Duke seems to be awake. He consciously raised his hand and touched his face before he found that there was no wound at all.

"Hear my words? Duke! You don’t move and then accept me [holy light] "Gavin Rudd turned to glance out of the next room Ilyushia big drink a way" immediately notify Wu Seer to come over! It is best to call antonidas! "
Duke opened his heart, and the massive light rushed into his body and soul.
Inhalation and exhalation
Inhale and exhale, then inhale and exhale.
The original heart beats and the lungs breathe, which is absolutely common for a living person, but for Duke, it is necessary to force the body to move by its own will, and every movement is bound to be accompanied by pain.
Beads of sweat the size of soybeans billowed from every pore in Duke’s forehead, and Vanessa, who was waiting next to him, could not be wiped away even if her skill was faster than agility.
On the contrary, antonidas, the number one human exorcist, came quickly and brought Wu Seer directly to the door.
Fortunately, Duke accepted Gavin Rudd as a bodyguard, and fortunately, several key figures in the league had Duke, and the situation quickly stabilized.
Except Alonso, a group of big shots came to a chilling conclusion after consultation-if we leave Duke alone, he will die in a month with exhausted vitality.
Chapter 46 The Last Hope
Duke will probably die! ?
The league is really shocked these days.
Alonso Fao was once critically ill, which brought only surprise to the league level.
After all, the Holy Light Church has the greatest influence only in Lordaeron and Storm Kingdom. There are Holy Light Churches in other countries, but believers are still in the majority.
When the kings heard the news of Alonso, they said, "I’m sorry to hear that."
But Duke is different.
Almost every king except Aiden, who has already hung up on the king of Outlak, is a soldier. They know very well that it is more straightforward to act boldly than upright. Anduin Losaduk is the one who integrates the countries of the alliance into a glue and command tower.
Terenas Lordaeron is the target of public criticism. Everyone knows that Terenas’ motives are a little impure. It should not be said that Terenas’ intention to be Soladine II is simply well known.
Less troops. That’s the Lordaeron pot.
If you send troops to pay too much, you have to worry about whether Lordaeron’s plot is a condescending charity, and no kingdom is comfortable.
With Duke, kings of all countries are much more comfortable.
The support force, manpower and material resources are absolutely sufficient and on time, and anyone can see that Duke’s killing strategy is the key to the alliance.
If Anduin is the spiritual leader of the League, Duke is the brain of the League, which is second only to Anduin in importance.
Now when the alliance is about to turn into the counter-offensive stage, the news that Duke is dying suddenly comes out. Kings of various countries are really anxious.
Visit the Archbishop of the Holy Light. That’s when the world’s bosses choke, they go to express their condolences one by one.
Where’s Duke?
A state guesthouse almost turned into a throne meeting.
As a result, Duke had to be moved directly to the Royal Palace in Lordaeron. Otherwise, what would it be like for six or seven kings to surround a small state guesthouse?
Even so, even King Dai Lin Proudmoore, who is in charge of the navy, came here on a Griffin, which shows that Duke is very important.
To everyone’s surprise, we saw a Duke with a different face, but we didn’t see a Duke who was dying. His short hair was a little gray like dye, and there was such a handful of silver on his forehead.
Nothing else.
It doesn’t seem to be a big deal. It is all the high-ranking priests and the most influential people who study curses. antonidas told all kings that it was not that simple.
"Now Duke is like a bucket with many holes in it. Every moment, his vitality is lost. Ten days later, you will see a 30-year-old Duke who will be 40 in 20 days and not 50 in a month, but will die directly."
"Is there no way to plug those holes or something?" King Ryan is the most nervous about losing a Duke to others, that is, losing an alliance commander. The main force of the tribe has been almost destroyed. If you are not an idiot, you can win the next battle, which is different from how many lives you lose and how much time you spend.
But for the storm kingdom, the loss is likely to be the cornerstone of the most important kingdom in the next 30 years.
Antonidas shook his head with regret. "A single curse is like a thread wrapped around a ball. Even if it is messy, you can take the thread around the thread. But Duke’s situation is like a bunch of threads of the same color rolled into a ball. I can’t find a clue. This is a hole in the soul level created by different methods from many worlds. I also have the ability. The most important thing is that this is a demigod mage casting a curse …"
The guardian of the world does good deeds. Can a sunrise mage handle it?
Ryan and Anduin are all bitter.
I didn’t expect it to be their dead friend Medivh’s pot after a circle.
The greatest irony in the world is this.
The temperature in the air is gradually sinking, and so is the atmosphere. Almost everyone has a feeling of being breathless.
"Hate Gourdain!" Anduin gnashed his teeth and pounded on the wall.
At this time, it was Duke who said, "The actual situation may not be as serious as you think."
"It’s not serious? Then what is serious? " King Ryan’s eyes were red and his voice broke into tears.
Ryan didn’t cry when he lost his ancestral land.
A symbol of the fall of Stormwind, the Lord of the whole kingdom. Ryan didn’t cry.
Now Duke is dying, and Ryan is crying. It’s only two seconds from the most red eyes to crying.
"Smelly little you are dying now! I was thinking of you helping Varian to reproduce the glory of Storm Kingdom! I was thinking about one thousand don’t make you … "The last word" king "didn’t say Anduin patted Ryan on the shoulder and stopped him.
"Listen to Duke first."
Duke breathed a sigh of relief. "I guess worldly power is ability."

I always feel that it is not reliable at all!

