said, "Don’t be angry. Who told you to promise me? Are you ready to go out to sea? Shall we leave now or in a couple of days? Meng Shentong and the Buddhist monk are chasing me. If you don’t want any more trouble, you’d better go now! "

"Changchun Dan refined? I’ll try again. "Hua Ci mirror rushed mystery and stretched its claws in the water.

Xuanji handed a newly refined polar vinblastine to the flower mirror to see if it had any effect this time. Seeing that the fox in the water was wet and its hair grew rapidly, the most important thing was that the flower mirror did not lose its hair this time.
"It worked!" Hua Ci mirror was excited and turned back to human form for the first time, which made the mystery suddenly surprised
Hua Ci mirror looked down at himself consciously. His body was still in the water, and there were petals on the surface of the water, which didn’t even show two points.
Mystery awakens flowers and talks about "hair"
"hair? It has grown out, "Hua said in the mirror. He brushed his hair in front of him and found that the hair color was not quite right." Why is it black? "
You know, the hair of the flower mirror used to be silvery white, but now the hair on the top of the flower mirror is impressively black, but it is really strange that the hair on the fox’s body is white
"Why don’t you go and see my young master, Uncle Hua?" Mystery discussion
In the past, I didn’t want to find the old spring because I didn’t have hair. Now I should not have this concern when my hair grows.
It’s the mystery that I didn’t expect it to be before I make a decision.
It’s too late to walk again at this time. Qing Ming simply points to the flower mirror and directly presses it into the water. Anyway, the flower mirror won’t drown, but she is holding the mystery to quickly water.
Mystery can’t be prevented from entering the water. Consciousness embraces Qing Ming. "What are you doing?"
"Yuanyang bath" in front of the young spring
Not old spring came over and saw this scene. Qing Ming was holding a mystery and two people were bathing in his secret land. It was a provocation.
I can see that they have just started and their clothes are still there.
"Mystery, I am very surprised that you can come to my secret land. Adding a green ghost is just frightening." Bulaochun said to Mystery with a smile.
"I …" Mystery family can’t say that there is a flowery mirror besides Qing Ming.
"In fact, Qing Ming, I’m really curious. Can you bring feelings to the mystery without your body?" Said Bu Laochun, who has come to the water’s edge and started to enter the water.
What’s even worse is that vines extend into the water at the foot of the old spring.
Chapter 59 Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine
I don’t know how long in the past, Xuanji heard someone calling him.
Mystery opened his eyes and didn’t respond when he saw the palm of his hand pressing on his abdomen. At the same time, Mystery also sensed something new in his abdomen.
"This is a pattern? How can I have this and it’s different from you? " Mystery doubt way
"Why, do you still want to like the pattern of youth? Do you want to contract with the young couple? "Qing Ming sneers.
How is the flower demon pattern shared with the Taoist couple? Nature is sharing after becoming a Taoist couple.
Mystery: If you want the pattern of youth, you have to be a couple with youth.
"If Xuanji is willing to be with me, I will be very happy." BuLaoChun looked at Xuanji first.
"By the way, do you think your patterns are in full bloom now? I can instill a lot of ebony in you. "The mysterious abdominal pattern appears because of him. With his help, the mysterious pattern can accelerate the blooming."
"I …" Just as the mystery hesitated, the arch seemed to be scratched. The mystery was suddenly surprised when I remembered that the rhetoric mirror was still under the water.
Thought of here, mystery quickly promised to BuLaoChun, "All right, let’s bother you first, but let’s go out of the land first." Said the mystery and made a wink to Qing Ming, and BuLaoChun left first.
The young spring drooped his eyes over the water, and many petals passed by, then he was dragged away anxiously by the mystery without saying a word.
Finally, the flower mirror can emerge from the water and look at Qing Ming. "Aren’t you going after it?"
Even he can see that the mystery can’t leave with Laochun, and it’s just a sheep in the jaws.
"But forget it, because my little girl humiliated me, I will return her favor. I hope I have no intention to do bad things." What if the mystery is reluctant to fight and meet?
It’s almost the mystery of kung fu. I just returned to Bai Yujing with Bulao Chun, and I haven’t stepped into the bedroom, and I’ve officially visited you.
Fortunately, Xuanji and Bulaochun didn’t do anything and didn’t panic too much.
See with black hair wearing a fox mask HuaCi mirror to open the door mystery leng for a moment to react HuaCi mirror but like don’t know the mystery directly to the young spring bluntly let the young spring to help him treat a..
Mystery tugged at Qing Ming and asked, "What’s the matter?" It’s okay for Qing Ming to come over, but the mirror is here.
"He came to show BuLaoChun what the problem is and return your favor by the way. Do you think I have a body?" Green ghost shape seems to inadvertently ask mystery way
Xuanji’s attention was half focused on Hua Ci Jing and Bu Laochun, and he didn’t catch "What?"
"Nothing?" Qing Ming hangs his eyes, even if he has not made up his mind, how can he ask the mystery for an answer?
Let BuLaoChun check his health and see if he can change the color of his hair back. He still prefers his original silver hair.
"Not long ago, you said that hair removal liquid should not grow quickly. Is it because my hair removal liquid is not up to standard?" Not old spring looked at with black hair and flowery words, and said bluntly that there was doubt in his eyes.
At first, the fox mask disappeared casually, looking at the old spring and saying, "It turned out that my things were actually from your hands, and I should have thought of it."
Can hurt the ninth order monk can be another ninth order monk Yuan Qingbai may have strength, but he doesn’t understand the Dan medicine, and he can succeed.
"It turns out that Yuan Qingbai bought hair removal liquid from me in front of you, and I still have some doubts. After all, Yuan Qingbai’s body is covered with scales." Bu Laochun turned a blind eye to Hua Zijing’s anger. After all, he didn’t put hair removal liquid in Hua Zijing’s body
It’s no wonder that Hua Ci Jing will go to the secret realm of the earth’s spirit liquid after taking the hair removal liquid, and he has another new love.
"Since you have hair removal liquid for animals and demons, is there any Dan medicine that can make Yuan Qingbai scales lose light?" Take a deep breath and know that you can’t take it out on the youthful body.
He wants Yuan Qingbai to taste the loss of scales.
"Of course, there is. After all, the dragon scales need to be replaced. I have a Dan medicine that can accelerate the aging of Long Lin."
"Okay, I’ll take it …" Huaci mirror said.

"Bang", the aftermath of the explosion was handed out, and the disorder was like the end of the world.

