"I’m hungry, too." Yu Lin spat out his tongue wittily.

Haikui also smoothed her clothes and carried her bags on her back. Yu Lin also put her hat back on.
In fact, Haikui didn’t ask Lin Yu to cover up with a hat. How did the shop assistant or boss recognize her as a local person?
The two of them went out to the lobby and went to the store. The guy was still chatting and dozing, but the owner of the store was counting the numbers, which seemed to be calculating how much he had earned these days.
Haikui and his wife walked slightly to the front of them, and the shop assistant was still dozing off, and the shop owner was still counting accounts.
"The store is ready to eat!" Haikui pulled up a stool to sit and shouted
Shopkeeper got a fright. Shopkeeper also suddenly looked at Haikui soberly. Shopkeeper asked, "You were last night …" But he immediately found that it was wrong and didn’t ask again.
Yu Lin said a few words with his head down and his voice down. Haikui didn’t understand anything.
Wait for Yu Lin to sit in Haikui and ask, "What did you just say?"
Lin Yuqing replied, "I’ll tell him in our local dialect to go and cook."
Hai Kui understood that it turned out to be a local dialect. How did he know that Yu Lin was a local? It turned out that he had his own local language no matter where he was.
The shop boy turned back, and the boss stared at Haikui for a while without saying anything and continued to lower his head.
After a while, the shop assistant brought two bowls of plain noodles. "There are no ingredients for breakfast!"
"Nothing to make do!" Haikui said and took over two bowls of noodles.
The shop boy looked at Yu Lin carefully with questioning eyes.
Haikui snorted. "What are you looking at?"
Shop buddy this just Nuo Nuo turned back to the bar there.
Although Haikui’s mana can’t be used for the time being, there are still some glaring and yelling in these years, and there is still some malicious strength.
Yu Lin picked up chopsticks to eat Haikui hurriedly stop her low, "aren’t you afraid of medicine inside? What should I do if I confuse you? "
Yu Lin smiled. "No, we are short of medicinal materials here. Most people dare not get sick. It took him a long time to save money on this medicine!"
As soon as Haikui wanted to make sense, he picked up chopsticks and shoveled it.
After eating vegetarian noodles, I wiped my mouth. Anyway, I paid the bill last night. Haikui didn’t have to talk too much and didn’t want any money left. He said to Yu Lin, "Shall we go?"
Lin Yu nodded
Two tandem out of the inn lobby.
The shop assistant was anxious to whisper to the shop owner, "Boss Fat Sheep, this can go!"
The boss slowly raised his head. "Let’s go! We can’t put them down in broad daylight!"
"What do you say?" Shop man urgent way
"Go find Zhu Laoda!" The boss said slowly
"oh! ! ~ "The shop buddy reacted immediately. Hey hey smiled." I’m going to wait for the fat sheep, but I can’t let it go! "
Shop buddy said and turned to the back.
The shopkeeper looked at Haikui’s departure direction with profound meaning.
Haikui took his carriage. The horse looked in good spirits after a night’s rest.
"Go to your car," Haikui said to Yu Lin who followed him.
Yu Lin looked up in the hat and smiled wittily. "I don’t chat in the car, I’m sitting here, too." Lin Yuyi said.
Haikui smiled "Ke"
With a smile, the two men sat in the reins and Haikui gently pulled the reins and the horse trotted.
Haikui laughed. "My fairy sisters are all arrogant Leng Yan. I didn’t expect you to be!"
Yu Lin gently lamented Haikui, "What fairy elder sister do you want me to lose my life? Besides, if I were a fairy, I should be a fairy elder sister, you are a fairy elder brother, and of course I can’t be cold to you!"
Anyway, Haikui sounds disgusting. My brother and sister are covered in goose bumps. Haikui wryly knows that Yu Lin likes Ye Sheng too much to make such a woman be dead set on your mother’s plot!
Haikui yy started to throw the reins and hit the horse hard, and the horse accelerated.
From this post office place, it’s all the way to this official road. You need to cross this mountain, but it may be because there are merchants coming and going all the year round, and the road is still smooth.
Sure enough, it took a long time for the dead horse to drive the carriage to the foot of the mountain. Looking at the top of the mountain, Haikui suddenly had a tingle. Just now, he had an affair with the fairy sister and forgot about the robbers in the mountains!
Haikui quickly asked Yu Lin, "Are there robbers in this mountain in Yu Lin?"
Yu Lin one leng shook his head "I don’t know".
Haikui was relieved. "It seems that you don’t know that there are no robbers!" "
Yu Lin is full of sorrow. "I have never walked here since I was a child, and I have never heard of my family. Of course I don’t know."
Haikui was just relieved and got up again. "Are you saying that there are robbers?"
Yu Lin shook his head again. "I don’t know!"

"Heart can bear fruit-anger"

Xu Le was slightly shocked when he saw this result.
Death nail?
Didn’t this thing get killed last night? How did you turn your head and turn it into a fruit?
Compared with those people who are in awe of Xu Le and are the first to know Xu Le’s ability, she has no sense of distance from Xu Le.
Besides, she is much more observant than others.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with my fruit? "
"No, no problem. Your fruit reward is very strong and good."
Xu Le pendulum motioning with his hand this time can’t goof.
He hesitated for a moment, but still hesitated.
"But can I touch these fruits?"
"touch? This is not allowed by the mother tree. What do you want to do? " I can see that Chixiao is still very vigilant.
"No, it’s my ability. I won’t be rejected by the mother tree, and I can learn more about the fruits of ancient music."
In this respect, Xu Le didn’t lie, and he didn’t notice anything wrong.
"Ok, you do it."
Xu Le first put his finger on the first fruit.
[Burning your own ability to emit light and heat, burning life and emitting strength]
[Element Level-Industry Fire]
[The theory of combustible burning off the mind is that fear, lust and anger will become the nourishment of karma]
[Biological level-Death Nail]
[Ahriman Death Nail is powerful, and special external creatures have power that does not belong to this world]
Among the three fruits, the most valuable fruit is undoubtedly the death nail, but the most suitable fruit is definitely the fire.
Chixiao is the second fruit-level element metal of the fire disaster warlock besides the ancient sound and many fates.
After getting the metal, she often fires herself to forge her own equipment.
It’s like she gave herself a prosthetic leg that greatly enhanced her defense …
"Well …" Thought of here, Xu Le hesitated again.
What did Chixiao do to himself?
"It seems that I have advanced a few fruits and taught myself how to introduce the functions of the mother tree world in an elemental way. The ancient secrets of integrating the mother tree world to forge prosthetic ice bear fruits and …"
Xu Le …
Well, it’s nothing
Xu Le? ?
"If this is nothing, what am I? Xu Le, Xu Le, what do you think? "
Xu Le consciously bit his finger and bled, which made the pain erode and forced him to calm down.
However, in the mother tree world, if you are seriously injured and die, you will recover in a very short time
Because Xu Le was so immersed in his own world, Chixiao actually heard his soliloquy voice, and she felt that something was wrong with Xu Le. Just look at a fruit. How can it be like jumping into a god?

