Upon hearing this, the people looked at each other, and several people exchanged colors and handed them over and said

"I hope that only Serina Liu people are looking forward!"
Volume 10 Who’s in charge of ups and downs Volume 1 The general will come out
The vastness asks who is in charge of the ups and downs of the vast earth.
Since it was difficult for the Phantom clan to stop at night, and then Wei Ya successfully banned the ancient demon clan in the coastal area to temporarily curb the deterioration of the situation, although it was less than a month before and after, the consequences were extremely bad.
Hualian, the acting administrator of Binhai Municipal Government, shyly announced that the number of casualties has exceeded two million. Of course, if you believe that you know the political system of Huaxia Empire, you will shake your head with a wry smile and say nothing. Such a terrorist casualty incident is not to say that it was born in peacetime. Even if the third world war started, all parties did not kill each other, and weapons of mass destruction did not see so many casualties.
I wonder if those who stay out of the way can’t give birth to a kind of rabbit and fox, and the coastal people who are in the bureau will feel that they have a different taste in their hearts
The far-reaching impact of the Magic Capital Incident is beyond the control of organizations and individuals. Even though the imperial government is tight on the blockade, even if Hualian is powerful and powerful, it will be somewhat different. However, in the face of millions of huge casualties, many calculations are futile, and it is even worse. It is the trend of the times that Wei Ya adopts the blockade method. Everyone knows that it is only a temporary solution but not a phantom family problem.
This cruel reality is like a head louse. No one can find a solution.
Binhai is now squatting in a crater brewing a fierce eruption. Is it a short-term threat or a huge one? Maybe the root won’t last long!
After the catastrophe, the market of Magic Capital was depressed, and all kinds of special entertainment and sex industries prospered abnormally. They survived that nightmare-like day by luck. The residents of Magic Capital spent all day in all mental places that could paralyze themselves and be on the verge of collapse, and lived a decadent day of spending money day and night, enjoying everything in front of them. Maybe they felt that kind of disaster in their hearts, but there was a place to escape nainai and sadness!
Those who are confused and indulged are like crossing the river, but those who are awakened are different. Wei Ya is planning a coping strategy at the moment while soaking in the swimming pool and digging it out by herself. Suddenly Yin Qianhui and Xu Keer are asleep in his ear through headphones. Wei Ya opened her eyes and picked up the walkman headphones. She looked at the two beautiful women who ran to her in confusion.
"hey! What did you say? The United Nations has proposed a ban on ball-throwing weapons, allowing private individuals to own non-automatic weapons! I heard you right! "
Chloe Xu unabashedly dragged Wei Ya from the pool and then threw a towel on him and said
"Wipe it quickly!"
On the side, Yin Qianhui witnessed that the two men didn’t have to be suspected of intimacy. They looked at Wei Ya in a complicated way and then looked at Xu Keer’s lips. She didn’t say anything. She turned her head slightly. When Yin Qianhui moved her eyes, Wei Ya looked at her and revealed a knowing smile.
When Wei Ya wiped the water stain, Xu Keer continued
"Hey, the news is on. The United Nations has passed a resolution. The world should agree to allow private people to hold guns."
Look at the quality through the phenomenon. This is Wei Yaji’s point of view. The threat of the phantom clan is indeed imminent. However, the empire is so huge that it means that the decision-making degree should not be so quick to accept the United Nations motion. Wei Ya frowned at this thought and then shook his head. He was too lazy to pay attention to what the officials liked and said with a cool smile.
"Actually doesn’t even have a little wind in advance! Hehe, anyway, these arms dealers, Colt and Terminal Force, are sure to make a fortune this time! "
In the courtyard where three people are talking, Wei Xing’s words rang. Wei Ya walked over and took a look at the towel quilt to pick up the words and said
"Hello is liu elder you! I heard that I have been very busy recently, so I have never dared to disturb you. Why do you have time to look after your younger generation today? "
Words in the receiver to Liu Tie hearty laugh and said
"alas! You ah! If you don’t slip your hands, where is it like a feather? It’s a fine old eel. You saw the news, didn’t you? "
Wei Ya knew for a long time that Liu Tie was in charge of Hualian Binhai Branch, and now he was ordered to temporarily accept the management of the daily affairs of future generations paralyzed by Binhai Municipal Government. He was so busy all day and night that he couldn’t idle his teeth. After laughing, Wei Ya teased and said.
"oh! You are really honest and honest, and you don’t tell the younger generation about it. Otherwise, I can earn some subsidies by hoarding and selling psionic firearms before! "
Smell Liu Tie also follow together to laugh, but there is no way to master poise smile after continued.
"Want to make money is not easy? I’m going to show you a way to make money now, and I’m afraid you won’t submit to the trouble! "
