"Temple! I know you are in a hurry, but now is not the time to worry. "

Wang Shi of Huainan also sympathized with the dragon.
But they are not much better now.
It’s just a rope grasshopper
"Saint has sent a large number of trench by sea."
What he has to do now is to calm the dragon’s anger and let him devote himself to the main battle against the Confederate army and keep it less in January.
"We dragon gas even branches! Will support you against Zhao thief TaiDian requirements can be "
When Xu heard this, he softened his face.
But his hands and feet are still cold
Who can stand it?
"A month …"
Dragon is too silent for a moment and then said
"When I want this, I will see your reinforcements, otherwise the dragon will not fight against my family again, and there are not as many people to die as you."
"good! That’s what it means in the letter. "
Wang Shi of Huainan agreed at once.
He knew in his heart that when Xu said that he would withdraw in January without reinforcements.
Is Dayu a place to leave whenever he wants? The dragon has completely angered Zhao thieves. They know that surrender will not have a good game.
"Sister Feast is already dawn, don’t you get up?"
The confederate handsome account had a movement early in the morning
Zhao wrong looked down at the front wrapped in a ball.
The big lady is hidden. She is still holy, but the dignity of the dragon is completely offended by the thief Zhao.
Chapter three hundred Zhao Cuo made the finishing point last night
"It’s time for you to get up and wash your meals."
Zhao wrong blink of an eye looked at couch rolled into a ball of sheets.
From last night until she fell asleep, she has been in this state, motionless and silent.
He is convinced that people have woken up and tentatively reached out to hold the quilt corner, and in an instant, there was resistance in the quilt.
"You go to eat breakfast first … I’m not hungry."
Zhao feast for a while before low said
"What did you eat yesterday? Why are you still full? Uh-huh "
Lord Zhao didn’t want to let her go, but she was suddenly forced by one hand to show the true colors of the great beauty in Tibet
"Zhao wrong! What the hell do you want? Get out of here … "
Miss Zhao big accumulate shame into anger to scold a way
She responded quickly and was gripped.
However, Zhao thief is not a thief. Her little feet have been exposed, although her white and tender calves are still hidden.
"If you don’t get up for breakfast, I’m hungry, so I’ll stay with you for a while."
You’re welcome, he shook hands with exquisite white lotus roots.
"Bad things …"
Zhao Shangxin was surprised and wanted to retract his feet.
"You don’t want to get up because you didn’t sleep well last night? I heard that pressing feet can improve sleep. "
Zhao cuo pressed her white greasy and tender soles slightly hard.
"I can sleep well when you go out!"
Miss Zhao fumed and kicked him lightly on the shoulder.
"I knew you were angry with me …" Zhao Gongye also lay down and hugged the Chinese people in bed. "I dare not again."
He made a sincere apology for his consistent policy and resolutely refused to change it.
"I don’t listen"
Feast doesn’t believe his nonsense.

On the way to rush, Zhou Jia thought.

The thunder axe has changed.
Cutting the wind pays attention to the extreme speed. Angry thunder means strong strength. The combination of the two is called the rushing thunder axe method, right?
Thoughts sink into the light curtain of knowing the sea.
Name Zhou Jia
Seven resultant forces of Xiufan stage (56/12)
Yuanxing Tianyingxing (special command), Earthstorm (special violence), and Demeter (special listening to the wind)
Proficient in Tri-element Method (39/)
In Wushu, the double shield is anti-perfection (579/2), Naer’s secret technique is proficient (7/5), the deadly sword is proficient (74/1), the thunder axe is proficient (635/2), and the three-body walk into the door (25/6).
It takes 2,000 experience to be proficient in the realm of thunderbolt axe, but it has increased 100 experience after being integrated into the thunderbolt axe method.
Power has naturally increased a lot.
Even already comparable to some martial arts perfection.
Sorting out what he has learned has not affected his speed. Although he can’t see it, his shortness of breath is getting closer and closer.
Trine, the spirit archer, was pale and shuttled rapidly through the trees with ethnic characteristics
He is like an ape, his hair is a little stronger than ordinary people, and his tail has a short tail to help him keep his balance when necessary.
Although the strength is not strong, but the archer is quick, he rarely meets danger.
But terrified.
There are more than ten deacons in each of the four halls of the huge ichthyosaur club, and no more than six of them are experts.
Only the principal and deputy hall masters, the elders, the guests and the meeting masters are the masters, so it can be seen how many masters there are.
Now another batch has died through animal tides and riots.
much less
Even if you look at the whole Huojiabao, you are a master.
Previously, he had never imagined that a lonely mine supervisor was also a mine supervisor.
Even if it is not really less short-term comparable strength.
"We must tell the ancient deacon that an extra master over there is likely to affect the whole situation."
"Zhou hidden so deep, I’m sure I’ve worked hard. Maybe it’s the three elders who hide their killer weapon. If I expose it …"
Thought of here, his eyes lit up and his heart panicked and he became more excited.
This is a ladder!
"Wow …"
The sound behind him made his heart just excited, just like pouring a pot of cold water steeply, and his eyes were even more frightened.
You’re coming?
Didn’t that man go hunting fierce beasts, and it was over so soon?
"I want to live well!"
Zhou Jiayin floated slowly from the rear.
"I never ask for high and never take the initiative to make trouble. What? Why don’t you just let me go? "
"Is it sinful to live and practice with peace of mind?"
With a deep nai in the sound.
"You forced me. I never wanted to kill anyone."
Fuck you!
You were the first to crack Tan Dong’s head just now, weren’t you?
Cui En cursed in his heart but dared not speak out.
All his strength is at the end of the line of sight. The increasingly bright lights mean that Ann is getting closer and closer.
Ignoring the noise behind him, he wanted to speed up.
Run for it!