The dazzling golden light, the instant of this Dan medicine, actually emitted a golden-like light. Although it was a flash, Zhang Yuan was quite sure that it was definitely not his illusion.

Then Zhang chop yuan asked a fragrant Yaoxiang.
Judging from these two points alone, you will know that this Dan medicine is definitely not everything, but whether it is good for you or not, then ghosts and the strange people in front of you will know
But Zhang chop yuan is very single, without hesitation, without grabbing the Dan medicine and looking up.
Dan medicine dissolves in the mouth.
Then "bang-"I felt as if there was a fire burning suddenly in my abdomen, and generally it seemed that all my internal organs were burned to ashes.
Zhang chop yuan is open my mouth and exclaim. I can’t make a sound any more. My body mana is frozen and can’t run.
For a moment, Zhang Yuan was going to die.
"gee! Really not! Poor human body is so poor, no wonder it can be the most humble race! " Gouhuan mouth tut shook his head with a sigh.
"It seems that you have to respect it."
As he spoke, Gou Huan’s hand had once again put a chop on Yuan’s head.
Zhang chop yuan once again felt a hot breath straight from the top of his head.
This air current is hot, but it runs along a certain track along the meridians and the path of one’s own mana.
In this way, not only did it not cause much pain to itself, but the airflow that was not smooth enough in the original operation became smoother.
Zhang chop yuan feel body mana airflow with Sunday cycle is becoming more and more thick.
If there is a third party, you will find that Zhang Yuan’s breath is soaring rapidly.
But Yuan Ying’s high-level strength quickly broke through to Yuan Ying’s peak, Yuan Ying dzogchen …
By the time Yuan Ying’s state of dzogchen was only stagnant, but after a few breaths, it continued to skyrocket and quickly broke through the obstacles to advance to Godsworn.
Strangely, during this breakthrough, there was neither fluctuation of the laws of heaven and earth nor dull arrival of thunder.
Zhang Jian-yuan didn’t know his situation at this time. He felt pain, but seeing his whole body and skin encouraged his face to tremble.
The first stage of deification, the middle stage of deification …
The breath has also skyrocketed all the way until it reaches the peak of the gods, and then it is slow to finally stop the realm of dzogchen.
A Dan medicine plus Gou Huan actually brought a Yuan Ying senior monk to the realm of dzogchen.
Zhang chop yuan shout gradually stopped.
Gou Huan let go and instantly fell to the ground.
But soon he got up again.
Run the achievement method slightly and feel the surging mana. First, Zhang Yuan is full of disbelief, and then he is full of ecstasy.
"I … I this realm of dzogchen?"
"I actually advanced to the realm of dzogchen?"
Zhang chop yuan face incredible expression.
Just now, he was a brother Yuan Ying, and he didn’t even dare to expect whether he would have a chance to advance to the gods in this generation.
I didn’t expect all this to come true in the blink of an eye
Zhang chop yuan deeply felt grateful for his decision just now, thanks to his cleverness! Not only did you save your life, but you also quickly gained strength. This is simply every cloud has a silver lining!
Look at the color robe next to Brother Zhang Yuan, and you will be deeply awed.
It turns out that he can’t see through each other’s strength during his infancy, and this colored robe monk is just a godsworn.
A Godsworn Terran is a mighty man.
But now the other party raised their hands and raised themselves to the realm of dzogchen.
Raise your hand to raise a Yuan Ying senior monk to dzogchen, the deity. What means is this?
It is simply unpredictable!
At the very least, Zhang Jianyuan’s knowledge is unheard of.
Even those drugs or special secret methods that temporarily increase strength can’t make strength span such a big span.
What’s more, Zhang Yuan clearly felt that his realm was very stable, and the root was not a temporary rise.
"Thank you, master, for your promotion. You must be grateful to your master!"
Zhang chop yuan respectfully joins at this time he has no idea of it all dare not.
Gou Huan glanced coldly and didn’t say much.
In fact, the process of upgrading just now seems magical, and there are many hidden dangers. This practice of forcibly upgrading the repair is really encouraging.
From then on, Zhang Jianyuan will not only be promoted again, but also Shou Yuan will be greatly affected
But all this is not a problem for Gou Huan.
Anyway, what he needs is just a running dog in the fix-true world.
"Let’s go! Go and find the stone "Gou Huan" as an order.
"It’s the master!" Zhang chop yuan humble as a dog promised to one.
Zhang chop yuan just promised to feel a flash has arrived.
A huge force wrapped in Zhang Yuan’s body rose rapidly forward, and the scenery of the mountains on the ground became blurred, and the speed was fast.
I was out of the ghost cave in a short time.
Shi Gui doesn’t like the cold environment, so although there are many rocks in the ghost cave, Shi Gui won’t enter unless he has to.

Bridled eyebrows are old, but if the strength of the ninth-order martial arts is promoted again, it will be immortal. Situ Hao was attacked by the cover in several big holes, but he also closed his eyes to bear it.