"oh! So you are always looking for the younger generation because you have something to tell you? "
It is natural for practitioners to rank their seniority first, regardless of the size of their strength. The reality behind Wei Ya’s achievements is that even if he doesn’t count magic weapons, his strength has passed Liu Tie. Now Wei Ya calls Liu Tieyi a senior, and others have to say that he is modest enough to be a man. Compared with the strength, Liu Tie dare not be too big. He immediately said with a wry smile.
"Old to say the word command? It is not too much to ask Wei Xiaoge to cooperate with a worker! "
Thought for a Wei Ya didn’t put the words to death and said
"Hey, hey, hey, you might as well talk about letting the younger generation consider one first."
Liu Tie paused to clear his mind and then said.
"The other day things must be can’t cover it, don’t say anything about foreign spy satellite mobile phone photos flying! First, those big men hold their noses and agree to the United Nations’ proposal to give people a gun license, to allow private people to hold guns, and to put appropriate restrictions on non-human forces to jointly deal with those dark shadows, that is, phantom attack countries. In this respect, you are allowed to organize a security company with a total scale in the name of thousands of people’s armed organizations in every county-level city. Are you interested? "
Volume 10 Section 2 Born into WTO
Faced with the current grim situation, Wei Ya naturally has a comprehensive consideration of cross-border immigration. At present, it is a long-term plan, but it is effective in a short-term method.
Before retreating to an area, it is also considered to ensure the daily safety of our own personnel. If security companies organize personnel to protect these people who don’t have enough strength, it seems that one solution is that Liu Tie’s proposal comes too suddenly, and Wei Ya doesn’t analyze the pros and cons clearly and is willing to answer easily. Besides, it is also his usual practice to be firm and not to spit out the truth
Thought of here Wei Ya make fun and said
"Ha ha ha, you said these things seem to have nothing to do with me!"
Wei Ya’s words made Liu Tie extremely annoyed when he grew up carrying Yasheng’s poverty, but he was immune to it and taught by heaven. He immediately retorted.
"Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the day! The rise of the phantom clan and the decline of the terran are days, but I’ve been waiting in the bureau for a long time. Even though I know that uncle Mayfly has lost his family, I’ll fight hard. If you have the heart, I will never force Brother Wei. Do you really think you are an able person? "
In the sense of honor and fame banner, Liu Tie pushed Wei Ya into the corner all the way, insisting that he was a capable person with a little status. Wei Ya really couldn’t pull this face and smiled wryly and said with self-deprecation.
"well! You always look down on my leisure! All right! If you have any orders, just tell them all! "
Smell Liu Tie laughed, and he was satisfied with Wei Ya’s statement, and then he said just now.
"Ha ha ha ha good indeed as expected is a joker. You’re welcome. I heard that you have worked for many years as a security supervisor in Qianzhuang, and there is no shortage of contacts and experience in this field. Therefore, the old man would like to invite you to organize a professional security company to run the project in general! It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to train an ordinary citizen to use firearms and evacuation training when necessary to assist Hualian in handling some emergencies? "
In these years, Wei Ya almost lived by working as a thug for people. It must be admitted that Liu Tie’s suggestion proved to be a professional counterpart.
Wei Ya carefully thought about it before and after, and felt that it was really easy for him to do it himself, so he didn’t refuse again, but it was not his character to buy things without bargaining, so Wei Ya said bluntly
"good! Senior Liu, there’s one thing we have to say first. I’m in charge of putting up the investment. That little money is nothing, but I’m not in the mood to take care of the trivial things in the daily operation and management of the company! "
Now Liu Tie is also in charge of complicated things by Hualian all day long, and Wei Ya’s words suddenly burst into laughter.
Most of the staff of Binhai Municipal Government belong to well-informed people, except those unlucky people who died in a series of incidents led by the Phantom Family, others simply quit their jobs and fled this Wei Cheng directly.
Nowadays, a large coastal city is as big as the repair and reconstruction of urban traffic trunk lines, across bridges, temporary resettlement of foreign victims and repair and demolition of damaged houses, as small as dredging water pipelines and even rat poison and disinfectant in residential areas to prevent the breeding of epidemic diseases. There is nothing wrong with Liu Tie’s intervention. Fortunately, Liu Tielai was an official before entering the mountains for monasticism, or even he could not understand this huge unified project.
Liu Tie can understand very well what kind of psychological feeling a yogi will have when he is forced to drive a duck rack to take charge of a lot of things done by a yogi. After laughing, he said sympathetically.
"Why don’t you look for a few competent senior officials for you to ensure that you won’t worry too much about mistakes? It’s no problem!"

