These two men are famous bullies in this street. They know almost all the vendors. None of them know any martial arts. Who are the ordinary people?

"You uncle!" Suddenly, there came a penetrating sound on the roof. Two men were a little flustered. Looking down the sound source, a man and a woman were sitting on the roof, eating and drinking.
"You little yellow-haired uncle, I" the first troublemaker was about to say something but was suddenly stopped by Chu Lin.
"Uncle, killing you is as simple as stepping on an ant." Chulin’s lip angle is slightly sipped, and the pebbles are stretched out with an intoxicating radian.
It is not good to eat when Su Shiyuan is angry because he has stopped eating. Although he has not continued to string together, he still shakes hands after eating bamboo sticks.
"You don’t learn from me!" At that time, the troublemaker was a little tongue-tied, but Su Shiyuan couldn’t help laughing.
Set up a stall to buy tofu pudding. The couple stepped back several steps, as far as they could from those two people.
"I learn from you? I said, but it’s true. Why don’t you try? " Chu Lin got up and looked down at two gangsters like clowns.
"Go for a walk" Two men want to run when one thing gets too big. That’s a five-story building. How dare they eat and drink in such a high place? Their expressions are so leisurely and calm.
Two people started to run when they suddenly felt a cool breeze blowing over their cheeks. Two big fellow clothes were immediately punctured by bamboo sticks and nailed directly to the wooden stake next to them.
The difference between the two people will be seen carefully by this bamboo stick. There is still some cumin sweat on the bamboo stick.
"Grandpa, give us a break!" Although the two men had a lot of strength, they couldn’t pull out the bamboo stick, which showed how much effort Chu had made.
"Let you go? Have you ever thought about letting them go, knowing that bullying is too full, and have you never thought about the consequences? I see that you are not young. Which one is not a bully who has a family? " In Chu, Su Shiyuan flew, and then they followed suit. Su Shiyuan, in front of the couple, was very angry and kicked each other.
Two men saw Su Shiyuan’s appearance by moonlight and immediately gasped at the ugly girl.
"The girl’s lesson is the lesson." The two dare not neglect to say yes again and again.
"In that case, you go," said Su Shiyuan, looking at the two bullies who were slightly embarrassed.
In the palm of Chu’s hand, the bamboo stick was transported to the ground by a powerful force.
When the two men heard this, they touched their chests and slapped them. They were scared and kept bossing their thighs. When they were just about to leave, they felt that their arms were caught from behind.
"ah!" Two men turned around and looked that this man was none other than a catcher!
"Ah, what? Let’s go!" The two catchers pushed and shoved them for a while, and soon they took away the people and vendors around them before they could react and immediately returned their hands.
"Thank you for your help!" The couple selling tofu pudding hurriedly came over and wanted to kneel down. Su Shiyuan raised his hand in succession. The couple suddenly felt that their knees were hot and they had straightened up.
"It’s so late to sell tofu pudding?" As far as Su Shiyuan knows, according to the eating habits of Chu people, tofu pudding should be breakfast, but it can’t be sold quickly at night. There are still so many full-bodied bullies who come to make trouble.
"The child was ill and didn’t have enough silver at home to get medicine. He came out to set up a stall late, hoping to save enough silver as soon as possible." Speaking of the sad virgin, she sobbed gently. Her husband took hold of her shoulder and wiped her tears with a sleeve. His eyes were also full of sadness.
"I am a doctor. If you trust me, I will go to your home to see" Su Shiyuan looked at Chu Lin and then at the couple.
"Then it’s troublesome for Eun Gong!" The couple almost cried and hurried to clean up the stall. Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin followed the couple in the night.
Little did they know that Chu Lin and Su Shiyuan followed the couple in the dark night, and the Catharine became more and more remote and inaccessible, so it was not like they were inhabited.
"Elder sister, where do you live? How can you have gone so far and not arrived yet? " Su Shiyuan’s tone is cold so he has detected something wrong. Chu Lin is holding her fingertips. The two men look at each other’s thoughts and seem to have been clear for a moment.
"Don’t worry when the horse arrives at my sister." When Su Shiyuan said this, the woman suddenly slowed down, but in the dark night, her eyes flashed a bit cold.
Chu Lin suddenly felt a white light flash away at the moment, and the front woman suddenly stopped, revealing a dagger at each cuff.
"Come on!" In front of the two men, a man and a woman suddenly turned around and thought about Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin. The blade struck with a cold chill and freaky and deadly.
Be alert and relax when you are new here. Su Shiyuan has some regrets that he didn’t bring the Xuantie sword.
Chu Lin suddenly took hold of her waist. When I didn’t know, my right hand and my left hand were already wearing a pair of semi-transparent gloves. It seems that she is very similar in gold armor.
"ah!" Just as the woman was coming towards Chu Lin, the male forefinger and middle finger suddenly caught hold of the dagger in her hand and heard that the dagger in Peng Yi’s hand had been broken and the black princess was not easy to handle.
Chu Linqu is a slap in the face, and the female cheek has been scratched and bleeding.
"You heartless man actually hit a woman!" The woman dressed in cloth was overturned, and the man reached for a bench and waved at Su Shiyuan.
When in danger, the silk white silk twill came out of the sleeve. Su Shiyuan turned the white silk twill into a chilling white light with great strength. Suddenly, the white silk twill was as hard as a sword, and the wooden bench was suddenly broken into sawdust!
"Radish, how much debt do you owe outside?" Two people with their backs to their backs Su Shiyuan’s words were filled with strong jealousy. Su Shiyuan’s words had fallen in love with the white silk in his hand, and the couple had been wrapped up.
"I don’t know who she is at all." Chu Lin took the white silk from her hand and stretched out his hand and pulled the man and the woman.
Don’t you know any fickle and disloyal words?
Two people walk a few steps in an instant has come to the restaurant Chu Lin untied two people and found a rope to tie them up again and directly tie the horse.
"The prince’s charm is really great." The two men jumped into the horse and sweated blood. The BMW screamed and then raised their front feet and ran in the direction of the Wangfu.
"Smelly girl charm conference was chased?" The horse galloped Su Shiyuan’s long hair swept the man’s cheek behind him like satin, and Chu Limba said to her shoulder

Lilac lips moved to look up at her.