Okabo took a deep look at Zhuang, not far from Zhuang, and the kindness glow was as dazzling as the sun and the moon.
It’s just that I hope he is really a kind manor owner.
Okabo bowed hard and said, "Okabo, the pupil of the manor master’s adult, implores you to be kind …"
Then I gave a big gift with all my heart.
"Good …" Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand to help Okabo, and a message came at this time.
"Congratulations to the cruel manor owner for completing the brutal achievement of’ spending a lot of money’"
"Spending a lot of money on the manor identity card is a rarity that several powerful people desperately pursue, but your cruel manor owner has spent a lot of money on abandoning our shoes. Your local tyrants have deeply stimulated the humble civilians, who have offered their knees …"
"You’ve achieved a cruel goal, and now you’re a cruel manor owner …"
Zhuang talked for a long time as if I lost it and wouldn’t pick it up!
Losing the card is refreshing, picking up the card and crying two lines.
Those who don’t meet the requirements are the ones who pick up the manor identity card and can pick it up everywhere by themselves not far from the manor.
I spilled my identity card from the fifteenth floor and it floated everywhere. When did I have to pick it up?
Yu is cruel again. I’m used to it not far from Zhuang. What is this? Cruel is cruel!
Cruel or merciful, I am still myself.
Not far from Zhuang, I haven’t finished worrying yet. As soon as I turned my face, I saw that Okabo was gone.
"Where’s Okabo?" Not far from Zhuang, I wonder if Laura nai stretched out her hand and pointed to the ceiling.
Zhuang looked up not far away and saw Okabo sticking to the ceiling like a frightened cat.
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly feel that it is no wonder that the third pupil can become the sworn enemy of the Samsonians!
This flying skill is worse than Zhao Min’s.
How can you be so agile when you are fat as a ball? It’s not easy!
"You really are a … disabled … cruel manor owner!" Gang Bao was frightened. "No … don’t kill me!"
"Come on, don’t look at me like this. I’m really kind." Not far from Zhuang, I felt kindness and kindness. "Kindness" stared at Okabo. Look at my sparkling eyes. Look at my handsome face!
It’s a pity that Okabo was so scared that his eyes and six pupils were out of focus.
I’m so kind. You trust me. You trust me!
Not far from the eye attack, Xiaozhuang was impatient and reached out and ordered Lao Bang to "catch him for me!"
The Nathanians and the Three Pupils have been fighting for centuries …
"I’m sorry to respect the manor master’s adult, please forgive my rudeness …" I took Okabo to take him to visit the manor for a moment and let Liu Jingue sit for him for half an hour. Okabo, an ideological worker, calmed down.
In fact, he mainly found that there was a third-order adult plow cow banyan in the manor, and he could win by himself.
"I’d like to wear armor, if you don’t mind?" Gombo took his front, attracted the attention of the Nathanians, threw away his armor and put it on.
Gloves, wristbands, arm armor, breastplate, leg armor, helmet
Wearing a suit of armor is not far from hou zhuang. I feel like I’m watching a magic show
After wearing all kinds of armor, Okabo pinched his face again and blinked. A handsome little Hu man appeared in front of Zhuang not far away.
Not far from Zhuang "…"
Coach, I want to be handsome, too!
Please give me advice, for example, from a guy with a height of 1.3 meters and a waist of 1.3 meters, walking like a wriggling fat to a handsome guy with a height of 1.5 abdominal muscles!
Don’t become so handsome. Did you ask my permission? I will never allow anyone more handsome than me in this manor!
Zhuang’s heart is slowly moving closer to cruelty!
Do you want to use this guy as fertilizer for Daniel?
Okabo didn’t realize that he was in a crisis. He bowed deeply and made a very elegant ancient gift. "Respect for the manor owner’s adult exile era adventure team’ slime anger’ captain Okabo is loyal to you. Your will is my direction. Your kindness is my sun! Since I have become a manor nursing home, please allow me to protect you personally from today. "
Zhuang is a bit at a loss.
The old boomed up and said, "The three pupils have always been loyal lackeys of the manor. If they were not forced to resist, they would never rebel against the manor. Later, they betrayed the Industrial Party and turned to the manor owners again, almost making the restoration of the manor owners successful. These so-called adventure teams are all over the world looking for the benevolent manor. If you are kind to him, he will become your best bodyguard …"
Is it? Not far away, Zhuang quickly put aside the cruel desire in his heart and replaced it with the kindest smiling face "I accept your loyalty"
"Lord Manor, I beg you to give me a bottle of’ Qubing Wine’ to save my best friend Mr. Cao Xiqing."
Not far from Zhuang wondered, "Qubing wine? What’s that? "
"It’s a kind of medicinal liquor brewed by Li Manor, which can get rid of all diseases. My best friend Mr. Cao Xiqing took me in at the most critical moment and gave me a place to live, but I made him infected with pub disease, which made me sleepless. Even if you don’t look for me, I’m afraid I must come to the manor owner for help!"
Cao Xiqing took you in? Give you a place to live? Are you sure you didn’t move in by force?
Zhuang bu Li Jian Yu
But in a blink of an eye, his attention was attracted by "Qubing Liquor"
"How is this wine brewed?" Zhuang asked not far away
At the same time, the urgent words of the virtual city disease control department rang.
"What? A large-scale flu was found in the west courtyard of Xucheng? I immediately record a "
"What? Did the Second Hospital of Virtual City also find symptoms of pandemic influenza? The number of infected people has exceeded 300? "
"What? Also found in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Virtual City University? "
"The symptoms of this flu infection are very serious, and many patients have had complications."
"The fast emergency report has confirmed that a large-scale epidemic broke out in the virtual city. Please ask the expert group to act quickly and monitor the virus source immediately!"
After hanging up, the staff of the disease control department sighed, "Why come again?"
"Not used to it?" Next to a stout veteran cadre, while flipping through the newspaper, he said, "There will be a big epidemic in other places in three to five years. Our virtual city has a large flow of people, and the foreign population doesn’t come for two or three times a year. Don’t worry, the virtual city disease control experts are the best, and they will definitely be able to control the situation soon."
Chapter 119 This is the strength of big companies!
There is no windtight wall under the sun. Glory Anhe and several consultants discussed the promotion of the Magic Mountain Tunnel in the office. On the second day, Xu, the state group, got the news.
He also heard that Zhou Xiang ‘an’s opinion was rejected by several experts, who were very firm and said that the geological conditions of Phantom Mountain were too complicated for tunnel construction.
Xu has done a lot of homework on the magic mountain tunnel. He knows that the geological conditions of the magic mountain are not good
However, a large company like the State Construction Group has long been familiar with this problem.

The first wave of confrontation between the two sides did not occupy the wind, but the black-clad elephant was more concerned that the golden heavenly heart went to the gods to detect the position of the other side, but it suddenly came to an abrupt end.

The black elephant suddenly felt a black in front of her eyes, and her consciousness turned very dizzy. In her heart, she heard a louder sound than thunder and sky collapse.
"the spirit of separation of yin and yang is absolutely"
The statue in black trembled, and he felt that he was going to be divided into two individuals, and the sacred momentum of the heavens behind him suddenly became shorter, and his breath was flowing to these shapes and gods, making them seem to be separated from themselves to form independence.
Jin guang Tian Xin yin is indifferent
"I said that some kung fu is really’ a little’"
"I, Confucianism, also understand Taoism, which is a common thing in ancient times. Although you are a Taoist, you are not physically robbing others of everything. Here, the acquired state inherits the change of the separation of Yin and Yang in Tianzi, and your body is vividly displayed. Once you separate this yin and Yang, you will disappear. This is spiritual extinction."
"For example, God will split and form, and God’s wishes will split into wishes and thoughts will split into intentions and aspirations. This is my understanding of Yin and Yang, Confucianism and Yin and Yang."
"Everything is made up of Yin and Yang, even if it is a congenital one, so Yin and Yang are born in chaos instead of chaos. Yin and Yang are the two that construct the return of chaos. It is a kind of progress to return to nature, and it is also a kind of progress. Yin and Yang are eternal and have no entity, but they actually affect the world."
"In ancient times, there was no secret in amityville horror’s word-making in Cangjie, and all kinds of things could be composed and solved by words. If a single word was not enough to describe this kind of thing, then more words would be combined to express it, and I, Confucianism, Yin and Yang, would change and reverse this combination, then this kind of thing would return to an indescribable hole state, and the world would not know its name and it would die."
The statue in black looked at the sacred heavens behind her and found that they all seemed to give birth to self-will, except for self-will, Xuanwu, white face and Zhenwu, and all of them were abnormal.
Their eyes become more agile.
They are full of vitality.
"You and I separate the Yin and Yang forces and then use the hands of the three officials … not through my destiny, but through all things!"
The black-clad elephant looks gloomy. At present, the Confucian heavenly heart is beyond the previous observation, but Daoyi can’t be easily erased. So for a moment, the years shine around the black-clad elephant’s body.
Brother Jade Qing is powerful, but he didn’t reach the state of mind before going back to the past. But now he is naturally occupied by Qingyang, and he has the magical power of Jade Qing. The state of black elephant goes back to being influenced by the three officials, and everything is torn down again.
"I have a past in my past life, and I fell into the past sword."
The black-clad statue disappeared in this world and then went back to the past, waving a broken magic male sword, so the past and the future influenced each other. The gods in the hands of the three officials and the emperor were once again folded into a golden light, and the heavenly heart was once again disappeared!
"In the past … ah, it seems that Dao Yi, you still have a little lead me. You can’t make this trick."
The present body is the past body, the present body disappears, and the past body will never make a mistake again, so that the present body will always swing from the past.
The future will continue to be detrimental.
[Success or failure depends on living and moving, but it will change if you don’t stop]
[It is also called "suffering from this condition"]
Once again, the voice rang in the heart of the black elephant, and even though it was a moment ago, the black elephant was suddenly hit hard!
Yin and Yang tear the black elephant and immediately go back to the past, but every time I go back to the past, the tearing force of Yin and Yang will last forever!
"Once life is born, there is physical harm, and the disaster is already hidden. In other words, there are achievements and failures, and there is physical suffering, life and death."
"Where there is life, there is death"
"Those who die without dying are called longevity"
"The strength of heavenly heart lies in the fact that death is true for heavenly heart. When can you kill heavenly heart and die? You go back to the past, but in the past, heavenly heart tasted that it was not me?"
"After all, I am the heavenly heart here."
There is no difference between the past and the future, although you can’t really go back to the past, you can still modify the past in black. The elephant in black jumps over to kill himself in the future, but the past and the future are all his own. If he kills himself once, he can modify it once.
Tianxin’s killing Tianxin is rooted in killing this "heart"
If the sky is vast and the world is full of thoughts, and the world circulation can replace the heavenly heart, it has absolute control over the secret and cause and effect. The past, that is, the future, can be reflected in the past. When I say that the past hurts the future, it will never hurt!
"What about Tao?"
"I understand that Confucianism, Taoism and alchemy have three teachings, and I may understand Taoism better than you."
Black Ji Xiang is suddenly gushing out of Hongyun without words.
Seven red clouds ascended into the sky, but turned into darkness. A blue sheep appeared distorted from the body. When this blue sheep appeared, all Taoism stopped rotating, and Yin and Yang were no longer separated. I wished to restore the past and the future to return to one again, and a twelve-phase Taiji diagram emerged around me.
Everything in the world has been destroyed and turned into a state of order, and the past and the future have been revealed.
"hmm? Disrupt the operation of Tao, but even Tao Tianxin remains. "
Jin Guang Tian Xin Yin has some doubts, but there is no mood fluctuation.
The black image of Ji Xiang is a sneer.
"As will not die can die die? There is still a way. "
"Ah …"
The black-clad elephant has a lisp.
There used to be a magic spell that could cut off the heavenly heart. After inheriting everything from the image of Ji, the image of Ji in black naturally knew the magic spell, and the image of Ji could not be cast differently.
Of course, Daoyi himself can display it with the help of Lingbao Buddha!