In the face of the dragon’s angry attack, he would rather sacrifice his life energy and rely on the ability of "life gift" to fight back the skills in this sword. Obviously, this is because this rare skill has not yet reached a more appropriate time.

Look at Wang Di’s hand. This sword is less than one meter long. It looks delicate and small, suitable for girls.
Wang Di’s appearance is not suitable for this delicate sword.
Looking at this handle is more suitable for stabbing a sword, and then thinking about the skills in the sword has never made Su Li once again exert the "Dragon Wrath" crazy attack, and at the same time, the thunder in his mind suddenly disappeared from Wang Di’s thoughts.
Since one’s sacred bone is so hard, the best way to kill oneself is to pierce one’s heart with a sword, and then launch a skill attack in the sword. At that time, I am afraid that ghosts and gods will be hard to save.
I don’t have Wang Di’s "life gift" ability to go against the sky. Once the heart is destroyed and shattered, the skills in the sword will explode and the power will be instantaneous. Even if I have the "super regeneration" ability, I am afraid I will not be able to display it.
Although monty is really tough, it is not difficult for Wang Di to pierce his body and heart with a sword.
This will be the easiest way to kill yourself.
Attacking other parts of your body can’t instantly kill yourself. If you don’t instantly kill yourself, you can recover your "super regeneration" ability.
Only the heart and brain can’t.
The brain is protected by a skull. He is not worried. The only vulnerable place is the heart.
At this moment, Wang Di has once again benefited from the "gift of life" ability and survived the "dragon wrath" attack. His face has aged like a 60-year-old man with gray hair and wrinkled face. Due to the influence of life energy, his "painting" power and skill have declined slightly
However, his face suddenly smiled and even the wrinkles rippled. He didn’t try his best to distance the two sides as before and took the initiative to come at Su Li for the first time.
It seems that I have decided not to escape and want Su Li to work hard.
The fighting between the two sides has dragged on for so long, which is beyond Su Li’s expectation. This Wang Di is really terrible. If he doesn’t have the ability of "life gift", he has killed him several times himself.
Now he has lost less than half of his "nuclear". Although Wang Di has become like an old man in his sixties and seventies, he is still alive and still actively fights back.
With Wang Di’s counterattack, boiling steam rolled in all directions and suddenly turned into a series of giant swords. The length of each giant sword was more than ten meters, and it was cut wildly from all directions to Suli.
This was Wang Dili’s blow, and he threw away all his worries, not thinking about Su Li’s counterattack against himself. He had an idea in his mind to kill Su Li with this blow.
The five-second interval is finally over, and he can use the "time stop" again.
Su Li has figured out that the only miscalculation of Wang Di’s idea is that his original opponent’s "time stop" is as long as his own divine power, so there is no need to be afraid. Even if the other party really attacks his heart, he can instantly display his "divine power" and enter the enemy state.
Just like before, although it was his sacred bone that blocked the other party’s soul sickle, even if there was no sacred bone Wang Di speed and his body toughness, the sickle could be cut into half of his neck
This is not fatal to yourself. Just stop and end yourself and instantly launch the divine power.
Compared with Su Li’s guess, Wang Di’s pause should be very short. It is very likely that he will have the fastest speed for one second, that is, the sword has just stabbed his heart, and then it will stop. Then he can easily disintegrate the opponent’s fatal blow by exerting his "divine power"
But Su Li’s miscalculation is that Wang Di’s "time stop" interval is 5 seconds and his "divine power" is ten seconds more than one minute.
When Wang Di’s "time-stop" is over, his "divine power" will be nine seconds short.
Looking at Wang Di’s face with a weird smile, the wrinkles are like laughing into flowers. Suddenly, Su Li took the initiative to rush toward himself, and a trace of unknown came out of his heart.
The only explanation for Wang Di’s abnormality is that his ability to stop instantly can be used again.
At the moment, my "divine power" is still ten seconds away to make it again.
Su Li suddenly understood that when the opponent paused, the time interval was not one minute but five seconds.
I don’t want to think much about it. When Su Li realized this, he wanted to pull Wang Di again at this moment. Even if he couldn’t get the distance, he turned all the muscles of Monty’s body into a defensive state "covered with silver armor" and started his muscles as hard as iron. At the same time, he launched the silver force in the "silver ring" of his left hand.
This silver power is very special. It can be attacked or defended.
As he read the silver force, it spread along the ring of his left hand and extended towards him.
All this happened in an instant, and Su Li finished it in an instant, that is, he was so quick that he couldn’t even start the "demon enchantment", which also belongs to the defense type.
Wang Di suddenly saw Su Li’s left hand with a silvery white light flashing and knew that it was not good. He immediately launched a "stop"
Everything in all directions is like a blink of an eye. Everyone stops moving and all kinds of sounds disappear.
Su Li wore a "silver ring" in the middle finger of his left hand, and the silver force just extended along his left arm to his chest and stopped because of "time stop"
The original Su Li Wang Di’s "time stop" is as much a minute as his own "divine power", and he never thought about evading it. If he knew that Wang Di’s "time stop" was 5 seconds, he could delay the distance between the two sides with his speed and wait until the divine power was restored.
Thanks to his sudden awakening, this moment has just started Wang Di and immediately entered the "time-stop" by transforming "monty himself" into a defensive state and adding "silver coverage".
"Stop" for a second, Wang Di almost launched a quick-acting right-hand sword and stabbed it out. All the forces were concentrated in this rare sword, and he suddenly stabbed Su Li’s chest and heart where he was still.
Baiyinli has just covered Su Li’s chest by half, just covering the left chest.
In order to ensure that this blow should be missed, Wang Dili launched an attack with rare skills when he stabbed this sword.
Although Silver Force has a strong defense ability, it is almost instantly pierced in the face of this long sword, and then the tip of the sword touches Su Li’s monarch-level "bloody armor"
"Bloody armor" is a monarch-class equipment, and its defense force is much tougher than that of rare armor. At this moment, it is instantly pierced by a sword and then covered with silver armor.
Su Li guessed that if Wang Di wants to use the "time-stop" blow, the biggest possibility is to kill the heart
Therefore, he launched the "silver armor coverage", and the power of the "silver armor coverage" was also increased after the "overrun". The scope of coverage was extended from the original moment to two or three seconds.
Once this "silver armor coverage" was an absolute defense capability, but the so-called absolute defense was also a relative spiritual source, which was not enough for the current strength of all people.
At the moment in the face of this handle contains Wang Dili blow sword is obviously unable to resist.