Jean girl sighed in her heart, which annoyed her stubbornness and moved her. all of my heart was a little confused at the moment!
She explained in a low voice, "I don’t want to worry my brother about these trivial things. You know where the capital is, and not just anyone can stand up and eat!" Can you be white when I say this? "
What does even Fangzhou know about the small place where a shrew is born? Sooner or later, when she gets to the capital, she will hit a wall and learn a lesson!
See what confidence and confidence she has at that time when she has suffered, learned a lesson and made a big fool of herself!
At that time, if I give my brother a quarrel and quarrel because of my depressed mood, I will get tired of her sooner or later if I give my brother a gift day by day.
She relies on her background status in Beijing to give her brother a tired of her, and she will be even more sad in the future! What will you argue with yourself then?
There are many stumbles in the capital! Don’t say don’t say the Li family and Fannie family-
You must try to make things difficult for her? I’m so angry!
Qin girl stared at Lilac Lilac unblinkingly and thought about it. Finally, a flash of light came to her mind.
"Is the handmaiden white! Still a girl! " Lilac crossed and smiled, and her eyes danced with joy.
Miss Qin smiled and waved, "mind your own personality and stop being impulsive!"
"It’s a handmaiden, remember!" Lilac readily promised to wait and see! Have them fall!
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu came to Su Fu to meet Master Su and Mrs Su, and then Jessica Fong Ching and Su Jinghe talked about the previous events, and all four of them were deeply moved.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled and said to Lian Fangzhou, "My cousin is really a blessed man. Who would have thought that there would be such a miracle! Your marriage is really predestined! General Li’s capital is no better than other places. None of us have ever seen a rough cousin in a big country. No matter how capable she is, she is a teenager. You should take care of her! "
Nowadays, the identity is different, and it is inconvenient for Jessica Fong Ching to say something directly, but even Fang Zhou and Li Fu can hear it. What she means is to let Li Fu not fail even Fang Zhou.
Even Fang Zhou smiled gratefully at her with a warm heart. "Cousin!"
Li Fu took a glance at Fang Zhou and touched her unconsciously. She nodded to Fang Qing with a gentle smile. "Don’t worry, I won’t let Fang Zhou down! It would be better to treat her later! "
"Then I’m relieved!" Jessica Fong Ching laughed.
"Cousin don’t worry about me!" Even Fang Zhou smiled gently and said, "I’m not easy to bully!"
Said several people laughed.
Li Fuchong smiled at her. Of course, she is not easy to bully, and he loves her and loves her. It is better to bully her!
Jessica Fong Ching got up and laughed "this don’t also don’t know when to meet! Let’s cousins have a good talk! Husband, please greet General Li! "
Li Fu also got up and smiled. "You said go and wait for us to leave! Cousin, you’re welcome to call me Jane, but you can also call me my cousin’s husband. Just don’t call General Li a stranger! "
Jessica Fong Ching saw that he was so happy in his heart that he knew that his temperament was still the same. Even Fang Zhou went with him in the past, and he would never suffer. Then he smiled, "In this case, I can’t see my cousin!"
"Exactly!" Li Fu laughed
Even Fangzhou followed Jessica Fong Ching’s speech elsewhere. Fang Qingping opened a cousin. The two sisters looked at each other for a while and didn’t know what to do. Chapter 63 Don’t be a cousin.
"alas!" Jessica Fong Ching gently sigh laughed "all say you never know this amiable see! It’s this heart that’s full of troubles! Seeing that our business is getting bigger and bigger, who knows that you are going to Beijing again! "
Even fangzhou tasted not reluctantly smiled. "That’s what my cousin thought in my heart! However, Azeri and others are still in business, and Jane and I have arranged it, so it will not be affected! "
She said and got up and threw herself at Jessica Fong Ching Yingying. "My cousin Azeri was still young and experienced many things, so I also asked my cousin and brother-in-law to take more photos! Please give me more advice if he does not do it properly or well! I have explained that he is difficult to make up his mind and will ask you for advice! "
Even fangzhou words didn’t say that finish was Jessica Fong Ching lifted up "come on! Even without your words, we would have noticed that Azeri had something to wake him up! You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry at home! "
Even Fang Zhou nodded and smiled gratefully. "Even so, I don’t want to say anything to my cousin. Thank you!"
"That’s right!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled and pulled her to sit still.
Jessica Fong Ching primly said again, "Beijing should pay attention to everything than entering Beijing elsewhere! The customs of one side are soil and water, especially the cousin’s husband is a general, and there is another set of unspeakable rules for human relations in officialdom. When you come to Beijing, you should inquire more about the rules and etiquette, the customs of social intercourse, the habits of the world, and so on. Don’t let people catch the shortcomings here! And general Li’s family doesn’t know what it is. Some relatives, friends and relatives have inquired about it in detail! Can you bring someone with you? "
Jessica Fong Ching said that even Fangzhou nodded and agreed. When she heard her question, she laughed. "I brought four people, Chunxing, Bitao and two clever pages to run an errand and go out to inquire about things!"
"That’s more like it!" Jessica Fong Ching nodded and smiled. "You are the cleverest, but your mind is also carefully adapted to a burst of entertainment. It is not difficult to expect. There is a saying that when you get there, don’t be too brave in everything. I think my cousin is a good man and hasn’t changed at all! Don’t always think about solving things by yourself. Discuss with him more and ask him to help him. He is much more familiar with you in Beijing! With his help, there will always be many detours! "
Even Fang Zhou was a little embarrassed to say with smile, "Cousin, rest assured that I won’t try to be brave! I’m his wife. If I don’t ask him for advice, who should I look for? "
Said the two men smiled at one another.
"That’s good!" Jessica Fong Ching said with a smile and turned around and picked up a small box that was already prepared beside him. He gently pushed it in front of Fangzhou with a smile. "Here is a silver ticket of five hundred and two thousand-don’t be too busy refusing to hear me out first! Take it. It’s good to have more money. Even if you can’t spend it for a while to defend yourself and be brave! Xiuyuan is here. I’ll just deduct your share of the profits! "
Jessica Fong Ching has already put the words to this copy of Lian Fangzhou. If you refuse again, it will be a bit too hurtful.
She simply generous jinhe laughed "cousin and cousin’s kindness fangzhou received! Thank you very much! "
"We don’t have to talk about this!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled and added, "Nanchang Branch Garden is also under construction. As usual, you also have a share! No matter where the capital is built in the future! With the experience here, it’s easy to build it elsewhere. You don’t have to worry! Of course, if you have any fresh and good ideas, don’t forget to write and let me know! "
"That’s natural!" Even fangzhou laughed
The two chatted for a while and got up and went out together when it was not early.
Jessica Fong Ching sighed, "You are in a hurry, and I won’t keep you overnight. Anyway, let’s go to lunch! The kitchen is ready to eat and leave. You’re welcome! "
This is also can’t refuse even Fang Zhou smiled and promised Jessica Fong Ching together with Su Jinghe and Li Fu to leave after dinner.
Even Fang Zhou wanted to ask Cui Shaoxi about his recent situation. It seems that I haven’t heard from him for quite a long time.
But on second thought, I refrained from asking after all.
Even if he is a little sad in spring and autumn, I believe it will pass soon. His family background is a pastime and money, which really doesn’t need her to worry about.
It is better to be ruthless and indifferent so that he can be completely dead.

"In my opinion, your business in the city is getting bigger now. Why don’t you just close the mine and wash it thoroughly?"