Lin Yue’s beater looked back at the bakery.

This shop is the most square in that row of apartment buildings
Will there be any other export categories? Wait a minute. Isn’t everything in the secret world loaded? How about the wall?
With this in mind, Lin Yue gently retreated to the store and put the sheepskin on the ground and greeted Xiaobai with a piece of wood.
"poof-poof?" Xiao Bai can’t understand the master this time. What is this for?
The bakery is gloomy, but it seems quite spacious inside. Lin Yue gently searched around and found that it did not lead to the stairs on the second floor.
Holding a hand tube, Lin Yue didn’t forget to search all kinds of things all the way to the kitchen oven. He just collected an oven and accidentally found a rusty metal door.
Door? Is it the way to the rear? Luck seems good.
I was wondering if I should try to include the back wall, but now it seems that it can’t be rooted.
"Poof Ji" Xiao Bai signaled that there was no danger behind the door. Lin Yue’s hand touched the goalkeeper and earned it.
A light instantly entered the dark kitchen, and Lin Yue also leaned against the wall and waited for a short time before he stepped into the tall grass behind the house.
"There are a lot of cars behind this apartment building." There is a parking lot behind the apartment building. Large and small cars are parked here, but most of them are rusty.
The volume of cars is not large. Lin Yue calculated that it is smaller, about three cubic meters, and larger, just four or five. For his current 42 cubic meters, it is no problem to put six or seven cars except some necessary things.
But even if you want to do this, you have to remove the danger first.
So go around to the front or just leave?
I’m afraid I can’t. Lin Yue looks ahead, and behind this apartment building is a vast expanse of land. It seems that he wants to build something. It seems that cement has paved a considerable area. Further on, there is a road that is not wide. Although there are trees, it is much more sparse.
If you want him to go forward and meet any enemy or the enemy behind you, there is no way to hide. It would be sour if he was attacked from front to back.
What’s more, regardless of this broad undertaking, it is also the best attack place for those monster pterosaurs.
Seems to be able to bypass the building and go back and fight those people? Or …
Lin Yue looked around a circle and suddenly found an escape staircase at the end of the building.
"Small white attention alert" Lin Yue will take off the exoskeleton and wear the bone armor and run quickly.
He could hear what the people in front were shouting, but it didn’t matter anymore.
I hope this metal escape staircase won’t rot for decades.
Lin Yue called Xiaobai, one person and one pet, and kept climbing to Lin Yue. Although the stairs are full of rust marks, they seem to be quite strong. Every pedal is thick and there is nothing deformed.
Climbed all the way to the 12th floor, and Lin Yue went straight to the roof.
The wind on the roof is stronger than the surface, and it is covered with all kinds of rusty machines. There is even a water tower that is not too small.
However, the water tower has been completely damaged, and there are many things like feces on the surface.
Lin Yue didn’t step into this rooftop with a horse, but took a piece of sheepskin cover and slowly moved to the edge and looked around.
A pile of coke with a strong smell came into view and the shouting seemed to continue.
What the hell are these people doing? Why do we have to fight to the death?
Lin Yue said no, Sister Li.
He shook his head and aimed the crossbow at the ground from the roof.
Condescending, he has the advantage!
Chapter 124 Give them the last lesson in life!
Rooftop breeze bursts
Lin Yue and the little white head covered with sheepskin quietly waited for the opportunity.
He aimed at the ground with an alloy crossbow in his hand, while Xiaobai continued to be alert to danger.
Lin Yue also has regrets.
This place is less than 30 meters from the ground, but he hasn’t been here several times, and he hasn’t seen the ground almost vertically.
He was glad that he didn’t have acrophobia, which made acrophobia patients die instantly.
He moved from the bakery to this high place, and he almost took advantage of it. Otherwise, the small bakery that was blocked might be in a great passive position if the other party sprinted.
The sight scorched the body of the monster pterosaur, smoking plumes of smoke, but the former propagandist still didn’t stop, and it even meant to intensify.
Moreover, there is more than one sound, one is that he can’t understand, and the other is English.
Is there anyone else? How many people are there altogether, or is this a large group of people?
With too little information, Lin Yue can guess by some clues now.
The alloy tactical crossbow is taut, and the crossbow keeps firing at any time. He is also waiting for the moment when the enemy can’t help but rush out.
People don’t attack me, I don’t commit crimes. If these people leave him after a verbal attack, there is no need to do anything to them.
We’re all earthlings. Why do we have to fight to the death?
Lin Yue upholds the principle that everyone should be peaceful without interfering with each other, but if the other side wants him dead, then he will never be soft.
The first three marauders are the best examples. Which one got away alive?

Su Li nodded and was touched. "Thank you for your adult cultivation," he said, riding a black wind carving and sitting on Zhu Gaozhi’s back.