"Crow" Rise of the Legend Wu’s chirping threw a flame directly toward the ground, and the red sun saw the poor fire burst like a lotus, covering the ground around Zhao Bohao.

"Ow" Cang Lang a growl body hair blown up and eyes kept staring at a Y shadow.
Suddenly, Cang Lang kicked his hind leg and hit it like a shell.
"Roll" thorn Shi manager saw Cang Lang swoop in and directly opened his eyes and then kicked Cang Lang.
"Manager Ding-dong Stab has released the kick-hit kick-hit effect on the player Cang Lang, the summoner of Bohao Devil."
Cang Lang was kicked directly into the sky like a kite and fell with a bang.
"See who can save you now." The thorn waiter jumped up with a big jump and waved his sword and stabbed Zhao Bohao straight.
"Crow" Rise of the Legend Wu flapped his wings from the sky like a rocket and directly got in the way of Zhao Bohao.
"Manager Ding Dong’s thorn priest released a stab to the player Bohao’s demon summoner Rise of the Legend Wu, triggering a critical strike effect, triggering a critical injury and triggering a fatal strike effect. Because manager Ding Dong caused excessive damage to Rise of the Legend Wu, Rise of the Legend Wu has died."
"Rise of the Legend Wu" Zhao Bohao grabbed the stabbed Shi Guan Shuai and flew to Rise of the Legend Wu, then his eyes turned blood red.
"Hum, if you’re not too sad, it’s your turn to die." The stabbing waiter put a light in his blood eye and waved a sword to stab Zhao Bohao directly.
"What a big binding spell". Suddenly, the Chinese enemy’s sound got up, and then he saw a golden spell directly attached to the main body of the thorn priest.
A huge binding word appeared, but the lotus flower flash of the thorn waiter’s main body directly shattered the big binding spell into pieces.
"Ding-dong stabbing master is in a bloody and violent state, and the big binding spell is offset."
"Come to hell with me." The sword of the stabbing steward ignited thick blood and stabbed Zhao Bohao’s chest directly.
"Hell is still your own. Chinese eldest brother attacked the heroic spirit." Zhao Bohao saw the ferocious face of the eye thorn Shi manager and shouted directly at the Chinese enemy.
"Chinese trade unions make true Shenmu round strike" Chinese enemy heard Zhao Bohao roar directly toward his gas refining and roared.
Huaxia enemy, a player of Huaxia guild, urged the horse to make the real Shenmu wheel strike, and its trade union was not to be outdone, followed by Huaxia to make the combination spell.
The unyielding soul was awakened by Zhao Bohao’s roar, and like clouds, it directly covered the thorn-servant manager from Xingtian.
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao’s demon king released the ghost attack on the thorn master. The ghost attack has hit and triggered the stun effect for five seconds."
The head of the thorn priest’s main manager directly emitted circles of rotating stars, which showed that she had entered the dizzy effect.
"Attack" the Chinese enemy directly reached the attack command with a wave of his hand.
As the Chinese enemy made a series of towering Shenmu hit the thorn waiter manager and blasted him into the ground again, which was another huge pit.
"Lu Wu releases Kyubi no Youko from the sky" Zhao Bohao glowered at Lu Wu like King Kong.
"Ow!" Lu Wu jumped high into the middle with a roar, and then the nine tiger tails entangled with each other like a drill bit and directly got to the head of the thorn waiter.
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= = = Chapter one hundred and twenty Pass the second floor = = =
Chapter one hundred and twenty Pass the second floor
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao’s demon pet Lu Wu released Kyubi no Youko’s thundering sky and Kyubi no Youko’s thundering sky to the stinger manager, and the stinger manager has died because the stinger manager’s level is higher than the player’s tenth level, and the player’s experience will be 50% higher."
The stabbing master is just like another self. His head is directly hit by Lu Wu’s drill-type attack, and his body directly falls to the ground.
There was another loud noise, and the body of the stabbing waiter exploded like a bomb, blowing Lu Wu around her upside down. At the same time, five lights were scattered all over the sky.
"Grab and explode the equipment."
"Ah, if you grab it, you earn it."
"It’s stupid not to rob."
Another seductive cry rang out in the crowd, but after the first layer of chaos, the players had seen through their ugly faces, and instead of being catered to, they were all found out one by one.
"There’s a silly fork. Come on!"
"I also have one here."
"Come here, there are two here."
"Remember that the name department killed me and sent me a wanted order. I want to kill these spy scum back to the level." The Chinese enemy saw that there were so many spy noses that they were almost crooked and sent them a wanted order directly.
"Know" strategist Huaxia mood is also more dignified.
"Don’t worry, we also have a wanted order. These chop suey will definitely die in China." Dragon Soul War suddenly patted the shoulder of the Chinese enemy
"Dear bss, now we can award these scum, which is not worth our attention." The Chinese enemy cleaned up his mood and rushed to the boss around him and then took the lead in breaking things.
A group of people walked quickly to the front of the first thing and saw that it was a mask. See if it’s the same as the face mask worn by the thorn waiter.
"Good, good, but I can’t." The Chinese enemy pressed his tongue and posted the mask attribute on the bulletin board of the alliance.
Name Luo Cha Ghost Ji Mask