"To tell the truth, eldest brother, younger brother also had this idea, but South Vietnam sent there is not good. When the limelight of this matter has passed, I will immediately send a trip to South Vietnam and quickly close the mine. "
"well. I will send someone to keep an eye on it these days, and you must not relax there. Anyway, wait until the limelight passes. "
Listening to those words, Xiao Wen’s heart has set off waves. What the fuck is going on?
Look at this situation, the deacon Wang has been bribed, and the one opposite who is called the eldest brother by Qian Fu calls himself "Qi Mou", and some people even call him "Fu Ye". Who the hell can this be but Qi Ruiwen?
Feelings, they took the trouble to pick out two trustworthy big shots, which have been turned against by Qian Fu first …
However, what is the "incident" mentioned opposite? What else do you say, "Let’s wait until the limelight passes"? What limelight?
The specific situation Xiao asked is not clear, but with a little judgment Xiao asked, it must be related to the black mine!
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Chapter 44 Thunder
Can it be said that Niu Tong has also successfully escaped and is taking action?
However, it’s just a small Niutong, enough to make "this incident" and let Qian Fu say such a thing as "avoid the limelight first". Xiao Wen always feels that Niutong can’t have that much energy. Who is Qian Fu? He has a backer in Xianji House. Once someone showed up and told on him, but he didn’t sue him. Isn’t it too serious to take Niu Tong?
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei just listened until the people next door left Lanyuelou.
In the private room called IELTS, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei looked at each other, and no one spoke for a long time.
"We must have overlooked something." Shi Guangwei suddenly frowned.
"I think so too. Well, let’s find out one more day tomorrow. "
"No matter what they say, they must pay great attention to confidentiality, and there will be very few people who know it. I don’t think it is possible to find out the real situation again."
"Then just grab a Qian Fu’s hand and say hello, er …" Xiao asked suddenly to stop, and his brow wrinkled.
Shi Guangwei took a look at Xiao Wen and said with a wry smile, "Did you think of that, too?"
"With Qian Fu alert now, it is impossible for us to get any news from those unimportant people. If we catch his confidant, it will be extremely difficult …" Xiao asked slowly to express his thoughts.
"Yes. We can’t do this anymore, maybe we’ll head into Qian Fu’s trap. "
"Wang Wangyue and QiRuiWen already can’t count on it. The only thing that can help us is the Luo Fu Lord who has never been in charge, right? I will blow up! "
Sensing Xiao Wen’s negative emotions, Shi Guangwei stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Wen’s shoulder, and sink a track: "What we ordinary people are doing is to make a black mine owner and a famous businessman with a surname in Changqing City ruin his reputation. How can it be so easy to succeed? Brother Xiao, hold on. "
"I know, that is, the fire in my heart is really uncomfortable. This dog thief, if I have a high level, I will directly cut off his dog’s head with a sword, which will not require so much effort. "
"Ha ha, that makes sense, but you’re only a junior fairy, and there’s still a long way to go."
"It’s time for us to repair our hearts. In two three months, we will be a middle-ranking fairy. Hehe, we are only a small realm away from Brother Shi."
"You are quite optimistic. Let’s go and go back to the inn first."
After a quiet night, the two went out together the next morning, but instead of going to Xianji, they went directly outside Xianji House.
The Xianji Mansion in Changqing City is quite large in scale, and many places in the periphery are designed to better serve the people who cultivate immortals, just like public ones, so basically many outsiders visit here every day.
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei mixed in the crowd and looked aimlessly, but in fact they were paying attention to the people around them.
It only took one morning for them to see the problem. Some Fuwei paid too much attention to tourists, and there were about twenty or thirty tourists who were completely pretended by locals. Xiao Wen even found the guys in Qian Fu’s shop!
One morning in the past, a total of two waves of people came forward to set Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei’s words, all of which were prevaricated by them. Although it was near misses, Xiao Wen still couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Should I set you up?
So enraged, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei all felt that if they were so eager to bring down Qian Fu again, they would definitely give away the clues; Also, they did miss any important information that was unfavorable to Qian Fu. Otherwise, Qian Fu wouldn’t need to put on such a big show.
How can we be content to advance and retreat when there is danger?
Gloomily, then two people had a lunch, Xiao asked also rare to accompany Shi Guangwei to drink some wine.
"Xiao brothers, this matter is urgent. What do you think? Let’s quit Changqing City and go to a nearby town. "
"Go to the nearby town?" Xiao asked stare big eyes.
Shi Guangwei smiled, still seriously looking at Xiao asked.
Xiao asked immediately to know that this was Shi Dage testing him again, and immediately used his brain.
After a while, Xiao Wen suddenly flashed his eyes: "You mean that we can’t get that news in Changqing City, but it is possible in a nearby town?"
"Not bad!" Shi Guangwei nodded appreciatively, and further analyzed, "Qian Fu’s power is no matter how big it is, it’s just in Changqing City. On the other hand, no matter who caused him trouble, the other party probably didn’t mind spreading the news to those small places on the edge of Changqing City first. "
"Well, there’s nothing going on here anyway, so let’s go."
Shi Guangwei liked Xiao Wen’s style of doing things, and immediately replied, "Go, I’ll return the room in the inn."
Just in the afternoon, they left Changqing City, and wanted to go straight to the nearest small town. On the way, Xiao Wen saw Shi Guangwei’s hesitation, and after a little thought, he understood, so he took the initiative to say, "Brother Shi, we don’t know how long it will take us to find out outside this time, and we have been out of Qiyun Town for a few days. I’m afraid Cui Jing has been waiting. Why don’t we let her know first and then go on?"
"Ha ha, your boy’s eyes are quite poisonous. Things have changed, and I think we really should tell Cui Jing, so let’s go back to Qiyun Town first. "
"I don’t have this eyesight, I still come out to mix, hehe."
Two people immediately changed the reverse, at full speed to habitat cloud town.
After a few days of getting along, the two of them got to know each other a little.
In Xiao Wen’s eyes, Shi Guangwei is definitely a friend worthy of making friends. Because Cui Jing was in trouble, he immediately devoted himself to this matter, knowing that there was danger and never gave up. What’s more, he had already seen that there was something wrong with the money and fairy wares that Xiao asked, but he never asked more. It felt like he didn’t care about anything, even if it wasn’t reasonable.
In Shi Guangwei’s eyes, Xiao Wen is simpler. He is an upright young man who has just entered the celestial world. He is pure in nature and full of hope for the future, but he is not so green. His career as a mining slave for more than half a year has made him more mature than his peers.
Nothing happened all the way. When the sun sets and the moon rises and the stars are all over the sky, the two of them are finally close to Qiyun Town.
I couldn’t wait to come back immediately to tell Cui Jing everything, but at the moment, both of them have a different mood.
At the thought that Lao Cui’s head is still in hot water, it’s more likely that he is actually dead, but they haven’t done anything for the time being, and they have failed. How dare they see Cui Jing?
This is a fucking reality!
The heart was shaken, but they didn’t stop at their feet. Soon they arrived outside Qiyun Town. When they saw the scattered pedestrians in the street, even the technique of soil dun was too lazy to use, and they ran directly to Cui Jinggu’s small stone alley.
In a moment, they reached the corner, and they always slowed down and walked towards the door of the steamed bun shop step by step.
At this moment, two people almost at the same time heard a faint cry coming from the steamed stuffed bun shop, Cui Jing!
What’s going on? !
Two people glances, all is to speed up the pace, soon arrived at the door, I saw the shop door wide open, there are a bunch of neighbors in the room!
Cui Jing was completely surrounded by the crowd. Shi Guangwei was very concerned and immediately shouted: "Cui Jing!"
This sound immediately alarmed the people in the room, and the neighbors immediately separated, looking at the door and letting the two inside out.
Cui Jing has been crying pear flower with rain, although it is looking to the door, Youzi and an old man like a beggar embrace together.
Shi Guangwei didn’t have anything, but Xiao asked, "Uh", and then completely froze on the spot. It really felt like thunder exploding in his ear in his sleep.
That old beggar who hugged Cui Jing, his mother is old Cui Tou! ! !
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Slowly, it met more and more people, and it also knew that the beauty of Nan Yunqing had gone beyond a certain boundary. So it no longer expects to be like Nan Yunqing, just a little more beautiful, and it doesn’t matter if it can’t compare with Nan Yunqing.

