Lu Li is also a direct way to "the clouds are scattered?" I haven’t heard of it, but my name is Lu Li. It seems that your fourth place is too low. "

Haiwei chuckled and suddenly had a relaxed feeling. After being a little familiar with the distance, they were friends. She didn’t care about anything, but wanted to see the distance and teach each other a lesson.
I don’t know which monk took the lead in making an exclamation, but then the sixteen people were all full of brilliance, including the scattered people in the clouds. If they met a traction force, they would retreat and go far away, and then they would return to the city with a flash of light and shadow.
The strange light in his right eye flashed, and then he felt a terrible stabbing pain, which almost made his right eye hard to open, but this experience was almost the first time for him.
Previously, I was strangely able to let myself worry about the fairy mansion and get into it, but there is still some very special and mysterious right eye that is forced to spy, which is extremely puzzling.
Seeing that there was sweat on Lu Li’s forehead, it was as if he had eaten some kui Haiwei. Road flyover Lu Li also wanted to ask, but at this time, a sound resounded through this piece, which made Lu Li Haiwei both listen to the truth.
"It’s rare for visitors in the wild world to become my slaves or my right-hand man. I will give you strength and have unimaginable Shou Yuan!" The sound broke through for a long time and instantly entered the ears of the two.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Who is Wan Yi
A world that is richer than the sound system emerges from that huge king city.
This sound broke through the clouds and there was a terrible force from the castle, which made Lu Lihai’s eyebrows frown and she felt bad in her heart.
When the sound came, the sixteen monks immediately had a respectful color in their eyes, motionless as if they were devout believers. Such a change is really unpredictable
"I’m afraid this man is no match for you and me."
Haiwei immediately sounded the sound through two people and found that these fairy monks could not detect the fraction.
Lu Li also replied, "Yes, it is not difficult to integrate the real silk thread into the sound to form a breaking force, but it is very terrible that the sound contains so much pressure. Are there so many Jin Xian overlords this day?"
Haiwei’s complexion is also not good. In the sight of these fairy godsworn, she naturally doesn’t look in the eye, but before that, the threat of the speaker to them is too great.
She didn’t answer the words from the land. The present situation is very strange. After being suppressed, it is necessary to restore the sudden strange signs of the strong. Even the high-order fairy godsworn will be terrified in his heart.
Seeing Haiwei from afar is also a good idea to measure up.
However, since the other party gives this statement to two people, it will not be much. If you turn your face rashly, once you hand in hand, the outcome is too unpredictable.
I’ve seen the overlord of Jin Xian, and if I rashly challenge it, I’ll die.
When I left Taikoo Gate, I had seen the smell of Taikoo Gate’s master. Jin Xian’s law is too profound and vast to be compared with ordinary fairy monks.
Even if he believes that uniting to reverse the Heart Sutra and killing the Heart Sutra can beat some strong enemies across the boundary, but he wants to shake the overlord of Jin Xian, he also needs to cultivate to Haiwei’s present level, that is, to break through Ling Xu and reach the realm of robbery, and then practice to the realm of robbery. dzogchen constantly feels and accumulates the Jin Xian level.
Reversing the practice of the Heart Sutra to the later stage is a clever change of mana, because in the later stage of immortals, the perception of the realm of immortals becomes extremely important, and it is necessary to understand the realm before we can break through. Otherwise, it is not enough to break through the realm of immortals simply by absorbing penance with aura, or how many people can achieve the position of immortals now?
Even if more than a dozen or even dozens of Jin Xian suddenly appeared in a great world, it is impossible for all of them to be ill. Jin Xian’s masters have to go through all kinds of celestial disasters, extremely terrible celestial disasters, and god’s punishment to attack Jin Xian’s higher realm. Perhaps in a hundred years, Jin Xian will fall. A hundred years seems to be a long time, but for Brother Jin Xian, it is only a short period of time compared with the long Shou Yuan.
In half a step, Jin Xian has some insights. Jin Xian Xin doesn’t know much about the secret, but when they are moving slowly, he has a simple exchange with Haiwei, which makes him know a little about it.
There are still many outstanding positions for Jin Xian masters to walk after the triple fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy fairy
Now, two people are equals. At this time, if they hesitate for too long, the other party is bound to be impatient, and they will think about it after a moment. At the same time, the other party agrees that Lu Li is the direct way. "If Ge is so confident, you might as well show me a repair. Even Ge Hui, a monk, is not complaining, but as soon as the slave says it, Liu is used to it at will. I admire the strong but will not be enslaved by others."
Haiwei also said, "It’s better to use some means since it’s a good pavilion that thinks it’s better to repair the sky. It also makes me feel at ease."
Sixteen Godsworn Godsworn didn’t have a population. The people who knelt down and went to the sky were naturally straightened up at the moment. Because of the sound of the castle, the two people were overwhelmed and resolved. These people are also Smith. After the pious color slowly dispersed, they looked at the two people and their eyes were extremely poor.
Lu Liwei’s mouth is not bent or too radical. Instead, she wants the other party to show a collar, which is also a kind of temptation. If the other party really reaches the peak, they can think of some way to fight to the death or escape without resistance.
If the other party is superficial, there is no fear and then it is planned.
There was a silence in the castle, and there was no sign of the whole city, and no one answered in the past.
It’s not urgent to leave Haiwei. They guess that the other party may hesitate or have other considerations.
However, Haiwei Meimu stared at the opposite female xiu for several times in a row, and Haiwei suddenly exclaimed, "You are from the side of Uncle Wanyi!"
Her exclamation caused a surprise. First of all, there were Poseidon clansmen here and they were recognized by Haiwei for their seniority. This is really strange.
The second time was when the clouds dispersed. His eyebrows wrinkled and he immediately looked back at the woman. Then he said, "Yue Daoyou, are you really from a wild man?" Now it seems that the duke is right to be recognized. "
The eu eyes a clot continued "YueDaoYou? So you call yourself Yue? This also makes sense. In those days, granduncle Wan Yi’s surname was Yue’s servant girl. You are very similar and deeply trusted by granduncle Wan Yi. I have seen it once, but it is said that there were not many Shou Yuan left in those years because of talent. Later, I heard that it was so missing, and I was still worried about it until granduncle Wan’s transformation. No wonder I felt a little familiar when I met you. You were xiao yue at the beginning? "
Female repair smell speech is shaking his head, and he was stunned by Haiwei.
If so, there is something strange about the origin of this person
Even the land is a little confused. The origin of this person can be traced back to Haiwei’s granduncle. The history of Poseidon is also quite scary, but compared with Taikoo.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Hai Wei was captured
Haiwei revealed that the woman’s absence didn’t deny that it immediately made the mystery here have a hint of being revealed.
But before everyone continues to speak, it is full of coercion and impressively debut. "Since you two have a heart, I will confirm it."
After all, if the other party really has some means, two people should not be underestimated.
From this side, Lu has already prepared the five-force, soul-breaking knife and heart-eating sword. If the other party forcibly moves, he can choose to fight back immediately.
Haiweixiu is still far away from home, but it doesn’t matter what he is worried about.
For this person, it is straightforward to say, "Since Ge is so confident, let’s talk about it over there to prove your strength."

But if you want to strengthen the memory of this day, it’s once in a hundred years. No, it’s once in ten thousand years. When you think of it, stop thinking about it. When you look at Pangu’s days, you will see that Pangu’s great god is chaotic and empty, and everything is empty. Suddenly, there are many glories.