However, it was the saddest thing for him to close his eyes and flash across his father’s figure in his mind until he died.
Third granduncle, and so on all of a sudden a than urgent sound.
Situhao opened his eyes and saw that the white-haired old man raised his right hand and slowly let it go. He looked at the pronunciation place and you had something to say.
The speaker is a middle-aged Han, and he is also the head of more than 30 pale spirits.
Middle-aged Han respectfully embraced the fuels in reply to the third granduncle Situhao, who is not suitable for killing at present.
Bridled old frowning slightly frowned.
The patriarch has sent a bunch of disciples from Xuanyuan to Fengyun Jianzong. Just check from Situhao that he practiced magic skills and then burn them down to kill them. But he practiced magic skills without him, and the oath of magic skills will be left over again. Sooner or later, that set of magic skills will still be a disaster for others. The middle-aged man said slowly
The bridled old man nodded slightly. Well, you’re right. Hehe, I’m not interested in the world. I happened to pass by here today. Then I’ll take Situ Hao back to Cangling Sect and take him up, and then slowly ask him to practice magic skills from him.
Is three granduncle middle-aged Han respectfully fuels salute way
The voice fell to the ground, and Stuart felt that the figure in front of him flashed, and the bridled old man left at this point, and the speed was still flashing.
Situhao walked from the ghost gate once and saw the bridled old leave, which greatly relieved him.
When people die, hope is gone. Otherwise, there is still hope for everything.
After bridled old man left, the middle-aged Han directly flew forward with Situhao and his royal flying sword for Cang Ling Zongdi.
Flying forward for about a lamp of tea, there are more than 30 miles of towering buildings in the mountains ahead, and several batches of martial arts are practicing in the wide square.
Situ Haobai is about to step into Cang Ling Zong.
Cangling Zongran deserves a door in Sendao, and this momentum is not comparable to that of Fengyun Jianzong.
More than 30 brothers of Cang Ling flew straight ahead in the building complex for some distance before they landed on the ground in front of a very magnificent building.
After the middle-aged Han gave Situhao to another pale spirit brother, he walked into the magnificent building.
No one spoke, but quietly in the square in front of the magnificent building.
After a long time, the middle-aged man came up to him with a pale beard fluttering old.
You are SiTuHao pale beard old light asked.
You’re human again. Situ Hao didn’t answer the old question, but asked it back.
I am the patriarch of Cang Ling Zong Mu Tianfeng when Cang Zhuan is slightly stunned.
I am Stuart Hao.
Cang Zhuan nodded slightly, Situhao. If you practice weird magic skills, you will be abolished. If you repair the old man, you will die.
Situhao smiled. It’s a pity that I didn’t practice ancient scrolls with me.
Oh, where
I hid it in Fengyun Jianzong, and whenever Situ Hao talks about making up ancient scrolls, he always says that he hid it here in Fengyun Jianzong to make sure his tune is correct.
Then tell me where you hid the ancient scrolls, and I will send someone to take them away and destroy them.
That’s my amulet. Even if I die, I won’t say it. Situhao said calmly.
Mu Tianfeng’s face flashed a cruel look, but in a blink of an eye, he hid it. Don’t worry, I always keep my word. I will never kill you if you are honest with where the magic power is hidden.
The fairy magic mainland has no strength. For a person, it is a matter of life and death. You’d better die. I won’t tell you about the ancient ruins, said Situ Haohan.
See SiTuHao look this firm mu Tianfeng know what can’t get from him and then turned to the middle-aged han said to him into the wind hole to take good care of.
Is the patriarch middle-aged han answer this just got up and led two pale spirit ZongDi with SiTuHao to one side. Chapter 41 The wind hole.
The gale cave is located in the highest solitary peak of Cangling Sect, facing the towering clouds in the north. It is quiet outside the gale cave, but when it arrives in the cave, it is really worthy of the name.
Hurricanes are not terrible. What is terrible is that the wind tunnel is full of cold winds. The temperature outside the wind tunnel is very suitable, but the temperature in the wind tunnel is several degrees. The surface of the wind tunnel flashes with cold ice.
Situhao was locked by a big chain in a stone pillar with a thin ice layer. The ice layer on the surface of the stone pillar was extremely cold and directly frozen into the body and bone marrow.
Situ Hao can use force to resist this maddening cold, but he can’t face the extreme cold attack when several large holes are sealed in his body, but he can also shake his body and firm his teeth.
The gale cave seems to be a torture, and a hut is built outside the cave. Sitting inside the hut door, you can see everything in the gale cave.
Of course, because the hut is outside the windy cave, it is not as cold as the cave.
Situhao is really depressed to death
This windy cave can be described as taking advantage of heaven and earth, but Situ Hao put up with the extreme cold.
I can’t stay in the windy cave for three days. I believe that Situhao will be stiff with cold.

People’s small talk sounded Su Yu’s heart.

Everyone looked at Su Yu’s eyes with support, complexity and an inexplicable expectation.
They really want to see what Su Yu will do.
Do you insist that the Terran poor uphold justice, or do you always identify with the Presbyterian group regardless of race?
"I know Xiao. Tell me what you want."
Su Yu slightly silent indifferently openings.
Don’t say that people on the street are silent, even Su Yu’s horse can’t scream.
Emperor Regal is just an old man who can crush people to death, let alone always kneel and dare not look up.
"The little old son wants the alien adult to return my daughter, and I have this blood in the Li family, even if I spend all my money to compensate the adult and the little old son!"
The old man said with a trembling voice, sadness and sorrow, including humiliation
After hearing the neighbors’ comments, the old man knew that he had gone too far. Now he dared not expect anything and asked his daughter to come back safely.
Innocent and innocent, is your daughter disabled?
He didn’t dare to ask the old man to open his eyes and let his daughter come back completely.
Although the old man’s voice barely kept smooth, Su Yu still heard a humiliation in the old voice and said, "You’ve had enough fun and send my daughter back!"
This is a bottom Terran’s deep resistance to foreign nobles.
My daughter was forcibly taken away by foreigners, and I have to go bankrupt and beg the other party to return it?
What kind of overbearing truth is this!
Maybe the Terran poor deserve to be so cheap!
I don’t know that an anger is boiling from Su Yu’s chest. He is a past life. Although he is in the most noble position in class society, he still can’t change Su Yu’s ideal of seeking justice by his heart.
At the very least, Su Yu can’t bear the loss of the Terran race in everything external!
Emperor silence combined with others all dare not speak have held their breath.
Half ring
Su Yu slowly spat out a sigh of relief and motioning with his hand indifferently commanded "bearer"
"At the end!"
Sue nine hurriedly out hand respectfully promised.
"Qinjian City has been returned to me, that is, Chinese territory! You taught me to follow the Chinese law, and this matter should be judged! "
Su Yu sound cold even battle-hardened Su Jiu couldn’t help but feel a quiver.
"I won’t dare to teach the emperor at the end of this."
Sue nine hurriedly knelt with a wry smile and dared not speak again.
Su Yu’s words are too cruel.
Looking at the sky, who dares to teach the Terran Emperor?
Is it or impatient!
Su Yu suddenly binge drinking suddenly turned to look down at the cold eyes fell Sue nine body "I let you say! I am judged by the Chinese law! "
Chapter 244 I don’t kill people I kill animals!
Sue nine hurriedly knelt soldiers used to let him conditioned reflex shouted "back to the emperor! Forcibly abduct young girls according to the Chinese law! Punish the border army for ten years! Anti-street killing people! Life is equal! Any alien case, big or small, damage theory, right or wrong, aliens are doomed! "
Su Jiu roared through the street and made everyone move slightly.
"psst ~!"
People gasped and their expressions were shocked.
Yanhuang law is so protective of Terran!
Throughout the history of the Terran, there has never been such a cruel and unreasonable law for nearly ten thousand years!
Alien and Terran cases are sentenced to death for their size, nature, right and wrong injuries!
Even the law is a torture stained with alien blood!
Too overbearing!
But I don’t know that everyone feels heavy and can’t help but look at Su Yu with warm eyes, expecting him to say that sentence that everyone expects.
"Well, Royal Guards will investigate this matter and bring it back to the old man’s daughter to get the person involved back!"
Su Yu indifferently commanded
Su Jiu Da should get up and say to Su Yu, "Emperor, do you think this matter is over? Are we going back to the government?"
Su Yu eyebrows sneer at "to check! I want to judge this old man in the street and give him justice! "
"I won’t leave until the prisoner comes."
Su Yu’s voice is cold.