With this dream, it grew up gradually, and in the celestial world, it faintly heard the legend about the taxiing of immortals and beasts. But I’m not sure
Then, when soaring, the tie came to the Lan demon world. To be honest, it once deeply blamed itself for this, because if it weren’t for it, Xiao Wen wouldn’t fly to the Lan demon world by mistake. But when it knows exactly in this world that it can be transformed into a human form as long as it reaches the realm of the fairy king, it secretly rejoices at this mistake. If it hadn’t soared to the demon world of Tianlan, it might not be able to transform even if it reached the realm of the fairy king!
Because of remorse. It wants to ask more for Xiao, in order to alleviate this remorse, so it needs to improve its strength; Because I am looking forward to taxiing, I want to hold Xiao Wen tightly in my arms with my own arms one day, not my wings. So it wants to get to the realm of the fairy king quickly …
There is actually a shortcut to improve the realm in Tianlan demon world, and that is Lingzhu.
Xiao Wen always scolds it for eating goods, and it never denies it, but. Only it knows that it is not so greedy. No matter how delicious things are. Will it be as delicious as it was at first if you eat too much?
It has never explained to Xiao Wen. It actually wants to improve its strength quickly to help him. In fact, it is because of the dream that I have had since I was a child that I want to quickly change the shape of chéng rén …
Now, that taxiing Dan has appeared so suddenly that it is really at a loss.
It has been looking forward to some kind of happiness, knowing that it will be obtained through hard work, but this happiness suddenly comes, which is too sudden.
It really doesn’t know what to do.
"Ninety thousand?" Xiao asked voice suddenly remind of.
"I haven’t decided yet." 90 thousand is a little lost.
"Haven’t you decided yet? What is there to think about? Just take it directly. " Xiao asked understated tunnel.
After 90,000 yuan, he got angry and said angrily, "My girl said she didn’t think it over! Leave me alone! ! !”
I’ll go!
Xiao Wen was startled, and he had never seen ninety thousand people get so angry.
The purple Yan at the other end shrank her neck when Xiao asked suddenly, and asked, "What?"
"I don’t know what’s wrong with it, saying that I haven’t thought about it yet, and I have been trained."
Purple Yan heart, and took a deep look at Xiao asked, slowly shook his head, also don’t know what’s going on.
Xiao asked to close the jade box and put it away, and then took out the jade bottle, but because he had just been yelled at by 90 thousand, he was not in the mood to open it again.
Seeing that Xiao Wen was depressed, Ziyan said, "Don’t read it if you don’t want to. My intuition is that what is in this bottle is very harmful to me, so it should be very beneficial to you monks. You can find a chance to take a drop or two later. "
"What if it’s poison!" Xiao asked nu way.
"Have you ever seen a poison full of sacred breath?"
"That didn’t …"
"We have been out for a long time." Purple Yan warned.
"Then go back."
Two people teleport back to the Ming emperor demon alliance, and waited for a moment, Li Qiushi there finally received the news, so the coalition forces immediately launched, teleport to the Ming emperor demon alliance west.
Just after a column of incense time, Xiao Wen, standing on the head of the big aojiang, saw the army of the world god alliance assembled in the distance!
It was obviously more than ten United front divisions, and it was dark all over the sky, and it was faintly arranged in a battle.
After the two sides meet, Li Qiushi will dispatch them in a unified way, and then fly together in a certain direction!
This time, their goal is no longer a demon alliance, because they have got the exact news, and more than ten nearby demon alliances have been assembled. Rushing towards this side, their goal is the coalition of more than ten demon leagues!
In the past, regardless of the size of the battle, the God League and the Demon League will control the losses within a certain range, but that is based on the premise that they cannot adowa each other! This time. The World God League has already seen the opportunity to wipe out the demon race from the previous eight victories. There is no need to consider the loss!
This time the battle, their world god alliance and is fairy will be the party that has done enough preparation!
Demon clan there although there are more than a dozen demon au forces assembled, but they certainly haven’t really realized that the weather is going to change!
"We will win this battle!" The forefront of the Coalition forces. Li Qiushi to Xue Zhu around very betting tunnel.
Xue Zhu didn’t answer, but he raised his eyes slightly, and looked up at the sky, which seemed to attract the world.
Tens of thousands of miles away from here, the 16 demon alliance Coalition forces also did not teleport. But honestly flying in a certain direction. If someone’s eyes can see the range of tens of thousands of miles, they will be able to see that it won’t be long before the 16 demon alliance forces will directly collide with the alliance forces of the world gods and the positive immortals.
In front of the Sixteen Demon Alliance forces, dozens of demon clan bosses gather in one place. It’s easy to see that the guys who turned into human beings are quite dignified.
"I really don’t know what the hell is going on this time. Are you tired of living?"
"Recently, there has been no vibration transmitted by breaking the boundary, and it is expected that there will be no reinforcements in the boundary alliance. How can we provide them with such great help only by relying on a small positive fairy society?"
"But I heard that SAN peng is dead. Even used by the enemy, this when there will be no false … "
With the phrase "Shengpeng is dead", the arrogance of these people was doused once again.
The golden body and the holy Peng are all dead. That’s the invincible existence of Tianlan demon world. They really want to know how this could happen!
They only know that they can never be destroyed by the God League in the boundary. That is not allowed by the dignity of their demon race!
In the tens of thousands of years of fighting, their demon race has always had the upper hand. This time, even if God Union and Zhengxian will join hands with Y and N, the final victory must belong to their demon race!
In order to fully regain self-confidence, someone has turned to look behind him.
What kind of scene is that? Hundreds of thousands of monsters fly in the air, which has filled their whole field of vision. It is no exaggeration to say that it is overwhelming! That’s the top fighting power of their demon race. For the monks of the same order, one is worth several!
Looking down again, there are countless monster beasts running faster than flying, and their vanguard troops have even surpassed the Coalition forces in the air! Those monster beasts on the ground are all tigers and wolves, but they are not ordinary tigers and wolves, but powerful monster beasts, and the lowest is the realm of great immortals!
The three cities of Shaowan, Lanping and Laohu in Tianlan demon world will always remember today, just because these three cities are on the route of the sixteen demon alliance Coalition forces.
It’s afternoon, and it’s already been found that there will be a war in Shaowan City near Ri. It’s quite deserted, but the war is only a war between the demon race and the God League. What does it have to do with their ordinary people?
It can be seen from here that the local residents of the demon world in these days have no sense of belonging under the control of the demon family.
In a word, when the news that the war was about to start spread in the city, many people did not stay at home honestly, but went to the street and even climbed high on purpose.
But it doesn’t matter whether you are outside or hiding in the house, because the whole earth is shaking!
Dense rings came from afar, and with this noise, the ground of the whole spoon bay city was shaking at a very high frequency!
A little boy who cried for a long time just cried a bowl of sugar water from his mother, and was still blowing the hot air in the sugar water bowl, when he suddenly saw the small water surface in the bowl tremble and get faster and faster! When the frequency of the vibration reached a certain level, the sugar water jumped out of the bowl and splashed outward. The little boy was stunned by this scene, and he also heard the sound and felt the vibration under his feet. Finally, he was scared to cry and shouted, "Mom!" "
The child’s mother has rushed to the house, squatted down and put her arms around the little boy, pressed the boy’s head hard in her arms, and comforted: "Ann, don’t be afraid!"
When his mother arrived, the little boy named Aner was really not so scared. At this time, he actually remembered his sugar water again. You know, this is because he cried for a long time until his mother was soft-hearted.
"Niang, sugar water!"
"Mother will make you another bowl later!"
"well. Aner is not afraid. "
Then, the room suddenly darkened, so dark that it was like a sudden change from day to night!
The little boy was really not afraid. At this time, I was scared to cry again: "Mom. I am afraid of the dark! "
"Well, I’ll put you to bed first, and I’ll get some wax."
After all, there was still some brightness in the room, so the mother took her son to bed by the dim light. Cover your son with a quilt.
Mother turned and went to look for wax, but after all, she didn’t suppress her curiosity, because at this time her ears were full of sharp whistling and screaming wings, so dense and so loud. Never met in my life!
She lifted her feet lightly, turned around and walked out of the door. Just looking up slightly, she saw a scene that she would never look at again in her life.
Head monster beast covered the whole sky, some of them are huge, some are only about the size, but regardless of the size, they are all very fast! Only by setting eyes on a monster beast in the distance in advance can it barely feel its speed. As for those nearby, they all passed by in a flash … The reason why the sky suddenly turned black is precisely because these monster beasts are too dense and have covered the whole sky with darkness!
In fact, those monsters are all shining, and some of them are even particularly bright. But after all, it is too far from the ground, and they themselves will block their own light, so there is not much light on the ground. But even so, the sky looks strange because of them. Lines of each se line straight across from the sky …