Looking at the axe’s trajectory in the virtual space, Song Changjue has a kind of lead in his heart, but if you ask him what he has learned, he feels that he has learned nothing. Pangu chopped the chaotic world with an axe, and the clear air rose and evolved all day, and the turbid air sank and became big and more and more chaotic air became clear and turbid. Song Changgeng knew that this was a life-long process.
One is chaotic, the other is cloudy and cloudy, and the other is clear. The Pangu giant stood in the sky to prevent the sky from overlapping, while the three talents of heaven and man completed the process of two lives and three lives. It was from the inside that the sage Tao Te Ching realized this, which was all white in the Song Dynasty.
Then he felt as if the time passed slowly. What he saw was that the sky was gradually divided, but it would still be reunited in chaos. When Pangu God threw the axe into the middle, he saw that the axe was automatically divided into three treasures, and the handle of the axe turned into a big clock, and everything was peaceful when it sounded.
Then the blade of the axe waved in the void under Pangu’s control, uniting some parties, and the talent finally rose and fell, but the power derived from the days after the flood, wind and fire ravaged Pangu, and finally the axe body was thrown away to enlarge. A picture showed that black and white two gases automatically operated to calm the water, wind and fire.
Seeing that the flow of Yin and Yang kept calming the water, wind and fire in their respective places, Song Changgeng knew that this was the Taiji diagram, and at the same time understood that chaos was the root of all things, and that the flow of Yin and Yang by all the subjects of Yin and Yang could make all things naturally converge and calm down the five things, calming the water, wind and fire was natural. This realization was just realized when Song Changgeng saw a golden light in the Taiji diagram, and when he followed the golden light, he saw that the ancient body was getting longer and longer, and his hands supported the sky. The golden light in the Taiji diagram was to help him hold up the sky, and Pangu grew taller.
There is a man who stands in the sky for a long time and seems to be a moment. Song Changbai, this is because he is in memory. When the Pangu God was formed that day, he fell or fell, and his breath turned into spring breeze and the sound of clouds changed into thunder. His left eye turned into the sun and his right eye turned into the moon …
Then there are three creatures, each with storms, currents, mountains and rivers, plants, birds, animals, fish and insects. Song Changxin is slowly lost in the evolution of this wonderful day and gradually loses himself and is difficult to extricate himself.
Lost in the track of the avenue, he doesn’t even know who he is now. If he goes on like this, his mind will be addicted to the avenue forever, and the final result will be to merge with the rules of the avenue and disappear into the sky.
This is the meaning of Taiqing sage’s "It’s easy to die in the evening". No matter how hard Song Chang practices, he hasn’t left people. He is a fairy. Look at this thing, that is, a three-year-old doll will die playing with a bomb. Although he is a saint, he doesn’t care about Emei Sect. After all, he teaches Emei Sect as a minor matter.
However, since Song Changgeng, a troublemaker, bumped into his own hand and played with it conveniently, it was normal for Song Chang to think it was his great chance because he didn’t know that there was danger in it. He didn’t know that he almost didn’t let people play to death, so he saw that he was motionless in the green light and gradually showed signs of decomposition with the passage of time.
Thirty-three days away, Song Chang Gung’s changes are all seen in the eyes of these saints. When the saint chuckles, he ignores it. He knows that he is finished taking care of this little guy, but in the clear sky, the saint is frowning. It seems difficult to decide that in the Jade Palace, the original saint is blinking and doesn’t know what to think, so he closes his eyes and continues to do something else.
Looking at Song Changgeng’s changing eyes in the female self, I can’t bear the color flow.
Finally, she sighed and stopped going to see the family. It was created by herself, just like her own child, in which an outstanding person appeared. She was as happy as if she saw her own child’s achievements. Unfortunately, these children rarely had great luck. So it seems to Song Changgeng.
In the bliss world, Amitabha looked sad and closed his eyes, while in the Sanxing Cave on the slanting moon, the prospective Taoist smiled at the corners of his mouth and called on his brothers to preach. In the nether world, the water of the Santu River continued to flow, and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma was running quietly, but with a sigh, it came out clearly from the Tao.
Just when all saints recognized Song Chang, and everyone else ignored him except Tongtian, I saw his ten-foot-high mixed body suddenly collapse and then suddenly split into two forces and then automatically spun. One force turned black and the other changed during operation.
Power is constantly absorbed by it and compressed into two forces of black and white at the same time. The rotating black and white power is like a Tai Chi diagram. Yin and Yang are divided into pairs and unified. Yin is constantly absorbing Yang power and transforming them into Yin power, and Yang power is constantly transforming into Yang power. Yin and Yang are transformed into each other, opposing each other and unified.
During the rotation, the ball with a diameter of more than ten feet gradually compressed and became smaller and smaller. Finally, it stopped shrinking after a foot in diameter, and kept spinning and absorbing the power of the sky. He had been observing the sky and looked at it. He knew that other people had stopped watching, but this little guy had realized that once he was awake, he would leave the Qing Dynasty and create a dreamland. That was his chance.
It’s inevitable that this guy will wake up now. His eyes are moving and his mind is spinning. Song Chang’s side is chaotic, which can temporarily make everything around him difficult to speculate. But now the sage, if he wants to come back, will be scattered to the sky because he stirred up the secret of Yin and Yang.
Then Tongtian himself put up a Taoist like him, but with the appearance of the Taoist, he reached out and grabbed a green gourd in his hand, then turned it into a streamer and went across the barriers from all walks of life. When people flew to the light, God’s hand appeared in his hand with a stroke and a purple hammer.
In Ziyun Palace, the immortals suddenly felt that the purple hammer suddenly disappeared, and then they heard that Master Hai said, "I took the hammer and waited here to protect Song Changmen from being drilled by Buddhism."
As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, he knew that the teacher had done it himself. He couldn’t help but change his face. This Song Changzhen was so lucky. Now this question Song Changgeng himself doesn’t know because he is confused. He doesn’t know where he is. His memory can reflect his understanding of this experience.
The heavenly sage arrived near the light realm in a few calls. The guardian array and various screens here seemed to have no hindrance to him. He lifted his legs like walking from the door to the outside, easily entered the light realm, and then instantly appeared in the jade peak, which had been refined by the Taiqing saint. This jade peak is the same as the original heavenly mountain.
Now, it has completely replaced the Heavenly Mountain, and it is still integrated with the light environment. It is really extraordinary. In the light environment, life has not felt anything, and people have already changed the central treasure. The Tongtian Saint saw this jade peak and stopped for a while, then swept his eyes and knew that the master elder brother didn’t move any hands and feet, in fact, he didn’t bother to move any hands and feet.
He came to Song Chang-geng’s one-foot big ball and sighed, "I’m afraid you have to work like this before you can gradually recover your consciousness. At that time, everything has changed greatly. Although you are still your relative and brother, your sect is gone. I hope I can help you once. I hope you don’t let me down."
With a wave of his hand, a clear light flashed into the sphere of rotation of Yin and Yang, and he saw that the force of Yin and Yang in the sphere suddenly turned and then quickly turned up. The Saint Tongtian smiled and said, "It’s really good to understand my" Tongtian Daoji "so quickly. It seems that you are a disciple, so I will help you again and give you two innate treasures to suppress Yin and Yang."
As soon as the words fell, I saw that he was spinning fast in the virtual space, and even the number of impressions was sealed around him. However, when the purple hammer and the green gourd were thrown into the Song Chang Gung’s ball, I saw that the ball shook violently and expanded to make a few clear lights, and the ball trembled more violently.
Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master to proselytize
Blood in shushan. Sixty-one Purple crack. Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master.
When Song Chang was still not awake, he didn’t know who he was. As soon as he realized that Saint Taiqing had specially prepared something for him, his spirit was imitated. As a result, the mixed body was decomposed. It should be gradually realized in the continuous operation before he finally regained consciousness.
However, the process was shortened several times after the Tongtian Sage entered his understanding of Tao, and when Yin was about to fix the track, Tong Sage called in two Lingbao and followed them, as well as Lingbao refining method. Song Changgeng could feel that this thing was not only beneficial to himself, but also very beneficial, so he automatically absorbed it.
Then I saw that the one-foot-big black-and-white rotating ball suddenly rose and expanded to more than ten feet in a blink of an eye. A purple ball of light appeared in the room. A purple hammer of purple ball floated and sank in yin and became yin and yang, while a blue ball of light and a blue gourd appeared in yang and white.