I thought that if I suddenly attacked at this time, I would succeed in nine times out of ten, but the location here is not suitable. A stone blow is bound to disturb the surrounding patrolmen and cause big trouble.
Zhu Gao Zhihe wants to find a place that is absolutely hidden, and Su Li also knows that he won’t ride here very obediently.
I also have some expectations for him to go to the ancient ruins.
Empathy If you are Zhu Gaozhi and want to move some mysterious ability to seize possession, you must find an absolutely hidden place where people can’t find it, so ancient ruins are the best place.
In all likelihood, Zhu Gaozhi’s statement that he brought himself into the ancient ruins was true, not deceptive.
Of course, after entering the ancient ruins, it is not to help yourself to make a breakthrough, but to find a suitable hidden place to seize your body.
It is not surprising that Zhu Gaozhi can know some ancient ruins when the top of these bases has broken the boundary and has been constantly honed.
Zhu Gaozhi doesn’t have too many thoughts in his heart at the moment. After all, Su Li is also a 15-level newcomer, and he has a 5-level difference with himself. Isn’t it just casual to hold him as a newcomer?
Zhu Gaozhi did Sarah laugh and thought that Su Li was still very grateful to himself at the moment, knowing that he had concealed three talents for him, and now he is taking him to the ancient ruins to help him break through the promotion. It is estimated that he has regarded himself as his patron and the most respectable predecessor at the moment.
With Zhu Gaozhi’s command, the black wind eagle fluttered into the sky and flew half with two people in an instant.
The black wind carving is very fast, and Zhu Gaozhi commands to fly to the north.
It’s the first time for Su Li to look down from the top for half a year. All the land is flooded, and almost no large land can be seen. Many small pieces of monster nests like floating islands can be seen.
These monster nests are scattered all over the place.
It’s wonderful to be in the half line of sight and look down, and it’s very easy to find the monster’s nest
"This flying mount is great. We have to find a way to get one."
Su Li envied him, but he was afraid to play it for the time being.
After all, if Zhu Gaozhi is killed by himself, riding his black wind carving will inevitably arouse the suspicion of the base.
Zhu Gaozhi took Su Li riding a black wind sculpture and flew for nearly an hour, all the way north, at least 100 kilometers from Shoude City, before finally landing.
Su Li arrived in vain.
Fang is a vast body of water, and at first glance there is nothing.
It’s just seven o’clock in the morning, and the black wind carving soon landed at a height of only thirty or forty meters above the water.
"Let’s go," said Zhu Gaozhi, taking the initiative to turn over and fall from this black wind carving back.
Su Li took a deep breath gently, showing that the equipment covered her body and followed closely.
Zhu Gaozhi showed a set of metallic monarch equipment, which was shrouded in golden brilliance, and he appeared to be majestic and fell into the water, and waved at the half-black wind sculpture at the same time.
The black wind carving immediately flew away into the distance.
He and Su Li have similar ideas. Once he has captured Su Li’s body, the black wind carving can’t be used for the time being, otherwise it will inevitably arouse suspicion in the high-level ears of the base.
Zhu Gaozhi never doubted the IQ of executive adults.
This time, I was able to fool him completely because I was too hidden. He never thought that I actually had the ability to move my soul away from me. I didn’t think about it, but if I suddenly found myself in the dead zone and disappeared, Su Li was riding a black wind sculpture that I used to mount, so I didn’t doubt it.
The black wind eagle flew towards the distance and soon disappeared. Zhu Gaozhi was shrouded in golden light and sank into the water. Su Li followed closely and the two men continued to sink.
With the continuous sinking, Su Li found that a large number of green algae plants were floating in the water, and the more algae there were, the more dense they were, and there was a faint fish-like shadow shuttling through Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern", which immediately captured these 12-level ordinary beasts, the black-scaled fish beasts.
They may have been frightened by Zhu Gaozhi’s golden splendor, and they all fled from their roots and dared not approach.
Su Li saw in his eyes and thought that this is about the coercion of the level 2 super strong.
Compared with Zhu Gaozhi, who is covered with golden splendor, his body is covered with dragon attribute equipment, and the surface also has a halo. This water exudes a soft light, which is far less dazzling and blazing than Zhu Gaozhi’s equipment.
Soon Su Li saw a lot of green algae and a pile of black rocks.
A large number of black rocks piled up into a stone mound, the surface of which was covered with green algae. Zhu Gaozhi waved the golden light with his right hand, and the waves in the water quickly covered the surface of this pile of black rocks with green algae, showing a deep pit inside.
Zhu Gaozhi made a gesture toward Su Li and then drew toward this deep pit.
When Su Li saw this, he realized that this pile of black rocks should be the entrance to the ancient ruins.
He silently followed Zhu Gaozhi behind him. Once he entered the ancient ruins, it meant that Zhu Gaozhi could do it for himself at any time. His nerves immediately tightened and he was in the highest alert state. The third talent has been quietly launched and triggered at any time.
Su Li followed Zhu Gaozhi into the deep pit in this pile of black rocks, just like passing through a black passage. Suddenly, the deep pit brightened at the moment, and the two of them had entered a square stone room about 20 meters vertically and horizontally.
There is no water in this square stone room, and you can breathe and talk freely. At the end of the stone room, there is a stone door with a light curtain on its surface, which will seal it up.
Su Li can see at a glance that this light curtain is a seal crystal, which should be Zhu Gaozhi’s stay to seal it against being intruded by outsiders and gain the benefits in this relic.
Zhu Gaozhi finally entered the ancient ruins and breathed a sigh of relief. When he got here, he was not afraid of being peeped by outsiders. This is an ideal place to start work.
In my heart, I immediately had a plan to plot against Su Li, but I converged on my face. The golden helmet smiled gently and confused Su Li. "This is the ancient heritage …"
As he spoke, he quietly moved his strength to prepare for the surprise attack on Su Li.
Halfway through the conversation, I suddenly realized that something was wrong

Not far from Zhuang, I took the information from Zhou Xiangan’s hand. Look at the serious face of Anna’s gray hair in Glory, and I can’t help but be a little secretly pleased.

People are social creatures, everyone has his own position, but everyone’s position is never in direct proportion to his own ability, but more or less in proportion to certain characteristics of his body.
Not far from Zhuang, it seems that Zhou Xiang’ an is the type he admires most. From the day he first met Glory’ an, Zhuang had an ambition not far away, that is, to bring Zhou Xiang’ an in.
Today, not far from Zhuang, my dream finally came true.
And Zhou Xiang’ an didn’t let him down, so he presided over the earth planner after returning to work.
At this time, not far from Zhuangfang, several schemes are very mature.
Zhuang looked through it not far away and asked Zhou Xiangan, "Uncle Zhou, which one do you think is the most feasible?"
"The plan of in-situ reconstruction in all States is the highest. After all, it is difficult to leave the homeland, but it is no longer feasible."
"The offset projection scheme is to rebuild all the States according to their original geographical relative positions. This scheme is also supported by many people, but it also has some disadvantages."
"Some people suggest rearranging, for example, dividing some States that used to be feuds and conflicts with each other to reduce the earth conflict. It looks beautiful, but the fact is meaningless. Conflicts always happen and some States are not very popular. Everyone is reluctant to get close to them … and some States are too popular."
Such as the current state
Moreover, the present technology has reshaped the concept, and it doesn’t make sense to be near or far.
Zhuang nodded not far away. Now the sugar ball factory in the manor supports steel doors with almost exhausted resources. All isolation has lost its meaning.
"So I personally support this plan … Hundred Cities and Thousand Towns Plan …"
"The original ruins rebuilt 100 largest and most important cities and built 10 super-large cities. In addition, 1,000 functional towns were restored. Everyone temporarily arranged 1,000 small towns to live according to their origin. All cities stripped their residential properties from the current cities, and only the administrative, commercial, industrial and educational centers built various large-scale facilities … His population flow was relatively closed, and control was strengthened to create a relatively closed and stable living and living environment."
Not far from Zhuang, Zhou Xiangan was tongue-tied. This plan is really too radical.
Changed the living environment and habits of human beings from the root.
In the past, everyone squeezed their heads and squeezed into big cities to enjoy more resources and a better life.
Is this good or bad? Zhou Xiangan, an important official in the world’s largest city, must have a deeper understanding than Zhuang.
But now everyone has been pulled back to the horizontal line, and the big cities have occupied more and more resources, and the characteristics have been erased.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Residential workers and others say that this can be said to redefine the human way of life, and what changes will it bring?
But on second thought, it seems to be similar to the manor. The whole manor is completely separated from work because of the trail.
A large number of steel doors can ensure that the distance between two points on the earth is not more than half an hour, which is enough to undertake the responsibility of manor trails.
Now the earth has more than one billion people, and the plan of 100 cities and 1,000 towns can be fulfilled.
Even if there are any omissions in this plan, the manor has enough ability to control the situation and change the plan.
"Then do it," Zhuang said.
Zhou Xiangan hesitated instead. "Do you really want this plan?"
"This plan is for you to come out," Zhuang said.
Xiang-an zhou nodded his head.
He must have been brewing such radical and bold ideas for a long time.
"Then do it. I believe you." Zhuang said not far away.
He took the tablet in his hand and reached forward with a stroke.
This scheme is projected on the magic turtle back, and the earth projection lights up one by one.