The ADC output of this wave of team battle is still given. We eat AOE damage base, all of which are male guns. QR company hits the other side. This ADC team fight is also very innovative, and the skill release is very decisive.

But this wave will kill him.
Nunu wants the first E to hit the opponent, and then the base with enough blue can limit E to stick the opposite face to death.
The blind monk was stuck to death in this way. The output of the opposite male gun was always shown to Nunu. I wanted to change Nunu’s side A and retreat and hit a critical blow. Nunu’s blood volume immediately bottomed out.
The position of the male gun is very close to me. Because he was slowed down by Nunu, I put a W skill on him to double slow down.
However, the tree is blue at this time, and there is no W skill and Q skill to control the opposite male gun. One-third of the blood volume is not going to run, because he can’t run away, so he flashes directly in front of Nunu and orders Nunu.
Nunu’s blood tank has been completely destroyed.
A male gun needs two shots to kill him.
I still have a pity in my heart that the regiment won a wave and forced this Sun to change it. There’s nothing I can do. If Nunu didn’t put down the deceleration skill just now, this male gun might have run away and we wouldn’t have killed him.
Just then, a miracle appeared.
Yu Mu, the cargo, flashed to him at the moment when the male gun flashed, flashed directly behind the male gun into the enemy soldier pile, and a Q skill brutally took away a soldier and then gave himself back a blood.
The male gun was dumbfounded. A made a second discovery and didn’t die. Then he stood still and gave up resistance directly.
I laughed. A gave him two, and then an E took him away directly.
This wave completes three kills at a time!
FD2_LCH has dominated the game! !
We lost a clown and a card.
Everyone across the street is dead except Cassadine.
After their death, Thain was beaten because of their formation, which didn’t have a good effect. The body was restricted by a card and a yellow card, and it could not be exported to me or delayed by the other side. Anyway, this wave Thain was a failure.
The opposite male gun received a clown’s head, and Casadin received a card and a head.
But fortunately, I developed, and then no one can stop me from developing.
I can dream a dream one minute ago.
I should be able to have broken and dreamy dreams in about 17 minutes.
This means that I will completely defeat.
"Zhong Xin, thanks to you for blocking that hook for me just now, I am dead. I love you." After winning this wave, we also took the tower and the second dragon to make a big idiot. I am in a good mood.
Zhong Xin glanced at me lightly and said, "Pay attention to yourself every time."
"Got it," I laughed.
Well, it’s really not that I didn’t pay attention to my position. I can say that the hammer stone on the other side is amazing
I’m a hero without displacement, and she flashed me to predict my position. I can’t flash anything. I didn’t expect the opposite side to make such a hand. It’s a bit embarrassing
"Zhong Xin, is the clown funny?" I asked the clock heart
"It’s not fun, it’s boring. I want to play with the hammer stone," said Zhong Xin.
"Well, win the game first and let you play with the hammer stone," I said.
"Well, remember to pay attention to your position." Zhong Xin woke up again.
"I know! Shit, if I get hooked by the hammer stone on the other side again, I’ll … "I stretched out a finger and thought I should make a poison oath, but I don’t know what poison oath to make to forget my words."
"What are you?" Zhong Xin turned his head and looked at me jokingly.
"I’ll just … force myself to give you a kiss. Alas, why should I swear so much? I’ll lose my innocent face if I accidentally get hooked!" I shook my head and said, should I flash the hair extension hook later
Zhong Xin’s face is as frosty as frost, and I feel a little anxious when I see it. What should I do if this chick loses the game in a bad mood later?
"Eh, don’t … don’t do this. I’ll just play a joke with you. I’m hooked. I’ll invite you with me later, right?" I said the next best thing
Zhong Xin’s pretty face is very tasteful even when he is angry. It is more elaborate than priceless white jade, more delicate and generous than the first rose. It is really a disaster for the country and the people.
"Roll don’t talk to me again! Play well! " Clock heart bad tone said
"Well, alas, life is really lonely as snow," I said, looking at the screen carefully and entering the game state again.
Chapter 36 They are planning something, and I know what it is.
That wave group battle was really good. My equipment was removed and then the opposite tower was taken off. Now it is the golden age of my development. Once the dream is made, it will be killed from beginning to end!
It’s a period of gentle rhythm. Xiaolong doesn’t have a tower to be taken across the middle road and a single one depends on equipment. When Thain P doesn’t have a CD, the other side shouldn’t actively seek a team battle with us.
Now I’m afraid that Casadin and the blind monk across the street will catch people on a small scale with rhythm. They, Casadin and the blind monk, are too strong to catch people. Anyone who is caught alone will die.
17 minutes
My timing is very accurate. I took out the enemy’s three-piece broken dream attack shoes on time at this time.
And now that I have flash therapy, it’s time to be dominated by rats
When I went back to the city, I went back to the city quietly. At that time, my equipment was attack speed, shoes were broken, violence was broken, and the opposite side should not know that I had a dream.
According to the mouse rules and routines, I don’t know the first wave of loading on the opposite side. I must catch anyone on the opposite side.
But now my base has given up on Thain …
It’s too rough to kill him, and it’s hard to kill him. Maybe we’ll wait for the other side to support him.
I’m considering the opposite road now.
That is, the male gun. Now you’d better catch it. I want to kill people most.
Road, after I pushed the line of soldiers, the male gun was on the opposite side of the second tower to stabilize the line of control and replenish soldiers.
This is also an important skill of AD.
Some people wonder when they play AD that they have just been pushed by a tower on the opposite side, and then they gradually feel that the disadvantage is getting bigger and bigger, and the soldiers are fifty times worse than the opposite side. How did the opposite side do it?
The obvious reason is that we can’t control the line to replenish troops here.
As soon as some AD towers are broken, they run around with the team, sometimes pushing them in the middle and sometimes brushing them in the wild, and then the road lines come over, and then the skills department clears them up and then repeats things.
In this way, the soldiers will be replenished less and less. If there is no group battle, a good AD is to take advantage of the opposite line of soldiers to control the line, so that the opposite soldiers can eat up our soldiers, and then slowly wait for the waves of soldiers from the opposite side to come to their own tower to make up for it and achieve the goal of development.
That’s what the male gun is doing now
Thain and Casadin are on their own lines.
The blind monk and the hammer stone didn’t show up
The opposite semi-wild area, that is, the wild area opposite the blue BUFF, we didn’t have a deep view, so there was an eye and three wolves in front of the blue BUFF, and it was all dark there.
So I’m not sure whether the hammer stone and the blind monk are squatting at this man’s gun. If they are squatting at him, as soon as I am controlled, I will wave the first wave of sneak attack, and I will be killed in the golden age.
Although this wave of sneak attack is very good, we still can’t be careless and cautious.
"A little more obscene" is invisible in the original tower opposite.
Mice are usually the main e and vice q. Now my Q skill has reached five seconds when I am invisible. It is best to be invisible from this position.