It became Yang, Yin and Yin. With these two treasures, the trajectory of Yin and Yang became more wonderful and stable after the suppression of Yin. Song consciousness also refined these two treasures according to the method of refining Lingbao by Tongtian saints. As he refined the black and white Tai Chi ball with a diameter of Zhang Xu, it contracted and became smaller and smaller, and the later it contracted faster and faster.
At last, when did it stop and Song Geng’s consciousness recovered? He didn’t move, but after thinking about the past, he couldn’t help but feel scared. If he kept sinking into the road changes, it was estimated that he would melt away. Although he could imitate it and let the mixed body run, it was estimated that it would take a long time to wake up.
I guess I wouldn’t have woken up now if I hadn’t come to help me with the road perception method. Later, I was awakened by two things that I didn’t know, and then I refined two treasures according to the subsequent refining method. When I was successful, I instantly destroyed the road and everything went back to chaos
In this instant, Song Chang experienced a natural extinction and some unconscious influx. At the same time, he also knew that he had experienced a thrilling experience and arrived at many things. He didn’t know who would help him to finish his recollection. He was shocked by a slight induction. First, he didn’t have a body consciousness and mixed body. Hwa-Sung Do got a black and white rotating inch ball
Second, he feels that there are people next to him, but it seems that no one is fluttering like a real illusion. This feeling makes him feel uncomfortable, but he also knows that the other party must be very strong. Just when he doesn’t know it, he listens to a majestic voice, "Xuangong has become you. Go back to the unity of body and spirit."
That sound seems to have an irresistible force. Song Chang-geng immediately flew the Yuan God, who had turned into a bead, to the top of his head as he said, and then went into his head along with Baihui Tianmen. After going in, he could turn the force of the bead into operation, see a black-and-white brilliance spinning and turning bigger and bigger, and then wrapped his body in it, and then everything returned to normal in an instant.
Tongtian sage looked at the "Tai Chi Pearl" and couldn’t help twisting his beard on Song Changgeng’s head and laughing. When he turned his kung fu, he really didn’t turn white. Then he saw Song Changgeng come to stand still and suddenly put on a five-hearted posture, sitting with his fingers like lotus flowers, demonstrating the wonderful spiritual rotation of the mysterious traces.
As he moved his fingers, he saw a stream of clear air from above his head and a stream of dark polluted air gushing from the bottom into the body.
With the continuous influx of turbid qi into the sky, I feel that the turbid qi is constantly rotating and changing in Song Changti, and is in harmony with his own body. Song Changgeng is also immersed in practice. Although he is a little anxious, he doesn’t know who is around him, but he knows that the realm is hard to find if he misses it.
He knows that he is now in a wonderful world, although he has cleared up, but it is time to strike while the iron is hot. The man next to him just helped himself to want to come, and he has no bad feelings. He just decided to put it aside and practice quietly, and according to his own understanding of the avenue, he runs a clear and turbid way, and his two vitality runs in his body in meridians according to different routes.
The clear and turbid gas in the influx body was compressed into a clear, black and two-minute liquid truth element in the meridian operation, and finally flowed into Dantian. With the continuous influx of clear and turbid gas, he felt that the big clear and turbid truth element gathered in Dantian, and the two truth elements each occupied a corner in Dantian, and then a violent outburst occurred.
Two really different things want to assimilate each other, so they regard him as a battlefield fight.
At that time, the "Tai Chi Bead" in Song Chang’s brain moved, and the color light swept through the clear and turbid Yuan Zhen, and immediately became docile and automatically operated and transformed, which soon formed a balance, and the blood God Yuan Bead in his abdomen was also broken down.
Yang returns to Yang, Yin returns to Yin, and each other’s eyes guide the turbid and turbid gases to form a Tai Chi diagram, which moves slowly in the body like a ball. Finally, after several transformations, the turbid and turbid gases are condensed and changed into a special pure yin and yang force, which is attributed to the fact that the sage in the "Tai Chi bead" in his brain is not happy, and Song Changgeng also feels that he has completely integrated the newly condensed "Tai Chi bead" with his body.
After feeling that there was no problem, he immediately closed his eyes and saw the sage who was not far ahead. He quickly became confused and saluted. "I don’t know where friends come from?" How did you get into my light? Just now, I felt that people were helping me, and my breath was similar to that of Taoist friends. Is it Taoist friends? Then I’ll thank you. "
Say that finish deep line a gift and borne saints there strange smile "guy, what did you call me? Daoyou hahaha, no one has dared to call me Daoyou for hundreds of millions of years. This little guy is very interesting, but I don’t know that it’s not a crime. Just now, I was helping you with how I got in. Hehe, it’s simple. Because I’m a saint, what can stop me? "
"Saint? Who’s the senior? Are you the leader of Tongtian? What will help me? " Song Changyi was shocked when he heard that his mind was even more stable. At this moment, his face could not help but change greatly. Although he knew that there were several holy disciples wrestling in his own place because of the celestial gods, he finally decided to give it to Taiqing. He wanted to be a saint and would not pay attention to himself.
But now a saint has come, and when he thinks about it, he knows that this person must be the leader of Tongtian, because he said that Nu Wa and Houdi are both accurate people. Although he is a Buddhist after all, he is dressed in a nondescript way, and then Amitabha is dressed in Buddhism. In Sanqing, the sage is an old man, and Tongtian is middle-aged.
But the original root will ignore that he has borne the sky and seems to have accepted his own meaning. It seems that it is him. As soon as his words are exported, the saint of the sky is stunned and laughs lightly. "You are really clever and immediately thought that I am good. You are trying to detect my master elder brother’s charm and lead me to put the avenue to you. You must not be separated."
Because it takes thousands of years for this true fairy to wake up, and the true fairy is scattered in it. I don’t want you to be able to get rid of this anomaly and improve your strength
Fortunately, at that time, I was the only one who watched you carelessly and disturbed the secret around you after seeing the change, and then secretly sent an avatar to help you. Not only did you not only suppress your "Tongtian Daoji", but also gave you two innate spiritual treasures to suppress Yin and Yang, taught you to refine the innate spiritual treasures and achieved Taiji beads. If it were not for me, it would take you ten thousand years to wake up on your own.
Although at that time you also had a great talent, but after thousands of years, your wife, disciples and friends have long been scattered. What do you mean by being alone? Besides, you are a changed man now, and after tens of thousands of years, you will not be your greatest advantage. After you lose it, you will feel bound hands and feet when you do things, and it is not conducive to my plan, so I will give you a hand. "
After Song Chang-geng’s speech for a long time, he just thought about it and knew that Tongtian said it was true. He suddenly threw his robe and knelt down after three kneeling and nine worships. He said, "Every mortal has a word teacher. Because you helped me get rid of it, it gave me a magic weapon to increase my strength. When you are my teacher, please accept my worship."
Tongtian saw that he reacted so quickly that he couldn’t help but feel comfortable. After he visited the shrine, he pulled himself up and laughed. "It’s easy to talk to Cong. Now that you’re white, I won’t say anything. The so-called master leads the door to practice. After a while, I will give you all the Qing Xian Jing, and you will have to practice on your own."
Say that finish hand stretched out a book appeared in his hand and handed it over. Song Changgeng respectfully took it over. Just a look at it and you will know that it is very profound. After that, you should study it slowly. He respectfully put away the [Qing Xian Jing] and then give him a deep gift. He has already understood things badly and knows that he has received the favor of others.
Just like the important team in the officialdom, it is impossible to reach his position without a team. After buddha magic chose to enter the Tao, he had three clean-ups to choose. If he didn’t choose, it was so powerful that he looked up to the giant. His little power and reality would instantly turn to dust. He decided to learn from the teacher and enter the sage.
[End of Volume 61]
Chapter six hundred and eleven Two Saints Fighting for Acts
Blood in shushan volume sixty-two People wind and rain Chapter six hundred and eleven Two saints fight for acts.
There may be a lot of hesitation and hesitation before, but after the decision, Song Chang should firmly follow his own path. Because everything is his own choice, think about it. Because of his own decision, his younger brother has been involved in intercepting and teaching himself to face the measurable fate. He is deeply ignorant of the law of the jungle at this moment
Seeing that his eyes were calm and calm, the Tongtian sage couldn’t help but feel gratified that he had chosen a good brother. Although he insisted on a kind of statement before, when most of his brothers were captured in the First World War, they defected and became Buddhist middleman. He said that he was not sad or not. He also knew that he didn’t have the treasure to suppress his luck, but there were also reasons why these heterogeneous brothers were uncertain.