Three factories embraced each other and planned to kill it while it was sick.
Being hit by a gun when jumping, this factory must have lost its resistance completely. Some factories will be torn apart, preferring to blow themselves up rather than be robbed.
Or take an emergency jump if the core is not completely destroyed.
What we need to do now is to destroy its core as soon as possible and let it escape.
After the three factories surrounded, they did not see the imaginary semi-disabled Cleisthenes factory
Debris scattered around the Cleisthenes factory.
But it’s just fragments
"What the hell?"
"Where did it go?"
"Strange …"
The three factory owners wondered, "What the hell is this?"
Just then they heard a song.
A vine stretched out from the void, and before a factory could react, it caught up with its destroyer.
"Hey!" There was a loud noise, and the huge destroyer was directly folded from the factory.
Break all kinds of cables and support frames, jingle and scatter pieces.
"I was attacked!" The attacked factory owner screamed, and the sub-gun next to the destroyer fired wildly.
The jet flame spit out fierce ammunition, but it went as far as possible.
It didn’t even catch its opponent’s hair.
The three factories scattered all kinds of observation points, and all the observers fired desperately.
But there is a void all around.
The tentacle seems to extend from the virtual and then hide back in the virtual.
The "vegetation" manor is like an invisible assassin. They are masters who are better at dealing with people than factory owners.
Not to mention Daniel has a secret skill that others can match-
That is, it can completely escape into the shadows
This is not even understood by factory owners.
After being ambushed by the invisible enemy, several factory owners were indecisive.
"What the hell is this!"
"Did you see anything?"
"no? You didn’t see it either? "
They have a feeling that they seem to have hit a hot potato.
The three factories consciously formed a defensive formation back to back.
Daniel walked in the shadow of three factories, and suddenly appeared in the gap and whipped the back of a factory.
The shell of the rattan pumping factory suddenly caved in and exploded, except for clouds of sparks.
"Boom!" The factory turned sharply and the main gun exploded.
But it blew up another factory beside it.
"What the hell are you doing!"
"Why did you attack me!"
"You attacked me!"
"Don’t make any noise!"
Faced with this ghostly enemy, they realized that they must have met a hard nut to crack.
The best thing to do at this time is to … run away!
The three factories have been together for many years and have already had a tacit understanding.
Escape in three directions in an instant
"moo!" A shadow in the virtual suddenly pounced on the No.1 factory

What excuse will the police have to stop her from learning if the matter is serious beyond her imagination?

"Anytime. We’ll keep you safe."
In the summer, I didn’t expect the police to answer like this. It seems that it is not too serious to be slightly stunned.
Yes, she hasn’t heard from angelo, and neither Ji Jie nor Xia Teng, which makes her vaguely a little uneasy.
In summer, when they were anxiously waiting for the development, a plane had just taken off at the other end of the city, and the back seat of an ordinary private car outside the airport was full of glistening scraps of paper.
The driver’s seat is a Nordic man who can feel tall at half length. He looks a little old. His blond hair has faded gradually, but his green eyes are still clearer than he looks at the "angry little boy" in the back seat in the rearview mirror. Tong Mai Wang Guoyu said, "Fortunately, it is a copy."
Angelo looked up and his eyes turned pink because of illness, and now they became redder because of anger. He stared at the man unblinkingly, his lips moved, and finally he closed tightly without saying anything.
Neil’s gone. angelo hasn’t seen him.
Angelo has found many identities of neil over the years. This time, as soon as he saw neil make one of them buy a plane ticket, he immediately rushed over at the risk of exposing himself. Unexpectedly, he just got into a taxi and the man pulled up to him and showed him a pocket watch-Neil black rose pocket watch.
Angelo immediately obeys the car, and the driver will take him to neil. Unexpectedly, he directly locked the door and parked the car outside until neil took off by plane.
During this period, the driver gave angelo a piece of information, and it was angelo himself, but he didn’t know when he inherited so much property.
Neil left them to him without his knowledge.
Angelo tore up the information, and he wanted to growl and ask why neil did it. He didn’t mean neil quietly transferred his property, but that it was too risky for him to take an ordinary plane. Someone should check it, and maybe he could be caught before the plane landed.
It’s like putting yourself in the hands of the police.
"Oh, I almost forgot this." The driver observed angelo’s look and saw that he didn’t seem so angry. Then he handed him another document and added, "This one is not copied, but it has not been torn up. The procedure has been completed."
Angelo didn’t want to pick up the information, but he looked up and was very surprised and took it involuntarily.
That’s an admission notice to prove that he has completed the transfer formalities and can report to the school at any time. The name of that school is familiar to him-the middle school affiliated to Dashun University.
Although there is no class written in the face, angelo seems to have guessed that he will be assigned to Class 5, Grade 2 "randomly" when he comes to the school.
Angelo spit out a word in a low voice, which is "what" in Tongmai language. He has not spoken this language for many years. He found that his pronunciation has become a little stiff, although Tongmai Wang Guocai is his real motherland.
The driver started the car and went downtown. He didn’t look back, and a deep voice came steadily.
"That middle school has a school building, but neil thinks you may not like that kind of physical life. Now I will take you around the school to help you buy a suite."
Angelo didn’t speak. He put his hand into the neckline and there was a hidden pocket near his left chest. He pulled out his pocket watch from it-a gold pocket watch also engraved with rosa multiflora patterns.
"Give it to me." angelo reached for the front seat and the driver put the black rose pocket watch in his hand.
Angelo pressed the pocket watch slightly one leng and immediately found that it was smooth and unmarked.
"This is not him!" Angelo instantly arched himself like a little beast about to run away. "Where is he!"
The driver continued to comfort the car and said, "He gave the real pocket watch to the girl for safekeeping."
Angelo hesitated to take out a cellular phone and send Xia Fa a message.
"Do you have neil’s pocket watch?"
Xia finally waited for angelo’s news. Although it was a bit strange, he immediately sent him a message. "Yes, I am here. Where are you?" Are you okay? "
After thinking about it, she added, "Something happened to Tao Yaoyao’s family, but it’s all right now. The police are protecting us."
Tao Yaoyao saw Xia telling angelo this next to Xia and couldn’t help but hold her hand in surprise. "Xia Xia, what if you tell him this in case he never shows up again?"
Summer looked up at TaoYaoYao confused eyes questioned TaoYaoYao eyes and then the bottom of my heart a bright incredible way "Momo you don’t doubt angelo? He he and neil are not a group … "
Tao Yaoyao sighed and shook his head. "I don’t know angelo or neil, and I don’t know them well. I don’t believe them now. Do you still believe them? If angelo is with us, why doesn’t he ask about irrelevant pocket watches instead of’ sword reflecting Qin Dou’ and’ Green digging ears’? "
It’s like angelo didn’t reply to Tao Yaoyao’s words.
Huang Xiaoyi’s situation is very stable. After seeing him for the last time in summer, she sat in her chair and logged on to the afterlife online. Although she was not in contact with angelo for a long time, she felt that the fact would not be as Tao Yaoyao said. angelo might have encountered something to help.
Xia, she has never been a person who depends on others. If there is no angelo, will these things be stopped? She doesn’t want it. Even if she’s the only one left, she’ll play along to the end.
After the maintenance of the Babel, the eternal paradise is officially released. Players can take a specific afforestation method at np Luoxi in exchange for sending stones, or they can buy stones directly at the mall. They can send players to the hidden passage of the Babel, where there are no monsters straight like an abandoned ladder track.
Some players don’t have flying mounts or flying skills. There are many players who are "part-time pilots" here. Xia paid money and was sent to the top floor of Babel.
The statue of angels standing in this gorgeous hall is a real statue, not a moving monster or the np paradise ladder is still there, but its climbing order has been made into a raiders’ strategy, which can be passed with eyes closed.
In summer, walking up the steps and pushing the golden gate, the sea of clouds and the arch are all gone. It is normal to show them in front of her eyes, but the game map changes common flowers and trees into clouds and stars. This is no longer the entrance to the second world, but an eternal paradise that truly belongs to the game.
Before Xia took it out, he bought the "afterlife eye" and entered the words "Sword reflects Qin Dou"
The afterlife eyes flashed and faithfully gave its search result "eternal paradise starlight garden broken starlight path"
Chapter two hundred and ten Don’t let go of death