Naturally, they are all elites who escaped, and they are all late Du Jie.

But at this time, the strength of Chunyang reality has reached the middle stage of seven robberies and scattered immortals, and he has lost his mind. He is even more horrible. The silver dome and the spirit sword rushed at them with a blood-red breath.
This is the real blood shed. A dozen people have died in his hands in a blink of an eye.
Everyone has been dodging, but how can the speed be that it has already robbed the real opponent of Chunyang, and the real attack power of Chunyang is fatal to them?
Wood, water and fire three elders also found that the situation was wrong at this time, and they all rushed to the side of the soil elder.
Elder Mu asked in a hurry, "Elder Tu, you are most familiar with the array. Will this nine-yin evil array make people lose their minds?"
The water elder exclaimed, "It’s not as simple as losing your mind. You see, at this time, the pure yang is the strength, and at this time, the strength has absolutely robbed the fairy."
Soil elders also frowned and said, "It’s impossible that the nine Yin Jue evil spirit array has never lost its mental function. His harm is not small, although the damage is not bad, but now Brigitte Qiong can’t play the strongest power in this law and the deep and remote cold is impure. This situation can’t happen."
Elder Fire asked, "No way. Then how do you explain this?"
"It seems that things may become pure Yang, and I’m afraid it will fall into each other’s hands. Elder Water, you go together and stop Pure Yang. If the reality fails, you will kill Kunlun Sect. You can’t leave him a disgrace." Although there is no water level with each other, there are several people who grow up together and do everything.
Most of the time, the soil elders will act as command and deployment workers, and several of them have already looked down on that kind of competition.
Hearing the words of the soil elders, the wood elders nodded with the water elders and rushed directly to Chunyang reality.
Elder Tu looked at Elder Huo again. "What’s going on there?"
Chapter four hundred and nine Indiana ()
The fire elder said, "Now there are two refining and one refining. If we can make up our minds earlier …"
Speaking of which, the fire elder couldn’t help sighing.
Magic weapon and fairy sword are not never made. The less you eat old, the less you can see it. You can know that after all, if you stay for a limited time, you will eat it for tens of thousands of years.
This is also the reason why the fix-true world is getting worse and worse. Only the Kunlun Sect, in particular, has experienced various upheavals and battles in the past tens of thousands of years, and various reasons for being taken away and soaring have become less and less.
Only the Kunlun Sect can maintain a certain degree, including a certain degree of fairy wares and a large number of fairy wares.
It is also said that there are many magic weapons in the Kunlun Sect, so the elders of the real soil know best that the fairy wares of the Kunlun Sect have not increased, but have also decreased. Every once in a while, they will teach some fairy wares to the contemporary palm, let him reward his younger brothers, and train a best guardian of the Kunlun Sect.
If you count the magic weapon of Kunlun Sect today, it was said that twenty-one schools were more than ten thousand years ago because there were less than one percent of other sects left.
It is for this reason that people like Chunyang have a lot of fear and dissatisfaction in their hearts.
Recognize that they will hide the Kunlun Sect baby and not take it out.
In fact, they also go to the Kunlun Mountain array every few decades and hundreds of years to get one or two fairy wares, so that the array can run.
They have long known that the large array will eventually collapse if it is taken too much.
When they came slowly, they wanted to win more, but they didn’t expect anyone to dare to go in and live without knowing the secret situation, and they could still solve the secret of Kunlun Mountain Law.
"This is also can’t things never thought things would be so bad" soil elders looked at the large array has been restored, looking at those deep and remote cold heart is also a lot of regrets.
Look at Chunyang, who lost himself and killed dozens of Kunlun disciples.
Stopped by the wood elders and the water elders, the two elders all robbed the peak of scattered immortals.
For the time being, they suppressed the madness. The two of them tried to communicate with the pure Yang real person, and it didn’t work whether it was propaganda or consciousness.
Chunyang real people are more and more excited when they meet someone who can beat their opponents. Their eyes have been completely covered with red light.
I can’t see with my eyes. Black and white are blood red.
The blade that eats the spirit is especially powerful at this time, and it has an echo effect with the pure Yang reality.
The wood elders and the water elders became more and more difficult. When they saw that the situation was wrong, they immediately ordered the surrounding brothers to help.
However, most of these brothers still have scruples. After all, this is a real person.
"Chunyang has been countered by the enemy and lost his soul and wisdom. The younger brothers will take it when they listen to the order." The soil elder immediately ordered when he saw that the situation was wrong.
Nine Yin Jue evil spirit array outside still don’t know how to deal with the department, and so many things have happened. If it weren’t for the temporary resistance of the wood elders and the water elders, it would be too great for the real Chunyang to send such a cow to Kunlun.
But it’s not as big as the explosion just now.
When I think of it, Elder Tu still feels cold all over. He is so knowledgeable that he can’t think of anyone in the fix-true world who would attack in this way.
It’s like a self-explosion, but are they like entering Kunlun Mountain?
These problems can’t even be thought about by the elders of the earth. When the waves are a little bit, there are nearly a thousand people trapped in this nine-yin evil spirit array, but now they can’t help but dare not go in.
The best way is to wait for the people from San Xian Valley to get through from the outside, and then combine the inside and the outside.
Chunyang’s real strength finally skyrocketed to the peak of seven robberies and scattered immortals. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the avoidance and strategy. Hundreds of late Du Jie masters and hundreds of four robbers and scattered immortals led by the elders of wood and water directly blasted Chunyang to death.
But everyone didn’t notice that a reddish gas dissipated after Chunyang was killed.
And the people who inhale around don’t feel anything wrong, but they feel that they haven’t played enough and want to play again. But they can live with that restlessness without opponents for the time being.
The large array of Haiming is beside Biqiong at this time.
Brigitte Joan is giving him the essence of a large array, which should have been lost in ancient times, like the array of nine Yin Jue evil spirits.
Magic weapons, array methods, masters … are either destroyed or taken away because their power exceeds a certain limit, and only a trace of essence is lost with time.
No matter how strong the fix-true boundary is, there will be restrictions on the fix-true boundary.
What Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array can stay is also Bibo Haitian. This old man can calculate people’s abilities. He will divide Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array into several parts, and then let Biqiong and them discover a little in Biqiong area, which will just complete Jiuyin Jue Shazhen array.
In this way, he didn’t commit dogma, and he could make Bibo Haitian have a powerful array.
At least 120 people are required to make the Jiuyin Jue evil spirit array at the same time. At this time, there are 12,200 people in the Jiuyin Jue evil spirit array that besieges the Kunlun Mountains.
"You should pay attention to the fact that this nine-yin-Jue array will be more effective than the fairy device. I have taught you the method of extracting the deep cold a few days ago." Speaking of this, Bi Qiong Su said, "But you must remember not to launch such a large-scale array unless necessary, and you must also control it so that after all, if the deep cold is too much, it will change."
"the sea is white"
Brigitte Joan continued, "There are thirty-three attack methods, thirty-three defense methods, thirty-three birth doors and thirty-three death doors in this large array. The thirty-three changes are just the multiplication of these four thirty-three, totaling 1,105,921 changes. You must mature these changes in the mind. Now, the situation in the fix-true world shows that there will never be more than three legal persons who can break this array."
"What ….." Haiming already knew that this large array was terrible. She said that someone could break the shock. "Can anyone in the fix-true world break the array of nine yin and evil spirits?"
"I’m also guessing …" Brigitte Qiong said, "I don’t know whether it can be broken or not, but you should be careful when you meet them. The two of them have the ability to enter the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery and the nine-robbery. Even the three-robbery and the three-robbery can’t affect it. Then they will have the opportunity to rush out of the large array with the strength of the earth and try their best."
For the fix true world, Qin Huang and Long Huang mean that Chinese characters are generally similar to immortals.
Most of the time, people in the fix-the-true world almost think that they don’t know the fact that there are not too many people in Qin Huang and Long Huang.
"Who is the third person?"

Bitch … Hehe, this is Yin Zhen’s evaluation of me. In his eyes, I am such a person who wants to compete for favor by any means …