Everyone sees the same picture. They don’t know if it’s more than a dozen different rooms, but the furnishings are the same. Those people are not their teammates, but the families of the dark side sent them to change the ninja or some of them are stone dummies.

Naruto and impatience. He shouted opposite Shu Mao and opposite Sasuke, but Shu Mao and Sasuke seemed to be dead, and they didn’t respond. Naruto’s eyes were foxed and his face and beard became thicker! Naruto tried to break the cage, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make any chakra, as if he were sealed.
As impatient as Naruto, and the tooth fell outside the cage because of Akamaru, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t reach Akamaru, and there was blood flowing out of Akamaru’s mouth, which made the tooth even more anxious.
Ningji and Ueda wanted to look around the machine with a dirty look, but it’s a pity that now they can’t use a little chakra.
Every day, I kicked the cage naively until my feet hurt and I squatted down. Now she has no sense of security! I am afraid every day.
When Sasuke woke up, he also found himself being caught up and saw those companions who fell to the ground and didn’t know what to do. chakra sat quietly and worked, but no matter how hard he tried, he felt a little chakra. He didn’t know that his chakra had been sucked away by the cage.
Also very calm, there are two people, Lu Maru Zhinai, and the other one is also very calm, that is, Ding Dingji also took out several bags of food from his glove bag and ate it on the spot in this way to suppress his fears.
Inoue Shi woke up long ago, but Inoue didn’t believe it was true because he saw a lot of blood flowing out of the opposite tree Mao and the smell of blood was in her nose. As soon as Inoue thought of going to that cottage for the first time, she thought of watching the scene at that time. She was very afraid of Inoue, just like seeing those bleeding corpses at that time. Inoue wanted to escape, but this place was a place where she could escape. Inoue chose to pretend to sleep to paralyze herself!
At the moment, the most rewarding is KINOMOTO SAKURA, whose strength is at the bottom. KINOMOTO SAKURA is very happy to learn medical skills because his body skills and endurance are very weak. What does KINOMOTO SAKURA say is rewarding? It’s simple because KINOMOTO SAKURA found out that some people in his cage were not breathing. What does this say? These people who are not breathing are corpses? Some people still breathe, but that’s normal people’s standard breathing. After the ups and downs, it doesn’t look like injuries, serious injuries and other diseases. KINOMOTO SAKURA quickly judged that all the people in this cell were fake, so he sat in the prison very calmly
The last one is Xiao Li, which is different from others. Now Xiao Li’s condition is quite bad, because Xiao Li has been tied to a column and has suffered some torture. Those people gave Xiao Li a whip without saying a word. It is very simple that Xiao Li resisted when he was stunned in this cage during the process of being restrained, and then the people around him got angry on the spot and tied Xiao Li up directly without saying anything. Now Xiao Li can be said to be raw. To be continued.
Chapter 7 Trial of KINOMOTO SAKURA’s Choice
"Be honest and tell me how on earth you found our village and what is going to destroy so many of our villages!" A man with a whip in his hand whipped Xiao Li and yelled at Xiao Li!
This face has a long scar and a face of hair (beard and long hair). It looks particularly fierce and has a very strong figure. Although it is still a long way from Xiao Li, when he speaks, he spits out spittle and splashes Xiao Li’s face. Xiao Li feels an abnormal stench, and he immediately feels a thread in his nose and stomach.
Retching along while xiao li glared at him "little ye just don’t like you mountain bandits that zha ground? Young master, I just want to kill you inhuman animals! " Then he vomited blood in his mouth to the scar face.
There’s a situation in KINOMOTO SAKURA, because KINOMOTO SAKURA has obviously discovered that those people are fake places. KINOMOTO SAKURA is very calm. When she thinks of Shumao’s abnormal human training measures, she immediately knows that this is also an examination place. When KINOMOTO SAKURA saw those people coming to prepare for her trial, KINOMOTO SAKURA said the first thing.
"The elder brother of the tree mau? Take me there! "
Sure enough, the two men were immediately stopped by KINOMOTO SAKURA’s bombing. At this time, KINOMOTO SAKURA suddenly smiled at the eyebrows. At this moment, the two men didn’t know that they were fooled by this Xiao Ni! One of the men beat a stone wall to show that he seemed sorry 2.
At this time, Shu Mao came in with Meimei with Xiao Bury. Shu Mao’s first sentence was
"How did you know about this training plan?"
"I observed that the people in those cages are not our people at all. Some people don’t even have heartbeats. Some people are bleeding around them. It really smells like blood, but his breathing is exactly the same as that of normal people. He is not a weak and seriously injured patient. Although his people are injured, you should know that we are children. How can children not moan when they are most afraid of pain? Even crying won’t feel strange! But, uh, they’re all dozing off. Am I right?
Besides, I’ve seen this cage without sound insulation, but they can’t hear me. Isn’t that strange?
Finally, I just tested them and they were blown out by me, so I decided that this was just an assessment. "
"Very well, in view of the fact that you are the first to find the problem here, you don’t attend this assessment and I will give you full marks directly!
Of course, now I can give you a second choice, that is, you should rescue those teammates.
The former is that you can’t tell them that these are assessments, and you can’t even hint that they are assessments. At the same time, during the assessment process, our people will secretly stare at you and ask you to do something bad, so you will be out. If the other people are out, you will be divided with them.
But if you want to save them, then you can get full marks for all those people you save, and you will have a try after the examination.
KINOMOTO SAKURA, what choice are you going to make now? "
"then what can I get if I continue to participate?"
"It’s very simple. This cell will come out. You can walk around the base at will, but if you are caught by those guards, you are still out!"
"How so?"
"You know, if you take part in it, it’s a secret rescue. We know it, but we won’t say anything because of the principle of confidentiality. Those guards outside certainly don’t know your identity, so if they catch you, you’re a failure! To be honest, the risk is quite high. You should choose to rest directly instead of tossing. "
"Well, I understand. Does that mean that if I attend, I can find a way to save them myself? Without help? "
"That’s true!"
KINOMOTO SAKURA gritted his teeth and thought for half a day to take part in the conversation, which is not good for himself, but also has the risk of being found at any time! If you don’t attend, you may still have food to eat, but will you attend?
"I’m in!"
"Really? Are you sure? "
"Well, I’m sure!"
"good! I know! " Shu Mao picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted into it, "This is No.1, this is No.1. When KINOMOTO SAKURA is tried in all cells, KINOMOTO SAKURA will die!"
"Well, after we go out, you can move!
All right, stop it! "The second sentence is obviously to wear a mask Meimei said Meimei didn’t speak. All the cages suddenly disappeared and KINOMOTO SAKURA’s heavy feelings disappeared.
When receiving orders from Shu Mao, all the cells tried KINOMOTO SAKURA and beat KINOMOTO SAKURA. There are two questions: "Who are your planners?"? What will destroy so many of our mountains? "
KINOMOTO SAKURA, who was being interrogated, didn’t say a word. The man on the last side was snorting! "The little girl in charge has become warped!"
"Become warped braid? Drag it to the back hill to feed the wolves! "
As the manager in each cell said, several people immediately put KINOMOTO SAKURA in a bag and prepared to throw it to the back to feed the wolves.