It’s just Shu Shu’s mouth. If Wen Tao is driven away, he will tidy up and let him go at ordinary times.

Bai Qilin a bowl and the pie mouth anyway, now this distance Windows can’t see him do these expressions.
Wen Tao’s spirit can communicate with him only through Bai Qilin.
"It’s a simple battle, but it’s more troublesome when they are near the Kunlun Mountains, and I first heard the words that day to judge that these people are also trying to attract the boss to set you up and then introduce you into the Kunlun Mountains. They should also know very well that they can’t stop you if they just put on a big array."
"Because of the boss, you can’t leave the Kunlun Mountains at any time. They can completely trap you or the unique forces of the Kunlun Mountains, even the square world is hard to resist."
Listening to him go to Wentao Road in Kunlun Mountain, "Is Kunlun Mountain a magic weapon?"
"This?" Bai Qilin said, "I don’t know. I doubted it so much, but the Kunlun Mountains have not changed since I was born."
"Well, you continue to say that there is any good way to break the array?" By the way, Wen Tao can imagine the situation of the Kunlun Sect by asking the situation of the current fix true boundary. Even if the Kunlun Mountains are magic weapons, they can’t really make it.
Although Bai Qilin’s character is cynical, giving advice or disposing of the enemy, he is not considered
But he must be the first to have such a good database, just like having a brain search engine to search for things in one second. If you have to go to the library and spend years looking for such things, Wentao will never do it.
What’s more, it is a style of Wentao to give full play to hand ability and heat.
"Broken array is simple and they are afraid that their array is a trap, so we must first disrupt this trap according to the law with transfer function …"
"What is the transfer function array?"
"No matter whether you are attacking or defending, as soon as you enter this battle range, this battle array will operate and then forcibly take you to another place. This place should not be too far away, and it is generally impossible to cross the boundary. For example, it is impossible to take it from the secular world to Shushan, but it is impossible to take it from this place to another place. This is the transfer function array. I estimate that their array is similar to this one."
"So what should we do?" Ask when it’s time to listen, and when it’s time to ask with humility.
"Let them change their array slightly. Without this function, they can start immediately."
"Can you change their formation?"
Bai Qilin proudly said, "This is not simple. Although they communicate very little, they still communicate with each other occasionally, especially some spiritual powers are weak. I can directly influence them to insert their own meaning in the process of spiritual communication."
Bai Qilin was also afraid that Wentao explained that "just like hackers in the secular world, they have hacked others and then changed their communication words or instructions."
"Good" Wentao’s heart is so happy that things are difficult that he can’t help it. The other party has also set a trap, but now it has turned around.
After a few hours, Wentao asked Bai Qilin many questions, and Bai Qilin gradually answered them.
There are several people in the large array, and they don’t need to think much, and the long-term superiority also makes them unprepared.
As for the owners, they also feel that they are too worried about who dares to send trouble to Kunlun.
What’s more, the large array has a defensive function, and people will touch the large array if they don’t enter through the door of fighting for life.
"Cai Tou, how many days do we have to finish? It’s not necessary. Who dares to touch our Kunlun Sect?" Jin Mopu is an ordinary Kunlun Sect brother. One of every ten of these people is Jin Mo, and their little leader Jin Mo chats with Cai Tou through consciousness.
"Just put on a scene, such as owners talk about good …"
Just then, Cai Tou’s consciousness suddenly binged and drank like a bolt from the blue. "You are in the wrong position, take a step to the right."
The golden ink instantaneous root didn’t react and was directly followed by this thunderbolt sound.
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t move. The whole array will be invalid immediately.
They didn’t have anything to do in the battle, and Wentao had already ambushed the side.
Jin Mo moved for a moment, and Wentao simultaneously controlled two flying swords to fight at super speed, killing four late Du Jie masters and injuring two others.
Others didn’t expect someone to sneak attack.
"Look at my Kirin roar …" Said Bai Qilin with a roar.
At the beginning, the armor of Wentao Tianlei could not resist those unsuspecting people, and how could it resist the first three people’s direct body being shattered and even flying out of Yuanying failed.
Bai Qilin’s wave range is very large, and many people are injured, at least nearly 20 people are injured.
Window and Bai Qilin, these forces are all done in flint.
"Waves …" Pure Yang reality never thought this would happen. How could a large array be broken?
It didn’t occur to him that there was something wrong with the department.
During the test, even if you jointly send experts to shoot at the same time, it is impossible to get close to it. It is even more difficult to break it. This array is not very powerful, but it can transfer people into several other large arrays in Kunlun Mountains.
Those places are kill array, which is one of the hundreds of laws in Kunlun Mountains. Even if they have access methods, they dare not easily get in and out. Worse, even they dare not easily touch many places in Kunlun Mountains.
There are more than 30 forbidden areas among many hills.
When I saw this scene, I felt a quiver in my heart. Wentao was all hands-on, but I didn’t expect Wentao to be so hand-on.
When he came here to pay himself back, he had a way to enter the Kunlun Mountains. Although he knew that this was unlikely, Wentao always surprised people and created miracles after all.
"Don’t look at me. I, I, Mishima Alliance and I won’t do this." Before he said it, the waves were blocked directly for him.
I don’t understand why Wen Tao’s move is so turbulent. What can it do? Can be startle their large array at most, that is, humiliate a pure Yang real person with Kunlun Sect, but it will be dangerous to expose his identity.
Hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-
It’s a pity that Yanlin immediately means that no one is allowed to touch behind the waves.
The two men’s raid was rich, and when Wentao rushed to kill them again, Bai Qilin was also a coup with amazing power.
Especially if you have just entered the four robberies and scattered immortals, or if you are a descendant of God beast, you are also very enjoyable.
But it’s just a head cause. When Kunlun sent these people to react, they immediately gathered around.
And pure Yang reality they should also catch back.
"Shit …" Bai Qilin looks bad. "Boss, let’s go."
Bai Qilin never thought that Wentao would really want to rely on the two of them or the waves. These people fight with Kunlun Mountain.
He’s Wen Tao. He wants to break the big array. What does he mean?
He talked for a long time himself, and it didn’t hurt to do such exciting things. Later, his enthusiasm was still good. When he really fought, he immediately called Wentao to withdraw as soon as he saw something wrong.
"Kill my master and want to go." Pure Yang reality has brought people around.

"Who is the pavilion? Come here to make trouble? " Took a deep breath and asked a white old man in a dozen people.