When I heard the name Neng Manor, my face changed dramatically.

"High consultant, let’s go back and discuss a countermeasure …"
"Why do they claim against us?" Takada unbelievably asked
"Because we also have patents," An Danyue smiled. "It’s just a week earlier than you."
How can there be any legal loopholes left in Andanyue Manor?
"Thank you for sending me the patent number. Now I have enough evidence to prove that your patent is valid and stole our achievements." An Danyue said.
Takada is dead.
How is that possible?
"Is that patent true?" Takada hurriedly asked the lawyer
"It’s true," the lawyer nodded, and he whispered, "Is Gao Consultant really the same strain? Will they be bluffing? "
No, the strain is so good that the strain Takada wants to cry
He knows very well that if the other party really handed in the disease-relieving wine for biological preservation, then the other party can not only prove that it is a strain, but also prove that their strain and Takada strain are parents, and then prove that Takada strain is completely propagated from their strain
Takada’s heart trembled at the thought of this.
"How much do they … claim?" Takada asked lawyer
"200 million …"
Takada felt that when it was dark at the moment, he would pass out.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait!" Not far from Zhuang, I quickly grabbed Takada. "I still have one person I haven’t introduced to you!"
A middle-aged man next to me took two steps forward, saying, "My surname is Gong, and I am also engaged in virology. I wrote a shallow article about the upcoming journal Professor Gao. Your research has given me a lot of inspiration and asked Professor Gao to correct it."
Speaking of inspiration, he smiled shyly and handed over a printed copy.
"Corrigendum to Common Errors in Influenza Virus Research" saw this name and Takada almost spit out a mouthful of blood.
He knows what "inspiration" means
"Now you are in a coma." Not far from Zhuang, you fell to the ground as soon as you let go of Takada.
They hurriedly lifted him up with seven hands and feet. Not far from Zhuang, they waved to them and said, "I’m sorry to pit you. You are welcome to visit again."
Still coming? Let you cheat 200 million again?
Seeing these people in a mess, not far from Zhuang, they looked at Joanna and said, "I told you that we farmers are good at digging holes!" "
Joanna felt that she was going to vomit blood, too.
What am I worried about?
Chapter 16 Workers should seek truth from facts
When Takada and others left the farmhouse in a mess, the CDC owner walked out of the mayor’s office stiffly in a majestic building in the city center and then gasped against the wall.
Yes, he went in less than five minutes, and his back was almost soaked.
It was his serious dereliction of duty that caused a large-scale outbreak of influenza and caused great social and economic losses.
Before he came to be questioned by the mayor, he felt that he was going to be transferred.
Several officials beside him patted him on the shoulder and said, "What did the boss say?"
"The boss said that it’s too much to blame me for sending experts face to face this time, but I should try my best to stick to my heart more rationally." The Lord took a sigh of relief. "He also said that he would hold the people responsible for doing bad things and then pat his ass and leave. This kind of thing is possible elsewhere, but the virtual city is absolutely impossible!" The Lord hissed a sigh of relief way
A few people next to him showed a look of schadenfreude. "Someone is going to be unlucky!"
Your boss is a famous tough character!
My boss has been rooted in the virtual city since he was young, and he has turned it into a magical city full of all-inclusive and miracles everywhere.
This time, my boss may be really angry.
At this moment, a heart-rending cough suddenly broke out in the back office, as if someone were going to cough up all their lungs.
"The boss caught a cold, too?" Everyone was surprised.
"It’s …"
"That what medicinal liquor!" Many officials quickly said, "Give it to the boss!"
"The boss said he wouldn’t drink medicinal liquor for a day without controlling the flu …"
They looked at each other and then nu way "what are you still doing here leng! Go quickly! "
"If you want someone to give you money, you can’t control the flu, just pack up and go home!"
Father Zhuang is cleaning the courtyard in the farmhouse.
Next to him, old Chen Zheng was doing carpentry and banging on a few pieces of wood.
He wants to make a kennel for three stupid goods. If you can’t have a dog in the farmhouse, you can let these three stupid goods stay outside the wall.
Three foolish shippers were detained in criminal detention for fifteen days, and Lao Chen was able to take over and take care of them for two days. Old Chen Faxian himself had feelings for these three stupid guys.
And when three guys also caught Jia Yixin made a great contribution.
The three fools are also very attached to Mr. Chen. The three fools keep coming to work here. Old Chen Dou almost hit them with a hammer until they can kick them with their feet. "Go!"
See three silly goods injustice to a stick chirp whine, then relented darling to appease it.
But worried about their injuries, I drove them outside the courtyard and let them squat down on the wall.

He also felt the power of "thoughtlessness" supported by the power of the yellow spring.

In case of a real fight, don’t say "robbery". The punch will definitely hurt Fluttershy.
Gu Qingshan is very sure of this.
Fluttershy silently listened to the corners of his mouth slightly become warped light way "your strength is really likely to hurt me".
"Don’t play" Gu Qingshan road
"Go back to eat at noon?" Fluttershy asked.
"I’ll go out and come back soon to cook" Gu Qingshan said.
"Good waiting for you to eat," Fluttershy said.
Gu Qingshan body weeks surges fog enveloped him.
He left soon.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Confrontation
Gu Qingshan and crow came to the bar to sit in the noisy music.
"Breakthrough?" Asked the crow
He pushed a glass of wine to Gu Qingshan and waved his body, which was somewhat enchanting.
-this is the show. It seems that the crow is also well prepared during this period.
Gu Qingshan heart silently way
He took the glass and took a sip.
"Yes, it took a long time this time, and it took almost ten days." Gu Qingshan said
"It’s always a good thing to rise in strength in the doomsday era-by the way, have you returned to the guild?" Crow continued to ask
"I went back to get the title of assassin and gave a big bag of money for many things." Gu Qingshan said.
The crow laughed and said, "They have got a preliminary contact with the Holy Spirit. They will be rewarded handsomely if you successfully fight against the end of the plague."
"Money is really more," Gu Qingshan admitted.
Speaking of this, he is also somewhat satisfied.
Always spend a long time for yourself.
"Come on," crow barked. "At that time, the allied forces were scared to death. Who knows that you have brought a new and powerful world to the virtual turbulence. This kind of reward can’t be generous."
"What makes everyone so happy?" Gu Qingshan has some solutions.
The crow took the cup and said, "Wine is on you today."
"Good" Gu Qingshan Road
Two people touched a cup.
The crow said, "You see, we are from that world and we succeeded in breaking through when we stayed for a while."
"Yes" Gu Qingshan nods
He has come here for nothing.
Sure enough, the crow continued, "Now that world has been reborn and has become a fusion of three powerful worlds, it will be stronger in the future."
"Such a powerful world is good for everyone, and they can go there to practice like us sooner or later."
"Let’s go again when the world integration is completed" Gu Qingshan said.
At this moment, a gentle man with glasses came in at the bar door.
"You’re early," Royal Roll said.
The crow handed over a glass of wine and said, "You are late."
Yu Juan ignored him and turned to Gu Qingshan. "Did you donate the bounty of the human trafficking group to the church this time?"

Wen Liuquan came out of the room with a dagger in his hand and growled, "Who! Tear it down! Yes! Me! ! ! Move! Teeth! Brush! "

One-second Wen Liuquan was scared to shrink to Zhuang’s side.
Seeing that the father and the daughter are just like cranes, they are carrying a big rush with one hand, and the shells that have been torn apart are generally put back by running water. Many times, they don’t even have a wrench at all, and they just turn around with a slight twist of the nut.
"Boom …" Xiao Wei got off the bus and blew a few throttles, making an incredible circle.
Unexpectedly ….. Less than ten minutes to disassemble the car? And the engine runs very smoothly. Feeling?
Even if you have a manor identity card bonus, it is not so exaggerated!
"Well, there is a reason why the Samsonians were not exterminated after being taken by the manor," said Liu Jinge.
"Or can live to know what a history of blood and tears is …" Zhuang sighed not far away.
Strictly speaking, the Nathanians are not the same species as humans and manor owners.
Although they are also intelligent creatures, there is no doubt that the Nasonia people are also domesticated "livestock" to the manor owners
Domestication of Bi Ran is accompanied by selection, elimination, breeding and re-selection …
It is no different from human breeding and training all kinds of cats and dogs.
Stronger, more flexible, smarter, more obedient and more …
Women, the Sonyans want to be … more beautiful.
No race has been extinct.
This is that world of manor owner.
Not far from Zhuang, I can’t help worrying about what to do if these manor owners come back to the earth one day.
Well, fortunately, they are all dead.
After loading the car, he packed his things more quickly. After half an hour, Deng Yali happily ran over to dig people. "Old boom, you have great skills. Do you want to come to our company for a part-time job?" We need workers like you! "
Not to mention the repair problem of various construction machinery in other construction sites is a big problem!
Father and daughter wait for a while looked at Zhuang not far away and nodded, "I like to go to the manor and don’t need your twenty-four hourly workers."
I don’t know what Deng Yali told the father and the daughter, and the father and the daughter went happily.
"It’s not bad for the Lord of the manor to be a cruel manor owner, and maybe even attract some so many Senegalese!" Liujinge avenue
Not far from Zhuang, it makes sense!
But …
With the recent large-scale selling of manor by several "joint companies", it is not far from finding that their achievements have become merciful!
This achievement is super unreliable. If you want something, you just don’t come. I’ll die! I want to be cruel!
With the "sundries" of Booming Father and Daughter Manor, the "artisan shop" was successfully upgraded.
The nursery was upgraded to a second-class manor, and the output was also available.
What’s left is a new building. I’ve raised a rabbit a little bit and built a "small stall" by the way.
And then … build a domestication room?
After all, what manor owners are best at is "domestication", and the domestication room must be very powerful.
Then choose something from the brewery, forging shop and concierge and build it to upgrade!
All that’s left is to hand over the building to Deng Yali, so it’s good to break your fingers and calculate. There are ten days left at most, and the manor will be upgraded again
But at present, there is still one thing that has not been dealt with, that is, "the manor clause"
I wonder how it’s going in Song Hua.
There is a lake with beautiful scenery at the southern foot of Magic Mountain.
Thousands of years ago, the change of address made the ground sink, the rain and the stream converge to form a lake, and then several nearby rivers diverted several times, and finally the lake was worn together with other lakes like a pearl necklace.
This lake is Jia Hu.
There were fish in Jia Hu, and there used to be many fishermen living on the shore. Later, several factories polluted Jia Hu, and fishermen turned around one after another. Then, after ten years of governance, Jia Hu finally regained its vitality.
Later, I don’t know who built a farm house on the shore of Jiahu Lake, and then one day, suddenly all the walls of the farm house were painted and greatly lettered.
At this time, Dad Zhuang strode along the lake to his farmhouse with a large piece of mutton and a bag of vegetables.
When he was nearby, he saw a few gangsters and second-rate people peeping next to him and seeing Dad Zhuang. They also showed a provocative and threatening look.
Dad Zhuang turned a blind eye and walked to his own gate, looking at the wall, which was greatly worded and silent for a moment, and then shook his head with a wry smile.
At the door, I arranged my mood for a moment. Dad Zhuang pushed the iron gate of the farmhouse and strode in. "Mr. Chen and Lao Li, I bought the food back!"
There is a 40-odd bungalow on the blue brick floor in the farmhouse, a vegetable greenhouse, a fish pond, a flower stand and a few chickens, in addition to a stone table and bench.
I can see that Dad Zhuang has really put his mind into this farmhouse.
There was also a car parked in the yard. Two middle-aged Han people were sitting on stone benches and talking to Zhuang Ma in a low voice.
"I told you I wouldn’t let you come. Since I’m here, have a good meal!" Dad Zhuang looked at his two friends, hey, the mutton throwing stone table in the top of his hand and took it out with a kitchen knife. "It’s still the old rule. I cut the meat, Mr. Chen chooses the vegetables, and Lao Li, you go and get some charcoal!"
Mr. Chen and Lao Li looked at each other, but Nai shook his head and went to work as commanded.
Dad Zhuang looked at himself. The two old friends were moved and grateful.

"It’s clear who that thing is."

"I’m talking about the fact that you will get into trouble with the seal of the Buddha, and it won’t do you any good."
"Well …" Zhou Yi thoughtfully.
"You have a point."
"But I’m a stubborn person, and I don’t want to take advantage of others for no reason."
"I don’t want to pull a dime and benefit the sky!"
"You …" Their Bai Fengyue turned over.
"It’s the first time I’ve seen a man who is so selfish and boastful."
"Same to you" Zhou Yi looks the same.
"You want to take things from other people’s hands without planning to leave anything. It seems that the pavilion is not only beautiful, but also wants to be more beautiful."
Bai Fengyue opened her mouth and felt an impulse to tear each other’s mouth. Take a deep breath to suppress my anger.
"Go ahead."
"What do you want?"
"This is decent" Zhou Yi smell speech chuckle.
"Since you want something, you have to think about the price. White girl will not be unprepared, right?"
Bai Fengyue’s nose hummed, and she waved a volume out of her sleeve.
Zhou Yi took the four characters of the volume and came into view.
Blood knife knife method!
"This is a knife-riding method. It comes from the blood knife gate in Los Angeles. The blood knife man was also a congenital master in those days, but time has changed. Now this sect has fallen into disrepair. You don’t worry about being asked for an explanation."
"I know that you have to think about using saber, and you must like this saber."
Say a smile.
Liu Mengyan said that Zhou Yi’s knife method was outstanding, and the same was true when it was detected, but she knew very well that Zhou Yi was not good at knife method.
Knife is a cover-up
Nowadays, it’s just that the knife method is used to exchange chips and the most unfavorable direction is chosen.
"Blood knife knife method?"
Flipped through the manual Zhou Yi eyes micro-motion.
"Why not?"
"Cash on hand, delivery on hand" Bai Fengyue shook his head.
"You can’t be ignorant of this truth, can you?"
"I think you are not white" Zhou Yi sighed lightly.
"I don’t sell things by hand. If Zhou thinks that the pavilion is not sincere, do you believe that the business can’t be done?"
Bai Fengyue’s expression is sluggish.
Visually, Zhou Yiliang snorted and waved the other half of the blood knife knife method again.
The combination of the two volumes of blood knife knife method is also complete, and this knife method is indeed as excellent as Bai Fengyue said.
In fact, taking martial arts is not far from each other.
Martial arts this thing mainly depends on who wields the blood knife knife method. A hundred years ago, the blood knife man was naturally invincible.
The blood knife door doesn’t even have a master of Qi Dacheng, and even the door ancestor’s knife method is out. The difference can be imagined.
On subtlety
Blood knife knife method becomes more and more difficult after it is simple to get started.
Profound and subtle, it’s no less than bergamot, and it’s slightly inferior to pure Yang iron cloth shirt.
"Not bad"
Nodded Zhou Yi slow pack up knife spectrum added
"But not enough!"

"Palladium … treasure chest? Just said that it is a palladium treasure chest? "

Lin Yue also unlocked the wasteland area map after Fei Yue shared the fragments of their refuge village map!
And the unified reward is suddenly arrival at the moment!
Although Lin Yue did think that this reward would be a treasure chest, a platinum treasure chest or what kind of reward to vote for.
But he never thought that at this time he got a palladium treasure chest that was more advanced and precious than the platinum treasure chest!
"Who would have thought that there would be a higher level of platinum treasure chest?"
Lin Yue hasn’t recovered from the shock yet. After all, it’s the thirty-seventh day since he came to this different world. It’s the first time he’s heard a reward that is more powerful than a platinum treasure chest.
After all, platinum treasure boxes can produce extremely powerful things such as intercontinental missile launchers and anti-missile launchers and Katyusha rocket launchers.
If it’s a higher grade palladium treasure chest …
Will there be an unimaginable huge reward?
Lin Yue closed his eyes and tried to make his heart beat slower.
It’s true that no one except him should have obtained the platinum treasure chest, and he should be the first to obtain this palladium treasure chest, right?
He vaguely remembered that there was a reward when he got the first platinum treasure chest. Will he come again?
"honk?" "Hey?"
Small white and small fierce at the moment looking at is become speechless master also not white what happened can’t help but call him.
"Nothing, nothing, you two have a rest, too. Is the treasure chest very tired?"
Lin Yue looked at the little guys and recovered a little.
It is false to say that you are not excited. Who can remain calm before winning a hundred million lottery tickets?
Besides, this palladium treasure chest is much more precious than what 100 million.
Especially in this different world where everything is important, everything that comes out of the treasure chest may be extremely urgent to help.
How can you reverse the whole situation in an instant and completely overturn the disadvantages!
"Ga blare" Xiao Bai and Xiao Meng both shook their heads. They are also quite excited now.
After all, this treasure chest is a beautiful thing.
At the moment, Xiaobai has finished all the copper treasure boxes, and Xiaobai here has been looking forward to what good things Lin Yue can take out from the treasure boxes before finishing.
But it seems that they have been in a daze since their owners just now, and they are also impatient.
"Really? That’s good. I’ll put away the left copper treasure chest and the iron treasure chest first."
Lin Yue took a deep breath and threw it for a while, and he had to be ready to hit that.
Before that, all these things must be handled well.
In addition, we have to give Feiyue another reward later. After all, if it weren’t for this guy, he wouldn’t have got the palladium treasure chest so soon, right?
Anyway, isn’t the platinum chest surface a diamond? e……
After collecting the remaining copper treasure chest from Xiaobai one by one, Lin Yue found that except for food and fragments of regional maps, most of them were all kinds of survival gadgets. What was not big for him?
Such as what pool, vernier calipers and kerosene lamps, etc. You can put them on the shelf and wait until they are turned out.
There’s no telling when it will arrive.
Yu Xiaomeng here, although the iron treasure chest is much worse than the copper treasure chest, all kinds of things are more inclined to primary survival, but unexpectedly, he actually got a lot of toilet paper and wet wipes and a lot of design drawings like pickaxes.
After collecting them, Lin Yue found that all kinds of primary equipment had reached the "excellent" quality.

After the two men, several younger military commanders prostrated themselves and thanked them.