Chen Senran stared at that beautiful head with a smile, looked at those high eyes like the sky, and those deep eyes like the most difficult ice pupils.

And the last three inches are unresponsive.
There is no response to those fierce and murderous eyes in Chen Senran’s eyes, which behave like the most normal eyes of the dead.
Flame sword into two inches.
Last inch
The flame has licked the frost that wrapped the peerless head.
Still no response
The sword finally stuck to the frost, and Chen Senran almost stuck to the body. His face was facing the peerless face, and his eyes were less than two inches from hers.
The flame has been denuded, and those not thick frost have to be stopped.
At most, those flames will penetrate the ice and directly burn that peerless face to ashes.
Chen Senran looked at those beautiful eyes close at hand, and there was no pity in his eyes.
He almost breathed a sigh of relief
Just before his breath was halfway out, his eyes, which had been quiet like a dead man, suddenly blinked, and his lonely mouth slightly narrowed.
In less than a moment, a smile flashed from that aloof mouth, and with that sound, a half note was emitted from that mouth, and a layer of dark blue light rushed out from that head and that crown directly bombarded Chen Senran.
Chen Senran saw those eyes blink to a half, and a sky-blue light completely swallowed him up. It was a constantly magnifying echo smile.
The smile was grand and cold to the extreme, and it invaded his body inch by inch. With the surging blue light, Chen Senran was thrown directly from the throne.
He didn’t come to finish the work in shuriken.
At that moment, he wanted to yell at Lao Du to do it.
But before he could shout, he heard a sound, a sound that came out of the laughter all over the sky
Don’t want to complain. That’s too melodramatic.
Ask for some votes
Page two hundred and thirty-three Lao Du Dao
Lao du’s knife
The knife roared like a strong wind, and the grand laughter in the wind was directly torn into pieces, and the laughter came to an abrupt end.
The whole hall is like a wind knife.
Knives resounded in every corner of the hall, and the whole hall was shrouded and echoed constantly.
The potential of the knife is terrible, and adults can stop the knife from soaring inch by inch, crushing every inch of frost in the hall, groaning and counting cracks, and the frost spreads like snakes in those years
The knife is like a mountain.
Knife is like fire.
When that knife was still ringing in Chen Senran’s ear, that knife called Moon Beauty had reached that peerless head.
Lao Du didn’t stand in the same place this time. He moved him with an unpredictable speed and suddenly rushed at the Frost Queen with the knife in his hand.
The blade of leisure has been attached to the head, and the layer of frost and violent knife means that even the raging flame can’t melt the ice and shatter it.
Knife potential into an inch Lao Du, the whole person has been like a bow to pull others to a standstill, a pair of original white leisure as the best jade hands have been covered with veins stood out like pythons.
Roar with a knife in the palm.
The knife is as powerful as a thunder, and it has become a raging dragon.
The seemingly indestructible frost on the unbridled rushing layer of the dragon can’t stop the rage of that knife. It almost turned into grinding powder at the moment when it was pressed in front of the blade, and completely exposed that peerless face to the rage.
Everything hindered the knife gas from climbing her skin in an instant, and the knife strength directly cut off her long silver-blue hair at the temples.
All rude and brutal violence has crossed hundreds of years and once again came to this once unyielding king’s face.
If you want the knife to enter the next level, the knife will be completely raging on this face, and several scars will spread like mushrooms after rain, and flesh and blood will be splashed with bones.
When there is another breath, everything will be over.
Lao Du’s figure was pulled an inch again, and his bones exploded, and the veins stood out in his arms became thicker by three points. At this moment, he is no longer the old man who bent his back and drove the car, but more like a tiger who made the strongest blow out of the mountain.
When qi stagnates again, it stops at that moment.
Chen Senran has been able to breathe. He felt the gas in the whole hall rushing in the direction of Lao Du. At the end of his knife, it melted into the knife, which seemed to completely suck up all the essence of the world.
The world is dim
The whole world is waiting for a moment, waiting for the knife to explode.
The moment everything returned to normal.
a moment
For a moment, the world is right.
No knife, no anger, no roar of the world, no flesh and blood, nothing, nothing happened.
After all, the knife didn’t enter a dime. Those who were forcibly pulled over and leaked the knife inch by inch let go.
Laodu Luodi

Words didn’t say that finish phoenix shadow ink light coagulation eyes light look at the night away.