When I got out of the carriage, I was pushed by the two supervisors and walked into the gate of Zongren Mansion.
As dark as I thought, and as … scary.
From time to time, I hear a prisoner howling in pain, mixed with a sizzling sound when a hot soldering iron is immersed in water.
The further I walk, the narrower the road becomes, and I have almost seen all the instruments of torture in the top ten in the Qing Dynasty.
Axes, knives, saws, drills, chisels, whips, sticks … and a huge pot …
The jailer who dragged the chain to lock me saw me staring at the cauldron and smiled proudly. "This is a status symbol, but you can’t enjoy this cooking punishment unless you are guilty of the most heinous crimes. The old people have to do their best to add firewood to the criminal and wait for him to go to the grave. Haha …"
The jailers around also laughed.
Cooking torture …
According to historical records, when Zhou Zu Xibo was imprisoned in prison, Zhou Wang, the hostage of Xibo’s Boyi Kao Yindu, was the driver. Zhou Wang gave Xibo Xibo the "boiled soup" in the enlarged pot of Boyi Kao, but he didn’t know it was human meat soup. Zhou Wang proudly said to others, "Who said Xibo was a saint? He ate his own meat soup and didn’t know it! " This is the earliest example of cooking people in ancient times.
In ancient times, the cooking cauldron was called a tripod or wok, which was made of copper or iron, but the tripod had three feet and wok feet.
I looked at the tripod and stopped saying what it was to follow the jailers and went into the cell.
"Hua Hua" locked the door and I didn’t look up. I was looking at this cell made of stones and a cell door arranged by a piece of wood.
If I see something like this in modern times, I’m afraid I should be surprised from ear to ear.
But in my present situation, I couldn’t laugh at it.
The ground is covered with some straw, which is a bed for prisoners. The ground is very cold, and the real chill goes straight into the heart from the soles of the feet.
I stayed here for two days and no one came to judge me. I also sent three meals a day as usual. Naturally, the food was poor, and the rice was spoiled at the worst time.
I always have a wry smile at this moment and then swallow these things one by one.
I hate him for breaking his word and being fat. I hate him for not believing me. I hate his rhetoric. Everything is just a trick.
Once something really happened, he kicked me out regardless of my feelings …
However, once I think of the past when we were together, his tone of voice and his eyes when he looked at me, I can’t help but be confused.
Is all this really false?
On the third day, Xiaoshun secretly came to see me.
I don’t know how many cards he had to go through to get into this place, and I don’t know how much silver he spent to clear the festival.
These xiaoshun didn’t say anything, and I naturally won’t ask.
However, the news he brought made me suddenly lose all my strength as if my physical strength had been taken away
After Xiaoshun left, I stared at the gray wall in front of me and suddenly felt very scared. Is it really so unbelievable?
So Yin Zhen, you’d rather not believe me than risk leaving a dangerous person around him …
Yin Zhen, is that right?
Chapter 14 Poisonous woman [5]
"Gege … I saw … Dong Ying’s sister that night and she embroidered the doll …"
Xiaoshun’s hesitant voice keeps echoing in my ear over and over again.
Is it winter jade-like stone?

"shoot!" Two meters giant without hesitation let out a growl should raise the right hand latosolic red giant fork.

Beside him, the three-hole ware in his hand should be sprayed with three flames and instantly blasted into the dense fog.
The terrible flame rose from the dense fog and became a huge sea of fire, and the shadow was instantly submerged by the sea of fire, but it was followed by a long shadow like a snake.
People can’t see the true appearance of this shadow in this fog, but they can see this long snake-shaped shadow disappearing again and again in the fog.
Followed by a scream that zhi flew out with a three-hole ware in his hand, and Ling fell back heavily. His mouth was full of blood and his body armor was dripping with blood.
"Hey!" Zhang Wei was frightened and couldn’t help but exclaim, while running to this zhi-containing place, he suddenly controlled the scalpel with a hundred handles and waved wildly to form a defensive formation.
"Look out!" The two-meter giant growled again, only to find that the shadow of the long snake suddenly flashed into the crowd again.
The two-meter giant narrowly avoided following another advanced level 2 strong man behind him, but he didn’t dodge, just as the shadow passed over his head.
In an instant, he lost his head, and his body spewed blood and fell back.
A strength of the earth advanced level 2 strong man died like this.
The original momentum is enough. This group of strong people suddenly panicked.
In this dark shadow and fog, there is no action, such as flashing, and everyone is caught by the root method.
"Yan Shura-"The two-meter giant seems to be extremely angry and suddenly waved out his latosolic red giant fork, only to see a huge flame rising from this giant fork, which turned into a horrible monster, which is exactly what Shura said.
This statue of Yan Shura strided straight to the depths of the fog.
The dense fog ahead can’t stand this horrible flame, but there are no shadows or monsters in this dense fog, so Yan Shura saved one.
Although zhi fell to the ground, she was almost killed and wounded by the body, but her wound was healing with a faint white light visible to the naked eye.
This is her special ability to heal the light, which can not cure herself, but also cure others. Without instant death, she can recover with this healing light.
Zhang Weizheng’s face was full of tension, and he kept the scalpel suspended around her for fear that the shadow would attack Zhi again.
Suddenly, the shadow that had just disappeared appeared again, and it was still a flash. This time, it was almost less than three meters in front of Su Li, and he could faintly feel a wind whistling.
In Su Li’s eyes, it seems that this shadow seems to be true, unreal, real and has no entity.
As this shadow flashed and screamed, another advanced level 2 strong man was killed by the body.
Almost at the same time, Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern" finally captured a message.
"The name of the ancient species can be teleported in the fog, where the fog covers it, it can be born in the fog."
Sensing this message, Su Li’s heart moved slightly. Is this guy an ancient relic? No wonder it’s so weird
This is the second ancient species he has encountered so far.
The first is a mirage, and the mirage world has encountered a large number of monsters, all of which are descendants of ancient species. This is the second.
Su Li’s mind suddenly became more and more alive. If you can slay the ancient heritage, you will surely gain a lot.
Sensing data, it can teleport in the fog, which means that no one in this fog is faster than it, but it can kill people at will in this fog and want to kill it unless there is no fog.
This fog appears from time to time, and every time a dark shadow flashes, one person will die or suffer heavy losses.
These advanced level 2 strong people, such as powerful, also defend themselves by law.
Five people were killed in a short time.
Everyone is strong, and everyone’s death is a great loss.
The two-meter giant’s eyes are so dazzling that it hurts. The shadow just didn’t attack him. It seems that it wants to play with the two-meter giant and kill everyone slowly.
Chapter 33 The Sun Ball
"Damn monster-"The two-meter giant roared. When he saw the shadow flashing again, he immediately rushed to his hands with a pedal force, but the latosolic red giant fork still fell. Then he felt a cold back and couldn’t help but give a violent roar.
Terrorist forces exploded from his body-there was a faint bronze light flashing in his body, which made his body transient like a copper head and an iron back.
Rao, the impact of this shadow is too strong. He still opens his mouth, his mouth is full of blood, and his back suddenly becomes a bloody mess. He tumbles and falls out, even flying out of his latosolic red fork.
He is also the first person who has not been instantly penetrated by the shadow, which shows what level his physical strength has reached.
Followed by this black shadow, if it is crazy and constantly shuttling through the fog.
This time it made a differential attack.
Both the two-meter giant who came out of the gate and the "Nanjiang Alliance" brought by the leaders such as Su Li were attacked.
The scene suddenly became very chaotic.
The instant screams rang out.
"Fast flame, this monster can move in the fog-"Su Li issued a low drink and attached to the display of "demon enchantment" to summon the four-armed demon to come and protect all around.
Xu Haishui immediately cast "fire control" and the flame in the center of his body rose and forced it in all directions.
This flame is obviously a fog buster. Wherever the flame extends, the fog will subside.
Gong Xiao also launched an "Unburned Fire" to burn the surrounding clouds.
Although the appearance of a large number of flames forced the fog into an area, more fog poured out in all directions, which seemed to be exhausted. It was almost impossible to force the fog or make it disappear with everyone controlling the flames.
"Go back to the city!" The two-meter giant was still barely able to climb from the ground with his mouth full of blood. Those who had rushed out of the city gate fled to the city one after another.
Obviously, they are afraid, and the root of this terror is not human.
Although people keep launching all kinds of terrible attacks and shaking the clouds, the root can’t play its role. People can hardly catch this shadow, let alone attack it.
Even a flame can force a regional fog, but people can capture this elusive.
This fog is like an invincible fiend.
At this moment, the top of the mountain has fallen into chaos. Some people retreat along the top of the mountain and escape from the area covered by clouds, while those who have climbed the top of the mountain rush in the direction of the ancient city.
Those who belong to the ancient city also want to stop Su Li and others from entering. The two-meter giant shouted, "Let them come in together!" "
As he ordered these people to stop Su Li and others from turning around and rushing to the city.