"According to the current progress, it will take ten years to achieve seven. Isn’t it a generation hope?"

How did Master He achieve it early?
After a pause, the light curtain appeared in my mind.
Name Zhou Jia
Six pulps of Xiufan stage (1146/)
Yuanxing Tianyingxing (trait commanding soldier) and Earthstorm Star (trait violence)
Introduction to Tri-element Orthodoxy (15/3)
Proficient in anti-shield (67/3), skilled in shield attack (42/12), proficient in cloak and axe (23/6), and introductory to Naer’s secret technique (11/2).
"Different achievement methods are difficult to practice." Zhou Jia got up and picked up the shield axe.
"The higher the martial arts level, the more difficult it is to improve the proficiency. From this point, it is also convenient to distinguish which martial arts has greater potential and then choose the achievement method."
Thoughts turned him to push the door and go out.
There will be more and more people fleeing from the Baron, and they will eat when they just need to hoard some food.
You can see several figures far away before you get to the mine.
In the past, Samuel came early today, and was reprimanded by several guards, such as Black Third Class.
"Da …"
Zhou Jia stopped and looked out in the shadow of the jungle. Samuel stopped and his eyes flashed back and forth.
I have become six, although I have insufficient background, but I have a violent card, and I am more proficient in Wushu than before.
So …
A trace of murder crept from my heart.
Touch your hand to the handle of the axe.
He did know something about Samuel from Han Pang.
This woman was transferred from the outer hall, tired of fighting outside, and now she thinks that ichthyosaur will catch a rich man and live a stable life.
If you want to catch a rich man, you have to have money yourself.
She looks and has a good figure, but the front wind is not very good, and the ichthyosaur club has no foundation and is not very popular.
So Samuel turned his attention to the mine
If we can grasp the mine, we will have a foundation and money to hold her hostage. Zhou Jia naturally becomes a thorn in the side.
Zhou Jia is not interested in the mine, but he doesn’t want to be held at will.
"All right!" Samuel waved his hand at several people with a cold face.
"It’s time to say that I told you to be busy when you grow up!"
A few people should be low head back in order.
She skimmed the pie mouth and there was a sudden shout in her ear, and she quickly turned around and stepped towards the road with joy.
Go to Zhou Jia and you won’t find any difference.
Now, with the mastery of Tian Ying Xing, we can see that Samuel’s every move has a unique charm.
Like a smart female leopard.
Every step out of the body muscles are orderly ups and downs, step by step like a ruler, and it is almost exactly the same.
This means that no matter what happens, Samuel can instantly explode, which is a symbol of practicing martial arts to the bone.

Autumn wind enters the crack of the door with a faint smell of blood.