Thank you [Mr.zhou sings softly] Thank you for kissing the pen [uiui53] Thank you for kissing the purse [1586579315] Thank you for kissing the flowers ~ ~ I love you so much ~ ~
The principle of three primary colors yellow+blue [6] is as I wish.
Words didn’t say that finish phoenix shadow ink light coagulation eyes light look at the night away.
The night left without saying anything
The meaning in the other party’s words is already very obvious.
He is the drug dealer.
Slightly lowered his eyebrows and pulled out a handkerchief from his robe sleeve at night, wiping the palm with a touch of green bit by bit.
"It was you! It’s a waste of time for me and the queen mother to believe in you. You’re the owner of the workshop who knows the law and breaks the law! " I have been silent for a long time, and my angry tone is finally out. I have already lost my previous warmth.
The night quivers from the eyes.
At the same time, Fengying Ink has stepped back to the table and returned the paint box in her hand to its original position. Finally, she turned around and looked at him. "Do you have anything to say, Lord Night?"
Looking down at his palm at night
Although the thick ink has been wiped off, there are still faint traces left.
Throw the dirty brocade handkerchief into a garbage bamboo basket at the foot, and slowly turn around and kneel in the direction of the emperor and queen mother.
"I can talk!" You can’t hear emotions when you are indifferent.
Surprised that he would be so three people are slightly zheng.
The queen mother gently sipped her red lips and looked at him deeply.
Mo Qianyu looks good and handsome, and his eyebrows are twisted in an unobservable way. "Can you understand that you have confessed?"
Silence at night
This moment of silence and doubt is tantamount to acquiescence.
"I believe that night adults know very well that drug trafficking is a capital crime!"
I don’t know when this speech is Feng Ying Mo. He has walked to the front of the night and leaned slightly and looked at him.
So the night away once again saw his beautiful thin-cut lips, which seemed like a micro-arc and dark deep pupil, which could not be erased.
Night away, of course, knows that drug trafficking is a capital crime, and the whole people know that drug trafficking is a capital crime. Is it him?
Have put aside the line of sight at night and ignored the stare at the man in front of you, but looked at the young emperor with a light gaze.
"Slave but at the disposal of the emperor!"
He calmly let the emperor be stunned and then more angry. "Well, in this case, I will become you!"
Words fall is to shout people suddenly heard Feng Ying ink sound rang again.
"Night adults want to take the fall for others?"
Take the rap?
Emperor Zheng
The queen mother’s eyes flashed slightly.
Night away from my heart, but I didn’t react too much. I turned my eyes again to the man who leaned over in front of me and breathed lightly.
Blue musk deer’s breath is faint and lingering over the tip of nose.
"What does Lord Feng mean?" Open your mouth at night
"What do you mean?" Feng Ying Mo smiled in a low voice and suddenly straightened up. "Actually, when the drug dealer in Pingju Dyeing House fled, he grabbed the cloth. The original cloth was not dyed, but at that time, I saw the drug dealer fly away and deliberately threw it to the Ministry, saying,’ I have a way to recognize it as evidence’. Now it seems that the drug dealer heard it as I hoped."
All three people in the house changed their faces slightly.
Thank you [uiui53] for kissing Cui. Thank you [sunhan59】【597] [597] for kissing Hua Hua ~ ~ Thank you [1871373687] for loving you. [7] Who is that man?
All three people in the house changed their faces slightly.
"Where?" Night away from Yang face looking at commanding in front of the man.
"So if you are not a drug dealer, you will have your own hands close to the yellow skin. How can you smear it again? There is a possibility that the drug dealer is someone else and you are protecting that person, no matter whether you are a drug dealer with yellow hands, get rid of the design and frame you, or you smear your excuses and take the initiative to confess. Who is that person? "
When I said the last sentence, Phoenix Shadow Ink leaned forward again to face the night away from her eyes, deeply Gherardini.
Don’t hide from each other at night.

Looking at the invitation to the moon, he guessed that she had something on her mind. The servant came over with the fried soup. "The public medicine is fried!"

I took the medicine bowl and lifted the moon invitation, so that she could gently scoop up a spoonful in her arms and feed it to the mouth of the moon invitation. In a coma, the moon invitation rejected the bitter medicine juice and refused to drink it. Finally, it flowed down the corner of her mouth to the neck and soaked her chest collar.
I couldn’t think of the simplest and oldest way. He poured the soup into his mouth, bowed his head and invited the moon lips to pour the medicine into the mouth, and the dryness immediately filled his mouth …
Inviting Yue Neng wanted to spit out the medicine juice and immediately noticed that his tongue resisted Inviting Yue’s tongue and insisted on letting the medicine juice flow into Inviting Yue’s throat. The tongue intertwined from feeding medicine to kissing deeply …
Looking at this scene, I lowered my eyes and left the room to invite the moon and two people …
Finally, after the medicine juice is fed, the moon is slowly put back to the table, and the bowl is carefully tucked for the moon, while she keeps changing wet towels for her.
"Well … it’s so hot …" Invited the moon to feel hot and want to be bored and tuck her in.
"Cold … cold …" Cold is such a torture. It’s cold and hot. At the moment, I invited the moon to be shivering and braved the cold sweat to hold her tight, but I invited the moon to be cold and cold. My fingers grabbed my hand. "It’s so cold …"
"Invite the moon …" Love dearly held the invitation and kissed her cheek.
"Don’t go, don’t go … don’t lose me … don’t lose me …" I invited the moon to see those brown eyes in my dream.
"Invite the moon, invite the moon … you won’t die … invite the moon …" It suddenly occurred to me that human body is the best heater, and the body temperature won’t make her cold or hot.
Thought of here, I faded my tunic and got into bed naked, and my heart suddenly accelerated inexplicably. Little by little, my thin tunic slowly faded, and two graceful bodies were intertwined. Suddenly, there was a hot body around me to invite the moon. I wanted to climb and he tried to rub it in my arms …
"It’s cold … hug me …" Invite the moon to hug and whisper "it’s cold …"
This temptation is a desire to torture the body, and he is awakened. He holds the moon invitation tightly, and his soft body clings to his hot body. At this moment, he is crazy about melting her "inviting the moon …"
The voice is full of desire and depression. The palm of your hand caresses the smooth skin of inviting the moon like a warm wind. "Hmm …" Inviting the moon to sing a more tightly.
"Invite the moon … don’t touch …" Trying to endure her illness, he can’t help himself at this time.
In the morning, the sun shines through the window on the bed in every corner of the room. A man and a woman are hugging each other and sleeping. There are already busy footwork outside the door.
I invited the moon to sleep bleakly only to find that my body could not move. Only then did I notice that there was a person sleeping beside me, and his hands were tightly locked.
Invited on one leng feel naked, they last night … Don’t … Try to remember but can’t think of anything, and feel very painful and dizzy. "Hmm …"
It seems that the wedding night is a veritable invitation to the moon. She was a little annoyed last night. She was a little uncomfortable and listened to what she said in her ear. Later, her eyes were black and she couldn’t remember anything.
I remember the first time I saw him, he was so refined, and the moonlight looked so beautiful, giving people a sense of beauty that can be seen from a distance but can’t be abused.
Fingers gently climb his face and follow his outline and lines to outline him. He is really beautiful.
Open your eyes and stare at your lips and pull an arc. He woke up with a smile.
Invite the moon to look at him with a pair of bright star eyes.
"See what?" Smile "You were sick last night and scared me to death … but it’s okay …" I will invite the moon to hug my arms and lean on his generous chest to listen to his strong heartbeat. He is still nervous.
"You took care of me all night?"
"What do you say?" Spoil a little bit and invite the tip of the moon to be charming and say, "You were very enthusiastic to drill into my arms last night!" "
Inviting the moon turned red. Although this kind of thing has long been used to it, she is really a little embarrassed to say it. Otherwise, how can he mix a bed and blush … will be laughed at.
"By the way, you should take medicine …"
"Drink medicine?" Inviting the moon suddenly recalled the bitter taste "taking medicine again …" I hate Chinese medicine the most.
Put on a gown, bring a coat to invite the moon, and then knock on the door "bring the temple medicine!" "
"Yes!" After a while, the footman brought the fried medicine juice over and took the tray to the door again. "I have asked them to prepare candied fruit!" "
Inviting the moon to take over the medicine bowl didn’t get angry and said, "although I said I was bitter, I haven’t reached the point where I can’t swallow!" "
"…" I don’t know who refused to swallow a bite last night.