"The sound is too small for me to hear!"

"It’s a big brother, I remember!"
Fu Xia Liang roared out!
"good! Now I’ll give you the first benefit after joining the teacher’s school
Go back and move the abode of fairies and immortals into the thirty-five abode of fairies and immortals in jinfenglin.
That’s the real Qingping Cave House! "
A listen to Qingping abode of fairies and immortals Fu Xialiang seems to be more excited than.
Zhang Yue couldn’t help asking, "What’s the matter?"
"That is green ping abode of fairies and immortals.
Qingping started from the end of Qingping!
Taidao Shendong Mansion is divided into six levels: ordinary integrity, green ping, floating clouds, Jinchuan and Yulei!
Yulei is Yuanying’s cave, Jinchuan is then the cave, floating clouds are the cave, Qingping is the cave of refining gas.
Although Qingping is a refined gas abode of fairies and immortals, the base row is not even numbered, and some nine kinds of brothers are not in turn.
My original abode of fairies and immortals is an ordinary level, not even a complete level.
No way. The first important thing is that you can’t buy the qualifications you need if you have a stone. "
Lee Sumeru continued, "The second benefit is that you can get a flying device with this token when you are promoted to the late stage of gas refining."
This is free to fly and escape, and there is no need to crowd and queue up to take the birds in Zongmen traffic. "
Friar, when you enter the later stage of practicing Qi, you can use flying instruments to escape, but flying instruments are expensive.
Fu Xialiang put away the token and said, "Thank you, brother!"
I’m very satisfied with this teacher’s welfare!
In fact, this kind of welfare is granted by the clan, but no one in the clan can never get it
It’s worth it to serve twice a year!
Lee Sumeru nodded and said, "Teacher younger brother doesn’t want us to take advantage of Zongmen."
These benefits of yours are all meritorious deeds spelled out by brothers and sisters with their lives.
I also hope that your younger brother and sister will accumulate meritorious service after you! "
Fu Xialiang replied, "No problem!"
"Don’t be confused by them before getting started.
Pak Lei’s younger sister, Million Lingshi, was delivered to our teacher as a mere formality.
The White House offended people who shouldn’t have offended others, and finally decided to make a move by playing a game with us.
The so-called teacher-honoring ceremony is not for my father, we are just passers-by.
Don’t sell yourself short. It’s not that simple! "
Fu Xialiang nodded and said, "I thank you for your big brother’s point."
"So is Brother Liu’s magic weapon?"
"No, that’s not that, that’s the gift place. Brother Liu was directly promoted to the 14th in-laws brother!"
Fu Xia’s sarcastic remarks are still good for money!
"Well, go back and practice well.
It’s better for a horse to go to the clan than this time. It should be a game of chaos and desolation.
I hope you can have a good grade. If you can enter the top 100 in the middle of refining gas, you will be promoted directly to the official brother! "
Fu Xialiang immediately replied, "Yes, I will try my best to get good grades!"
This is the completion of the introductory ceremony.
Li sumeru turned away from Fu Xialiang and also from the hall.
Walking out of the hall, the golden sun shone on his face and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Write a take-off symbol for a letter
Pass out the good news of today’s introduction in turn, six senior sisters, namely, Qingluan, Linghe, Liangqing, Hazy, Pivoting and Linglong, plus one senior sister, Ye Qingshuang …
Then Fu Xialiang turned three times and two times along the mountain road and came to a building.
This is a three-story stone workshop with three big characters beside it!
Fu Xia Liang said, "The younger brother who can’t fly in Zongmen relies on it to move on."
This is similar to our world bus.
This handyman is an outsider. "
Here came to a window before Fu Xia cool directly said
"Charter a car to Bichao Lake!"
Then he explained a

"By the way, monkey, are there many people with powers in your gang (Monkey Awakens Nantian Gang)?" Duanmuming some curiously ask