Lin Yi’s body shape also changed instantly to a heavy palm and hit Hu Ling’s hidden soul chest Lin Yi. These changes are all instantaneous at the same time. At this moment, Hu Ling’s hidden soul can cope with Lin Yi’s palm with the broken arm.

The two palms "bang" collided, and Lin Yi’s palm force was like waves and waves, and he hid his soul arm in Hu Ling.
This arm of Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul was hit hard by Su Qinghou, and now the bones of Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul arm are broken into several pieces by Lin Yi’s strong impact.
At this time, Hu Ling’s right palm of the hidden soul has scattered Lin Yi’s firm but gentle palm and drew an arc with his right palm, and struggled to strike Lin Yi’s chest. Lin Yi just withdrew his palm and slightly moved away from Hu Ling’s hidden soul palm.
Taking advantage of Lin Yi’s dodge machine, Hu Ling hid his soul and flew to the front of the burning house. Then he growled and sucked three burning oaks at Lin Yi.
Facing Mars, the oak Lin Yi evaded the first one and kicked the second one. The oak at the top immediately reflected Hu Ling’s hidden soul. Then Lin Yi swung his sword and split the third oak. The oak was split by Lin Yi’s sword. Two pieces of wood split left and right. Lin Yi’s figure also passed through two pieces of broken oak.
At this time, Hu Ling’s hidden soul just kicked the blow to his oak and Lin Yi arrived again with his sword.
Hu Ling hides the soul and has to deal with Lin Yi’s sharp sword again.
The two men fought fiercely in the garden filled with flames and smoke …
After all, there was a fierce battle between Hu Ling and Su Qinghou. Although he felt pain, he was hit hard in many places, and his posture, strength and speed were reduced by half.
Su Qinghou has been beaten by Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul to fight again. It is amazing that Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul can still fight. If it were anyone else, it might not be his opponent, but his opponent is too strong now, and Lin Yi ranks second in the Jianghu.
Now, in the face of Lin Yi’s stormy attack on Hu Ling’s hidden souls, there is almost no breathing space.
Lin Yi just doesn’t give Hu Ling a breathing space.
Hu Ling’s ghost hiding is unusual. Maybe give him a break and Hu Ling’s ghost hiding can escape.
And Hu Ling’s hidden soul is hard to compare with Lin Yi in terms of posture, strength and speed at the moment. He seems to be extremely backward. Hu Ling’s hidden soul can constantly roar with anger to cope with Lin Yi’s ever-changing offensive. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is like a troubled beast at the moment. Although angry, it is difficult to get away.
Hu Ling’s hidden spirits, body and animal carcasses have also been carved into strips by Lin Yijian, and the protective black iron has also been exposed.
To attack Hu Ling urgently, the Tibetan soul was also injured in many places.
Shoulder cheekbones were also broken by Lin Yi, and Hu Ling kept bleeding from the cracks in the hides of Tibetan souls.
After more than a dozen strokes, Lin Yi split Hu Ling’s soul rib with another sword.
At the moment, the true qi of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul protector has weakened by 60% to 70%. Although there is black iron protector, the sword is powerful enough to shatter the left cavity of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul and poke a broken bone at Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul.
Hu Ling hidden soul body also immediately like being hit a quiver.
This is also the first time that Hu Ling’s hidden soul felt that death was so close to him.
Chapter 55 King Lin fights and hides the king (3)
Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul, which was hit hard again, growled again, which contained too much unwillingness and unspeakable sorrow.
With the roar of Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul, his body became more rancid and the choking smoke in the field could not cover his rancid smell.
His eyes were even redder, and blood was oozing out.
Like blood and tears
His bones are constantly making a terrible noise.
Lin Yi knew that Hu Ling’s soul-hiding was an extreme way of "The Hunger Gong" to strengthen his physique and make him dying. Lin Yi guessed that Hu Ling’s soul-hiding was indeed an extreme way to force his body to suffer heavy losses.
When this way reaches a certain intensity, the damage to Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits will greatly aggravate the decay of Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits, and Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits will control the intensity a few years ago
Now, Hu Ling Tibetan Soul has used this method almost to the extreme.
The whole body smells like a rotting corpse.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared like a mad beast, and Lin Yi also roared like a fearful person. The hunter Lin Yi’s palm sword, Qi Jianguang’s palm shadow, continued to attack Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and its strength became more and more fierce.
Lin Yi knows better than anyone that this head is bound like a tiger struggling to resist, and it must not be relaxed by half a point or it will fall short.
Lin Yi took another sword and split it to Hu Ling to hide the soul from Lin Yi. This sword palm sucked up a stone brick and hit Lin Yi.
Just then, a master of the Northern Mansion swept into the garden, and he called to Hu Ling to hide the soul. "Simon Wang, the Tibetan king, asked me to … ahem … find you. He said that the Tibetan king, don’t try to be brave for a while, and then find Lin Yi to settle accounts after you get hurt …"
The man’s words haven’t finished when he was killed by Lin Yi every other sword.
It turns out that Ximen Xuanbai was hit hard by Su Qinghou. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not Lin Yi’s opponent. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is the first day and Optimus Prime is the deterrent. If Hu Ling’s hidden soul dies, the morale of the North House will fall to the bottom, and the North House will not be far from its demise.
The consequences are terrible.
We must not let Hu Ling hide his soul and die.
However, Hu Ling’s spirit-hiding temper Ximenxuan also knew that he was afraid that Hu Ling’s spirit-hiding would rather die than retreat. Now that Ximenxuan had got away, he was afraid to venture easily again, so he sent someone to persuade Hu Ling to hide the spirit.
Several experts from the Northern Mansion who were sent here have died, and only one person left. As a result, before he finished his words, Lin Yifei came to chop the ground with a sword.
Lin Yichao still didn’t give Hu Ling a breathing space when he waved his sword at the high priest. At the same time, his left hand struck Hu Ling, the hidden soul of Hu Ling, and he had to deal with Lin Yi’s two palms.
Now it’s not Hu Ling who hides his soul and doesn’t want to leave.
Although Hu Ling’s hidden soul is above all else, he was by no means killed alive, but he didn’t know that he was retired. He was badly hit and Hu Ling’s hidden soul was entangled in Lin Yi.
Lin Yi’s palm shadow was shattered, and he jumped up and split two swords in a row.
Although Hu Ling hides the soul in an extreme way, it is still difficult to get rid of Lin Yi because of his injuries.
When Hu Ling’s hidden spirits were in danger, four or five masters from the West Sea, all covered in blood, rushed into the garden. They had been following Xiaowu and Hu Ling’s theory that the hidden spirits were loyal warriors, and they would not abandon Hu Ling’s hidden spirits.
When they heard the roar of the Tibetan king, they also rushed from other places to help Hu Ling hide his soul.
Several masters in the West Sea are tough. They roared and waved their weapons and came at Lin Yi. At this moment, Lin Yi turned his back on them and attacked Lin Yi’s chest.
Lin Yi still doesn’t give Hu Ling a breathing machine. His right hand swings two swords and two firm but gentle shots behind him. At the same time, Lin Yi flies up and kicks Hu Ling’s hidden soul body and Hu Ling’s hidden soul body. Lin Yi’s left palm splits again.
And Lin Yi behind also sounded two screams.
First came two masters of the West Sea who were thrown out by Lin Yi backhand with two firm but gentle punches and flew out on his back.
The remaining three masters of the West Sea continued to rush at Lin Yi. They wanted their lives to win an offline for Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and suddenly a thin figure jumped into the park.
The child’s face was blackened by fireworks, his clothes were blackened, and there were still some sparks.