"Ghost repair forces help Zhang Xiaotian, the big gang leader!" Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
Ghost repair forces? Some monks immediately began to gossip!
"In trouble? Is taking out my deserved soul stone? Is there anything wrong? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at.
"Then you destroyed Yao Daoyou’s body?" See Zhang Xiaotian didn’t immediately begin a middle-aged man also asked.
"Just now, he rushed over and wanted to start work on me and I just hit back. What’s wrong? I was very polite when I didn’t even destroy his baby! " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a light said.
You did it first. If you hadn’t destroyed the betting room first, Yao Daoyou wouldn’t have done it! "A red old man angry way is the first-class power of the volcano owners!
"Betting room these fix true unexpectedly take our ghost fix your gambling entertainment tools! How dare you gamble with me? That’s ridiculous! The friar world is a law of the jungle world, and I can’t blame you for taking us ghosts as entertainment! But now I want to tell you that we ghosts will rise again, and we ghosts will no longer be your playthings! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes coldly scanned the present the fix true.
"Does the rise of ghost repair count?" Maybe a dozen monks of the seventh order are getting bolder together, and a black old man said with a cold hum and disdain.
"Why? You don’t? " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly with a cold hum a dozen purple psychic powers come out.
See Zhang Xiaotian suddenly to black old man’s face changed into a magic weapon consciousness through the body and several layers of green shield followed.
Force attack to spell spell collapse.
The light-sounding defense cover collapses
Before-"several purple psychic powers immediately drilled several big holes in the black old man’s body.
Bellow a green baby escaped from the black old man and ran away into the distance.
"Want to run?" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at one or more purple psychic powers and immediately chase them.
Soon the purple spirit force chased the green baby and wrapped it around it. After several "mice" called, the green baby collapsed and a huge explosion turned the dust.
Sudden attack ends instantly! The whole battle is very fast! Most people didn’t react, and the black old man was killed!
The black old man is the master of the Nine Doors, with high mana and high strength. He has a lot of strength among the seven monks! However, people are a little mean, and they love to say something bitter and difficult to listen to! I didn’t expect to lose my life in vain this time because of his smelly mouth!
Several seven-order monks gasped in their hearts. If they don’t agree with each other, they will kill them instantly. Kill a powerful seven-order monk! This kind of strength … Don’t reach the order?
The people never look down upon this sudden ghost repair force.
Solve the black old man Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look at the sky to the sea light ordered "sky! You go and cancel the master contract of those ghost slaves! "
Big! "Sky nodded with a smile like a challenge area.
There are hundreds of thousands of ghost king slaves in the challenge area.
The sky and sky flew low, and a trace of soul silk thread was drawn out as he flew over, and the soul silk thread was tightly held in his hand.
Flying over a circle, the soul silk thread of the slave body of hundreds of demons was also taken away by him
The contract is lifted, and the demons and slaves are free!
Really free!
It won’t be long before they will no longer worry about being held as slaves and will be truly free!
Because of their ghosts, a Zhang Xiaotian was born.
With him, the ghost family will surely rise.
After solving the ghost’s self-cultivation contract, Hai Tianqiong returned to Zhang Xiaotian’s back, and then he saved up a ball of soul silk thread in his hand and threw it directly into his mouth to chew it.
He solved these soul threads in a special way.
Soul silk thread is a kind of pure soul energy, and powerful soul can absorb them well.
This is the means of celestial immortals, and only celestial immortals can absorb this pure soul energy.
Not that this kind of soul energy is very pure, but that they are relatively pure! After all, they also contain some information about their own owners. Only immortal souls who have experienced the experience of heaven can refine the information about their owners and turn this soul energy into their own soul energy.
Therefore, it can make them closer to heaven and realize the laws of heaven.
According to the theory of truly pure soul energy, it can be said that it is practical, but it is not! Because no matter what kind of soul will contain a trace of impurities, because soul energy is the most vulnerable to pollution.
Only the immortal soul who has experienced the experience of Heaven can absorb the energy of refining the soul containing impurities.
(Jinsha planned to finish the code word from yesterday afternoon, but when the code arrived at five o’clock, Hou Tong broke down and a lot of words disappeared. After careful calculation, there should be about 4 thousand! A dozen messed up the Jinsha plan! Jinsha is going to go back to his hometown after the imp is finished. Jinsha is also in a hurry! But there has been something going on these days, and there is nothing I can do without Jinsha! Today, Jinsha had to go back to her hometown. She stayed up all night and wanted to go home, but I didn’t expect this to happen! You can’t resist it. Jinsha sleeps and wakes up first, and then finishes the code before going home …) To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one The finale (in)
The soul silk thread was destroyed. In the challenge area, the slaves of the ghost king immediately convulsed when they signed the confession of the Lord. Several professionals in the novel network signed too many contracts to fix the truth and died on the spot.
Cancel the contract of recognition? Some knowledgeable fix true immediately rioted. Isn’t this the ability of order monks? How did that boy …
The dozen monks in the seventh order also shook again! Order … There is more than one …
Immediately they shut up and stopped talking! Brother Jie can’t handle it, and it’s not easy to pile up and die in large numbers!
"From now on, if I see anyone signing a contract to recognize the Lord, then …" Zhang Xiaotian glanced coldly at all the people present and finally said coldly, "Just like this gambling arena!" The words sound just fell and the figure changed nearly hundreds of tiny purple psychic powers and then dumped them out.
Purple spirit force passed through several buildings and collapsed!
Silence! The whole gambling pit is silent! Several monks were there, but no one spoke! The situation is very strange
Killing is not an end and it won’t solve the problem!
The class that has been nurtured for 100,000 years cannot be easily changed!

Su Li heart movement immediately white.