He summoned up the courage to tear down a board again, and walked along the street looking for the source of bloody smell with a guilty conscience. He saw bodies everywhere.
He suddenly covered his nose and mouth and almost vomited.
Where have I seen so many people lying dead on the street? Li Xiuyuan hurried back to Zhai to nail the door plank and couldn’t wait to go out from now on.
Turn the cup upside down and pour yourself a cool tea. Li Xiuyuan hurriedly rushed to the backyard bedroom.
He pushed the door.
Suddenly there was a long sword with wet blood on its neck.
His body collapsed straight, his eyes were full of fear, and he looked at the black man haunted by ghosts and gods.
"Stop it."
The woman who was seriously injured on the bed reached out anxiously.
Her voice still sounds weak, but she has regained some sanity
"Ahem, he saved me." The woman in black covered her chest and looked very painful.
Li Xiuyuan caught a glimpse of the woman.
Very pale, but also let him have a moment amazing.
The sword with heavy blood smell was taken back by the female companion in black, and Li Xiuyuan was finally slightly relieved. Before he had a chance to speak, he fell black at the moment.
The woman in black is unhappy. "You …"
Her companion looked at Li Xiuyuan, who was in a coma, and said, "You can’t get away easily once you are in the game. Going further and further is the right choice to live."
The motorcade drove into the deserted mountains and forests.
This sunshine can’t take care of the place, and the roar of animals is lingering. Manager Zhao really doesn’t want to take one more step.
Feet are already the boundary of ghost valley forest
Although it is the edge, it is also the place where Guigulin’s tentacles extend.
He thinks that he has done his duty to send the girl here safely, and he will risk his life again to provoke the patriarch. Adults are willing to tolerate those evils.
Glancing at the carriage, Qiansun Zhao called the girl and waved to the retinue to retreat quietly.
Reluctantly, the girl looked tearfully at the girl in front of her and said, "Take care."
Driving SEO also jumped out of the carriage in horror.
Everyone’s gone.
Listening to manager Zhao and others getting farther and farther, the girl smiled and looked at Luo Changfeng, who was puzzled.
Luo Changfeng still holds the girl’s skirts tightly, and this dependence is like a child.
The girl said softly, "They are all gone."
Luo Changfeng looked outside the car curtain and said, "They are all gone."
The girl said, "You should go, too. You may die if you stay."
Luo Changfeng shook his head. "I’m not going."
The girl wanted to tell him about the horror here, so she was a little anxious. "Do you know where this is?"
Listen to the animals roar and some timid Luo Changfeng shook his head.
The girl said, "This is the Ghost Valley. There is a free and unfettered villa in the forest, where all the most horrible demons live."
Luo Changfeng tugged at the corner of the girl’s sleeve and begged, "Don’t see the devil."
The girl smiled mournfully. "I don’t want to see it either, but what can I do?"
What can she do?
Everything is fate.
From the moment her orphan was taken to the most prosperous brothel in Jiangling County, her life was doomed.
She suddenly felt wronged when she remembered all kinds of things in the past.
For twenty years, she has been busking, not selling herself, trying to protect perfection, but she didn’t expect to end up in the hands of those demons in the ghost valley forest.
That’s ridiculous …
She looked at Luo Changfeng’s handsome face and looked at his face. She was naive and unconscious, and tears came to her eyes.
She thought that if there was still a chance, she would rather give her beauty to the present, and it would not be cheap for those demons who eat people and don’t spit bones.
Thinking about this ear, I suddenly came to Sen’s cold smile. The girl trembled and hid in Luo Changfeng’s arms.
A burst of black smoke came from the depths of the forest with a gloomy voice, "Come to Guigulin and live your life … I have waited so long, my little beauty."
Chapter 53 Shout your throat and no one will talk to you.
The gloomy black wind lifted the curtain of the carriage with dust
I don’t remember the past. Luo Changfeng knew that the girl blocked her eyes out of consciousness and fear. When the wind stopped, she suddenly saw one more carriage.
The figure of that man is as thin as being sucked dry by a spectre, and his eyes are bulging, his jaws are long and his ugly appearance is frightening.
The mind is like a child. Where can Luo Changfeng withstand such a fright and horror? He was annoyed by a ghostly man and then waved his sleeve and threw it out of the carriage.
Knowing that the girl wants to pull Luo Changfeng and hold her soft, she is so strong that she looks at Luo Changfeng’s black robe and skirts in despair and strokes them away from her hands.
She heard a heavy impact like a fracture.
She knew he must be in pain.

Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, can’t help but worry, but there are so many people here, she will pay attention to a deep identity after all, and Ling Hun is eccentric in temper. He can’t care about those white dragon girls, Cui Wugu, who can’t help but feel sad when she sees her husband. Ling Hun was not like this, although she was a little eccentric in temper, but she also paid attention to etiquette.