The mysterious woman landed, and when her feet landed, the white bone spider monster had completely broken into a pool of bone residue.

Su Li could not help but take a breath of air conditioning when he saw all this.
Who is this mystery woman? It is so powerful that the first reaction is to move the "third eye" to observe her information.
I don’t want him to just peek at this woman, but I haven’t captured the message yet. The other party suddenly seems to have an induction, and suddenly a wave of his left hand.
Call to a terrorist red light directly lift the ground and instantly to Su Li and Xu Xuehui hiding place.
"How strong!" Su Li was frightened and immediately came up with this idea to launch the sacred field and the third talent with Xu Xuehui to retreat.
Rao is so still unable to be completely overturned by the fiery red light, giving a loud bang, and the sacred field was instantly shattered. He and Xu Xuehui were hit hard on the ground.
As soon as the mysterious woman turns her left hand, she is about to tighten her grip on the fiery light, and Su Li and Xu Xuehui will be swept away and killed suddenly.
Su Li felt the crisis of life and death, and was about to enter the state of sacred enemy, ready to take out the stone tools and fight back. I didn’t want this to contain terrorist energy fluctuations, and the red light suddenly converged. The mysterious woman stopped.
A pair of sharp eyes swept Su Li’s eyes with a hint of disdain.
"It’s a shame that you are not weak but so afraid of death to hide here. If everyone is so afraid of death, the Terran would have died long ago!"
A reprimand scolded Su Li with a face of annoyance, followed by a terrible red light that spread in all directions.
After this woman scolded Su Li, she turned into a fiery red light, which was like a comet breaking through the sky and disappearing in a flash.
She’s very busy. There are too many pauses here. Although she despises Suri, she can also reprimand the old Terran. It’s impossible to kill him with her own hands.
Looking at the mysterious woman disappearing at night, the four-level destroyer looked reverent and then turned his head to look at Su Li with a look of disdain and indignation. "Lord Huang is right. You are really a disgrace to the Terran. Although Brother Qian Fan died, he died of our Terran. He died a glorious death and a great death."
The more he said, the more excited he became. He pointed his hand at Su Li. "Look at your reaction just now, which won’t be much weaker than mine, but you secretly hid here and didn’t dare to shoot. It’s ridiculous. Haha, it’s really a shame on my terran. It’s really a death eater!"
"Brother Guo, let’s go and ignore this deserter who is afraid of death." The first-class guardian knight has already rushed over, and there is some anxious look in his eyes. "I just received the message that the third fortress is tight!"
"good!" This is called Guo Ge’s level-4 destroyer. As soon as he changed his look, he denounced Su Li and immediately turned around and gave a big drink. "Brothers, let’s go and support the third fortress to kill all those animals."
As soon as he screamed and jumped up, he immediately swept away to a distance of 100 meters. Those who were re-encircled killed the Skull King.
Su Li was inexplicably scolded by these people, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled white. They misunderstood, and when they changed their minds, they had two thoughts. One was to pretend to be awakened by their scolding, and now they decided not to shrink back and join them to visit the third fortress with them.
The other is to bear with them and act alone with Xu Xuehui, which is more free.
Looking at the reunion of the skeleton monster Su Li in all directions, he chose the second one.
If you follow them, you will be greatly restricted, and the stone tools will not be easy to take out.
Even if you don’t join them, you can secretly follow and see what the third fortress is and what is going on here after you leave the base area.
Although she was scolded by the mysterious woman Huang Sheng’s adult and the four-level destroyer, Su Li didn’t blame them, but she felt a little shaken in her heart.
"It seems that there is a great crisis here. They are fighting to the death. They see me hiding. I’m afraid of death. That’s why I was scolded, but even so, they restrained themselves from giving me a hand …"
Su Li looked at the four men and quickly rushed to the other side of Skull Island. In the dark night, a dazzling light suddenly lit up again, followed by rumbling thunder and explosion.
There must be a fierce and cruel war at the far end of Sulibai. Look at this scale and momentum, it’s completely different from hunting monsters in Shoude City or attacking cities every night.
From these destroyers, he vaguely felt a tragic wave. They all fought with the belief of death.
There are a lot of skeleton kings in all directions, and it’s like they can’t kill them all, so they will reunite soon.
Su Li took Xu Xuehui by the left hand and took the stone tools out again, then rushed towards the place with the most skeleton monsters.
Chapter 73 The third fortress
Suddenly, a bright divine light shot out sideways and swept out toward these skeleton monsters.
In the terrible burst, a skeleton king was shattered and a large number of spiritual sources surged towards his forehead.
Sensing the message in my mind, Su Li suddenly found that the number of spiritual sources harvested by killing these skull kings and skull kings suddenly decreased by dozens of times as he became a first-class destroyer.
Killing a Skull King before the territory was broken can fully harvest five spiritual sources. Now killing one can actually harvest two.
Killing an elite skull king will yield five spiritual sources.
This blow killed less than 70 skull kings, and as a result, two or three hundred spiritual sources were harvested.
Entering the enemy’s state for eleven and a half seconds, Su Li took Xu Xuehui in his left hand and stone tools in his right hand, all the way towards the group of skeleton monsters in front of him.
Every time he swings the stone tools, he can harvest two or three hundred spiritual sources, and soon he has more than a thousand spiritual sources.
When the enemy ended in eleven and a half seconds, Su Li had killed the end of this skull island, and the number of spiritual sources reached three.
Put away the stone tools, Su Li took the ruler’s spear again, and the energy on the top of his head surged with the third talent, and the soles of his feet stepped on the sacred field of the underworld circle.
Being in the sacred realm, his fighting power is less and doubled, and now he can easily hit tens of millions of pounds of great power.
And the doubling of combat power is the most basic primary luck in the sacred field
Killed at the end of Skull Island, and from time to time there was a boom and explosion in the distance.
Su Li saw a dazzling white light rising like a flare in the dark night in the distance.
This is a special signal crystal.
Then at the end of the dark day on the other side, Su Li saw a huge ship, which looked like a floating warship from a distance. It was hidden too far away in the dark and was not noticed by him.
Until now, the warship at the end of the hidden darkness lit up with a thick light beam bigger than white, which exploded the place where the signal crystal was emitted.
The earth-shattering explosion is far away.