I just beat off the nine-level assassin. After turning over and falling into the water, I actually sneaked into them with my special ability. I wanted to sneak attack from the raft.
"This guy …" Su Li secretly took a deep breath, but for Xu Xuehui, she would be in trouble tonight.
"Its goal is you" Xu Xuehui suddenly became nervous "coming!"
Almost at the same moment, Su Li suddenly pushed Xu Xuehui to his feet, and the raft suddenly broke. A terrible black claw broke through the raft and grabbed him with a foot and jerked it.
Chapter 192 Death
If Su Lihao feels that he will be instantly abolished by this sharp claw, he will even be dragged into the square water. The assassin will launch a mutated rib, which will instantly squeeze Su Li to form a paste.
Before Xu Xuehui woke Su Li, he was on guard. Almost as soon as this claw caught his paw, he held the dragon rhinoceros sword in his right hand and stabbed it.
"Before" Yi Long rhinoceros sword milli hinder into this just come out nine assassin’s head along the top of the head all the way to finally emerged from its back.
The assassin’s dark pupils showed a look of pain and surprise at the moment.
It doesn’t seem to understand why Su Li knew about his attack like a prophet.
It’s a pity that it has no time to think about the reason. Su Li twisted the dragon rhinoceros sword and immediately smashed the nine-level assassination head and killed it.
The sudden change here surprised everyone around him, and the team became a little chaotic. Some people failed to resist the sarcoma bomb that came over. With the huge explosion, the raft was blown up and the broken body splashed around. At least three people were killed and four or five were injured.
Two fat and huge corruptors have staggered in.
A level 9 assassin was killed. Su Li was relieved. A spiritual source entered his forehead.
"Level Spirit Source Spirit Source 13/13"
This nine-level assassin made him gain six spiritual sources.
"Are there two left?" Su Li came to Xu Xuehui again.
"Close to the left and right," Xu Xuehui replied, glancing left and right seemed a little nervous.
"Gong Xiao" Su Li immediately called Gong Xiao to his side and whispered, "There are two assassins hiding in the dark, one on each side is quietly approaching, and Xuehuineng sees me deal with the left and the right to you."
Su Li started the "peeping symbol pattern" as he spoke. Although his "peeping symbol pattern" is not as good as Xu Xuehui’s eyes, he asked Xu Xuehui to tell him about the time and area. Through the "peeping symbol pattern", he could observe the other party’s information and then lock the other party’s position in turn.
Although this position is not too accurate, the assassin can’t completely blend into the darkness without revealing the slightest flaw. It is necessary to observe it closely and can barely detect it.
Gong Xiao nodded and said that Bai was holding a spear and pulling Xu Xuehui to the right.
"Come near" Xu Xuehui busy toward Su Li said.
Su Li said that the white figure jumped out to the left, and he really captured the information of the assassin. This is a level assassin, which is lower than that just killed himself.
This quietly approached the assassin from the left into the darkness and just approached the peripheral fire wall. It was about to instantly cross the fire wall and face a man behind the fire wall. I didn’t want Su Li to suddenly rush out like a flash, so that it didn’t respond, so Su Li cut it from the bust.
Cut off the assassin at this level from his chest, together with his arms, and kill him instantly.
Information comes to mind.
"Level Spirit Source Spirit Source 16/13"
On the other side, Xu Xuehui and Gong Xiao cooperated to the right. Xu Xuehui suddenly took a step forward, his eyes widened and he reached out and shouted "here" when he looked in the dark.
Gong Xiao stabbed Xu Xuehui in the dark with an ember spear.
Xu Xuehui launched the "different pupil technique", which quietly merged into the darkness and approached the assassin. Suddenly, he saw Xu Xuehui’s eyes and felt that his soul was sucked into a black hole. At this moment, it lost its ability to move and was stiff. When it reacted and struggled out, it was pierced by Gong Xiao’s spear.
Gong Xiao shook his spear, and the terrible power broke out, which lifted the assassin and slammed it toward the other side.
"Bang!" The assassin fell on the other side of the raft, and the raft immediately broke.
Stealth was broken, it was revealed, and I wanted to fight back. The spear in Gong Xiao’s hand retracted and went out like a poisonous snake. Before, it pierced its face, passed through its head and even brought out its brains.
The three most terrible assassins have finally solved the battle of Su Li’s deep breath, and Xu Xuehui has made great contributions.
"Three assassins have solved the attack-"Su Li issued a heavy drink and rushed out first.
The figure is like a stream of corrosive venom sprayed around, and it goes around to the right side of an obese corruptor. The right-handed dragon rhinoceros sword is cut out sideways, and the corruptor’s head is cut off by half, and three spiritual sources are harvested again.
Then he saw the undead who was less than 1.5 meters tall and covered with sarcoma.
A message immediately appeared in my mind.
"The name thrower’s hierarchical race necromancer evolved from ordinary undead and has a special name. The special ability of higher undead throwers is’ pustule bomb’, which is produced by their own special organs. It looks like sarcoma, but it is actually a special energy bomb. It is a kind of proficient in long-range attack, and the weakness of higher undead is weak in melee."
Su Li suddenly found out that there are four kinds of higher undead this time, except the assassin, and there are three kinds of them, whether they are spitters or corruptors, or in front of their eyes, these throwers are all proficient in ranged attacks on undead, and once they are in close combat, their strength is not strong.
Su Li shot quickly, and the thrower felt that the flowers at the moment were cut off by him and immediately died.
Follow closely behind Su Li Gongxiao also rushed out.
With Su Li and Gong Xiao taking the lead, others also rushed away in anger.
Just Su Li and Gong Xiaolian killed three assassins, and all of them were white in their eyes. This can hide the sneak attack monsters in the dark and have all been killed. Now you can rest assured to fight back.
With a roar of anger, everyone tried to attack all kinds of psychic skills and special abilities, and suddenly all kinds of explosions were heard in the heavy rain, and the waters gradually became red.
Without the terrible assassin, the situation on both sides reversed, and in the blink of an eye, at least ten higher undead died, while one of them was accidentally sprayed by the corruptor with black liquid and died of corrosion.
At the moment, a black figure emerged from the water in the waters behind the building.
From a distance, this black figure looks like wearing a black robe, covering his head and face, and holding a bone sickle in his right hand, which looks very similar to the death in the story.
It looks like the figure of a god of death. Suddenly, black tentacles are stretched out. There are suckers on the outside wall.
These black tentacles are constantly sucking the outside walls and moving alternately to make his figure rise continuously.
It turns out that he is not wearing a black robe. The so-called robe is actually a black tentacle growing from where his head should be and hanging down from the side to cover his body. From a distance, it looks like being wrapped in a black robe.
Once you move these black tentacles, you can see it. The body covered by black tentacles has no flesh and blood but a white skeleton.
It is even more strange that he holds a bone sickle in his right hand. There is a twisted face and a big mouth on the sickle, and the mouth is still dripping with brown saliva.
With the help of these tentacles, climbing along the outer wall of this building is extremely fast.

But then again, it seems that it’s not easy to achieve the goal of mixed food and death. God knows when those great powers out there will mess up the map of the gun house. In this case, a guy who doesn’t know how to practice at all must have someone to rely on