A group of black people looked at a scar-faced man together.
Scar face lead eldest brother face a ugly.
"Let’s go with the elders in my Hui nationality!" Take the lead in the eldest brother looks pale way
A group of strong black snakes quickly flew out of the city to a distant mountain forest.
There are a lot of black snakes around the forest land.
But when I came back this time, the number of black snakes was actually a lot of bloody.
"Something happened in the clan?" Lead the eldest brother face a change.
A line of black snakes quickly flew to the depths of the forest.
At the moment, there are a lot of monster beasts around the mountain forest, such as tigers, leopards, cows and snakes. At this moment, the roaring will surround the central lake.
Around the Great Lakes, a black snake with a head ten feet long holds its head high and looks at the monsters around it, showing lost face, but a group of monsters look even more fierce.
Not far away, Niu Mowang and Fan Li looked at each other coldly at a mountain pass.
Opposite at the moment there are dozens of black snakes in human form. The strong people are visiting Niu Mowang and others.
"Elder!" Lead the eldest brother exclaimed
Niu Mowang looked coldly at a group of black snakes that had just arrived.
"Hum!" Niu Mowang a cold hum left them alone.
A group of black snakes quickly flew to the center.
"Elder Nanmo City has an accident!" The lead eldest brother looks pale way
"South Magic City is that we took you too late!" Niu Mowang sneer at a way
The leader’s face changed.
Not far away, the black snake Lord was released. Fan Li asked the black snake Lord to talk about the black snake patriarch.
The whole black snake clan minister?
There is an island in the middle of the lake, an island and a hall. A burly man looks pale and looks at the black snake. There are a group of other black snake elders beside him.
"Minister? They let us be ministers? " Burly male cold way
"It was this group of people who didn’t suddenly appear and killed us and caught us off guard …!" Little Lord looks pale way
"Not caught off guard? Hum, even if you are prepared, you are no match for them! " Black snake heads cold way
"What about the patriarch now?" The elders looked at the heads of the fathers.
"That Niu Mowang is too powerful. As my son said, he broke the barrier of the Lord of Nanmo City with one punch. This person should be Tianmen!" Patriarch sink a way
"Tianmen territory?" The elders look very pale.
"Where did this group of people come from?"
"This is a lizard fairy territory. Do they dare to kill the lizard fairy so recklessly?"
"Can’t we be slaves?"
The elders look pale way
"The hades have given orders to kill us if we don’t do it …!" Little master fear way
The elders a silence.
"Let’s go and have a look!" Patriarch sink a way
"hmm!" The elders nodded.
The patriarch took all the elders to the outside world again and looked at Niu Mowang and Fan Li not far away.
"Do you want to? Old patience is limited! " Niu Mowang cold road
"Ge, I want to know what we want?" Black snake heads sink a way
"Nothing, nothing. This is the order of the keeper. If you don’t listen, you will die!" Niu Mowang cold road
The black snake patriarch’s face froze. What kind of answer is this?
Fan Li smiled slightly. "You are now the interpersonal keeper of Hades, but it is because you southern magic city are familiar with Hades that you want your help to master southern magic city as soon as possible!"
"Familiar with? If it’s a big deal, we’ll withdraw from the southern magic city, and we won’t care if we look at you! " Black snake patriarch said

Rudy Gonzalez laughed and hung up.

It is more difficult to compete for luis garcia.
It’s much easier in mista
Terry can let people go at any time if he wants to quote the right price
After bargaining, the two sides always won and finally offered a price of 700 thousand euros
Terry was moved by this price, and they planned to cash out mista, who performed so well in the team.
In fact, Chang Shenggen can’t take out the money in one breath.
But sometimes when you do business, you have to pretend to be very rich even if you put all your money on the show, otherwise you won’t be able to negotiate business at all
Now, Chang Sheng can also be so swollen and fat.
He made 600,000 euros before selling those "disorderly parties".
It cost 250 thousand to buy Charles, and there are 350 thousand left
It’s only 700 thousand and a half
If we don’t sell Pida, mista’s transfer deal may fall through.
But at this time, Changsheng doesn’t care so much. Since the other club has agreed, let’s talk about the contract with Mista quickly.
Would mista like to come to Hertha?
This question is meaningless.
Terry and Hertha are both second-division teams. Where do they play or not?
If Terry wants to sell it, how can they not know that Mista is not particularly important to them?
What’s more, mista’s agent also hopes that he can make a lot of money by having a transfer agent.
In the end, mista will definitely agree to come to Hertha.
The staff who sold the ball didn’t stop for a second while winning from the future master Benitez.
Pida finally reached an agreement with the team willing to accept him, and now the transfer deal can take effect.
Changsheng can also grow a sigh of relief.
Peter is the most difficult player to deal with in the "chaotic party", because his price is too high to win, and it is impossible to really sell him as cabbage price.
After all, it used to be worth 2 million yuan, and now it’s already a loss to sell it at a 50% discount. If it’s cheaper, it’s really a bargain.
The sale of Pida brought Changsheng a million euros in income, and now he not only has the money to buy mista, but also has 650 thousand euros left.
This money should buy one more person.
Who are you buying?
At present, the back line has not moved, and there seems to be a lack of competition.
In addition, there are too few people in midfield and midfield. He is going to list Cesc carlos rodriguez Valero. If anyone wants to sell it, he can make some money. If he can’t sell it, he will keep it as a substitute.
But he has so little money now, it is difficult to focus on one place if he wants to add new strength to both places. Now, if the money has to be in one person and another place, he should choose other methods, such as renting.
Changsheng pondered for a while and decided to strengthen the midfield strength.
He still has some doubts about the lower back.
After all, he will start with three midfielders at a time, and Gassena has four midfielders now.
If one person is injured, he will have no substitute.
The low back is very important in his tactics.
One less may have very serious consequences.
So he must increase this strength again.
He knows that there will be many excellent midfielders in international football in the future, but it is the most suitable one. At present, Hertha is not able to come.
After much thought, he set his sights on the African continent.
There are many excellent African waists, all of which come from here.
This time, his goal is to create yaya toure, the first high-paid "new Vieira" in the Premier League.
Yaya toure should still be in C? te d ‘Ivoire at this time …
It should be easy to buy him and it won’t cost much.
Although yaya toure will occupy a non-EU quota, there are not many non-EU players in Hertha team at present.
In addition to joining Senna, Popovich has a non-EU quota because he is a Yugoslav.
Plus Senahetta, there are two non-EU players and a team is allowed to have four non-EU players.
There are still two places.
There is no problem in this regard.
The introduction of yaya toure’s defensive line into the lower back should also add fresh blood to stimulate them to double their training, so that they can always win and rely on them.
The central defender is more important, and the winner is also satisfied with the central defender. One is captain Pedro canizares and the other is Sai Passareira. These two people are always at ease with them.
Then we can start with full-backs.
Since 212, people have always won, which inevitably impressed the people of that era and unconsciously.
For example, when he considers a player, he doesn’t pay attention to the player’s specialization as he does now. On the contrary, he looks more at whether the player can adapt to multiple positions or characteristics, and whether a player should be able to adapt to multiple positions, playing on the left or right, or defending and attacking.
This is the basic requirement of football in the era of 212.
Always win a man from that era. These things are directly printed in his mind, which is almost enough.
Either you can play full-back or centre-back, or you can play both flanks, or you can attack and defend well.
When thinking of being able to play multiple positions, Changsheng popped up a name directly in his mind.
A young Italian full-back has played for many clubs in Turin, Juventus, Florence and Rome.