"Oh, my name is Xu … Ahem, my name is Ning Caichen …"

"Hey, what a good name! It sounds very windy!"
"Don’t you think so, Pu Songling!"
Chapter My senior sister is not a person.
On the first day of coming to Shushan, Xu Zhihu found that he had more strange experiences than all the past decades combined!
First, I passed the quiz inexplicably, then I was taken hostage inexplicably, and finally I demolished an entire fairy palace by myself inexplicably … Er, wait a minute, it’s not really my own hands, is it?
Okay, but anyway, the result is satisfactory, isn’t it?
At this moment, he has successfully joined the shushan ship school, and he is also riding the cloud elder sister’s golden light ship to 36 inverted peaks, 1,000 ship peaks, and live with elder sister …
Speaking of this elder martial sister named Yun Fan Yun, although she was quite a cold goddess when she first met, she soon revealed her love for hexagrams after chatting … Let’s just say that she just flew in a building boat for half an hour and asked dozens of questions in one breath, all of which have reached the level of "Do you like listening to music or eating when you are lovelorn?"!
Don’t be like this, okay? Xu Zhihu was asked profusely, but she couldn’t help but feel a little strange. Sister Yun, you are the kind of enthusiastic sister next door. Why did you pretend to be very cold before the divination party?
"Well, I don’t want to." Speaking of this, Yun Fan also sighed with emotion. "But the elders said that we in Shushan represent Tian Haoran’s right path to make those evil spirits afraid when they see us. Therefore, considering the overall image of Zongmen, every brother should pay attention to his appearance and be unsmiling when he is foreign."
So she had a meal to make sure that no one around was eavesdropping and then leaned in mysteriously. "Actually, when you are in Shushan, it is completely different from the outside. For example, Brother Jin just now, did you know that his favorite doll collection is full of a whole room …"
Er, true or false, Xu Zhihu couldn’t help looking up and imagining a scene where the stubborn old-fashioned gold brother was holding a pile of dolls, and suddenly he felt awe.
Well, regardless of whether it’s true or not, at this time, Yun Fan finally arrived at the destination of this trip after controlling the golden light ship to bypass a towering cliff, that is, Sister Yun lived in Thousand Ships Peak-
The dim moonlight, a quiet suspended silvery white cloud in the inverted peak on the periphery of Shushan Mountain, can vaguely see a vast expanse outside the Thousand Ships Peak, where several white cranes spread their wings and fly and spin leisurely …
"Wait a minute, didn’t you say thousand ship peaks?" Xu Zhihu was slightly startled when he looked from a distance. "What about the thousand fairy ships?"
"Well, it hasn’t been delivered yet." Yun Fan lifted her swan-like slender jade neck and looked at the vast original ourtenant expression in front of the mountain peak. "The fact is that only on the 15th of each month will a large number of fairy ships with failed refining be sent here and then destroyed."
"Huh?" Xu Zhihu really didn’t expect this result. "The Thousand Ships Peak is recycling abandoned fairy ships … Well, it’s such a domineering name!"
Talking with the two people, the golden light ship has successfully reached the Thousand Ship Peak and slowly turned to a towering cliff. Sister Yun controlled the ship to dock and pointed to the golden light circle on the cliff. "This is where I live. You will sleep with me tonight!"
Sleep together?
Xu Zhihu’s foot stumbled and almost fell off the ship’s rail. Wait a minute. Sister Yun just meant to let me go with her …
Stunned, I almost doubt that I heard him wrong. He couldn’t help but turn his head and look at a goose yellow dress dancing in the wind beside him. Sister Yun Fan Yun-
Pale red sunset afterglow, the graceful beauty of the royal elder sister is slightly raising her swan-like slender jade neck and casually looking at the distance. Her cheeks are slightly flushed, her earlobes are crystal clear like white jade, and her posture is even more graceful and tall. Although her posture is slightly different from that of Chichi, she is undeniably a first-class and beautiful beauty!
"Uh-huh?" Xu Zhihu suddenly a little heart disorderly jump.
Well, when a moral integrity is full of young people, it should be strictly refused, right? But then again, considering Sister Yun’s initiative to ask for respect for women’s etiquette …
Well, before he made a decision on the battle between heaven and man here, Yun Fan saw the golden light circle shining with a flick of his sleeve over there. The cliff roared and vibrated and slowly split from it to reveal a big dock that hides the mountain … er, wait a minute. Dock?
Yes, it’s a dock!
The huge dock in the Tibetan mountain covers an area of several thousand feet, but it just seems very messy. The roots of the surrounding rock walls are not modified. In the end, shipbuilding materials and repair tools, such as wood canvas nails, are piled up at will, which makes people unable to root. The square table full of drawings is barely furniture.
No, don’t tell me that we live here?
Xu Zhihu was dumbfounded. Wait a minute. What about the sweet boudoir? What about the soft big bed? What about the bath? Hey, hey, there is no bath. Wait a minute. How is Sister Yun going to step on the bathrobe? How did she accidentally fall into my arms? How did she accidentally touch her lips?
"Yes, we slept here late." Yun Fan casually clapped her hands and took the lead in jumping off a building and walked into the dock. "Because no one has lived here before, I’m not ready to give people food. There is … scratch! Hey! "
"What is it?" Xu Zhihu is at a loss. Hearing this strange sound, he turned his head and suddenly was shocked!
Stunned, as far as he was amazed, Yun Fan actually rolled up his sleeves and picked up a piece of rosewood board in the corner, followed by a crisp crack, biting a small piece and chewing it with relish …
In a blink of an eye, she actually ate a whole piece of wood, thought about it, rubbed her belly, picked up the white canvas next to her and tore a large piece from the surface, enjoying it and stuffed it into her mouth to continue tasting.
What happened? What the fuck is this?
Xu Zhihu was completely shocked by this pica, so he looked at the beautiful teacher elder sister with wide eyes and ate the whole canvas. "Wait a minute, you actually ate boards and canvas?"
"Yes, what’s the problem?" Yun Fan, of course, with a wink and a barrel, grabbed a handful of nails from the inside and stuffed them into his mouth like food. "I’ll explain to you later … click … my nails are broken … click … eat some nails first … click … repair them …"
Eat nails? Can you still eat nails?
Xu Zhihu gaped at her sudden reaction and suddenly stepped back in disbelief. "Wait a minute, teacher elder sister, what are you?"
Come on, come on, Yun Fan put the barrel contentedly and casually pointed out, "Yes, I’m not a person, I’m … that!"
Which one? Follow her to Xu Zhihu very language turned his head and immediately entered the petrochemical state.
Can it be that the golden ship is moored outside the dock? At this moment, as Yun Fan eats those wooden canvases and nails the ship, the original damages are magically healed automatically …
Stunned, Xu Zhihu looked at the golden boat and then at the graceful Yun Fan, then at the graceful Yun Fan, and continued to watch … Stop watching!
Braised in soy sauce, steamed. Is it true that you are a teacher elder sister?
That’s right. In his shocked eyes, Yun Fan bit a small piece of wood and stood up seriously. "Teacher younger brother, as you can see, I’m not a person. I’m … this ship!"
After three minutes and one second, Xu Zhihu directly turned into a humanoid fountain. Holy shit, who can tell me what’s going on?
"Calm down" Yun Fan kindly handed a small piece of canvas. "Come and eat a piece of canvas. It’s not right. I forgot that you don’t eat canvas … Well, to be honest, it’s very simple. Our Shushan ship sent refining fairy ships often have self-awareness, just like your pen."
"Er, you mean that all our fairy ships refined in Shushan are spirit vessels?" Xu Zhihu is still unbelievable.
"Yes, although most of them can be called pseudo-magic weapons," Yun Fan proudly explained to him, "Let’s put it this way, what can we be respected as the leader of the right path in shushan? Besides our dedication to eliminating evil and promoting good, it is also largely because we have the unique skill of refining ships that can make the refined fairy ships be magic weapons from the beginning of their birth …"
"Say?" Xu Zhihu stood in awe.
"I’m a fairy ship with a spirit level." Yun Fan cheerfully pointed to himself by the golden light ship. "A fairy ship with a spirit level will produce a spirit like me. Well, according to the name of Shushan, our spirit is usually called … well, the ship spirit!"
"poof!" Haven’t say that finish Xu Zhihu spray again "ship? Ship? Ship mother? "
"It’s not a ship mother, it’s a ship spirit!" Yun Fan seriously corrected it, but after thinking about it, he tilted his head slightly. "Well, then again, the ship’s mother sounds much cuter than the ship’s spirit. Should I find an opportunity to talk to Zhang Jiao and then everyone will call her the ship’s mother … Yi, your face seems to twitch?"
It’s okay. Leave me alone and let me smoke for a while!
Xu Zhihu’s eyes filled with tears. Looking up to heaven, it’s already a big surprise for Nima’s family to turn the Shushan Sword Sect into the Shushan Ship Sect. I didn’t expect that there would be a serial surprise package behind it. Is this to let me play the rhythm of a real-life ship girl?
No wonder I have a strange familiarity when I hear the Shushan Ship School. No wonder Brother Jin’s face was weird when they heard that I was going to live with Sister Yun. No wonder Sister Yun is so at ease to sleep with me. Think about it, too. What can our family do with a boat even if we are crazy again?