When it comes to relying on it, there is no doubt that his biggest reliance now is that he has been refined into an old house and those daily ones.
Judging from the current situation, these strange instruments are of low order and power, but there is no problem to protect themselves in this area near Dongshan. Don’t be stupid enough to go out and plant flags to pull hatred.
However, the serious problem at present is that whatever kind of things such as implements need to consume aura to maintain and urge …
It happened that Xu Zhihu didn’t understand that the training center can automatically operate against the room to absorb aura from the Dongshan vein, but obviously this absorption speed is obviously much dimmer than that of not consuming speed in less than one day.
Because of this, when I visited Pansi Cave again early today, Xu Zhihu specially sent a cosmetic mirror to Chijie, and then took advantage of her exultation to ask about how to get aura quickly.
As a result, the beautiful red dress beauty was crossed to study the cosmetic mirror. After hearing this question, she blurted it out without thinking-
"LingShi! If you want to get aura quickly, just grab the stone! "
It’s really simple and rude. When Xu Zhihu heard the word rob, it was a cold sweat on his forehead. It happened that Chijie and six little girls were still taking it for granted. It was like discussing going to the vegetable market to buy two pounds of pork …
After a while, I looked at Xu Zhihu’s "you have fallen" eyes and finally put on the makeup mirror. "Okay, okay, if you don’t grab it, don’t grab it. Then we will do some small business to make money … Well, if I remember correctly, it seems that there is a monster square near the bottom of the East Lake, and I just want to sell things. Why don’t we go together?"
That’s more like it. Xu Zhihu is very quiet and wipes his cold sweat. This suggestion is good. Although I can’t think of what business I can do at the moment, it’s good to go to Yaofang first. Just investigate the market.
However, it’s the first time I’ve been out of town after crossing. Considering that he has carefully prepared it for half an hour, he specially stuffed a lot of daily self-defense utensils into the mountain bag. By the way, this mountain bag has also been refined into utensils, which is a bit similar to the ring department, and it can hold two refrigerators.
Then, of course, I set off by train, but there was a little situation here-
Six little girls have never seen such a fresh "mount". After seeing it, they raised their hands to ask for a test ride and took care of them. Chijie also reluctantly asked for the car. In the end, it became Xu Zhihu’s front car, seven beauties of different sizes, and the pyramid-shaped people behind it seriously surpassed the East Lake …
"Khan fortunately, there is no traffic police uncle here." Xu Zhihu is very impressed but can’t help but look back.
Because of the cold weather, the six little girls in the back seat were all wearing thick cotton-padded jackets, which looked like six colorful round balls from a distance.
However, Chijie, who is holding her waist, is still wearing a big red spider silk skirt and a pair of snow-white jade feet, which fully verifies the connection between beauty and cold resistance.
Not only that, but today, like those Persian dancers, she shows a soft and slender waist, and a white pear vortex is inlaid with a silver-white exquisite bell like a belly button. When the cold wind blows, the bell shakes lightly and rings from time to time.
"Hum look silly?" Chijie is very proud to raise the swan’s jade neck, but she can’t help secretly sighing. It’s okay. It seems that it wasn’t the drop in the beauty of Lun’s family the other day, but this guy didn’t notice it.
"Yes, yes, yes, I remembered that silly cat I had …" Xu Zhihu answered seriously and immediately changed the subject wisely before grabbing Chijie’s almond eyes. "By the way, where hasn’t the monster workshop arrived yet?"
"Right here. Didn’t you see it?" Red face looked at him with a strange face.
"Where?" Xu Zhihu consciously turned to look at the results around him. After a few seconds, when he saw the surrounding environment clearly, he suddenly opened his mouth. "Er, do you call this … Fangshi?"
Well, it’s no wonder that he has such a reaction. Actually, this so-called market theory looks like … er, a vegetable market?
There are no shops, let alone teahouses and restaurants. It’s just a flat land by the lake, and then all kinds of strange monsters gather here and shout and sell all kinds of strange things, such as black herbs of unknown origin, such as broken long-handled broadsword, and what are the tattered secrets …
The most important thing is that there is a kind-hearted tortoise clinging to a wild boar and winking mysteriously. "Tut-tut, this one, I think you have a strange bone and outstanding talent, and you are destined to unify the demon world … I just have a demon inflammation exercise here, but it’s the ancient demon king … Hey, don’t go, five lingstones are five lingstones!"
Nima this terrier is too old, isn’t it? Xu Zhihu was in tears and said, I must be in the wrong place.
I didn’t go wrong. Chijie is justified. "What about you? We demon race are not those who fix the true. What else do you want to talk about? Besides, Dongshan is very desolate here. It would be nice to have a square market."
That’s also reasonable. Xu Zhihu was very emotional and wiped his cold sweat. At this time, those monsters around him finally smelled the popularity and turned their heads to look at it. "What a bastard! How can there be a family coming into Fang City and smelling … well, it smells like it’s very suitable for braising in soy sauce!"
Sweat a Xu Zhihu suddenly felt that he could consider withdrawing, but before he came, Chijie was already staring around with almond eyes wide open and angry. "It’s my, er, my relatives!"
Don’t say that the monsters around you were so angry that they immediately dispersed. Of course, there is no human relative who secretly lamented the spider essence.
"Yi Chichi, do you seem to have a high prestige?" Xu Zhihu is really a little awed.
"Of course, of course." Zizi and the six of them immediately raised their hands proudly when they heard this. "My sister is the tallest and the first beauty in Dongshan. Fiona Fang is famous in five hundred miles!"
"What a big lie!" Red face be elated, of course, also want to reserve a few words of modesty "ahem, although I do have a reliable face to eat, but in fact I prefer strength and talent to eat …"
What about moral integrity, sister? What about moral integrity? Xu Zhihu is very vocal about this. Seeing that Chijie has to praise herself for a beautiful pair, she quickly changed the subject. "Oh, by the way, speaking of Fangshi Chichi, what are you going to sell here?"
Do you still ask? Red sister gloated and blinked, but she was not in a hurry to sell immediately, but took rouge gouache from her arms first
Dressed up for half a day, she adjusted her hair slightly messy in the makeup mirror, then nodded contentedly, and then took out a lantern mat and carefully spread it on the floor.
"Well, what do you want?" Xu Zhihu suddenly had a bad feeling.
Before he could react, Chijie had already adjusted her red dress and shirt, and she went to the mat in broad daylight, delicate and touching, soft and weak, and wanted to think about it. She patted her forehead and somehow conjured up a coffin and put the mat edge heavily.
God knows what’s in this coffin, but all of a sudden, six little girls’ eyes are wet and red, and their sisters are very neat. Enlarge and cry-
"meowed! Selling the body and burying the husband selling the body and burying the husband! The first beauty in Dongshan is freshly baked to sell the body and burying the husband … Buy one get six free and give six lovely sisters to sell 99 Lingshi to sell 99. Don’t miss it when you pass by! "
The first chapter to recognize younger sister maniac
Never overestimate a demon’s moral integrity if she still has such a thing as moral integrity …
The second day after crossing, Xu Zhihu deeply understood this truth. Damn it, it’s okay. In broad daylight, the seven of you actually cheated in public. I say, what can a group of ridiculously poor spider spirits sell, even if they sell themselves for burial …
"What’s the problem?" Chijie gave him a righteous look, and by the way, she didn’t forget to wipe her eyes with ginger, and then she continued to be so wet-eyed and tearful that she knelt on the straw mat and continued to be delicate and touching.
Six little girls are also very skilled. Grandma shouted "buy one get six free". Six baby fat cheeks with watery big eyes are absolutely cute. If Xu Zhihu didn’t know the sweet nothings, he would have taken out his wallet.
What’s even more strange is that none of the monsters around me were surprised to see such a poor performance. On the contrary, a few bear monsters were eager to bet on Chijie, and they could fool a few Kay today …
"Just out of curiosity, how many times have you sold it?" Xu Zhihu see full head cold sweat.
"It didn’t take many times to succeed for five or six times." Chijie was very upset and bit her lips. "There’s no way that the monsters in the mountains are too familiar to get their hands on, so they will cheat the afterlife faces outside."
Is lost Xu Zhihu silently looked up at the sky heart way, this kind of situation you incredibly still can get five or six times the monster head filled with Jiro jelly?
It turns out that there are always idiots in this world. In just two hours, there are actually five or six monsters who come to ask for the price. But look at these guys’ clothes. Maybe they are poorer than Chijie. At most, one of them is willing to pay 50 Lingshi and seriously asks if he can pay in installments …
Go away! For this kind of shame to take advantage, Chijie is very rude and refuses.
After another hour, her knees were a little sore. She couldn’t help but hold her slender waist and sighed sadly. "Ah, ah, it seems that today is not good. Alas, people and people have lost their faith these days!"
"How dare I say such a thing?" Xu Zhihu couldn’t help but desperately.
Seeing that the six little girls were almost asleep, he finally sighed and patted Chijie’s sweet shoulder. "Forget it, forget it. It is estimated that you will not be able to earn Lingshi by this time next year … huh?"
Just then, not far away, there was a sudden wave of frenzy in Dongting Lake.
Then I saw a turtle demon holding two sledgehammers in the boiling water, panting and jumping across the shore. "Wow, hahaha, big business, big business!"
In an instant, the whole demon workshop was completely deserted, followed by crashing chaos. The monsters were bargaining and throwing goods in unison. I don’t know where to turn out swinging machetes and axes, and suddenly they came around in a murderous way. "Where, where, where?"
Get out of the way. The guy was kicked away by Chijie before he finished his question.
Just kneeling on a straw mat to make a delicate and touching beautiful woman suddenly pulled out two three-foot machetes from the red skirt and jumped up with an eyebrow eye smile. "Kay? How Kay? How much is the money? Do you prick your hand? Is there a backstage? "
I admire Xu Zhihu so much that I can’t help but look at the light-clad red sister’s heart. Where did these two machetes just hide?
At this time, however, the turtle demon surrounded by people has wiped the sweat and stammered, "So when I came to Yaofang just now, I saw a local tyrant Taoist passing by outside the mountain, bulging his wallet and driving a Yunxia speeding car, saying that he would occupy our Dongshan Mountain with a few beautiful foxes in Nanyundong …"
Isn’t it? A group of monsters can’t help but rub their horns together, but suddenly they are angry. "Animals want to occupy our Dongshan Mountain and dare to dig our corner … By the way, what is that guy?"
It’s hard to say that the turtle demon is a little upset and touches his head. "I can probably see that the local tyrant Taoist priest is about a high-level person …"
When it comes to cultivation, it is necessary to divide the Kunwu world. It is worth noting that all the fairies and demons in this Kunwu world have a unified cultivation division, which can be divided from low to high-human yuan, earth yuan, Tianyuan and Shengyuan, and each yuan can be subdivided into primary, middle, high and peak again.