"Come and preach cure too much!" Lv Yanzhong never imagined that he would have such a big reaction. Was he hiding too deeply in the past or pretending too well?

Lv Yanzhong screamed and shouted a number of eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting to quickly send Qin Kai back to the bedroom.
"Water and water" Qin Kai licked the chapped lip and called out the eyes full of spirits in the past. At this time, Qin Kai woke up with some unconsciousness. At this time, he was white and everywhere.
"Water comes to the emperor, you drink slowly." Lv Yanzhong kept by his side and made too many things this night. The soldiers in front also competed with the Chu people. I didn’t expect the harem to be messed up, which was never favored by women.
Lv Yanzhong thinks that everything has a warning. Today, this Su Zhimo is supercilious, too spineless and abnormal!
"I’m all right, you go to rest." Although Qin Kai can’t accept this fact, people are still awake
"I’m sorry for your loss, Emperor. Male and female servants didn’t know that you and the queen seemed to be male and female servants. They won’t talk about it again after being affectionate." Lv Yanzhong twisted herself to put Qin Kai on the table after drinking the cup.
A dead person will always be right. Only when she is dead will he remember her gentlest and most lovely side. Now, arguing with him about these things is nothing that will make him not high.
What will make him unhappy? Lv Yanzhong grew up in a palace since childhood and naturally saw through these things and psychology.
"Don’t say that you have experienced it?" When Qin Kai woke up, he calmed down a little, and he still remembered it in his heart. When the eunuch came to report that the Palace of Kunning was on fire, he had a score in his heart, but he couldn’t believe it.
"I’ve experienced a person’s temple outside, but I can’t tell the difference. It seems that the queen’s sister and her maid-in-waiting are not fake. When we left, they were just a person’s temple outside." Lv Yanzhong said softly, it’s convenient to set it on fire now.
It happened that she hated the original palace. After the victory of this war, he had to build a palace for her.
"Buried! Tell the department of rites to prepare a queen’s funeral! " Qin Kai said this and lay back with his back to her side, motionless but not asleep.
Su Zhimo is not a queen anymore, and Qin Kai, the biggest in the harem, is in a bad mood at this time, so it’s up to her to decide the big and small things!
"good!" Lv Yanzhong happily replied and then tucked the quilt for him and slowly walked out of the temple.
Su Zhimo De can be demoted before her death, but after her death, she was added as a queen! Lv Yanzhong can’t sleep, but on second thought, everyone is gone, but it’s just an empty name. Everyone has her. What can she argue about now? This is the most perfect thing. Even she didn’t expect her to die so soon.
It’s getting light. Qin Kai slept very uneasily. Fortunately, there was no news ahead. Qi Ying had slept enough in the middle of the night and was thinking about something at the front window.
"The root of the Queen of the Lord Qin State was not burned to death!" Qi Ying heard about it early, and everything was too coincidental. He always felt that something was strange tonight, and then he sent someone to find out and found out the clue.
"Is there such a thing?" Although he felt something was wrong in his heart, he was shocked when he heard the news. If it was said that the princess in Chu had it, he believed that the woman was not even her opponent, let alone escaped from the high wall of the palace.
But this Su Zhimo, he’s seen passive Nuo Nuo, and she can’t speak martial arts. It’s hard for her to escape.
She and Su Shiyuan are not at peace. Without her as a backer, how can she afford to fight that gorgeous princess?
"Yes, it seems that the king of Chu sent someone. At this time, they have already left the palace." Qi Ying’s best man truthfully reported that he could not help but sigh in his heart.
"Today things are too accidental. If you follow them, you must bring back the queen of Qin." Qi Ying thought and said.
This woman is also a trump card. Since Chu Lin is willing to take care of his aunt, she and Su Shiyuan will definitely not be stiff. Now the two countries are at war. Although not counting the Qin State and the snowy people, he still holds hundreds of thousands of troops in his hand, but Chu is not a vegetarian to attack, nor is it to say that he has always had his ability.
In case you can’t beat them, you can exchange this woman for a trump card.
"Yes!" Qi Ying’s hand finished and he had disappeared. In the middle of the night, Qi Ying’s lips were slightly sipped. I believe that he has not done anything.
Su Zhimo’s eyes are missing. Chu Lin heard about it long ago. After hearing about it, he sent someone to protect him. When the time was right, he took her to Chu and they reunited.
Prime Minister Su and his second wife Su Shiyuan didn’t even know that Chu Lin dared not say that he was afraid. Before saying that they were thinking about it, they might as well bring people directly to them to benefit.
Dawn Su Zhimo was nervous. The man sitting in front of the carriage didn’t say much.
Because Chu has attacked Qin Guocheng, which is heavily defended, Chu Lin took her around the city on foot for a long time before the carriage just left the gate and planned to sail towards the capital of Chu.
Suddenly the horse neighed and Su Zhi Mo felt the carriage shake quickly, and the whole person fell to one side with that force.
"Look out!" Su Zhimo heard a neat step. It should be that the man has got into the carriage.
"Are you human?" Ordered to protect Su Zhi Mo people looked at the black dress person in front and asked.
Qi Ying looked at his man with a hand-to-face expression and suddenly felt a flash of white light in front of him, wrapped in cold firm but gentle, and the speed was already stabbing him.
The man quickly drew out his sword. He wanted to resist, but suddenly a man in black came out at this time. Su Zhi Mo’s eyes couldn’t see it. At this time, even the struggle opportunity was not directly caught by the man in black.
An oncoming cool breeze blew her shivers. Su Zhi Mo stretched out her hand and tried two times, but suddenly she felt a tight wrist. Su Zhi Mo listened to the conversation between the two people and knew what was going on. Then she quickly shook her wrist and tried to get rid of this one who caught her own.
"It’s me. Let’s go!" Chu Lin sent someone to get rid of it with a knife at this time. When Su Zhi Mo was caught, he repelled Qi Ying’s hand. At that moment, he quickly grabbed her and left. At this time, the horse was frightened, raised its front paws and ran away with the carriage.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “