Yan Wang and Jiu Zhong successively chose the "reconciliation" option, and the reconciliation effect took effect. The hell of Tiandao League was released from the battle state.

Here, the anticlimactic battle of Heaven League’s Hell Blossom has officially come to an end.
Office of Chairman of Yanhuang Building, Greater China Game Group
Hear the announcement of the mass Gao Qian all can’t help but be surprised "how can it be so fast? This "Era" game has just entered the middle stage. How did Japan block the border so quickly? !”
HuaWenChang smell speech smile "fast? It’s already a week late. If it hadn’t been that small … Huaxia District would have been in a war disaster by now! "
"Chairman of the Japanese area with Huaxia area but feud they this a dozen border blockade is bound to be the first to point to my Huaxia area! We haven’t hit the border to block the Japanese area yet, but we have no scruples about limiting the repeated surge of troops and invading China’s Huaxia area. We are bound to fall into a very passive situation! "
"Yes, chairman, do you think we can send a unified notice to inform the players in Huaxia area to quickly find the border scrolls and complete the national war and the border blockade in the shortest time? !”
"Hum …!" Hua Wenchang smiled mysteriously. "We don’t need to worry about this … someone already wants to be ahead of us!"
"… who’s that? !”
"Don’t you know it when you look at it ~!"
Ri qu da Shen Meng hui Zhu cheng Tian Zhao cheng hui yi Shi center
Jiugong Great God’s face is as heavy as water, and a face of serious sitting in the main seat. All the people in the hall swept the sink and said, "Are you ready?" !”
"Ready! !”
"good!" Huo Ran, the great god of Jiugong, got up and said, "The soldier is very expensive. We’ll start now! !”
An hour later, Jiuzhong led the marine corps with 10 million troops, and 5 million troops were tied in the sea in front of the coastline with dozens of super warships.
Although the border is blocked, there is still a sea separating the Huaxia area in the Japanese area. If players want to invade Huaxia area, they must first cross the natural barrier.
With a wave of his hand, the Nine Heavenly Gods "Body Marines board the ship! !”
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Invasion
? Ten million marines go their separate ways like a black dragon, and dozens of super warships go into the sea in an orderly way.
After the Marine Corps boarded the ship, the Jiugong Great God did not board the ship, but gave the command of the Marine Corps to his confidant Liangchen. "Liangchen Marine Corps will be led by you! And I will lead the combat troops to rush to Huaxia District as soon as possible to land on the beach in the shortest time and pave the way for you to arrive unprepared in Huaxia District! "
"white!" Good minister Zheng Chongchong nodded at Jiugong Great God and said, "Please rest assured, young master, that good minister will not fail in his mission!"
"Well! Then I’ll go first! !” Jiugong great god drove the mount beast straight into the sky and came to the front of the battle force with a wave of his arm. "Let’s go! !”
Five million ghost war troops roared across the sky like locusts crossing the border and went straight to the Huaxia area across the sea.
On the way of the troops marching, Jiugong God made voice communication, which made the international channel call four people successively. They all said the same thing: "Did you pull out your troops? !”
Answering Jiugong Great God is also the same sentence "already on the way! !”
"Very well, don’t move to the designated place without authorization, wait for the other ministries and departments to arrive, and then we will act together!"
"This is natural!"
Huaxia district ethereal imperial city jinluan hall
All the heads of the army and all the players in hell are gathered here, and their eyes are focused on the Nine Heavenly Bodies of Longtai Golden Tower.
"hey!" Nine heavy said a pick from her brow, "I said, why are you all staring at me with small eyes at each other? ! What should I do? I think it’s getting late. Wash and sleep! "
They smell speech looked at each other, and finally, someone asked on behalf of Double Lyu3 bu4 at the place, "The Japanese area has been blocked and I don’t know when it will come to invade our Huaxia area, so … shall we? !”
Nine heavy responded "what’s wrong? Now that we have been ruled out by a cancer in Huaxia District, why are we still worried about such a national event? !”
"But …!"
"Nothing but!" Jiuzhong flatly said, "No matter what you are thinking now, put it away for the time being. Do what I ask you to do. Don’t ruin my plan!"
Say to see all the people still hesitate to look nine m not m not earlobe inscrutable one laughs "rest assured that there will be time for you to play, but not now! Is it white? !”

Because the pressure will increase when the attack advances to this place, the accuracy of their catch is also very high

This does not mean that this is a trap for Lazio against Barcelona.
There is no sure way to break Barcelona’s foot ball. Lazio will play football and they will have a good chance to score if they control it well.
But it also increase that chances that Lazio will break Barcelona’s goal.
Although it will be dangerous, it is indeed the best way.
This is the first difference between Changsheng and Guardiola.
Guardiola stressed that control is safer because of this.
However, Chang Sheng believes that football needs some risks, especially when the situation can’t be played, and Chang Sheng is also very clear that with the success of ikiaka, more and more teams will develop this tactical response against Barcelona. When you face the iron bucket array, you must take risks, otherwise it will be killing time to entangle with the other side and then let the other side come back.
Guardiola also asked him, "Aren’t you a conservative?"
Chang Sheng replied, "I am a realist. For me, conservatism cares more about me, and I take risks when I am conservative."
Rudy Gonzalez commented on "In short, there is no moral integrity."
Changsheng stared his one eye.
Lazio rushed to Barcelona and sure enough, the horse responded.
Instead of going back, they turned the football to the side.
After pulling the Lazio formation from the depth, we have to continue to pull such a net from the width, which is finally presented to everyone as a real net with eyes everywhere …
Lazio is also very obedient, and the winger followed suit.
See the goal has been achieved.
The football fell to Boots’s feet.
The former Barcelona goalkeeper Carlos Boots Kessler is an actor in the eyes of many fans because of that performance.
But for Barcelona, Boots is very important.
What can be said that Guardiola Barcelona is so powerful? Just because they have a Boots.
Compared with Rijkaard Dream II, many positions have not changed much. The most significant change is that the central defender recalled a Pique midfielder, selected a Boots right-back and bought Seville full-back Dennis Alves.
This dream is based on the foundation of three teams.
Boots Cox is very important in midfield.
He has excellent defensive ability, but that’s not what Guardiola values about him. Guardiola appreciates that he is a superb ball dealer. He has the ability to transport football forward. He can defend and attack in series into an offensive and defensive hub.
He added an extra ball point in midfield.
Unlike Barcelona in Rijkaard’s time, it’s just a place. Whether it’s Van Bommel or edmilson, their defensive ability in the lower back is greater than their offensive ability in the forward ball, which can’t meet Guardiola’s requirements for the midfield. Boots Cox is just right.
When Harvey and Iniesta are in trouble, Boots can take the ball forward and be an organizer
The person who has similar characteristics with him is Pique.
Central defender Pique is a rough guy if he doesn’t have Puyol around him.
But Puyol Kopik wiped his ass so that he didn’t have to worry about the future, so that he could play his own role in the attack and break the deadlock.
This is why Pique’s performance fluctuated after Puyol was frequently injured and often missed Barcelona.
That’s why Pique can’t compete with Cesc Passareira in the Spanish national team.
He and Puyol were partners in Barcelona and developed a tacit understanding. Just transplant this combination directly to Spain.
As a result, Bosco had to choose Sai Passareira and Puyol as partners.
Is that Inse Passareira defends and dumps Pique for ten blocks.
In the club, Guardiola gave Pique a forward attack. Bosco wouldn’t dare to do this in a world-class competition. In that kind of cup, Pique’s mistake may have disastrous consequences for Spain.
Although Bosque played for the Spanish national team, ikiaka and Kose Passareira were the main players of the Spanish national team.
Moreover, as early as the Spanish national team that won the European Cup in Aragons in 2 years, Riise Passareira was the main central defender. In Barcelona, Pique’s qualifications were far worse than that of Sese Passareira, and naturally he could not rob Sese Passareira.
After receiving the ball, Boots directly returned the football to Pique, and then he ran sideways in his own ball state and received the football sent by Pique.
At this time, he turned to attack direction.
Lazio didn’t defend him very tightly in the back court.
Boots, if you want to beat the midfielder, it is not a big threat to the winning team. There is no need to force it.
Boots Cox didn’t choose the direct ball, but rushed forward with it.
It is not easy for Lazio to disturb their defense simply because they are also good at playing football.
Being able to break the balance is bound to be a breakthrough
Boots Cox took the ball forward. When he crossed the center line, ledesma appeared in front of him obliquely, but he didn’t force it. He was stuck in his ball route. If Boots Cox wants to give the football to Harvey or Alves, ledesma is in charge of this direction.
Boots, one leng
He is really going to go there and give Harvey the football.
He brought the ball forward mainly to attract defenders like ledesma and then make a mistake.
As a result, ledesma didn’t come!
Well, since I can’t trick you into coming, I’ll just play the ball directly.
Boots Cox decides the ball.
He is going to give Harvey the football as planned.
But when he decide to do so.
He found that he couldn’t go straight to football.
Because ledesma just got stuck in himself and Harvey and also took care of Alves on one side.
Nine times out of ten, if you play football directly, ledesma will break it.
If you have to give Harvey the football, you have to give it a header. In this case, the accuracy of the ball is too high and it is easy to make mistakes
Or it’s just a transit, but it will delay the time.
The other party can rearrange the defense line … Don’t you lose the meaning of pulling them out before?

She didn’t do anything bad. What’s her guilt?

Yu Guifei looked at Dong Yuling’s mouth and evoked a smile. It was O Jiing’s eyes. Apart from her identity, what is this girl better than these raised in darling daughter since childhood? Those gossips are just sour grapes.
Miss Tang San gave a wry smile. She became a sacrifice when one or two people played the game. Can the Queen grind her teeth with anger now?
So miss Tang San’s strange atmosphere got up and went to the middle of the field to greet a person.
Actually, Miss Tang San is very upset.
Tang Jia is the queen’s mother, and she is also Miss Tang Di. Even if some people don’t like Tang Jia, the upstart in Shengjing, they also want to have status, status, status and what party they attend on weekdays. Many people revolve around her, and even many aristocratic ladies may not be able to compare with her scenery.
Being held like that and envied by others is what Miss Tang San should live.
Miss San’s own generation will be happy in the past because she voted for a good baby. After all, if she wants to have a Tang family, her husband will never be bad in the future, and her generation will certainly be smooth and smooth.
It’s a pity that Miss Tang San never thought that someone would die if she didn’t die.
Miss Tang San, an unreliable and ambitious elder sister, dissipated her glory. This day is more like living in hell.
The queen’s decision with Tang Jia simply pushed Tang Jia to the abyss.
Miss Tang San has never been white from beginning to end. How dare her big sister, who is very competitive in everything, peep at her uncle? Even if the emperor is young, it is her uncle.
What’s more, how dare her father support her daughter to pry into the corner of her own family?
The queen has a decree that the first emperor will not abolish the legacy. If it weren’t for rebellion, she would be able to sit firmly for a generation of queens. Even if the palace is like this, wouldn’t the Tang family prosper for many years? That would have developed into a noble family and stood firm on its own feet.
But what is Miss Tang? Let’s not say whether this calculation can succeed or not, but it will succeed and we can still get past the queen. Is the emperor really so faint that he dares to take the opportunity to laugh at the infamous future generations and help Miss Tang?
Ha ha ….. Every time I think of here, Miss Tang San feels ridiculous. She is the favorite jade imperial concubine in the palace, isn’t she?
What kind of soup did your dad get drunk by his elder sister?
The most important thing is to calculate one’s own people, and dare to give a monarch a green hat before the plan is completed?
Miss Tang San realized that she really wanted to pry her elder sister’s head to see what was inside. Don’t bully her. I don’t know if my parents have taught this eldest daughter since childhood.
Since that incident broke out, Miss Tang’s life has plummeted, and it has become the laughing stock of the prosperous capital society.
For almost a year or two, Miss Tang San didn’t go out much and was ashamed to go out.
But now that she is old, Miss Tang San can’t go out. Although she knows that her generation has been destroyed, she is not willing to be married casually. Only in this way can she do her best to feast and perform her best dance, hoping to meet a willing heart to rescue her from the fading Tang family and live her own life.
Who ever thought that her surname Tang would never change? If she kept a low profile, she would still be used by others to deal with the queen’s chips.
If you don’t look up, Miss Tang San will know that the Queen even hates her Tang family at the moment.
On the unwillingness and entanglement in my heart, Miss Tang San has no qualification to refuse. She can do as others have arranged.
Dong Yuling’s position is closer to the performance center, and some of them are interested in seeing some emotions of Miss Tang San and can’t help but be thoughtful.
Because I was close to Yu Guifei, Dong Ling reached out and whispered to her, "This Miss Tang San seems to be not simple!"
Yu Guifei squinted at Miss Tang San’s graceful rotation, lightness and elegance, but it did have an eye-catching aesthetic feeling, but it was not so amazing that it was better than most people.
Your daughter has a lot of talents to choose from, and naturally there will not be too many dances. If it is mixed with practice, it is really not as good as this Miss Tang San.
"This idea is really not simple. She is not the same as a princess, but she is not self-reliant and ambitious, but it is more practical. It’s a pity that the Tang family didn’t end up soon after that, and the queen ignored it." Yu Guifei seems to say something that doesn’t mean much.
Dong Yuling naturally ignored what "a certain monarch" and "that thing" were in the imperial concubine’s mouth and smiled gently. "If it was the former Tang family, she would definitely have a good life now … hehe …"
Even though few people know the truth about the princess, it is obvious that the emperor dislikes the Tang family. Who would risk offending the emperor and queen to associate with the Tang family when they break up?
Miss Tang San was cheated by her first sister.
In any case, Miss Tang San still bears the title of Queen’s niece. Even if the Queen is neither salty nor light, she didn’t say anything. This has the effect of attracting jade, and it has played a role in the performance of many daughters.
Especially later, it seems that there are still some young talents who are not far away, and many expensive women are even more energetic.
I was a little reluctant to perform just now, but now I feel like I’m scrambling.

As soon as I put my hand on her slender waist and gently rubbed it, my hands and feet were tender and delicate. "Ah!" With a thrill, he threw himself on his body and stared at him with clear eyes, accusing him of "you, you are necrotic!" Necrosis! Don’t! "

"Don’t what?" Li Yunyue low smile simply will people forcibly took into my arms kam was a lift a cover will she wrapped in judo "aren’t you tired? Just lie down for a while and wait for me to get water. "
He’s going to be a little hard on his little wife when she’s new, but he thinks she’s been thinking for so long. He’s a man. How can he control it at that time?
Kannika nimtragol, the more charming cry for mercy, the more he seems to have a force in his body clamoring to hit her hard, accounting for the 1736 chapter 1736 Cheng Li 16.
Of course, he was satisfied at that time, and afterwards, many soft words were whispered, and I didn’t know how many good words were coaxed by the crying kannika nimtragol and how many small fists were punched on his chest, so it was temporary.
But he was still happy and satisfied.
After joy and satisfaction, it is a deep affection and compassion. Where can she be willing to give up her hands and feet?
The little princess was so angry that she showed him Baba’s way, "Call, call what water! Be quiet and give tea to your father and mother! "
It’s daylight …
I also complained that "Nanny, Blue and White, Bamboo, they don’t know what’s going on and don’t remember to call me one!"
Aunt and uncle-er, it should be my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Although I feel distressed that I have never treated myself as an outsider, now I am somebody else’s daughter-in-law. There must be no less manners, and I must do what I should do.
I think so myself, and so did my mother before she became a monk.
"They?" Li Yunyue raised her eyebrows and smiled. "No, their business is that I told them not to bother!"
The little princess opened her eyes wide and was so depressed that she was speechless. "You-"
Li Yunyue laughed at her leisure. "Don’t worry, my mother has been getting up late these days. She is exhausted from preparing our wedding. She was even more tired after greeting so many guests yesterday. She couldn’t get up so early!"
"No buts! I have the final say! " Li Yunyue clapped her little head in her arms and said, "Go to sleep. I’ll ask someone to prepare hot water later. You can take a hot bath again. It’s just right for us to greet our parents after breakfast!"
"…" The little princess opened her mouth with wide eyes.
Li Yunyue slightly rough fingertips gently stroked her red, swollen, charming and moist like flowers, with narrow lips and half-narrowed eyes. "Is Jin Jin not tired?" If you’re not tire-"
Suddenly, the deep eyes stared straight at her expression and tone, which scared the little princess to close her eyes and drill into his arms and did not dare to move.
Li Yunyue hugged her and laughed in a low voice, kissed her sweet hair and slept with her eyes closed.
The little princess remembered to get up and inquire after tea, but she was afraid to talk to Li Yunyue about waiting for a while, waiting for a while, but she was too sleepy, and soon her consciousness gradually blurred and she fell asleep.
When she wakes up again, don’t say that the sky is bright and the sun has been shining into the house! Projected on the red embroidered peony carpet is bright and festive.
The little princess sat up and exclaimed repeatedly, "Oh, no! Shit! What time is it! "
Li Yunyue had already woken up to see kannika nimtragol sleeping soundly and didn’t disturb her. At this time, she also sat up and pulled up the bedside clothes while wearing them. "Don’t worry, it won’t be too late for you to wait for the husband to go to hot water."
The little princess was in a hurry to cry, grabbed the pillow and smashed it at Li Yunyue. "What are you doing?" It’s all your fault How can a new wife sleep until late at night! I’m going to be laughed at to death! "
Li Yunyue brushed the pillow aside and took Kannika nimtragol Judo "Don’t cry, don’t cry! Don’t worry, our family rules are different from other families. No one dares to laugh at you! Well, this is a good relationship between us. How can I blame you if my parents are happy and don’t come? What do minions do if they have one or two mouths to talk about? "
After a lot of coaxing, the little princess felt a little less ashamed and still pouted. Why would she take a bath? Be determined to get up
Li Yunyue was obedient to her.
I won’t eat breakfast first
Two people rushed to the room, even Fang Zhou and Li Fu had just got up, and the little princess was only slightly relieved.
In fact, Li Fu will get up at dawn and practice sword and boxing in the martial arts field in the garden, which has also been a habit for many years.
But this morning, as soon as he was about to get up, he was dragged down by Lian Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou muttered, "What do you do when you get up so early? How can I get by with my daughter-in-law? Go to sleep … "
After a short sleep, I slept until the third pole of the day.
Where can Li Fu stand? Just get up and sit in the room.
Even Fang Zhou opened his eyes and saw it secretly funny.
It was not until the servant girl said that there was movement over there between Master Shi and Lady Shi that they got up slowly.
Even Fangzhou is in a particularly good mood and a little excited. She also has a daughter-in-law! Well, the young couple are so in love that they may be grandmothers in 2008!
Alas, it’s better for the daughter-in-law to have a daughter at the first birth to make up for her regret that she has no daughter …
It seems interesting to think about being softly called "grandma" by a small, jade-snow-pink doll, and then to think about your thirties …
Two people dressed up Li Yunyue came in with a small infanta.
The little princess’s bun has been curled up, and she is wearing a wishful concentric bun with a little emerald bottle and a little emerald bottle. She walks with a long rice bead embedded with a treasure and a double happiness word. The tassel falls on the other side of the earlobe, and two palace-made red velvet flowers are on the temples. If the eyes are as sharp as a knife, a pair of autumn waters are black and white, clear and smart as white jade, and her free-time face is dizzy with a faint blush. The eyebrows of her eyes can’t hide the faint shyness and joy. She is wearing a red and Jin Mudan Ruyi pattern with wide sleeves.
On the other hand, she wore a sapphire blue ruyi moire collar, a gold moire arrow sleeve, a pomegranate red ball flower, a silk round neck cover, a gold ball pattern embroidered on her chest, a luxurious and expensive jade crown, and a touch of tenderness and joy in her cold eyes.
Together, they are a perfect match, and heaven is a perfect match.
Even fangzhou is not satisfied with the dark praise.
Without saying a few words, Li Yunhuan and Xiao Yaoer came soon, and the maids came to serve tea cheerfully.
Li Yunyue, the little princess, knelt down and offered tea to her parents, changed her mouth, and the two little brothers met and gave a greeting. Even Fang Zhou smiled and said some intimate words with her hand.
Then the family went to worship the ancestral temple again.
The little princess’s mother-in-law is more familiar than the new wife’s face. She is afraid of joking and joking. Seeing that everyone is very kind to her, even the two brothers-in-law are smiling and joking, and their hearts are gradually relaxed. Soon, the family is laughing and joking.
Having breakfast together on the first side, we dispersed separately. The little princess was really sorry and blushed and apologized to her mother-in-law-she shouldn’t have got up so late.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t care about this. Seeing that she was so clever and sensible and didn’t say anything about her husband-I didn’t want her to know that she was pestering her daughter-in-law!
More and more pity for her, holding her hand, but smiling and comforting her for a while, the little princess finally let go, but she was grateful to serve her in-laws more and more, and her husband’s love was not said.
Even Fang Zhou is really relieved. She was still a daughter-in-law, pampering and thinking about their marriage, and then slowly teaching one or two things. Obviously, she thinks too much!
After not staying too long, the princess of the county said "surprise", she felt that the new wife was a good housekeeper, accountant, business manager and human relations, and she didn’t need to worry about anything with her wife, mammy, housekeeper and stewardess!
Even Fang Zhou found an opportunity to hand over all the housekeepers to her daughter-in-law and crossed her husband to discuss and go there again!
This time, she doesn’t even want to take her baby with her.
The eldest sister-in-law is like a mother, isn’t it?
Fan finished scattering flowers 1737 Chapter 1737 Sad 1
In late summer and early autumn, the sea has long since disappeared. In spring and summer, weeping willows are shady, bright green and bright with yellow leaves, which are somewhat bleak even when the sun shines.
As soon as the wind blows, there will be rustling and falling.
In a secluded place on the shore, a young girl in a silver-red embroidered gown and a long, coupled skirt sat beside a willow tree with her arms folded, and the grass was resting on her knees, staring at the silver light and jumping off the lake.
The girl’s skin is fair, her nose is pretty, her eyelashes are long, and her side face is handsome and beautiful. An elegant sapphire hairpin makes her more beautiful and free from vulgarity. Sitting by the bleak lake, her little body is more and more thin, which makes people feel a little distressed for no reason.
The girl has been sitting for a long time until Li Yunhuan yawned after following her and hiding in a clump of holly.
But she still sat there motionless like a woodcarving clay sculpture.
Li Yunhuan opened his arm and stretched himself, then gave the girl a long yawn and didn’t good the spirit muttered, "Silly girl! Stupid girl! Stupid! Stupid! Forget it! I didn’t know until today that you are such a stupid girl with such good concentration! You are a wood after sitting still for so long! "
Suddenly, Li Yunhuan a glaring "hey hey" sneer at the two.
It turned out that he was distracted and muttered that a deadly local tyrant came out of nowhere for a while and surrounded the girl with five or six hao slaves.
The girl has got up, sipped her lips and glared at the smirked local tyrant pig.

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

▍ Fall into Tokyo Bay (One Watch)
In the quiet night, fireflies shuttle through abandoned buildings.
Once again, the valley has come to this abandoned building, and the rotten smell is coming. The valley is trying to put your hand on the iron stairs, and your anxiety is rising again.
He went upstairs quickly and finally arrived at his destination in a gasp. Just as he was about to open the door, a voice came from behind, "Do you really want to open it?"
Descending the valley and raising his head, his pupils are constricted, and that person is himself.
The one who wore a dark turtle neck and a light leisure suit coat looked at him with purple-gray eyes that could not explain his emotions. "Are you ready to meet?"
Jianggu opened his mouth to ask who was in front of him, and he heard the man say, "I am you, Jianggu."
[Descending Valley] said, "I think it’s good for you to keep the status quo."
"You’re stopping me."
"Am I stopping you," [Descending Valley] looks the same, "or are you afraid to open the door subconsciously?"
Descending the valley, I saw myself holding the door handle, and my hands trembled. Am I afraid?
[Descending Valley] Laughing "Well, it’s time."
Descending valley suddenly sat up and the phone buzzed. Descending valley turned on the phone. Before he could ask Miyano, the anxious voice came through the microphone.
"Toujun, help Zhibao!"
"What’s wrong with beauty?" asked the horse in a daze.
Respond that he was cut off and busy.
"beauty! Beauty! "
"What’s the matter, zer?" Zhu Fujingguang pushed open the door and asked with a nervous face, "I seem to hear a beautiful voice coming from the other end."
"Something’s wrong, hir," Descending Valley looked at Zhu Jingguang and said, "Just after Mei told me to save Zhibao, there was no movement. When I called again, someone answered."
The words sound just fell and Zhu Fujing’s words rang.
"Gin forcibly took away the Miyano sisters while brandy was away." Betty Ross spoke quickly. "Scotland, you and Bo go back to Miyano Beauty, and I’ll go to Shirley’s side."
Valley heart a tight, before Gin stop even to confuse them and make an illusion damn it! It was careless of Descending Valley to curse in his heart.
The valley-descending and all the scenic horses set off with their equipment.
At night, a white Mazda rushed down the road in Tokyo like an arrow.
"Damn it," Descending Valley stepped on the accelerator and said, "I didn’t expect Gin and their hands to be so fast!"
After receiving Betty Ross’s words, Descending Valley and Zhu Jingguang didn’t dare to rush to Miyano Beauty without a moment’s delay, but it was still too late. One room broke the plate and Miyano Beauty was taken away by Gin people.
After Jack Danny helped drop the valley and tracked it to Miyano’s position, Mazda stepped on the gas pedal and rushed straight to Miyano’s place.
"I’m afraid the BOSS acquiesced in this matter," Zhu Jingguang analyzed while sitting in the car assembling a sniper rifle. "Otherwise, Gin wouldn’t easily have a conflict with a member of the same level. What’s the email that Rum just sent?"
"He wants us to try our best to stop Gin from staying in Miyano," said Noguchi. "According to my investigation over the years, there was a chaos in the organization, which consumed a lot of effective forces. Under such conditions, Rum definitely does not want Gin to have a head-on conflict with brandy to consume the organization."
"It seems that Shirley’s research on things is very important," said Zhu Jingguang. "It’s so important that BOSS has to take this project out alone and give it to his own people to look after it."
"There is a little rumor that the organization is developing a drug that can make people regain their youth," said Jianggu
He asked, "regain your youth?"
"Well," said Descending Valley, "this is when chatting with Jack, Danny and Betty Ross. I heard that many years ago, the organization brought teacher Elena and her husband into the organization because of this."
"BOSS doesn’t believe in brandy, but he has to rely on her talent," Zhu Fujingguang judged. "Now Shirley shows BOSS another possibility."
"Dismantle and kill the donkey" pulled the corners of the mouth. "It seems that the black organization department has great differences."
"In any case, we must bring beauty back".
Zhu Fujingguang instantly felt the crisis. The horse raised his sniper rifle and fired a shot at the overpass.
"Sniper" Zhu Fujingguang pursed his lips. "It’s a man in black with earmuffs."
"That’s calvados," Descending Valley said. "It seems that Belmodo took Miyano."
"calvados has a crush on Belmore."

"… you are’ forcing’ me to be a thief!"

"It was already when you promised to have sex with me."
"…" The wind "disorderly" dance was speechless.
It is no wonder that the judge will lend a helping hand at this time when he thinks that it is easy to pay late.
"All right, I’ll join in."
"Welcome to this way, there will be another powerful businessman in the group."
I watched the list of group members carefully, and Khan was really in it. Then a few of them occasionally took a dip in the general business alliance group, and more of them installed bodies in the general business alliance group.
But silence doesn’t mean they don’t have the strength, and they know how much money they have.
"What are you going to do?" The wind "disorderly" dance to continue typing "private" chat the judge asked.
"When the time is right, show your cards to the owner. It’s time to change his bullshit rules."
"… I heard that the group owner is a super local tyrant and has hardly said anything after long-term diving."
"It is because I am a local tyrant that I see him unhappy."
"Come on, you know, there is such a group, and everyone takes care of each other."
When it came to the early morning of September 7, the game began to maintain this National Day reform.
Chapter 763 Fixed color
At this moment of national celebration, dnf is also full of joy.
Although there are not many National Day activities, the quality is very high.
The National Day gift package is not very pit, and the title belongs to’ sex’, which is unanimously recognized by the majority of players and praised by a large number of buyers, leading to the proliferation of fantasy travel titles.
The ex-factory price of Star Fantasy Brigade is not as low as the ex-factory price of Tiger, and it is not as exaggerated as the current price of Tiger title. At present, the prices in all regions are hovering around 10,000.
Ten p.m.
"Brother Xiong is going to accept the title now?" A new line in the group suddenly typed in the group and said
Today is October 1st, the third day after the National Day update.
After the update, the group line received an instruction from the unlucky bear that the title should not be in a hurry, so that the majority of lines should wait first
This wait is three days.
However, in the past three days, Tianyu has asked the line to pay attention to carefully observing the price changes of the auction house title.
Many lines also found problems.
"Don’t worry, wait a few days. Anyway, the gift package won’t be put on the 11th." Tianyu replied by typing in the group when official website gave the gift package frame.
However, when Tianyu calculated the gift package rack, it suddenly occurred to him that things happened in the past.
"In fact, there is a big need for the gift package rack and the player, right? I remember that most of the gift packages were shelved for a month later; Now this time period is half a month, which means that dnf has not yet begun to decline. A gift package is released enough to attract players to buy, and it should be a last resort to adjust the length of one month later. "
It is definitely not difficult to make a profit from the game if it is not pornographic.
"Oh, when can Brother Xiong start to receive the title?" Another line bubbling typing asked
"You’d better think for yourself about this. Whether it’s the veteran line or the new entrants, you can always’ touch’ the door when you go through such a period. I was also following you two masters to’ touch’ it. "
"Second in charge! No wonder brother Xiong and the second husband are so iron. "
"Yes, brothers" Tianyu regrets replied.
Here Tianyu let the line people observe the meaning of title price, which is to let them discover the law of business price.
At first, when the title first appeared, the price could be sold for more than 30 thousand
Affected by the title of tiger, many players think that this price is quite affordable.
However, if you know how to analyze the players, you will know that when you first came out, it was only because of the low output. With more and more players buying gift packages, the sales volume will definitely become a problem.
Once the title in the player’s hand can’t be sold, the only way to give priority is to reduce the price.
If you start to cut prices, there will be a price reduction situation.
The price of 30,000 yuan just left the factory was just a glimpse of the flowers, but it dropped to about 10,000 yuan in three days.
Moreover, this situation is not unique to a certain region, but common in all regions.
Then the title price trend should be up and down.
One of the factors is that businessmen in various districts have started to act.
In the eyes of major businessmen, the title of Fantasy Travel is definitely a sure-fire business, and everyone will be stupid. It is estimated that businessmen have already started to do it before they hold their horses.
This also involves the competitiveness of buyers.
Once you follow the trend and buy the title, the price of the title will naturally start to rise.
Therefore, the title price drops first and then rises like a U-shaped line.
If you can buy in large quantities at the lowest point, you can maximize your profits.
Tianyu’s purpose now is to let the line analyze this lowest price by itself.
"Second, when do you think the absolute strength big business will start receiving the goods?" Tianyu "private" chat two whew asked.
"It’s hard to say that the number of players who bought the gift package just after the update is the largest. As time goes by, the number of people who bought it should be less and less every day, and then a few days before the shelf, the speed is a little slow in terms of the title output. Merchants may start at any time." Erxiu typed back.
"Well, I’ll ask someone else."
Tianyu said that "others" are naturally naughty and Khan with businessmen.
"Oh, my God."
This is Tianyu’s reply message after asking naughty questions.
"How much are you going to take?" Tianyu is afraid to ask this question. After all, this information is still very important for a businessman.
"Let’s have one in each district."
"That’s not a lot," Tianyu said, looking at each other and replying to typing.
"Always leave some way for other businessmen. Collecting one in each district will not have a great impact on the auction house price. Just don’t collect so much at the same time," naughty explained.
"all right"
"What about you?"
"I don’t know. I’ll wait for you to collect it first anyway."
"… this is really from a business population?" Naughty unbelievable typing replied

Cheyenne’s curiosity was hung up by this man, and he carefully looked at the footprints. Unfortunately, the snow was too heavy, and the traces had already been erased and observed for a while. Cheyenne just left the cedar forest and saw that the man was moving in another direction with the ice giant. The distance between the two sides had been pulled far. Cheyenne didn’t know that he was drilling out of the cedar forest.

This man is not even a first-class player under normal conditions, that is, he is almost the same as Chen Young, but his ability to benefit from terrain is absolutely the top level. Even Cheyenne is better than him. If it weren’t for his terrible fuck, this man can be a super-class player at worst!
This contradictory combination appears in a person who is really wonderful, but Cheyenne has a flash of light and thinks of a weirdo who is also the only one in the game history of Evolution!
Data can be a god!
Cheyenne almost immediately decided that the player in front of him was a psychic!
Nengshen is very paranoid. It is said that he is a mathematical genius with the strongest data analysis ability but poor hands-on ability, but he just boasted that he can become a master of gods, which made him the most funny person in Huaxia for a long time until he changed his profession and became a second-rate team data analyst. He immediately made that team rank among the first-class teams!
Nengshen is definitely the dream of every team to get a logistics person. With him, the team can be qualitatively optimized by studying league maps and analyzing opponent data.
Cheyenne thought of this place and tried his best to chase it. If he missed the genius who needed guidance because of this, he would definitely regret putting such a good opportunity in front of Cheyenne. Isn’t it a place for him to accept this genius?
Because of the limitation of operation, the god of energy often needs a roundabout way to distance the giant of ice and snow. If it is a French profession, the operation will be relatively simple, but the god of energy has chosen a thief, a very difficult profession. Such a clumsy thief really makes Cheyenne feel angry and funny.
Soon Cheyenne chased Nengshen again.
"Friend, are you going to keep running with the ice giant?" Cheyenne yang call way
The man obviously didn’t have time to reply to Cheyenne. Just dodging the ice giant’s attack has made his heart fail. Cheyenne suddenly inserted a crosscut directly into the gap of his ice giant and successfully blocked the pursuit of the ice giant.
"What are you doing!" The man shouted angrily
Cheyenne said with a smile "thin silk! Anyway, you can’t beat it. Don’t you want to just walk around and let it collapse? "
Obviously, Cheyenne poked the man in the soft spot. He was so angry that he shouted, "If you don’t make trouble, I will definitely find an ideal place to kill it!"
Cheyenne shook his head. "I’m afraid you can’t kill it for days and nights. What do you think?"
"Don’t need it! Please leave quickly! " The man was in a hurry, but he got involved in Cheyenne’s battle.
The man was soon shocked to find that if he launched an attack on the ice giant, the hatred of the ice giant was firmly under control. He was surprised and at the same time he held back his strength and concentrated on sabotage.
It’s a pity that this man is doomed to fail. Instead, Cheyenne succeeded in attacking the ice giant several times, but the ice giant still obediently followed Cheyenne’s pace.
"You … you are the big devil!" The man suddenly call way
"Ha ha, I’m sorry, it’s me …" Speaking of which, Cheyenne suddenly froze my class. It’s wrong. I’m a statue of treasure now. How can he see through me?
The man sighed with a sigh, "No wonder several people can’t catch you. You have a hidden identity!"
"You mistook me for someone else. Didn’t you see my name?" Cheyenne tried to save
"Don’t pretend that your area evasion and target control skills alone can tell that you are the big devil! You can do this in the whole game! " This root is not affected.
"Is that how you recognize me?" Cheyenne no longer denies it.
For example, after jumping continuously, you usually connect a backward roll, and your body will keep a certain swing frequency every time you crouch … Some people may have these exercise habits, but in so many small habits, you are alone when you are alone!
Cheyenne sighed, "It’s amazing that you can analyze so many things with just a little clue!"
"So what? As you said, I’m a terrible fuck, but I won’t be discouraged. I will break the forum people’s opinion of me one day!"
Cheyenne said, "What’s your name and a friend to play with?"
In Cheyenne’s impression, I am afraid that I will not accept Cheyenne’s invitation, but to his surprise, this person actually accepted Cheyenne’s friend application.
"I’ll go. Isn’t this product magical?" Cheyenne looked at the list of friends and saw that the name was really a god.
Nengshen was a little excited and said, "What do you think of my imitation of you, Big Devil?"
Cheyenne said this for nothing. What’s more, this guy is still his loyal fan. Just dodging exercises turned out to be imitating his big devil!
I finally met an admirer, but the bad news is whether he is a man or a donkey-type man … Cheyenne silently thinks about it in his heart.
Chapter 163 Data Emperor
Cheyenne didn’t have the heart to comment on the imitation of God. He felt that he was in the eyes of others. In that case, he would rather buy a piece of tofu and kill him.
"Concentrate on killing thin silk!" Cheyenne changed the subject.
Encouraged by idols, NengShen tightened his arms and stepped forward to the ice giant. His arms should be dropped.
Cheyenne wants to stop it. It’s not the moment when he controls the ice giant. It’s so simple and rude for him to cut bss directly. It really makes him have some words. Cheyenne just prepared for the front camp to save the ice giant’s feet and suddenly spread out thick ice. Although he tried his best to avoid it, he was still frozen into an ice sculpture.
Ice giant skills frozen step!
Cheyenne hurriedly waved his sword before the purple weapon, and the attack power was really not built. Let the ice giant turn his attention to him again.
"Don’t get too close to the ice giant. Its skills are more troublesome." Cheyenne said to the ice sculpture god while the ice giant was fighting.
"Oh, yes, what do you want to hide your identity? A skill like you should be the first in the world! " Can god is very interested in chatting and asked.
Cheyenne didn’t bother to explain his humiliation. "It’s just a fun cover-up."
God can unfreeze and then carefully approach the ice giant again and get Cheyenne’s instructions before he starts to attack.
It’s a common blow for the ice giant’s ice hammer to fall in Xia ‘an, but suddenly there is a phantom. It’s another skill of the ice giant, the phantom. The ice hammer is triggered, and a virtual ice hammer phantom is smashed in Xia ‘an.
Fortunately, Cheyenne has given himself a just trial before, greatly reducing the damage caused by the phantom ice hammer. While chatting, the two men killed the ice giant, and when the monster was about to fall, a team suddenly appeared in the distance and was approaching rapidly.
"Force attack!" Cheyenne woke up without giving birth to an accident and directly launched a powerful skill. Until now, the ice giant didn’t realize that the big devil rarely finished his skill when he killed the ice giant by fighting with the ice giant!
It’s really enviable to be so strong and capable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had the same level? I can think of it with delight
Just then Cheyenne received a sign that he killed the ice giant, only to remember that the two did not form a team, and according to Evolution, whoever killed the monster last would get experience.
"Sorry I forgot to form a team …" Cheyenne said with a smile.
God waved his hand as if he didn’t care. It was exciting to look at the ice giant’s explosive equipment and stare at Cheyenne as if his face had a photo.
"Now that I have the experience and equipment, it belongs to you," Cheyenne said.
It was obviously the first time that NengShen participated in the killing of BoSi, the BM. He went over and picked up the ground equipment. After reading it, he was excited and said, "The blue weapon of the ice giant’s ice hammer broke out!"
"Don’t you have a guild? Why don’t you come to our pig ring association … "Cheyenne’s voice did not fall when he suddenly received a unified statement saying that someone was attacking him!
"Zunbao finally let us catch you. You are dead this time!" A player shouted and said
Cheyenne twist a head angry way "I have been enemies with you? I don’t have any thin silk. What do you have to hit me for? "
"Killing you in our eyes is better than killing Thin Silk!" The player resented and shouted, "Brothers, God opened our eyes and finally let us meet Zunbao again. Today will be our day of revenge!"
"ha? Do we really have enemies? " Cheyenne really froze. He really can’t remember when he offended this player named Sword Sky Breaker.
The sword gnashed its teeth. "Don’t you remember?"
Cheyenne scratched his head and said, "Wake up."
Jian skyshatter seems confident in killing Cheyenne. Tan Xing said, "Show you the black fox king in Tarasi novice village!"
Cheyenne suddenly remembered and suddenly realized, "So it’s you. Haven’t seen you for a long time, are you okay? Are your parents okay? " Sword skyshatter and others are playing haha, but Cheyenne has already secretly given the escape instruction to NengShen.
Jian skyshatter, they all know what they want to do. Cheyenne is not afraid of them if he has his own words, but it is another matter to bring a drag bottle to myth.
God almighty, though stubborn, was not stupid, and he trusted his idol, the Great Devil, and immediately turned around and ran away after Cheyenne’s instructions were given.
Sword skyshatter sneer at a wave of his hand and said to the two players, "Go after him and kill him."
Cheyenne looked at Nai Nai, the fleeing God, sighed, gave up the idea of slaying these things with eyes open, and decided to go to rescue Nai Nai, the God of Energy, and rushed directly towards the sword!
The battle began, and Cheyenne made a gesture of being determined to kill the sword. When the sword broke, Cheyenne was shocked and unbelievable. "He has a purple weapon in his hand!"
"Ha ha know much? Brother, this is the first purple weapon in China! " Cheyenne arrogance extremely call way

Xu Sirui explained, "I don’t know why Brother Yin gave me medicine, but this thing was actually brought in. You can take one first to relieve pain."