It’s time for business.
Give advice to others and flatter them.
Then he explained some ancient gifts to the audience with his rich experience in rites and music.
Being able to feel the ancients’ thoughts is really beyond the comprehension of modern people.
The whole "meat" forest turned out to be a gift line.
In fact, even if it is more excessive, it is polite for men and women to go for fruit in the sand dune garden.
This is an ancient custom. Calling men and women together regularly is to solve the marriage problem of unmarried older men and women.
Because newborns are extremely important in tribal times.
Even later, "Zhou Li" stipulated that "men and women who are thirty and marry women and twenty will marry in the spring and the moon, so they can’t help but rush."
Men must marry at the age of 30 and women at the age of 20, and they are specially invited to blind date in the middle of spring.
This was the case in the Zhou Dynasty, and it is even worse in the Shang Dynasty.
What kind of mysterious bird comes into being? When the merchant’s ancestor Qi Lao’s mother took a bath, she suddenly found that Xuanniao had an egg and got pregnant after eating it, and Qi was born.
To say so is to "rush"
For example, Huang Di, Hua Xu, Fu Xi, Jiang Yuan, Hou Ji, etc., who were born with a sense of treasure, are mostly behind the truth.
Even if you are in a mythical world, it is no exception for others. Even if you are a terran owner like Cheng Tang and Xuanyuan, at most, there are more red clouds and purple gas rising. The theory of real vision is definitely a pure Terran.
Now I have also reacted by holding a blind date for these older unmarried young people. This thought is also good for those maids, and I don’t favor them. If they don’t marry, most of them will stay in the palace and die alone.
Fang Xiang and Fang Bi are generals in the official town hall, but they were born in civilians and were their predecessors. No aristocrat wants to marry their daughters, and some ordinary women are not in their position.
It’s different to hold a blind date, no matter which one you see right, it’s a royal wedding!
Except for the two of them, his young minister is also quite enthusiastic
Although the fake meat forest failed, the real meat forest was still successful, and the bacon was extravagant and got a real hammer.
Success and failure are normal, and smooth sailing is like dreaming.
Once again, I led the ministers back to the wine pool to finish one last thing, and the meat forest in the wine pool came to an end
Chapter 93 Don’t eat minced meat?
I personally removed a copper pillar and moved it to the edge of the wine pool.
Ministers frown slightly at this time to show off their courage. It’s not like a rebel can move a pillar and kill everyone.
Unconsciously, the copper column was placed horizontally and commanded Yin Ruin and others to "grease and burn coals."
Yin Ruined and others covered the copper column with grease, and placed charcoal racks at both ends of the copper column to ignite the copper column.
All the officials are wrong.
With a smile on his face, he said to You Hun, "Get some meat."
Then several cars of meat slices with sharpened bamboo sticks were delivered.
At this time, the copper column has been boiling hot and the heat conduction effect is quite good.
Picking up a few skewers, I put the bright red kebabs on the copper column. After touching the hot oil-moistened copper column, they shrink and curl slightly, zoom slowly, and the grease seeps out of the yellow, and the surface jumps.
After a long time of baking, the steaming kebab is taken out and sprinkled with salt to eat a soft but not soft and tender taste. The meat is crisp and crisp with some Q-bombs.
I picked up a string and handed it to the merchant. "I will brand this copper column burning method. After I saw the ants and trees falling down on fire and fell into the sea of fire, I came up with the idea that Shangqing officials could eat first."
The mature method of stone branding kang is the oldest "stone burnt valley" method, which has long been accepted and relied on the words of branding to create copper column burnt meat.
He really can’t do anything about the crime of branding, but it’s no problem to scare people and get addicted to it.
By the way, "this law can also be used to make people fall into charcoal fire and die when the criminal law needs it."
When the merchant was surprised, he quickly sprinkled the kebabs with coarse salt, but it was just a little bit salty that immediately inspired the delicious meat.
While eating and thinking, he soon got over it.
Zhou Wang has just promulgated a law prohibiting human martyrdom, and now it has created a searing, which means that if there are offenders in the Chaoge, they will be treated as searing.
This law strictly demonstrates Zhou Wang’s determination.
Businessmen don’t remember the sidewalk as "delicious"
It’s really delicious to be waved and let the ministers help themselves to eat wine.

See Ding Hui said that she had sent people to its three districts, and she obviously came here herself to show her importance.