"I’ll show it to you for an hour every day, but now I can still see it but I can’t touch it, because I don’t know what the cultivation results of magic are, and I’m afraid you’ll run away." Lin Chong said frankly

He also wants to give Lu Sheng a relaxed environment, such as putting Lu Sheng’s favorite things on the TV as much as possible, but who knows what else the Huangliangxianpai will do? What if this guy gets into a black hole when the TV appears in the universe?
It is still the most appropriate in the circle.
When No.2 gets the contract, Lu Sheng will be liberated if something goes wrong in practice and the truth is known.
"At this time, it’s not true that there is something missing from the niche. This room is isolated from heaven and earth, and a pen can be confined to niche."
"Even if I enter the dreamland with you again, I can’t escape if you ask you to draw a circle …"
"Line line" Lin Chong motioning with his hand "not don’t believe you but there is no reason to believe you"
Lin Chong wants to recognize the truth and doesn’t want to talk about feelings, but whenever he meets someone who wants to talk to him about feelings instead of truth, Lin Chong will always stay at a respectful distance. If this person can’t alienate his close relatives, it will put Lin Chong in an extremely difficult position.
This is one of the reasons why Lin Chong doesn’t want to associate with others.
Don’t listen to Lu Sheng’s long-winded Lin Chong and let Lu Sheng send him out of his dream.
This is also the reason why Lin Chong was afraid of Lu Sheng. He couldn’t wake up after he found that Lu Sheng had put him to sleep.
Even if you pinch yourself again, you won’t feel pain.
If Lu Sheng is malicious, can Lin Chong dream forever?
Of course, Lin Chong, who is trapped in Lu Sheng, will pick up the hammer and give him a hard hammer, and Lu Sheng will be unable to help but let Lin Chong out in pain.
This is probably also the weakness of the Huangliangxian Sect, that is, their own weakness? Can pull people into dreams, but they are weak in dreams?
Ah … Lu Sheng sighed and let Lin rush out of the dream.
Lin chong a trance to stand in the living room.
"Through what did you do with this guy PY deal? !” Ear ringing unified questioning
Yes, I almost traded you out. Lin Chong looked at it and wondered how it would feel if Lu Sheng was playing a film while reunifying.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Not Island
After a while, it was very calm.
Lin Chong was busy educating No.2 to pour all kinds of screened’ thoughts’ into No.2′ s brain.
The system is to teach Xiaohu to spare another hour every day to broadcast films to Lu Sheng for more than half of the time.
Lu Sheng enjoys swimming in the sea of knowledge every day, which means that there is so much knowledge on the earth that he is afraid of it and can’t finish learning. After all, life is short and learning is long, and new knowledge is endless.
Dapeng Wang Zheng is very profound in practicing Lin Chong. He suspects that he intends to practice for 200 years and raise the mixed mountain to a higher level to fight with the Great Sage of Bones.
Little Tiger, from the cultivation, it seems that even Lin Chong, who crossed the air and built the base, sprinkled some black mushroom powder on him and saw the energy core of thunder and fire … Is that a mud pill?
Before he was three years old, he entered the mud pill realm.
This makes that year’s ten-year cultivation still be a fairy scholar in the clay pill pot.
And the tiger’s practice is still his own achievement method, which is better than the fallen fairy, and so the progress is worthy of the word "natural enemy"
When I was in a hurry, I spent a lot of time in a detailed and learning atmosphere. Lin Chong sometimes felt that he was in the study room of a university.
You see, in the snow valley, a Dapeng king has been locked up for 200 years.
There is a two-year-old doll in front of the plane wall who is trying to cultivate and brush all kinds of palace fights, history and workplace series with the goal of’ natural enemies’
There is also a QR code on the coffee table in the living room … No, the second-dimensional humanoid sponge generally attracts the dregs of another world … without knowledge.
And Lin Chong is painstakingly teaching No.2 mushroom man how to be a man. From time to time, Lin Haoheng tells No.2 to be a mushroom … Don’t be too impulsive and make a decision before you move.
Sometimes Lin Chong doesn’t go around the mountain and sees that the world is more and more colorful and more like the real world.
Wearing a helmet to enter Buzhoushan gives Lin Chong a feeling of wandering the streets of the real world. Although Lin Chong thinks that the world setting is a bit chicken-ribbed, he prefers the virtual reality World of Warcraft, but it is not easy to interfere with the progress and direction of the Buzhoushan project team.
Until one time, when Lin Chong chatted online and went to visit the mountain, he saw the latest progress. There were already people on the streets of Shanghai. Although it was a phantom method, Lin Chong communicated, but Lin Chong generally did not need people to communicate.
It’s early evening, early spring and dusk in Shanghai, and there’s still some chill on the streets. Lin Chong strolled through a neon fire, just like going back to ten years ago when he was a white-collar worker who wanted to retire. Isn’t that his favorite hobby to walk the streets and watch all the lights and people feel sad and happy?
Suddenly, Lin Chong was moved like a palpitation because he didn’t understand why the’ authenticity’ of the Zhoushan project ranked first.
Maybe buzhoushan will be the trump card of the national information industry in the future.
But at this moment, hundreds of workers, hundreds of 7 or 996 work cycles, hundreds of the world’s fastest supercomputers, the ability to support a Spring Festival travel rush transportation resource, and tens of billions of calculations … all these have built this extremely real and simulated real world, the Shanghai street virtual world.
But that’s it. Let Lin Chong walk the streets of Shanghai again.
"Wanmu frosty sky is red and brilliant, and the mountain soldiers are angry and rush to the night Han … not the red flag in Zhoushan."
Lin Chong thought of Lin Man’s name and the reason why he thought of the’ No Mountain’ project, which was also the national project personally instructed. So that’s it.

Don’t wait for him except the wind howling.

The world seems to have him alone.
Try to keep your head down so that the snow doesn’t fall on your face. Lin Yue first solved his personal problems, then made a trap. After the shelter was placed around, he returned to the house.
There is nothing to explore outside, and the sight and hearing are greatly limited in the storm and blizzard. He is an ordinary person who does not have the fighting quality of shoveling snow with a spade to find mutant creatures.
Of course, the secret place was a good place to go, but it was closed for four hours because of this disaster
Although it is said that it is to prevent the survivors from taking refuge in it, it is one less opportunity for Lin Yue to search.
"How long do we have to wait?"
Lin Yue yawned and returned to the state of underpants vest and played the group.
It’s safe outside for the time being, and he doesn’t have much pressure. Just look at the group first and then solve the breakfast problem
As a result, the bulletin board directly told him that it had been eleven hours since the disaster!
Boy, it’s natural to wake up
I did sleep too late last night, and Du Ping had to exchange things, which made him study for a long time.
I bought 5kg of mutant mutton and 1L of water, and Lin Yue got several good things.
Rotor, end cover and source controller
Two of these three are necessary for the engine, and the source controller is the primary exoskeleton.
Although it cost more than before, Lin Yue did gradually get what he wanted.
After connecting the rotor end cover with the front stator bearing, he needs to find the terminal, the most important component of the generator.
In Du Ping, they changed the design of 3L water cross-country bike. After bargaining with Lin Yue, they finally sold 2L water.
After finishing these yesterday, I didn’t know what time it was, so I fell asleep and forgot about the snowstorm.
After all, the snowstorm is nothing to him.
Yawned and looked at the group.
"Well, I’m not dead but illusion? I can’t feel my legs? "
"Suddenly found that it’s not so cold thanks to Lin Yue selling fire! But at the same time despise those profiteers who resell after getting the fire source! You are still not people! "
"Thanks to Lin Yue finally sold a lot of water and food, or we’ll have to die! Lin Yue, you have got my approval. "
"Boss need you to identify with? Who are you? Does Lin Shen still sell mutton? It’s delicious, too. "
"Words Lin Yue original what occupation? Special forces? That score is too exaggerated! "
"Said the score actually reached the top? Are you kidding? I’ve been in Du Ping and they can be the first, but the fourth place is ok. "
"I can do it with water! Lin Yue has water! He is not much better than us! "
"Ah, yes, yes, yes."
"I saw my 195th gap is so big? No, what is this scoring standard? "
"Lin Yue score is the second three times higher than me fifteen times! Hang up! "
Lin Yue suddenly found that the whole group was discussing him instead of the snowstorm.
Although there was this trend before, it was not as successful as it is now.
And they do so because of this so-called "integral" problem.
He hit the points ranking panel.
1. Lin Yue scored 195 points.
2. Kirk Brown scored 33 points
3. Berger scored 299 points
4. Du Ping scored 297 points
Ah, this …
Why is the score so high? According to what judgment?