"Not too many people are usually middle-level." At this point, monkeys no longer say anything, knowing that they must have rules.
At this time, Wu Yueer finally got impatient and came over. "You ran very fast that day. Why didn’t you run today?"
"Khan! If you hadn’t pulled my clothes hard, I would have run away. "A big lady like this is Duan Muming’s biggest headache and a big lady in the underworld."
"Anyway, you have nothing to do and you are idle. Why don’t I take you to a place?" Miss Wu said while smiling at Duan Muming-of course, she thought it was holding a lollipop to lure the wolf.
Don’t tempt me, I am a good student!
Just as Duan Muming wanted to find an excuse to refuse Miss Wu’s proposal, Xue Hanmei actually took her sister and came here. On the other hand, Zhang Xinlan was also eager to get fat. Many of them hurriedly took Wu Yueer all the way and left the monkey. There was a wry smile, Xue Hanmei’s eyes were blazing with snow and frost, while watching from a distance, Zhang Xinlan was very funny. Looking at all the eyes, it seemed quite far away from those colored men. If fat left later, they would probably come to "kill the people."
Pulling Wu Yueer out of the basketball stadium in running all the way to his car, Duanmu Ming stopped and took strenuous exercise to make the fat breathe. Wu Yueer was also tired and her cheeks were reddish and breathed heavily.
"What secrets do you have? Run away when you see them!" Wu Yueer actually twisted Duanmuming’s ears and looked fat. This is a dangerous situation.
I’m afraid Miss Wu has died several times, Lvses (;
Chapter 14 Beauty Power ()
"Let go, let go. What else do you want Wu to let others see?" Duanmuming woke up while pleading.
"What?" I didn’t expect to hear Duanmu Ming’s words. Wu immediately opened his eyes. "Why didn’t we?" Don’t you admit that you have done something? "
"What have I done?" Duanmuming’s eyebrows are condensed into twists, which can’t be easily admitted.
"You personally promised to be my little brother."
Whew … What are you scared of? Admit it well and admit it. See what Miss Wu is playing.
Pushing out a bicycle endured Miss Wu’s complaining all the way, depending on the envy of the people around her, and finally out of the school gate Duanmu Ming took a long breath.
"Very uncomfortable?"
"Yes, it’s unpleasant to be the focus."
"Slice! Also focus big miss is the focus, but you touch a little light. "
"Well, I’ve got a big miss. Can you tell me where you want to take me as a hillbilly today?"
"Hey, hey," Wu Yueer suddenly gave Duan Muming a cold and charming smile. "What is your power?"
"This ….." Duanmu Ming hesitated. The power belongs to privacy for everyone. When it comes to the key, the more mysterious he is, the more chance he has to live.
Wu Yueer obviously knows this rule, and then added, "How about this? If you tell me your own powers, I will tell you my powers." Obviously, Wu’s curiosity is not generally serious. Although he got some news from the monkey’s mouth, it is impossible for the fat monkey to know whether the secrets of their powers for the senior staff in Nantian have been dug up by her.
"You agreed?" Wu Yueer saw Duan Muming thoughtfully and he considered it.
Duan Muming smiled and said, "Wu didn’t try to dig one by himself?"
"Call me elder sister! This is what you said, "Wu Yueer paused first and then made a plot to succeed. Isn’t this to find something for yourself?"
"Well, that’s it, but you have to listen to me. Let’s go." Wu Yueer is rubbing his hands.
"Where to go? How to get there? " Duanmuming asked
"Of course, take your bike. What a fool!"
In this way, Miss Wu took her along the road in the back seat of Duanmuming’s bicycle. After a long time, she became accustomed to sitting in the back seat. Wu Yueer also hummed an unknown song with a sweet rhythm, which made people unconsciously immersed in the song. It seems that Wu Yueer, a seemingly "fierce" and unreasonable lady, also has an intoxicating side.
But the horse that Jielaipang had just made a good impression on her was smashed to pieces by her words.
"See what see! Look at your eyes again! " Although not to Duan Muming, Miss Wu’s insolence is evident.
But this time, Miss Wu touched the nail and whistled with the car to flirt with a beauty. I didn’t expect the beauty to be rude. These gangsters can’t pass. Two steps, three or four bicycles will block the wall.
Miss Wu is in a good mood, but she is disturbed by these short-sighted gangsters. She has made up her mind to have a good look at these gangsters.
"Where are you from? Not to people, right? "Wu Yueer’s mouth revealed the other side’s bottom.
"How do you know?" Indeed as expected with a strong foreign accent.
"This also asks people who don’t know me, fat, give me a good beating" Wu Yueer tone with ten thousand disdain.

Early in the morning, the school has finished the track and field occasion.

The younger brothers and sisters are very much looking forward to the freshmen entering this brand-new campus after the college entrance examination.
"I heard that Liu Yu’s senior is very powerful. He only completed the counterattack in one year."
"I heard from the senior in Grade Two that Senior Liu Yu was a genius, but he was frustrated. If we can get his learning methods, we may be able to come to University next year."
Liu Yu and Chen Jiali have reached the outside of the school gate and looked at the familiar school gate. Two people smiled at each other.
The story is this school.
On this day, many parents came to look at their children and then at their own children, and they couldn’t help speaking to the table, and the couple cast admiring eyes.
Liu Yu’s deeds were hung up by the school bulletin board and even the statue was named "Kao Shen"
Sitting in the stone chair on campus, Liu Yu recalled the past. "It’s Du Jie. What else do you have to do?"
Chen Jiali was silent for a while, and then happiness took Liu Yu’s arm. "What I have to do now without others is to take a good look at you."
"Idiot" Liu Yuxiao.
"Hum" Chen Jiali pouted and then smiled and asked, "Brother Liu, what if there is one?"
Although she heard that the first time won’t be so easy, Liu Yu’s number of times last night … lifted her to many peaks.
"That says you are very powerful." Liu Yu smiled hey.
After a while, Liu Yu received a message from Huang Mu WeChat.
He has personally come to Nanling City and received a wonderful victory. He also hopes that Liu Yu can cure him.
However, Liu Yu told him the medicine list and then bathed for a course of treatment, mainly because the earth’s traditional Chinese medicine aura is not enough, and it takes several times to completely cure him. He is really a cancer and has few days to live.
One day away from Du Jie, Liu Yu has completely left the human world and changed into a black costume, wearing a purple and gold crown, which looks like an ancient emperor who has stepped from a distant time. Next to him is a peerless beauty dressed in a light blue wide-sleeved fairy skirt. She quietly looks at the deep valley ahead with clear eyes.
The momentum of fairy rhyme is still more and more beautiful.
"Dear host, have you chosen a place in Du Jie? Armageddon is coming, please go if you are ready. "
Here comes the beep.
Liu Yu gently dressed Chen Jiali in ancient costume "wait for me to come back"
"Well, I’ll wait for you here."
Liu Yu nodded and flew to the valley.
Along the way, several figures rushed out of the ghost barrel, and they occupied the valley position respectively.
Long Xiaolang laughed. "Breaking through the half-step god’s land attracted Mr. Liu, who was really extraordinary."
Even if the Big Dipper breaks through and causes Armageddon, it is extremely fate. Liu Yu is just that this myth has no planet, and the indigenous people have also attracted Armageddon.
Should I say you are unlucky or praise you?
"I’m a little excited to accompany the boss to go abroad this time."
"Don’t panic, I can still bully and leave it to the boss to deal with it."
The dialogue between several ghost kings is very heroic. Follow Liu Yugan and go abroad. It’s awesome to think about it.
The dancer didn’t react much. For a ghost king who has lived for thousands of years, it’s nothing to go abroad from here.
When Liu Yugang was standing in the valley, he felt that the sky was blustery overhead, and a large black cloud and a lightning arc were flickering.
He’s a little choked up before the apocalypse.
The first warrior in Du Jie, the history of the earth, said that it would be nice to put it mildly, but it would be ugly for Du Jie to get struck by lightning.
"Do you think Lautz will be hacked to death if he pretends to force the king?"
"I can’t answer this question, but according to the data, your strength is equivalent to that of a half-step god."