As soon as the figure disappeared, the black armored man chopped over and the black chain fell on his mind. Immediately, he suddenly shook the bell in his hand again. This time, the bell sounded in a hurry.

As this urgent sound suddenly extended from this bell, chains crisscrossed and densely packed into a net all around, trying to lock Su Li.
As soon as the chain was closed, I didn’t want to lock it. The black armored man realized that it was not good. He also wanted to turn around and suddenly caught Su Li’s figure, but found that his left arm disappeared.
The ghost’s arms spread as fast as disappearing in the air, and his left fist actually hit the black armored male forehead.
"Lindsey" to a black armored male head like watermelon to fracture.
Blood mixed with white brains splashed out together.
Losing his head and black armor, the male body fell backwards and the spiritual source equipment disappeared on the body surface.
A message rang out from Su Li’s mind.
"Level 1 Holy Knight Spirit Source 97/5"
Killing this black armored man made him gain six spiritual sources at one time.
As this spiritual source is followed by one after another, special energy emerges and rushes toward Su Li’s chest. There is a message in his mind indicating that he has harvested four spiritual source equipment.
"Magic bell, black armor, sandalwood belt, alloy wristband (right)"
Four pieces of spiritual source equipment, Su Li, can make a black armor, which is enough for him, and immediately merge the black armor.
Inducing the black inflammation armor attribute can enhance 1 defense and extend 5 minutes of physical strength, just like he already has the xuanhui kneepad attribute.
With the successful fusion of black inflammation armor, his current base defense has exceeded 5,000 Jin. If he is in the third form of "devil muscle" and is in a quadruple-liter state, a strength attack of 20,000 Jin will not break his muscle defense even if he hits his body.
When the physical fitness lasts, it directly breaks through half an hour and reaches 33 minutes.
This black armor emerged from his bust, which coincided with the purple belt perfectly.
His appearance was almost covered by spiritual equipment except his head, shoulders and arms.
The combination of various colors of spiritual source equipment is like wearing a fancy body armor, but it has a unique charm, which makes it stand out from the crowd.
He successfully killed the black armored man, and Lin Baiyu on the other side also succeeded.
The ice crown woman is very powerful. On comprehensive strength, she is stronger than the black armored man and weaker than the two-meter giant Han, but she just met Lin Baiyu.
All kinds of abilities are suppressed to compete for physical strength. Is she so proficient in all kinds of fighting skills, Lin Baiyu’s opponent?
The ice-crowned woman is a psychic, who holds the powerful frost element power. The sheer destructive power and the two-meter giant man’s hand-to-hand combat ability are very general. Lin Baiyu was restrained to death.
She felt that it was not good to use the frost force, and turned and ran away.
It’s a pity that her speed is not as fast as Lin Baiyu’s. Lin Baiyu chased her with a few strides.
The woman who rebukes the ice crown knows that it’s not good to stand up and launch the skills in the ice stick. She wants to fight back, but she doesn’t want even the skills in this ice stick to be blocked by the special ability of Taiji Ball.
She was frightened to use the popsicle as a weapon to hit Lin Baiyu.
Lin Baiyu’s body shook as he practiced melee combat for many years. The ice stick was almost attached to his body.
When his right hand stretched out, it was like a pair of iron tongs clamping the ice crown woman’s shoulder and right leg, and then he pushed the ice crown woman forward and slammed it on the ground.
The ice crown female root didn’t respond and felt that her legs were hooked by Lin Baiyu, and she lost control of her center of gravity and flew out. Her back hit the ground and her whole body seemed to be smashed.
The ice-crowned woman tried several times to use ice shield and ice armor to protect her body, but she didn’t react. Then she got a heavy elbow from Lin Baiyu in the face.
A scream, a face that was originally a flower and a moon, immediately became swollen and twisted and became ferocious.
Both sides can exert various abilities to face Lin Baiyu in close combat.
Before the flood, Lin Baiyu was a gold medal coach in Nanjiang Martial Arts Hall. He was proficient in Muay Thai, capture, fighting and Jiu Jitsu. Although he was not a world-class master, he was a minor celebrity in the martial arts community of Nanjiang City. He once won the first-class martial arts competition in provinces and cities.
Unless it is met with Su Li’s abnormal muscle strengthening to the limit, plus heart, bones and many other enhancements, the body has been extremely tough from the outside, and a number of spiritual source equipment power bonuses have been added.
Even if you don’t move, all kinds of special abilities have nearly ten thousand pounds of strength. Lin Baiyu is hard to resist the pure theory of close combat. Most people are not his opponents.
One-on-one hitting the ice crown girl is equal to crushing and elbowing her face. The ice crown girl’s nose is broken and her mouth is crooked. Tears and nose are streaming with pain.
Lin Baiyu’s name, Sven, also seems to be sven. If you are not sven with your hands, it will be cruel even to Qiao Meigu Niang.
After elbow, the knee is brittle and presses the throat of the ice crown woman.
There was a "goo goo" sound in the ice crown woman’s mouth, and there was a crunchy bone in her neck. Both hands grasped Lin Baiyu’s arm and nails were trapped, and her feet struggled hard.
Soon she stopped struggling, and there was blood in her nose and mouth, and the bones in her neck were completely broken by Lin Baiyu’s knees.
Su Li and Lin Baiyu successively killed Ding Shi, a black armored man and an ice crown woman, and the killing of two-meter giant Han also entered the incandescence.
The two-meter giant Han is very strong, but it has encountered a stronger force. Ding Shi and Ding Shi are still dwarfed by each other.
The body is attached to a few blood-stained wounds left by the sword, and the blood-stained clothes are losing ground. It is possible to be beheaded by Ding Shi’s brothers and sisters at any time.
When Su Li saw this, he heaved a sigh and forgot that the strongest Terran was the three leaders: the two-meter giant Han, the ice crown female and the black armored male.
Now the three leaders have gone to the last two meters, and the giant Han can be killed by Ding Shi’s brother and sister at any time. The overall situation has been decided that these forgotten terrans are not enough.
As soon as Su Li had this idea, there was a scream in front of him, and then there was a female scream "Qi-",which was full of panic.
At the moment, the building has been swallowed up by the blood crystal cubs, and most of the buildings are crumbling.
The vast majority of people have rushed to the back of the blood crystal cubs, and the number of terran casualties has exceeded 100, while the number of human casualties has reached 50 or 60.
At the moment, the blood crystal cubs rushed back to the front of a group of people with screams.
Su Li heard the woman scream and looked up and saw the leader of Green Town. Looking like a college student, Zou Qi held his neck and fell back.
His sister Zou Yingying rushed to hug him like crazy and shouted his name desperately.
Zou Qi’s neck was cut off by more than half, and his head hung down together, so he couldn’t live.
The summoned three monsters, the bloodthirsty shark, the poison dart frog king and the armored crocodile king, are disappearing.
Zou Yingying knelt down to hold her brother, who had lost his breath, and ignored all the fighting in all directions and burst into tears.
Su Li had a slight shock in her heart, and she never expected Zou Qi to die.
Although Zou Qi looks like a college student, he is actually the leader of "Greentown". He has summoned three monsters to protect him. Who among the forgotten terrans can kill him?