"You go and kill the Oriental Ding first, and then the blood corpse magic flower is gone. I can replant the Oriental Family and nail it off. The nail is to kill the Oriental Ding, and those old goods in the Oriental Family are mindless pigs." Miss ordered lightly.

Oriental family has never been able to pose a threat to them. This time, when they met in Jinsha Bay, Ding and Yang Muyu of the Oriental State had to impress her.
If these two people don’t die, they will become a stumbling block to unify the mountains and seas in the future. They are all close opponents she has seen in this life.
The man in black promised to disappear as soon as he shook his body.
Yang Muyu saw that everything had been arranged. Yang Tie went to the dock to buy some daily necessities. At this time, Du Yun and the ghost servant were also busy arranging their residences. Yang Muyu pushed the bedroom to the south and looked out from the window. There was another small building not far from next door.
There are several bamboos planted in the courtyard of the small building. A girl in red is talking with an old mammy in the courtyard. Suddenly, she looks up and sees Yang Muyu staring at her girl’s face and goes to the room.
Yang Muyu couldn’t help laughing. "This girl is so shy!"
The wife seems to have noticed that Yang Muyu couldn’t help but look up and stare at him mercilessly before turning and walking towards the room. Yang Muyu touched his nose and said to himself with a wry smile, "I didn’t provoke you!"
"There is a man called Lin Xing outside," Du Yunlai reported.
"Oh, how did he find here?" Yang Muyu heard a laugh and said, "Just invite him in."
"Yes-"Du Yun promised. Soon Lin Xing came in with a smile on his face and saw Yang Muyu laughing. "You prepared so quickly. I’ve been busy for two days. I came to see what you can do here?"
"Thanks for thinking!" Yang Muyu said with a smile, "Please have a seat. There’s no tea here."
"It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re ambiguous. I live in front of you. I just met your boss and realized that you live here …" Lin Xing laughed. "You can walk more after the building in front. Brother Yang, wait for me to host. Let’s go to Tianxiang Building and have a good meal to celebrate. We finally became students of Tianyi College."
Chapter 9 Fairy
Aristocratic families all recruit dinning nursing home to Lin Xing. Yang Tie is also regarded as dinning nursing home. Yang Muyu smiled and didn’t bother to explain anything. He asked, "It’s no big deal to be a student of Tianyi College, but since Lin Xiong is happy, we will have a good meal."
Lin Xing laughed. "Not bad!" Talking about the topic, I smiled mysteriously. "Brother Yang, how many family members did you bring?"
"How many families?" Yang Muyu muttered in his heart, "What does a student do with his family?" If Mo Qing hadn’t repeatedly asked him how free he would be if he didn’t want to be alone? Taking your family with you looks like the scenery on the surface, but it’s actually a burden.
"Just two!" Yang Muyu laughed. "How many family members did Lin Xiong bring?" He did bring two family members, one is Du Yun and the other is the ghost servant Yang Tie, who will go to Jinsha Bay in a few days.
Lin Xing is not proud. "I brought three people with my father to prepare me to bring five people. I am afraid of provoking people to gossip."
"Want to come to your father still hurts you" Yang Muyu laughed.
"Nature!" Lin Xing laughed. "Although I still have two younger brothers, regardless of their aunt’s birth," it is natural that the position of the housemaster who grew up with his wife is different at home.
"Oh?" Yang Muyu is a little envious of Mo Qing. It’s really that he doesn’t even accept a side princess. Otherwise, he will probably have a younger brother and sister … "How many brothers are there in Yang’s family?" Lin Xing curious asked.
Yang Muyu frowned and said, "I am alone!"
"No way?" Lin Xing is incredible. How is it possible to look at him? Ordinary people have fewer than two or three children in their homes, unless they are poor and can’t afford to support them, but they are a little rich. If they are not three wives and four concubines, they will naturally have more children, but they won’t even have more concubines in the room without children.
"It’s true!" Speaking of which, Yang Muyu not only wryly said, "My father has only one child, and even my uncle has no children …" He should still have a sister, but Mo Qing said that the child had already been halved by Yang Chen at the age of five, and he was the only one left.
"You are so happy!" Lin Xing don’t envy way
"What is happiness?" Yang Muyu sighed, "I have to take care of everything in the family, but anyone who has a brother can share a little responsibility." He is not too concerned about the facts. If he has a brother and sister, he doesn’t care about sharing a little, but now-he is the only heir of Mohism. Where can I find that sharer?
Thought of here, he not only dark scold Yang Chen bastard, if it weren’t for him, at least he still has a sister.
"This … that …" Lin Xing gesticulated and smiled. "Brother Yang, I have a big mouth. Say whatever you want. Don’t care how you can be alone. I don’t think you want to blow people’s minds by dressing up. Is it true that your father actually … has any hidden diseases? "
Yang Muyu wry smile way "you say this to let my dad know that he will kill you" He is telling the truth. It’s just that if Yang Chen hears that he has to cut him off with a sword, "my father’s health is no disease, but something happened in my family more than ten years ago that made my father not like women very much"
"So that’s it, I said!" Lin Xing laughed when he was joking.
"Brother Lin, what about you?" Yang Muyu asked, "Don’t tell me about your family. Do you have sisters besides two younger brothers?"
"There is a sister named Lin Lin who is two years older than me. She is engaged and will get married at the end of the year." Lin Xing laughed.
"That’s good," Yang Muyu said with emotion.
"That’s right!" Lin Xing suddenly mysterious way, "I tell you that my sister is a godsend, and my future brother-in-law is actually a sunny Yaocheng. Do you know where Sunny Yaocheng is? That’s the descent of Qing Yao Empire. Even the emperor of Qing Yu Empire has to bow down and salute the duke of Qing Yao City. My sister can marry into Qing Yao City and be regarded as a phoenix from now on. "

"Is this planted?" Not far from Zhuang, carefully shoveled out the grass, gently shook off the soil and held it in his hand.