But later, because he didn’t help his sister Ling Xuehong fight against enemies, his sister was finally seriously injured and died, and she was reincarnated as a stranger. Yang Jin and Bai Guyi, who was chasing the clouds, lost their fire because of his dead wife, actually wanted to take it out on Ling Hun for a while, and let the short Zhu Mei lead away the protector, the white dragon girl Cui Wugu, and destroyed Ling Hun’s body while he was traveling.
His flesh is well proportioned and handsome, otherwise the beautiful dragon girl Cui Wugu wouldn’t marry him, and she also lost her skill and gave birth to a daughter for him. However, since the body was destroyed, she was arrogant and courteous, and without him, she became ashamed and witty, and even the two dwarfs in Songshan avoided him.
Nowadays, in front of so many friends and younger generations, he pleaded with Song Chang Gung regardless of his face. It’s a shame that he almost didn’t kneel, but Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, also knows that his wife and his son were bullied only when they couldn’t get it, and their daughters couldn’t get revenge when they were killed. Now, with the opportunity, they can learn advanced dharma tactics, of course, they don’t want any face.
At this time, the worried younger brother has finished collecting the magic weapon and tied the knot near Song Chang Gung. Seeing this old cry and howling around the master can’t help but feel funny. The companions are whispering, and even the leading brothers can’t help but feel funny. Look at this side while arranging people to be alert.
Seeing that they have finished collecting the magic weapon, Song Chang-geng also took it back to the outside. Those ordinary brothers who were blocked from the outside to good and evil rushed in, but now there is nothing left. Some people look at them in the river and know that they want to start work, but they can’t beat these people, but they are unwilling to be surrounded by wait for a while.
Several of his disciples felt ashamed when they saw the crowd. They didn’t know why the master was like this. But after all, it’s the master. What do they want to say? It’s really embarrassing to say that it’s my master. All the cats are watching the master’s performance with everyone in the crowd, and I can’t help but despise him.
Seeing that more and more people around you don’t want to delay the old man with withered bamboo here, he took a hesitant look at Song Chang Gung and tentatively asked, "What kind of conditions do you want us to promise you? It’s agreed in advance that if we can do it, we won’t refuse, but if we can’t do it … "
"You can definitely do it. You two have the same three conditions. First, what are your experiences after learning those two? Please record them for me.
Second, you two have learned the Tao for nearly a thousand years. Have you accumulated a lot of magic weapons and flying swords? You two don’t have any apprentices, and I’ve seen too much here. You two don’t have magic weapons and flying swords. Why don’t you send me some? Of course, you have to do what you can, and I don’t insist that you can give as much as you want!
Third, you two are old-timers in the practice world anyway. I have to sell you both good and evil. My brothers are just beginners, so how much care do you have? "Song Chang Gung smiled contentedly like a chicken and fox. He knew that the other party would promise these three conditions so that he would have two levels of labor.
Who is this wild old man? That was an authentic figure in the early years of the Tang Dynasty. In the early years of the Song Dynasty, it was called the six eccentrics of the universe, and it was also a man of the hour. Later, it gradually retired, but experts like Xuanzhen and others knew that these two men were powerful. But now they are honest immediately, which shows that they have gained prestige.
Look at the characters in the Six Monsters of the Universe who are on a par with them, and you will know how powerful their brothers and sisters are. He’s learned a lot about the original [blood nerve] characters, and he knows he’s got it after he’s learned half of [blood nerve] Zheng Yinru badly.
With these two old men coming forward to take care of their younger brothers, there is no danger. So Song Chang-geng doesn’t mind that it’s a rare method to exchange them. Besides, who are these two people? After learning, even Song Chang-geng can’t compare with these three experiences, and all the brothers and sisters in the school will learn these three experiences and make faster progress.
Finally, there is a magic weapon, flying sword. What people’s thousand-year accumulation and Song Changgeng’s own decades of scraping are not the same? Now there are fewer and fewer magic weapons in the door. How can these two old thousand-year accumulation supplements last for a while? This aspect is flint. When Song Changgeng flashed in his mind, he decided what he should do.
"Good conditions are not harsh. I promise you and my school sister promise you that this is my pledge and my school sister’s pledge. You sometimes go to the East Great Barren Mountain. When you get there, we will pick you up. Then you can take away our accumulated experience. Let your brother go to our place with these two tokens once a year."
After the withered bamboo old man was busy and hesitated, he readily promised, and then took out a bamboo card from his waist and a star card engraved on it and handed it to Song Changgeng. At the same time, he handed him the magic weapon just now and said goodbye to several people around him! The imperial sword turned into a golden light and went away.
See dead bamboo old man busy away ling muddy beside the ceiling 1 vigorously said, "I also promised to brother brother, you be good enough, what do you want? Huh? Say a condition? "
Song Chang Gung was about to speak when a woman in the distance shouted excitedly, "Brother, brother, what do you think I got?" Come and see. How about this sword? It’s my hand again. "
Everyone turned to look at the two fierce birds, and there were two people on each side. One of them, a little girl in purple, excitedly held a sword and cried, "It’s Shuangying coming." Song Changgeng smiled at Ling Hun. "Don’t worry about it. We’ll talk about things later. It’s hard to say that the couple here are talkative. Let’s be patient."
After that, he greeted him with arrogance. In the middle of the meeting, he saw someone releasing a magic weapon to attack Shuangying. He waved a few words of gold and purple brilliance with his hands and even flashed those unscrupulous people who didn’t catch the magic weapon and wanted to take the opportunity to take Shuangying away. No matter who the other party was right or evil, he was merciless. Shuangying also saw someone attacking himself. Their faces immediately tightened up.
At this time, a wonderful lady, Xun Lanyin, said to a wonderful real person, Qi Shuming and Xuan Zhen, in a low voice, "Isn’t the purple Ying sword in the hand of the elder brother of Qi robbed by the blood god?" How did it get into her hands? "
See the eyes not far from the blood god Zheng Yinmiao, a real person Qi Shuming whispered, "Let’s talk about it first." English flew up with the Buddha slave black carving and the ancient god dove. Only when Li Yingqiong arrived near the crowd did he have a smiling face and Yu Yingnan talked and laughed at Song Changgeng, and how he cooperated with Yang Jin to defeat the blood god and got this sword. Song Changgeng listened to Shuangying with a smile and said that Yu Yingnan suddenly saw Zheng Yin, the blood god next to him. He couldn’t help but exclaim.
Li Yingqiong also turned to see Zheng Yin, the blood god, and cried, "What brings you here? Didn’t you just get kicked out by Sister Yang? "
The twenty-third volume NingBi against Chapter two hundred and twenty Treasure Assembly