The small medicine bottle is almost full. After all, the medicine just arrived in his hand and it didn’t take long to consume much.
Qin Sang also don’t polite to him, stuffed a terrier neck pharynx in the mouth.
"This game NPC? How did you get us involved without showing up? " Zhong Yan nao nao head muttered
Looking around, there is a rich and vast grass color, and there is no living thing except them.
Far and wide
And … It seems windy?
The tall grass leaves sway slightly as if they were alive.
"This is not the same as before." Fang Yin put his fingertips on the swinging blade of grass, feeling that it was not sharp, and the blade of grass slid over the palm of his hand, itching, trying to judge the chaotic wind direction. He looked at everyone’s eyes and remained silent for more than two seconds, then moved away without trace.
He turned his eyes back to Qin Xu and said, "Let’s say for the time being that the vortex door leading to the environment in each game environment rotates clockwise and is not as attractive as this time, but this time the vortex rotation direction is counterclockwise. I guess …"
Fang Yin paused and then said, "What did Qu Youyou do?"
"Music leisurely? Is she that big? We all come in together, so many people are still confused about how she can know so much about the dreamland. How can the dreamland be her home? "Zhong Yan waved and felt that Fang Yin was a little too demonized and long-winded.
But as he spoke, his voice gradually dropped to a stupefied look, and Fang Yin didn’t look very good.
After he joined the Seven Killings, Ji Du cooperated with Lu Li and Xu Sirui in the dreamland and Qu Youyou. When he acted together, there were not many two people whose goals were inconsistent, so it was difficult to get together.
It suddenly occurred to him that the woman who had contacted Qu Youyou several times really mastered the dreamland.
Zhong Yan was silent.
After half a ring, the words "It’s not impossible" were suppressed.
Fang Yin just wanted to say something about Qin Gui and Zhong Yan, but suddenly his face changed and he stood sideways in front of them.
"Someone" Qin Yougui said.
Not necessarily a person, to be exact.
As soon as Qin Xugui’s voice fell, they felt the ground shaking. It seemed that something was leaning towards them.
Half-man tall grass leaves also stagger up.
That root is not due to the wind.
It’s the high-speed movement of that thing that drives the airflow
How big is this?
Fang Yin’s face was black and his muscles were tense.
It’s not a monster
But a rabbit
Except for being bigger, it seems to be the most common kind of rabbit
Except big.
This rabbit can beat ten squares, and its size is more than three times as high as theirs. No wonder it makes them feel that the ground is shaking when they run.
The giant rabbit was not aggressive, and even when it was near them, it was startled by the sudden fire in generate in Qin Sang’s hand.
The rabbit confronted each other for a moment. The rabbit suddenly turned around and aimed his ass at several people. His ears were soft and he stuck them behind his back. His red eyes looked back and looked at them affectionately.
And then …
Shake its fat ass.
See people face a red.
This little rabbit, uh, no, this giant rabbit doesn’t seem to be as delicious as a former NPC
Its limbs are moving to print what information they are sending.
"You want us to … go to your back?" Fang Yin carefully leaned over and gently caressed the rabbit’s soft fur and tentatively asked
The giant rabbit has a gentle temper
When Fang Yin touched it, it didn’t listen to him at all. The rabbit must have looked at him for two seconds and shook with excitement, bending down even lower.
I don’t seem to understand its meaning correctly
Fang Yin spread her wings and landed firmly on its back. Seeing that the rabbit was motionless and didn’t mean to resist, she looked down at Qin Zuo and returned to them. "I’ll bring you."
Take one at a time.
Qin Hui’s return and Zhong Yan’s improper printing tape can go on their own.
After a few trips, everyone settled down on the rabbit’s back
Fang Yin once again lamented that the rabbit was huge.
They don’t feel crowded at all on its back, which shows that its back is wide.
Hardly had they sat still when the rabbit suddenly moved.
It jumped too suddenly, and a few people caught the rabbit’s back fluff in the turbulence to stabilize themselves. Qin Sang had a wound in his left arm and almost flashed from the rabbit’s back with one hand and was dragged back by Zhong Yan’s load.
The rabbit moved quickly and took them across the vast grassland all the way to a huge iron gate.
Then he turned in from the gap in the iron gate and ran along Shier Road.
What I saw along the way was ridiculously big. For example, they gradually turned white. Maybe it was not that the rabbit was too big, but that they all became smaller. Everything became huge for them.
What is this?
Alice in Wonderland? Or lilliput?
The rabbit jumped up the steps and got in through the door left unlocked. The room was dark and the piano came from the floor intermittently.
The rabbit stopped at the edge of the table leg and shook a few people.
"It seems to be a sign for us to go." Zhao Ganyin timidly looked back at a few people at the edge, and she immediately bowed her head without panic.
When she suddenly spoke, several people didn’t react at the moment.
The rabbit shakes again.
This time, Zhao Gan didn’t speak again. He hung his head and clutched Mao Mao on the rabbit’s back.
Xu Sirui easily understood that her mood was bright, and there was something in the fox’s eyes. Then she turned to look at Fang Yin and said, "She said it makes sense."

But Qiye’s burning treasure really tells his origin.

How do you know that the word burning treasure can call her like this if you are not an acquaintance in previous lives? Even the tone is as gentle as Brother Ye in the past.
But at this time, if the king of Jin is seen by others who are familiar with him, he is afraid to be surprised. He is slightly bent over to look at the little girl in front of him, and her eyes are as gentle as spring in March and she is overwhelmed with joy.
"It’s my burning treasure. I remember your uncle and aunt Yiqing Boyuan Hanyuan. We used to live in Fencheng Yiyang living area, and the network video phone …" He casually chose a few things from past lives, and Tao’s burning eyes became more and more shiny and excited to say that they were like a sign.
"It’s very kind of you Ye Ge" Tao Zhuo grabbed his sleeve and looked up excitedly. "Did you just remember? The first time I saw you in Nanyuan Taolin, you still pushed me. "
She complained of injustice.
Qiye eye dew remorse "I’m sorry, burning, I didn’t recover my memory at that time. It was this coma that I remembered my past life." Seeing the little girl wronged Baba, he consciously rubbed his head and realized that her head was covered with a beautiful little pull, and a small black hair, gold and silver thread, embroidered with Hosta flowers.
Tao Zhuo took the initiative to put his head into his palm. "Ye Ge, I was really you at that time, but later I felt that it was the same as my parents. They didn’t have the same memory as me, so I thought that I wouldn’t know you in the future. It’s great that you came back."
She looked at his thin cheeks, which was much thinner than the one she met at her grandparents’ house. It turned out that his coma was due to his memory recovery.
Qiye caught the focus in her words and asked, "You mean your parents …"
"Oh, that is, they look exactly like previous lives, but they don’t have memories of previous lives," she explained. "Yes, I was born with memories. Maybe I forgot to drink Meng Po Tang." She joked, "Now there are more Ye Ge. Although you just recovered your memory, how did you suddenly recover it?"
Tao Zhuo looked at him curiously with a puzzled face.
Qiye’s eyes are weird. Looking at her chubby cheeks when she was the same age as the world, "I probably met you more times and triggered a memory point."
I can’t tell her that every time I see you, he will have a terrible headache and feel strange in his dreams, and finally he will simply come into a coma to restore his memory.
Although he was vague, Tao Zhuo was in a happy mood, but he noticed that he had brought some small pride. "Oh, it turned out that it was my credit. I must have had past memories. It was also the first time we met in Nanyuan Peach Blossom Forest. If I had known that this would restore your memory, I should have called you earlier, but I didn’t know that the current King of Jin turned out to be Ye Ge." And she was still very uncomfortable at that time
Then I was confused. "But I don’t see my parents recover some past life memories every day. Brother Ye, you only met a few times before you recovered."
"Isn’t that a good thing?" Qiye laughed and said, "Maybe they drank a bowl of Meng Po Tang when they were reborn, but I didn’t drink enough."
"Rational" Tao burning little head looks like the past life, and the heart of the second Jin king is more cheerful.
"Who is the past family in that mansion? I remember Cheng Ningbo’s previous life was different. "
"Hum check is not the same root is not big uncle reincarnation, ok? I’m a cheap big uncle now, but it’s not good for my big brother at all. "Tao Zhuo whined and said something to the king of Jin without hesitation." My big uncle and aunt love and love my big brother. Now this cheap big uncle looks like a house full of concubines. The most important thing is that he has always been bad for his big brother. My big brother is blind! "
She, Tao Yiqing, felt the same way and nodded, but this girl didn’t say that he asked "which house?"
"Oh, just my parents, eldest brother, second brother and third brother, our family are all past lives, and they hurt me as much as before. Although the others are this aristocratic family, my grandmother, elder sister, second sister and third sister are all fine, and my second uncle and second aunt, fourth brother and fifth brother are fine, but I don’t like the fourth sister, fifth sister and those aunts very much."
She lifted the Bofu people out and told them again.
This loss is that Qiye can’t do this if he is an outsider.
Qi Ye felt that Zhuo Bao was pampered and naive compared with her previous life. For example, today she has more experience and maturity, but she is still pure and kind, and her personality is more lively and naughty.
After she finished, she got a general understanding of the situation around her, and Qi Ye also talked about her own situation. "Although I was born in the imperial family, I was raised by my brother and sister-in-law as my own child. It’s good to read with my wife." He paused. "It also made up for my longing for family."
Although he stayed for a moment quickly, Tao Zhuo felt her holding his cool hand lovingly.
You have something to say.
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Chapter 44 Chapter 44
"Brother Ye, don’t be sad. Actually, Uncle Qi is still very concerned about you and loves you. I don’t know that it was no accident when you were in a car accident. It was your stepmother who hurt you. Later, after she was arrested, Uncle Qi particularly blamed herself and failed to see her true face." But let Tao Zhuo say that no matter how much she blames herself, it won’t save Brother Ye’s life. Fortunately, her brother Ye has a lot of luck after being reborn.
Qiye is very calm, "the so-called is a lifetime."
Tao asked earnestly, "So this coma has no harm to your body, right? By the way, I heard that a Taoist saved you. "
"It doesn’t matter if you wake up weak. After all, you haven’t had a serious meal for ten days." Qiye told her the truth, and simply said everything that happened in her sick harem, and Tao Zhuo was crying.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Although Brother Ye is now the only brother of Saint and still loves him very much, the harem and the imperial court are all complicated places, and this is quite confusing.
"Brother Ye, you must be good."
Qiye smiled, but realized another problem and asked solemnly, "KeZhaoBao, how did you come here? It can be said that a family is so neat. "
After Tao Zhuo died, they mourned the earthquake that hit him on his way back and said, "In fact, I don’t know how it ended here."
Maybe it was destined for them to meet?
Where can I guess this fantastic thing, Tao Zhuo?
But that’s not the point. Come and be safe, regardless of the past.
"Ahem …"
Just as the two continued to chat, the courtyard came and coughed deliberately. Listen to the sound of Tao burning and you will know that it is your third brother.
Can Tao Han wake up without coughing for a long time? Even under their noses, the king of Jin won’t do anything to his sister, but the king of Jin really makes them uneasy.
Therefore, the more I think about it, the more I don’t trust Tao Hanyuan, and I quietly moved to the place. It happened that Tao Zhuo and Qi Ye were very close to her sister’s hand, and Qi Ye held it in her hand to detain her hair.
In fact, although Jinger was far away according to the orders of the King of Jin, he was a powerful and protected film TV. Even if he couldn’t hear the sound, he had to let the King of Jin witness two scenes that seemed to hit it off from the beginning in his sight.
Yu was seen by Tao Hanyuan that Qiye was holding Tao’s burning hand, and let Jing Er see that it was Tao’s six girls who went to hold his temple hand first before holding it back.
But Tao Han doesn’t know. He thinks that Qi Ye is not interested in his little sister.
Although there are many people who are engaged to their sister at this time, it is someone else. His sister is still a child.
At this moment, Tao Hanyuan felt that the King of Jin was better than the beast.
He deliberately coughed to interrupt the house.
Where did Tao Zhuo and Qiye know that Tao Han was far away from this idea? They stopped just now and Qiye asked, "Then they know you …"