"Now it’s time to spend the infancy, and then it depends on the owner of the manor, such as going to raise it." Zhao Min’s hands are holding the palm of Zhuang’s hand and carefully looking at the glittering and translucent little thing.
Even in the era of manor owners, a well-cultivated grass was extremely extreme.
Grass-bearing is a magical plant domesticated by manor owners. After digging it out not far away, I feel as if something touches my consciousness and my head itches a little limp and numb.
This is grass consciousness, trying to touch Zhuang not far away. Although this little thing was planted, it has a simple consciousness and it is difficult to define its species.
When I passed through the manor vegetable field, I accelerated the planting of grass. Although it has taken shape, my consciousness is still a piece of white village. I carefully reached out and touched it. A little thing suddenly curled up like a small fist.
A little later, the little fist opened again.
Not far from Zhuang, I feel that this little thing has been poked several times. Suddenly, it seems to have poked something, and I generally feel a vague consciousness.
"I hate it. Stop poking me!"
"Ha!" Zhuang smiled and suddenly felt like he had a cute pet.
Everyone else keeps dogs, cats and grass?
"Master Zhuang, you’d better find a suitable residence for it quickly." Zhao Min looked at Zhuang’s curious behavior and was in distress situation.
Chapter 22 Grass-bearing
Suitable residence? Zhuang rummaged around for a long time and found himself with a shoulder bag carrying Ben.
Not far away, Zhuang put grass on his back, including grass roots, which quickly merged with the backpack, leaving four curled lobules the size of marbles. The top of the backpack seemed to be a special sign.
This is an ordinary small one-shouldered backpack. Not far away, it is used to put a wallet, and it can barely put a tablet brain.
After being parasitized by grass, a strange grain appeared in the backpack, which looked like a root and spread all over the backpack for several grades.
Wait until the grass parasitism is finished. Not far from hou zhuang, he took a backpack and looked inside. Nothing changed.
Then he gently poked a small leaf with grass and grass and stretched it out in vain. Then not far from Zhuang, he found that it was so big that he could fit a 15-inch note in it.
This is the grass-containing. In a relatively closed room, its four leaves are four dimensions that can be curled and stretched, and the bigger the part grows, the bigger it is. Its name is "Wei Ye Curled with Grass"
Now, the method of using it as a pocket is the most basic method, because it really has a fourth dimension, but it must be cultivated to be bigger
Poke a little bigger; One more poke will make the village small. I played with the grass for a while until the grass came again. The consciousness of "I hate it when someone pokes me" stopped not far away and laughed my head off.
Zhao Min turned to the sundries in distress situation. After a while, he came out with a small watering can. He said, "The owner needs to swallow grass to grow up. In addition, he needs to add some nutrients frequently. Here is the nutrient solution I have prepared. Take it with you. When you see that the color of the grass becomes less bright, you can spray it once or twice a day."
Zhuang picked up the watering can not far away and received it in the bag. He stretched out his hand and wanted to poke the grass, and he felt a consciousness. "Don’t poke me again, I will be angry!"
Not far from Zhuang, he touched his nose bitterly and was rejected by a grass. It’s really embarrassing.
"After the darling follow elder brother mixed elder brother to raise you greatly" Zhuang patted the packet way not far away.
"I hate it!" This consciousness again.
Zhuang is not far away, but he thinks Zhao Min must have raised this little thing badly, otherwise why is it so proud?
It’s just a grass!
It took more than an hour to plant a grass. Zhao Min said to Zhuang not far away, "I have to deal with the vegetable garden after the owner plants the grass, otherwise the fertility will drop badly, which may seriously affect the output. Shouldn’t you go to … deal with those people outside?"
Not far from Zhuang, I remembered that there were a group of people with moral "Golden Lock" company outside the road.
Not far from Zhuang’s consciousness, he heard a cry for help when he moved the manor door automatically. "Help! Come on, someone is dead! "
"Spare us and never dare to do it again!"
"Shan Gui grandpa is our mottled offended you also please atone …"
Not far from the door, Zhuang saw a group of scattered roads called "the ground should not be ineffective every day". The conscientious employees of Jinsuo Company turned pale with fear, and even the sprint champions ran fast and tired.
Look at their appearance of being surprised and tired one by one, and then consciously look at their own small bags, not far away, and feel that they have lost the principle of being far away and short-cutting.
Isn’t this road just like grass? But big or small, long or short …
Suddenly, a strange idea came to Zhuang’s mind not far away. Should the whole manor be inside a grass?
This is ridiculous.
Not far from Zhuang, he shook his head, dumped the idea and then made a conscious move.
The manor automatically gave birth to a reaction. Just now, seven people suddenly heard a noise in their ears. They ran in the direction of the noise, and then they were dumbfounded to find that they had returned to the card.
"Brother Wen!" The sprint champion hugged brother Wen and began to cry. "What have we met? Terrible! "
"Don’t … don’t be afraid that there can’t be that thing in broad daylight …" Brother Wen transferred the gold chain like a bead.
"Boy, did you encounter something strange inside?" An aunt passed by and saw them cry bitterly and asked how many people were awkward. Aunt shook her head and said, "I advise you to stay away from thieves here …"
A few people smell speech and look up at the narrow mountain path. As far as the eye can see, there seems to be nothing, but only when they really walk will they know what kind of strangeness it is.
"His mother is this little harm us! Bring us to this hellhole! " Several guys suddenly turned and glared at Zhang Zhengxiong, "Hit him!"
"Brother Wen, I can’t help it. Let me beat him!"
"no! We are now asking for accounts and can’t hit people! " Brother Wen waved his hand and said, "We are not as skilled as people, but I don’t believe you can make it to the end …"
Brother Wen smiled coldly and scared Zhang Zhengxiong’s face to white. He suddenly turned around and ran to the manor, shouting, "Master of the manor, help!"
Three or four guys grabbed him and directly pushed him to the ground.
"Do you want to die? We can’t let you die! Who will give us money if you die! "
That was a close call. I almost let this guy run into that weird road.
"Take away the evil door here!" Brother Wen turned the big gold chain into a bead faster. At this moment, he heard the sound of Didi and a luxury car came over. It seemed that they were in the way and were honking their horns to urge them.
Seeing that it was a luxury car, brother Wen quickly let it go and then saw that the car wanted to turn to the mountain. Brother Wen hurriedly stopped them and said, "Wait, it’s dangerous not to go to this mountain!"
A middle-aged man who looked very stylish dropped from the back window and glanced at him coldly, showing a disdainful smile.
"Mom, it’s rare to be kind once. It seems that good people can’t be true. Don’t blame me for not waking you up …" Wen Ge denounced but took a bite of automobile exhaust.
The luxury car turned the winding mountain path and then … gradually disappeared into the air.
WenGe tingling shuddered "let’s go! Go! "

Little grandpa casually set her words.

The witch gave a light smile.
"Can you find a person who is physically and mentally loyal to lighting his own fire?"
Zhao thief thinks he can give her a little big shock.
"I can name several names for this question."
There was a hint of ridicule in his tone.
Princess royal leng for a while and then also react to come over no longer continue this topic.
Prince Zhao refers to several people, and she knows quite well. After all, it was not uncommon for him to be a cat before, and his women clung to each other. When she thought of this, she suddenly frowned unconsciously, and the picture emerged in her heart made her feel uncomfortable.
"I will arrange for you to meet Prince Yu and the demon saint Puyuan later. They have talked about it in detail, such as setting up a communication mode in the north of Dayu Desert, and then they can go back."
Bo Luan Pinellia’s tone is as light as ever, and there is no obvious emotional fluctuation. General Zhao feels that she is not enough to ask questions.
"Can’t you give me an accurate picture of when they met?"
Guanwangdian doesn’t like her uncertainty.
"The two of them are not the temple? You can talk it over and set a time. "
Princess royal Temple listened to his words, but there was no response at the moment. He looked as usual, but he could vaguely detect that the witch was hesitant.
"I see," she said thoughtfully for a moment. "I asked Prince Yi Yu what he meant."
Zhao was silent after a mistake.
"Luan Pinellia" turned her attention to the silver-haired boy on the left hand side of the demon emperor. Suddenly, she closed her eyes as if she were making a difficult decision.
She doesn’t think she is hesitant to carry out the plan because of the villain. She thinks about the feasibility of the plan and what price she will pay if she fails. These are the things she will hesitate.
"Wang Shu" princess royal Hall said to Prince Yu a little later, "I will take Zhao Cuo to your mansion one day."
"Are you sure?"
Prince Yu is still talking and laughing on the surface.
A sharp color flashed through his pale blue eyes.
"Luan gasping for breath" did not find that Pro was plotting great things behind his back.
"He will come to your house with me. Make sure that the plan can be carried out smoothly and the consequences of failure are not something we can easily bear."
Xia Yaonv’s tone didn’t waver at all. It seems that she can win this gamble with her conceit.
"Don’t worry, he’s coming, and so are the three torchbearers."
She listened to the words of Prince Yu and took a sip of her rosy lip.
Pinellia ternata to Zhao wrong said
"I’ll take you to Prince Yu’s mansion."
Her grandfather will object to this and she has a plan, but …
"just arrange it. We’ll go to bed early tonight if we want to get up early."
General Zhao bit her delicate and charming lips and said
"I don’t think …"
Princess royal had a meal.
She wanted to ask something, but she couldn’t say it