Zheng Yin, the god of blood, looked faintly like a person. He looked at the purple sword in Li Yingqiong’s hand and said, "You defeated me. I want him to contain and confuse you. I don’t want to lose your sight. Since you got this sword, I’ll give it to you. It’s interesting that I took it from Emei Sect and you took it from me."
At this time, a wonderful real person, Qi Shuming, laughed nearby. "This sword is my Emei property. Uncle Zheng once wore Yingqiong when he was in Emei. It’s also my Emei brother. Now it’s returned to its owner. Hehe, today’s treasure has been taken away. Anyway, it’s a grand event. It’s just that I want the government in Emei. Why don’t you just watch the ceremony in Emei?"
"You this person how so? You robbed me of my sword in three or two sentences. Do you want to lose face? What, this sword is your Emei Sect? It was this man named Blood God who took this sword from your wife, and now it’s me when I take it back. Why do you count this sword or you Emei Sect? I’m Emei’s registered brother, but all my things are yours. Can’t I be Emei? "
After listening to Qi Shuming’s words, others haven’t said anything about the little girl Li Yingqiong’s reluctance. She used to fight and bicker with several other teachers and sisters these days, so she stopped Miao Yimen from a tricky point of view. Qi Shuming asked him to admit that he was a registered brother. Everything he got and everything he got was Emei, and the reputation of Emei Sect was ruined.
Although the Emei Sect has been arrogant and overbearing for a long time, if you recognize this sentence, they have never given up building a magnificent and generous image of the right path, and they have lost their consistent demeanor in front of their peers. However, if you don’t recognize this sentence, the purple sword will no longer be the Emei Sect, and it is also worthwhile to lose.
A wonderful real person, Qi Shuming, was choked and speechless for a while. His face became more and more gloomy. A wonderful lady, Xun Lanyin, knew that Shuangying had long since ceased to return to Emei and her husband was trying to save it. She didn’t want to entangle herself in this matter and laughed. "Of course, it’s not how can we do such overbearing things in Emei?" You misunderstood the meaning of palm teaching. "
"It’s not the best. If it is, it will be troublesome. We dare not stay in Emei and leave early. Anyway, we were forced to worship Emei and leave early!" Yu Yingnan sarcastically said that she and Ying Qiong had never liked Emei school people. On the other hand, Song Chang-geng succeeded in cultivating their educational foundation.
"Okay, okay, British men don’t say angry words. Since Mrs. Miao said no, don’t pester others on this issue. How can a sect as big as this watch you break the sword? I will take you to see people’s Emei when they are invited to wait for the government. Forget it. Let’s go back to Kuzhu Temple."
Song Changgeng said conclusively that he has been wooing Shuangying’s education and finally achieved some results. Moreover, this purple sword is also the blood god Zheng Yin deliberately busy to send it to Li Yingqiong. As a result, the sand prodigy asked Li Yingqiong and them to take a message to Song Changgeng, hoping to meet him.
After getting the news at Kuzhu Temple, Song Chang-geng once went alone to meet four people, and then talked happily. Zheng Yin, the god of blood, once asked about the silver cicada reef and [blood nerve] in the East China Sea. His meaning was actually very simple. If Song Chang-geng would tell him [blood nerve], he would promise Song Chang-geng something.
At that time, Song Chang-geng had a new cultivation direction [blood nerve] because of his own cultivation and improvement, which was mutated in the Armageddon, and later combined with several top methods such as Buddhism, Taoism and evil spirits.
Now that he has this thing, he naturally won’t let go. After several verbal representations, the two reached an agreement. Zheng Yin, the blood god, looked for an opportunity to give Li Yingqiong the purple sword in Yuanjiang, and Song Changgeng told him that the other half [blood nerve] was a happy thing. Later, he reached an agreement with the star god and others.
He got Zhu Hong [Hunyuan Yan Sheng Lian Dao Zhen Jing] and [Secret Magic Remnant Chapter] from Simen Mountain in exchange for the Star Magic Code, and at the same time, he got Huang [Western Magic Code] from Baiqin Road flyover in exchange for the Star Magic King to help him control the golden boat, which is why he is so confident that the Golden Pot can’t fly away. After all, the two masters are sitting in the sky, and the other is naturally a sand prodigy. At that time, he also got Zhu Hong from Simen Mountain [Hunyuan Yan Sheng Lian]
After listening to his words, we all know that the treasure collection in Yuanjiang is over, so no one will come to collect the treasure after all the departments have taken it out. Zheng Yin, the blood god, excused himself first, and others left in succession. Qi Shuming, a real person, and other Emei school people also left Yuanjiang in a complicated mood, and their ordinary brothers saw that they could not get cheap, and they all vanished.
After Song Chang Gung and others returned to Kuzhu Temple to count the number of people, although some people were injured, no one died. At last, it was a complete merit. Zi Xuanfeng led 51 male brothers who were worried about their families and Princess Changping led 50 female brothers, and Qin Ziling and Zheng Gu led more than a dozen male and female brothers of Qingcheng School, who had gathered in Kuzhu Temple and wu-tang clan.
Master Yu Qing and Yang Jinye Bin came back together, and the husband and wife also came back with their younger brothers. Everyone else left, but Ling Hun’s husband and wife still lingered on. Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, was lucky to talk to her reincarnation daughter Lin Luhua to relieve boredom, while Ling Hun looked at him like a follower behind Song Changgeng.
We teamed up to decorate the defense ban, and then took out all the magic weapons we received, such as flying swords. Song Chang-geng didn’t take out the most central treasures, but others didn’t hide their secrets. At that time, the square in the front yard of Kuzhu Temple was bright and bright, reflecting all the strange faces.
Everyone knows that there are 132 magic weapons to put golden light on the ends of the earth and 320 advanced magic weapons to put all kinds of brilliance after sending their confidants to count, but it is difficult to divide everyone. Because of the light, there are 112 people. If there are 15 men and women in Qingcheng School and two brothers in B Xiu, there will be 131 people.
Master Yu Qing, Yang Jin, Ye Bin, Zheng Dianxian and her six disciples and three disciples plus seven women from Wudang, a total of 20 people. This is not to mention that there are more than 150 people before and after Ling Hun’s husband and wife, etc. These magic weapons are counted, no matter how many leaders whisper together for a while, others also look at those treasures greedily.
After consultation, it was unanimously agreed that all the people present, except the worried brother, had made efforts, and one of them chose one magic weapon to put the golden brilliance and the remaining magic weapon to the worried door. All the worried brothers present could choose two advanced magic weapons to radiate all kinds of brilliance, so as to make up for them. After all, they have always been blocked.
In this operation, not only the amount of work is the largest, but also the number of injured people is more than the remaining 100 advanced magic weapons, which are divided up by Song Changgeng, Zheng Dianxian, Yi Xiu and other masters who have contributed the most this time.
Song Chang-geng got all these advanced magic weapons from them, so that all the advanced magic weapons fell into the hands of Youmen, and he also conveyed 50 or 60 pieces of extremely magic weapons and Song Chang-geng concealed more than a dozen treasures. It was at this time that the advantages of Youmen were reflected.