"… ha ha ~ ha ha …" Today is really a good day. I can be so amused. Does Wen think I look like blueberry bubble gum? Bunta Marui is such an interesting boy.

Laughed like a bell into the ears of the group of flashers, so the group of luminaries who just came in from outside walked in the direction of Xia Huai and Bunta Marui
No, blueberry. Where’s the minister?
Kunimitsu Tezuka love.
No, it’s so simple! But … Not the kui is a minister!
【 Date ③ 】
"Uh-huh, it’s really not gorgeous." Glanced at Bunta Marui Atobe Keigo and thought that men around her should not be so gorgeous.
The sentence "Everyone will be the same after ten years" is too profound. How can the trace department not know the meaning and Bunta Marui is also confused and looks at Xia Huai?
"It’s been a long time, Xia Sang" rushed out with a push of Xia Mianmian, the signature gentle herbivore, and his smile shone and blinded the girls in the restaurant.
"Xia Jun, it’s been a long time." My original smiling face Atobe Keigo turned into facial paralysis at that moment. Can I face the sparkling attack of summer shallow sleep or be polite?
"Hmm ~" The gentle herbivorous Uber man is sweet and well, and a little pink and lovely appearance has emerged on his feminine face, which really lowers this group of beautiful teenagers by several grades.
Eye-catching silver hair, a feminine face and that contrasting personality are really a gentle Uber that makes girls spray nosebleeds from one side.
"Xia Jun, your face is close to me." I said a sentence with an expression on my face.
Although I really want to look at Xia Shimian’s shining smile, his face is one centimeter away from mine and there is a tendency to stick it … I can’t help it.
"It’s really rude to Ale Marui Sangyi …" Xia Mian noticed Xia Huai and Marui Sangyi.
"Envy genius. This is a couple’s costume." Marui picked his eyebrows. I heard that the ice emperor, the devil manager and teaching assistant, was very Uber, but he didn’t have a girlfriend, so Marui showed off.
And how could Xia Shaomian not know? Because he designed this couple and he also designed this restaurant …
"… too is too? ! Wen Tai ~ "A small animal jumped out from behind Xia Mian.
Who else could this be? Of course, everyone is most familiar with sleeping emperor Akutakawa Jirou.
"Wen Tai, long time no see ~!"
"Cilang, long time no see."
The two small animals were very happy to meet each other.
"Is that girl Wen Tai’s girlfriend?" Cilang small asked looked up Xia Huai.
Soft, black hair, coquettish, noble, golden eyes, ivory skin, tender brow, and the aura of the king is as beautiful as the trace …
"She’s not my girlfriend. She already has a boyfriend." When Bunta Marui chatted with Xia Huai, she also knew that she stopped it. The burial lover was Kunimitsu Tezuka.
"grams of predecessors is appropriate" looking at summer shallow sleep smile more and more brilliant Hiyoshi Wakashi even if don’t want to mouth all not line, he didn’t want to this week’s training let him three days out of bed.
"Hey, what’s your name? I’m Mukahi Gakuto, the ice emperor. "Mukahi Gakuto smiled and spoke to Xia Huai without noticing the subtle expression change of Xia Mian.
"I am Qing Xue Xia Huai" looked at him and looked at me with blue-gray sparkling eyes. I really can’t help this type of child.
Smile and be nice to him.
"You are really beautiful ~ when you laugh, you are super beautiful." Mukahi Gakuto’s face turned reddish and he honestly said what he thought. He liked this girl and always felt like a big sister.
"… if you don’t stop talking …" Oshitari Yuushi found that the girls in the restaurant have more and more nosebleeds after being watched for a long time next to Xia Mian’s sleep. Although his charm is limited, going to this month’s training will make them die even worse.
"It’s really not gorgeous ~ birch land" How can the trace department not know the change of summer light sleep? Every time he changes his expression, there is always a murderous look coming, and he wants to look at it. He wants to ask birch land to bring back those two gorgeous guys who are not gorgeous to Japan and Akutagawa.
No, isn’t Minister Fei worried about the affair with Huai Sauce?
Kunimitsu Tezuka, she can’t like anyone but me.
No, Fei ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….