"When I preliminarily set the address at around 9: 00 pm the day after tomorrow, I will be in the center of Qinhuai District. There is a 32-story building with a large area called Yingdong Building. Now there are two floors above the water. If you can’t find it in the northeast of Century Square, you can go directly to Century Square, but it is also the most suitable distance from all districts."
Qinhuai District in Sulibai happens to be the center of Nanjiang City, and its four districts are all around Qinhuai District.
Ding Hui’s choice of "Qinhuai District" center to click on the address is also reasonable and she nodded. "Is it 9 o’clock early the day after tomorrow? I know. "
It’s a big project to unite all forces. Ding Huicai has arranged that she can contact all forces in two days the day after tomorrow.
Even she can’t guarantee whether the process will be smooth.
During the conversation, a few rafts suddenly appeared from the direction of Shimao Center Building towards the floating island. The first one was Wu Feng.
Wu obviously received the news and noticed the situation here, and immediately rushed over with a group of people.
Su Li saw Wu Fenglai and immediately frowned and had some trouble.
"Su Ge-"Wu Feng called one far away. When he saw Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun and others left the edge of the floating island, he motioned for others to leave the edge of the floating island and ran over by themselves.
"Wu Feng" Su Li nodded at him and saw that he looked pale and haggard.
Ding Hui didn’t speak, but turned and silently looked at Wu Feng.
Wu Feng glared at Ding Hui with a fire scale cane that had already been taken out in his right hand, gnashing his teeth. "You killed my wife, and this blood feud is going to get back from you today!"
Ding Hui shook her head and said, "You are not my opponent."
Don’t say that Wu Feng, even Wu Feng and the whole Shimao Center are no match for Ding Shi’s brothers and sisters unless Su Li can help him.
Although Wu Feng was angry, he was not stupid. He was not the conjoined brother and sister in front of him, so he looked at Su Li with some anger and sadness. "What do you say, Brother Su?"
Obviously, he was vaguely interested in asking Su Li for help.
It’s hard for Su Li to see that he is Ding Hui discussing the matter of uniting all the leaders of the forces. It can be said that the future of the lucky person in the five districts of Nanjiang City is involved. Once it is done, it may really find a way for everyone. Naturally, he can’t penny wise and pound foolish.
Dazed only way "Wu calm down, it wasn’t her who killed Lin Meimei. If you want revenge, you should find the real murderer."
Wu one leng, he’s not stupid. Su Li actually expressed his position vaguely. It’s impossible. He and Ding Shi turned against each other.
And the fact that Su Li said there is some truth. After all, it was Chen Mo who really killed Lin Meimei, not the Ding Shi brother and sister who were as strong as monsters.
Wu Feng has no confidence in revenge against Ding Shi’s brother and sister, but there is still some hope for revenge against Chen Mo.
Ding Hui sighed. She saw that Su Li was caught in a dilemma. "Yesterday’s conflict was an unexpected fact. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. I can feel your sadness and anger. After all, it is your lover who can’t be resurrected after death. The mistake has been made. Now, no matter how much you say, there is no way to save anything."
Wu listened to these words and sneered, feeling that she said it was bullshit, but the situation was better than that of people. The Ding Shi brothers and sisters were as powerful as monsters, and they wanted to deal with them themselves, which was different from wishful thinking.
Seeing that Su Li has just talked with her here for a long time, it is obvious that the top leaders of both sides have reached a certain consensus. It is almost impossible for him to expect Su Li to help him deal with Genesis.
Wu Feng can become the leader of "Shimao Center" and a group of people who support themselves are flexible and know how to see the situation clearly. He is not stupid and can settle for second best.
Su Li’s response disappointed him, but deep down he was vaguely white.
After all, he and Su Li are more leaders and leaders, but they are not close enough to become real brothers. It is almost impossible for Su Li to kill him and bet on the whole "Golden Eagle Alliance".
Once the "Golden Eagle Alliance" and "Genesis" face each other, the casualties will not be one person or two.
In fact, Su Li is also very difficult.
If Genesis is not as strong as Ding Shi’s brother and sister, he doesn’t mind helping Wu Feng to avenge and slay Chen Mo, and he can even take over Genesis and expand the Golden Eagle Alliance.
But he can’t kill Ding Shi’s brother and sister. With his realistic limit, he is equal to Ding Shi’s brother and sister. Neither side can endure anyone.
Once you are entangled in Ding Shi’s brother and sister, you can crush the whole Golden Eagle Alliance with the strength of Genesis.
At that time, it would not be revenge for Wu Feng, but the whole "Golden Eagle Alliance", including Gong Xiao, Jiang Shuijue, Ding Longyun, Xu Xuehui and even Wu Feng himself, was afraid that all of them would not live.
Wu Fengke is mad for revenge. Su Li can’t. He must be rational.
"If you want to get revenge on Chen Mo, all I can do is never interfere with the enmity between you two. I will not help Chen Mo just because he is from Genesis. Of course, I also hope that this matter will be confined to your personal enmity and will not involve the conflict between Genesis and Golden Eagle Alliance."
Hearing Ding Hui say this, Wu Feng stared at her with wide eyes and said, "Are you serious about these words?"
"Of course, I always say this when Ding Hui speaks." Ding Huiyin was slightly higher.
Wu nodded and stopped talking. It was Ding Hui who saw the Golden Eagle Alliance or saw Su Li’s face to make the biggest concession.
Wu Feng can seek revenge from Chen Mo, which will become their personal hatred. Ding Hui and Genesis will not intervene to help Chen Mo, and of course Su Li and the Golden Eagle Alliance will not help Wu Feng.
Otherwise, it will evolve into a war between two major forces.
See Wu nodded in agreement with Su Li secretly relieved, so it’s best for him to return to Wu Summit, who was crazy because of Lin Meimei’s death, but I didn’t think that he was still very rational. Some things can’t be targeted at Chen Mo immediately. Of course, his heart is really thinking, such as Su Li’s method to get a glimpse of everything.
It is impossible for him to kill Lin Meimei or Wu Feng and let the Golden Eagle Alliance and Genesis go all out. The casualties are not one person but dozens of people.
Lin Meimei’s life is the life of others in the alliance, and he has to make a choice. Although he can understand Wu Feng’s mood, it is very likely that Wu Feng will be dissatisfied with himself, but sometimes many things are full of nai.
Wu Feng didn’t speak again or say hello to Su Li after receiving Ding Hui’s affirmative reply, but turned around and left again.