This means that the rhythm of the field has been grasped in vain by the dreamer team!

"This command …"
Several well-known commanders who watched the battle could not help but frown at this time.
What they see from their eyes is not the wonderful performance of the dreamer team, but the dreamer team commander’s control over the whole battle layout and the whole rhythm.
Show weakness
Include that subsequent provocation to the CC52 team.
Not only do you master the opponent’s style of play by heart, but more importantly, the command of the dreamer team also fully transported the arrogance and weakness of CC52 team to anger the opponent, and predicted that it was born in the cracks and successfully reversed the whole battle.
This ability …
Let all the players who watch this live broadcast know a little bit about the command feel scared.
This kind of strength should not even reach the four kings, right?
Are the dreamer team leaders those people?
Dare to guess that many dream friends flashed through their minds, but soon they just shook their heads.
I don’t think those senior departments have already withdrawn from the stage of fantasy westward journey, and even if they want to return, they can’t come back and bully people with such a trumpet. Besides, even if they want a trumpet, they won’t be so hard-wired. How can such a simple, small-light, big-light team deserve the status of their predecessors?
And this time field
In a weak situation, Fang Xiang can make a successful comeback, not to mention holding such a big advantage in his hand. As Fang Xiang said, from his current channel, he said that after solving the CC52 team in five rounds, in the sixth round, the CC52 team was almost out of the game, but the base was almost the same.
The two outputs pulled up by BB can’t stand the dream team’s offensive, and your ex-boyfriend and Zhang Yang can kill a square inch mountain at the moment, which is more than enough for the CC52 team. daughter village didn’t say much about the previous bloody state, which was directly attacked by the dream team by two sumeru.
The seventh round of the game
The CC52 team has one hell left.
On the other hand, the five failed dreamers proudly stood in front of the top five summoners, which gave people the feeling of naked ridicule.
A wild road that CC52 team said ran out of nowhere was their "wild road" team, which simply kept the battle in double digits and ended the round.
At this time, even if the CC52 team has turned upside down, it will not be a day.
"The battle is over."
"We lost."
Until now, the captain of CC52 team still couldn’t believe what he saw with his eyes.
They dominated the first four rounds of the game, and judging from the situation, they didn’t have any temper at all when the dreamer team was pressed by them, but all this changed completely in the fifth round.
The sudden outbreak of the dreamer team caught the CC52 team off guard.
"Although we played very conservatively, we were a little impatient after the words from the dreamer F."
"Although losing some losses, losing is losing."
CC52 team leader said with a wry smile.
"Boss, don’t put too much pressure on you. After all, the previous chivalrous team was defeated by them in less than ten rounds. This dreamer team really has some real strength."
"Their command is really strong. It’s no use hanging me when it comes to command strength."
CC52 team commander sighed to comfort the former way
"Then I can fight with this dreamer team. I guess there is also a Carry team?"
Chapter ninety Luck
"Carry found the last of the four great kings in the fantasy westward journey command, and the command of the dreamer team doesn’t know if it’s an egg rival. After all, even if it ranks fourth among the four great kings, it still can’t hide his identity as the four great kings."
At the end of the battle, the captain of CC52 team was worried by the dreamer team. It seems that the dreamer team can get rid of them as a "wild road", which has fully proved the strength of the dreamer team, and a team with strength deserves everyone’s respect.
"It’s hard to say."
CC52 team all shook his head.
"We and the dreamer team hardware gap may be able to command to make up for it, but Carry there …"
Speaking of which, the commander of CC52 team said
"I heard that Carry bought new hardware before the Elite Cup. This time, they didn’t come for the Elite Cup, but for the Jingwu Tianshen League. However, the champion of the Elite Cup can walk directly to the semi-final of the Jingwu Tianshen League. It may be because he didn’t want to expose their new hardware too early that he discussed with his million-strong team to participate in this Elite Cup."
"If this news is true, the dreamer team will probably be miserable."
"Before the acquisition of new hardware, the hardware of the Carry team was already a few times different from that of the SK team. It can be said that all the top teams in the elite world can be called overlords. Now this time, new hardware has been introduced. It is estimated that this time, the Carry team is likely to go to the SK team, and the dreamer team’s chances of winning are almost equal."
no better than
So the slightest merciful words come out from the commander’s mouth of CC52 team, and everyone in CC52 team can’t help but nod his head.
It is true that the Carry team is at its peak since its establishment. At this time, even if they meet the SK team, they all have a fighting capacity, let alone just a dreamer team. Although they come to participate in the Elite Cup this time, they also want to compete with the Carry team, but strictly speaking, they want to see how big the gap between them and the Carry team is.
Everyone looks forward and keeps moving forward.
But some people are walking while others are running!
Obviously, the Carry team is a running team!
"But if you can’t fight, is there any chance of leveling?"
The captain of CC52 team suddenly added at this time.
I don’t know why he suddenly wants to see the expression when the Carry team meets the dreamer team, the "wild road" team in their eyes!
"It’s not easy to say it, but it shouldn’t be easy."
"But if it’s a tie, it depends on the two teams getting points in the elite cup. According to the current situation, it’s the Carry team or the dreamer team who is two points behind them."
"It’s only two points. You can catch up soon."
CC52 team captain pondered over one and then said to the team.
"I really think we can secretly help a team of dreamers."
"Boss, what do you mean?"
The CC52 team was not stupid, and soon understood what the former meant.
"Be subtle and don’t let the Carry team know."
"I hope the dreamer team won’t let us help in vain."
Looking straight at the brain screen, it seems that light can see the other side through the brain screen, just like the scene over there.
The other side of the brain
Fang wants to watch the end of the battle and quietly wipe the sweat on his forehead.
Be reasonable. Just now, the Gank with CC52 team was definitely the most dangerous Gank in more than a year. If it wasn’t for the other party’s anger and urgency, what would have happened?
But speaking of it, their dreamer team is unlucky enough.
The top three teams in the Elite Cup, except Team Carry, have two teams left. Although they have won, including the battle with the former chivalrous team, it is very dangerous to win. If the CC52 team is more cautious, the result will be completely different. If the chivalrous team did not despise the dreamer team from the beginning, it is hard to say whether there is a dreamer team in the Elite Cup now.
But although luck makes it, luck is also a kind of strength.
Moreover, we can’t all be lucky to explain those. If Fang wants to have some strength, can he do it? Can the dreamer team go this far? His team can also try it with their so-called luck.
After playing CC52 team, you shouldn’t meet a strong team for a short time. According to the current points, the battle with Team Carry should be held in the semi-final or the final.
At present, the difference between the dreamer team and the Carry team is still 2 points. When the dreamer team ended the battle with the CC52 team, the Carry team just ended a battle.
"There will be a long period of relaxation, but everyone should be serious because we don’t have a few days. This time, the top 32 is 32 into 16 and then 16 into it, so we have only two days left."
"The semi-final points will be closed in two days."
"We must hurry if we want to tie the score and beat the Carry team."
Fang wants to say to the dreamer team and all.
Naturally, everyone should also say yes.

Bewitched eyes are also unusually emotional. She shouted, "Dead pervert! Kill that human residue! "