Chen Shaobai’s heart is horizontal, and the sun’s inflammation mana flows along the meridians, gradually gathering his life J and jīng Hua, and all his strength and feelings converge. He seems to "see" that a round Dan pill emerges in front of his eyes.

Zoom in with J and jīng, and look carefully, where is the pill! It is clearly a rough embryo of a sword with complicated inscriptions!
I am eager for thunder, Xuan Ji, overlapping waves, playing deep in the golden scales, stealing thirteen swordsmanships, and clearing up the mysterious and mysterious tactics …
Each rune represents what he has learned, and this rough sword is his experience of practicing sword so far.
See it, Chen Shaobai also feel a little surprised, for their own struggle and regrets. The rough embryo of this sword is still illusory, not solid, and may dissipate at any time. Chen Shaobai has just given birth to a little distracting thoughts, and it tends to dissipate.
However, since Chen Shaobai chose this time to use the pressure to shock the quenching gas, how could it be easily broken?
"JΟ ng Qi Xian Pupil, help me to gather together, break through Tianyuan, and gather sword species!"
Mana runes flow in my heart, and the dark eyes in the sea suddenly shake, becomijīng more j and ng, closer to perfection and stronger. Two monty flying swords attacked and killed him, but Chen Shaobai didn’t hide or flash, so he took a hard blow with his eyes.
The power of the shock, its own strength, quickly gathered and conducted, like a sledgehammer, beating a red-hot soldering iron, and severely exercised Chen Shaobai’s rough sword. Remove impurities and leave the essence.
Break down, reorganize.
After thousands of tempering, a pure white Se sword emerged, which contains no impurities and is as clean as a piece of rice paper.
A heavy quenching gas, [sword species] territory!
J Ο ng God’s physical mana is condensed into a whole, and the whole person is round and golden, and there is no half of the vitality leaked and dried up. When you make moves, there will be wind and thunder, and the mana quality will be refined and purified, and it will come from the same source and no longer rely on foreign objects. This kind of sword is condensed, which represents Chen Shaobai’s turning all things into immortals and embarking on the road of immortality.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty Fairy clouds vitality!
Chapter one hundred and sixty
"Still want to cut my soul?"
Two handle monty soul sword stubbornly stuck to fly to cut over, Chen Shaobai face a cold se, suo xìng directly let go of the dark eyes, snow-white woven sword shuttle boom will be in the past.
The belief of firm persistence and breaking all obstacles is derived from the sword.
Bang! Bang!
Two crisp sounds remind of the collapse of two monty swords.
Now that the internal troubles have been solved, Chen Shaobai can concentrate on solving foreign troubles.
When he opened his eyes, he saw Zhang Sidong’s face frantically offering sacrifices to burn up his vitality and burst into strength beyond his own limits. He barely attacked Cai Raner at the moment, and it seems that he could be completely destroyed at any moment.
Although Zhang Sidong is a basket case now, and he is bewitched, he burned Shou Yuan, and there is no threat at all, but after all, he left his name on the list of dragons and phoenixes. If he died in the battlefield of the Milky Way, he could not get away from Chen Shaobai, so he reached out a little.
White Se horses practice across the void, and sword pills appear at first sight.
The soul sword of Monty, which has been forbidden to enter the body, was instantly shattered, turned into a product of many negative emotions, such as sin, greed, affection and yin evil, and dissipated in a cosmic vacuum.
Feeling the pressure drop suddenly, Cai Raner looked up with a hint of relief on his picturesque eyes: "Brother Chen!"
Although she didn’t fully express her intention, Chen Shaobai already knew it.
Although monty is not as fragile as human beings, and can be distracted by hundreds of millions of people, it is ubiquitous, but it has been wiped out three times, and the quenching demon named "empty illusion" must have a short period of weakness.
Chen Shaobai is not a defender of five stresses and four beauties, but believes in …
Take advantage of his illness and kill him!
Wind, fire, and black Ri’s great ship moved from the side, temporarily suppressing the illusion of the Heavenly King. Chen Shaobai raised his hand, and the five stars immediately gathered together to form a super sword with indifferent purple light and smoke.
White robe, purple sword, black eyes and huafa. Obstinate and powerful, mysterious and introverted.
Breaking through to the secret realm of quenching gas, a mass of information particles hidden in the sea of knowledge burst out instantly, which became the fourth skill brought to Chen Shaobai by The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man-the fairy wind and cloud vitality.
This magical secret method is still very strange to him now, and it takes a long time to master it completely, but some of the techniques can also inspire him a lot.
Mana gathered feet, transported vanity step, Chen Shaobai figure across a time in the sky, instantly beheaded.
A loud whistling, full of power in the vacuum tumbling, splashing pieces of disintegrated pieces of dark space, empty three magic pupil gleaming, full of negative emotions such as evil, filth and depravity, as if at first glance, it would make J and jīng God collapse.
"It’s just a quenching gas a heavy kid, also want to kill me! You all deserve to die! "
Swelling. Swelling.