Just as the dark spots were about to spread all over the ogre’s body, suddenly a body was pierced and the sound echoed in the enclosure, and blood flowed along the black armor to the ground to form a pool of blood.
A meat and bone knife broke through the ground and directly penetrated Li Xiangkang’s body.
"Jie Jie …"
The ogre smiled impudently and his eyes became ferocious, but he was not crazy. He pulled out, pierced and pulled out the meat and bone knife and once again pierced the eye socket of Li Xiangjuan’s incarnation. Two fires became more and more dim, and he couldn’t believe that he was pierced through the wound.
One mouthful blood gushed out and slowly lay down. The long black knife also became dim and inserted into the ogre’s body.
"Although you are endowed with energy by the soul Lord, you are still too weak! Jie Jie … get rid of fate! " Ogre pulled out a knife and threw it at Li Xiangkang, who was recovering, and said savagely
Just as he was about to stomp Li Xiangkui into a meat pie, a woman sounded up.
"Aren’t you happy a little early?"
"Huh?" The ogre turned around in confusion and found a petite body clutching the long black knife and pointing it at his body, still shivering.
"Little sister, if you promise to be my little wife, I can consider letting this nobody go. Is it a good deal?" Ogre color heart big eyes slightly narrowed to the sunseeker language to do the flow.
"Go to hell!" Sunseeker Jiao drank a long knife in his right hand, which endowed him with magic and threw it straight at the ogre’s heart. This blow stained the last intact part of his body with black spots.
The ogre screamed and a black spot burned, purifying his body and soul at the same time and turning it into a mass of ashes in just a few seconds.
"Shout … over" Sunseeker language legs a soft directly sat down, she didn’t think she had the courage to face that kind of terror.
Bewitched eyes hurriedly ran to her side and looked around and asked earnestly, "What happened to you? Are you injured! "
"It’s okay … I don’t have anything." Sunseeker language got up with the wave to help her eyes and stumbled in the direction of Li Xiangkang.
Yanhuang and Yaoshun also rushed to Li Xiangkun’s side and saw that he was covered in blood and couldn’t help but step.
"He … he won’t die, will he?" Yao Shun asked hesitantly that he was very sympathetic to Li Xiangkun at this time. Although death can be resurrected, the pain of death can hardly be imagined.
"Should be dead! No one can live with such a serious injury, and so much blood should reach the limit of human blood, even if it is not the wound that causes death. "Yanhuang Xiao replied that the two of them put on incense together and worshipped Li Xiangkang’s" body. "
"Ahem …"
A sudden cough startled the two whispering people. They sat back with their eyes wide open and said imploringly, "Brother Xiang, we are all joking! Don’t turn into a spectre and come to us! "
Li Xiangkui didn’t open his eyes when he heard two big masters talking about god and god. He couldn’t help but drink, "What do you people want to disturb my peace?" I want you to accompany me to bury! "
"ah! Mamma Mia! Fraudulent corpse! " Two people running around like crazy, just like two strings of firecrackers tied behind them.
Sunseeker language and bewitched eyes laughed when they saw this scene. This Li Xianglian is really funny.
"Stop, stop! It’s almost dizzy to run again. "Li Xiangkui saw two stooges walking around like hot wheels, and it took him a while to get up and stop.
Where do two people dare to stop and continue to run around? Their footsteps are extremely harsh.
The two ladies couldn’t listen to it, and they stretched out their feet leisurely at the same time, and then they listened to "plop plop", and two people fell black and blue.
Children’s Day special (text! )
(The development of the text in the PS text is not necessarily the same. Just have fun! )
Beautiful city H is located in the northern part of China, and the four seasons are very pleasant except for the heavy smog in winter.
H there is a very beautiful manor in the suburbs, and tourists come here to stay and take pictures.
However, these people came not only for the scenery, but also for the owner of this manor, a strange young man whose name may not be famous, but almost no one does not know the names of dusty and fragrant.
Deep in the manor, a beautifully dressed young woman is sitting in the second floor window, feeling the breeze on her face. She is looking at a small figure on the lawn gently.
"mom! Come and play with me. "The little boy’s waxy sound makes people happy.
Belle smiled and said softly to her son, "Xiao Feng’s mother has business to deal with. Go and play with Linlin."
Li Feng’s face was full of unhappiness, and his mouth pursed with a spatula and shoveled the ground at random.
Belle felt a little distressed when she saw her son lonely. She just wanted to go back on her word and was stopped by a magnetic man.
Don’t let him always rely on his mother. A man should stand tall and upright.’ Li Xiangkang looked at the copywriting tone before his desk carefully.
"But love each other! You have been busy with your work, and you haven’t played with Xiaofeng and Lingling once in these years. Don’t you think that your father is a bit dereliction of duty? "
Lin Mo looked at the tough man for the first time and felt that he had become a little strange.
Since they retired from the game and set up their own business, Li Xiangkui has become a little unreasonable. Although people often stay at home, they are separated from the children by several gaps.
"dereliction of duty?" Li Xiangkun raised his eyebrows and his tone became stern. He slammed the document on the table and roared, "If I didn’t work so hard every day, where would we have such a good life now?"
Lin Mo watched this beloved man’s tears gradually slide down her eyes. This was the first time he was angry with himself. She felt very wronged.
"The money accumulated in those years in our game is enough for our luxurious generation. Why are you so persistent about money?"
"money?" Li Xiangkun said disdainfully, "We have never lacked such things as money, but do you want others to treat us as unprofessional all the time?" Do you want a generation to be labeled as rich in games? If I were a social status, I would let everyone look up to me, Li Xiangkun! "
"You are crazy!" Lin Mo listened to it more and more, but she couldn’t listen to it. This person is no longer the Li Xiang she once admired. He doesn’t deserve it!
The door was slammed, and Li Xiangkang collapsed in his chair, panting. He didn’t understand what he had just said. He was so strange that he scared himself. He picked up a side glass and took a sip of water to try to calm himself down.
Lin Mo walked out of the door and sobbed on a side wall. She happened to be met by a passing servant and hurriedly asked what had happened.
Lin Mo, seeing this girl at a young age, won’t understand her feeling. She smiled and thanked her for her kindness and asked her to keep her secret.
Who wants the stairs? A pair of small eyes witnessed the whole process.
The maid had just walked not far when she was stopped by a small body.
"Sister Xiaolan, I saw it just now!" The finals are full of majesty.
"Miss, I don’t know what you’re talking about." Xiaolan felt guilty. She never lied, especially in front of the children.
"Xiao LAN elder sister what did mom tell you just now? Why does she cry? " Lingling’s hands rested on her hips, and she didn’t let go without telling the truth.
"Miss, I swear my wife really didn’t say anything to me." Xiaolan glanced at her eyes everywhere and rubbed her skirts constantly.
"Hum!" Lingling’s eyes were foggy and she said sadly, "Sister Xiaolan lied to me and I will never be with Sister Xiaolan again!"
"Don’t don’t! Miss, I’ll tell you! " Xiaolan naively bowed the linlin "threat"
"Madam just asked me to keep a secret for her. Don’t tell anyone that she cried, especially you and Master."
Linlin’s eyes turned strangely, and she remembered that her mother’s crying position seemed to be her father’s room, so her father made her cry! It must be like this!
Lingling’s two short legs were running happily in the building. When she ran to the second floor, she happened to meet Li Xiangkun formally coming out of the room dressed.
Li Xiangkui saw his lovely daughter running towards him, bent down to hug her with a smile, and stopped in front of him if anyone wanted to be linlin.
"Why doesn’t Lingling want her father to hug her?" Li Xiangrui said angrily.
I didn’t expect Lingling to learn to say "Dad, I hate you!" with her hands akimbo. Say that finish and throw up the short legs and run away.
Li Xiangkang was at a loss. He comforted himself that he had not been with his daughter for a long time. Today, after talking about business, he wanted to buy her some small gifts. What did she like best …
Thinking about him, he walked out of the house. When he was in the car, he saw the linlin on the second floor making faces at him and then disappeared from the window, and he couldn’t help laughing.
The driver was scared by Li Xiang’s smile and asked with some concern, "What happened to the boss?"
"There’s nothing about Lao Wang’s car, is there?" Li Xiangkun regained his composure and ordered the driver to continue reading the documents.
Day by day, it will soon be Children’s Day on June 1. No one knows about Lin Mo’s crying except four people, not even his brother Linlin.