"Ah …" Kang Rong light ah noncommittally.

"What about the promise?"
"I think the cave master now is that cool thin is withdrawn to the extreme. She wants to completely cut off the root of the black wind tunnel."
"No wonder you can kill yourself so hard."
Zhou Yi Moran
The real horror of Zizhen’s move is that he is no longer influenced by his younger brother, which is equivalent to directly eliminating the black wind tunnel, and then someone can advance the road base.
only if
Change to other methods!
It’s not obvious now, but if we really enfeoffment the princes, the future of our grandchildren will also be changed to other methods
In a few decades, the five evils will probably decline completely.
several decades
Ordinary people can’t afford to wait, but it’s not long enough for Shou Yuan’s 300-year-old brother Doggi to have enough patience.
However, Zizhen is better than a generation of cave owners, and he went to the same door without advanced foundation.
Instead, she is going to kill the same generation, and her hands will be completely changed when she waits for a generation of black wind tunnels
Kang Rong sighed lightly.
"How much purple really hates the black wind tunnel to be broken!"
"This We" Zhou Yikou
"What are you going to do?"
"I should ask you this" Kang Rong sideways with envy.
"Six regional Zhou Xiong can take a share. If we can start with the harvest of Fang City alone, it will be enough to pay the share every year."
"Ah …" Zhou Yi chuckled.
"I don’t know if Qixuanmen is interested in this share in my hand, but I’m willing to sell it at a price."
"Huh?" Kang Rong one leng immediately face dew.
"Brother Zhou, is this true?"
"Nature is true" Zhou Yi nodded.
"But you’d better hurry up. The cave owner won’t let us go to the mountain, and he wants to set six share candidates these days."
"Rest assured" Kang Rong took something out of his body.
"There will be an answer in three days."
The black wind roared
Zizhen sits on a rock with her back facing the black wind, and her black cloak hunts and dances, devouring the rear and roaring out.
A figure from the party more and more fall near.
"cave master"
"Jade" Zizhen smiled indifferently with her eyes open.
"If you need a stranger, just call me Senior Sister."
"Yes" jade qiao face red ChuiShou low way
"Can I … stay in the mountain?"
"Leave the mountain?" Purple is really crooked, head is crooked, beautiful eyes are flashing.
"Jade, if you want to think about it, you are the master outside, and you may not meet a few people in a generation."
"Senior Sister" Yuyinyi
"Can’t I find you?"
"I …" Purple really chuckled and looked up at the high dark clouds for a long time.
"I’ll spend the rest of my life in the metropolis, and I’ll fix you after decades … can it wait?"
Jade face a white.
"Rest assured"
Zi Zhen man kou
"You and my sister have been friends for many years, even if you come out of the mountain, you can come back to me, and I will help you start with a Zhujidan."
"If you can build a foundation, we have time."
Jade look stupefied.
She knew that it was impossible for her to build a foundation.

"Mother’s aunt is too sad to be outspoken at the moment. Please forgive her for her gaffes." Qin Zhong quickly knelt before the big lady.

"Loyal son, don’t lose your identity. You will always be a gentleman in this family." Four aunts have a heavy neck.
Several other aunts stopped crying and stared at the confrontation between the second lady and the fourth aunt.
If the second lady is a serious first wife, it’s just that she is not the first wife of master Qin. She was originally the mother of the fourth young master, Jiang Heye, and Qin Jia’s original name was Jia Qin. Jiang Heye once went to the county to see a woman who sold herself to bury her father, Jiang Heye, and took her in. Jia Qin was Jiang Heye’s maid. Actually, Jiang Heye took Jia Qin as his sister.
Later, Jia Qin became the sixth concubine of Jiang Heye. Jiang Heye not only didn’t blame Jia Qin, but also treated her as before. Jiang Heye was not pregnant for seven years, so she took Jia Qiner Qinling as a relative. Later, God had mercy on Jiang Heye and finally died in dystocia. Master Qin read Jiang Heye’s friendship with Jia Qin and gave the child to Jia Qin to raise.
Qin Yue was born early, so it was difficult to feed Jia Qin. He not only sought medical advice everywhere, but also prepared a small Buddhist temple at home. Qin Yue chanted prayers day and night, and Qin Yue sent a name to his foster mother, Niu Daopo, who said that a cheap name was a good provider and gave Qin Yue a nickname.
Jia Qin really hurts Qin Yue more than himself in Qinling Mountains. Master Qin thinks that it is Jia Qin who sincerely touched the Buddha, making Qin Yue’s body look like a day. Adding Jia Qin’s housekeeping skills will also make Master Qin happy. In just one year, he rose to the top and became a second lady by Master Qin.
Although Jia Qin became the second wife, it was not justified in the end, even if the family dared not obey her orders. However, after a thing or two, people in the government knew that the second wife was sour and hard-hearted, and she was annoyed and didn’t talk about half a face. There was no big lady who was generous and benevolent
However, after Jia Qin’s vigorous put in order, the house really achieved good results, and even the gamblers who stole money and played tricks at night were gone. Not only people began to fear Jia Qin, but even Master Qin praised Jia Qin for his good housekeeping.
However, no matter how well Jia Qin manages the family, she can’t get rid of the fact that she used to be Jiang Heye’s maid. There are many wives and concubines of Master Qin, who account for the vast majority. When Master Qin is around, few people dare to openly provoke him. When Master Qin dies, her concubines feel that she should turn over, especially the fourth aunt. If she has a Qin prefect, she will be deeply troubled by Jia Qin.
As soon as she finished her speech, Jia Qin thought that she could not lose her identity in front of the villagers and gave her a loud slap.
One to two, noisy
Everyone shook their heads, sighed and laughed at this big family. Although it is rich, it is a disaster. It seems that too many wives are not necessarily good. Now look at how many are true. Qin master is dead and sad. Qin master’s first wife is a long strip, but he doesn’t even have a chance to close his eyes.
Qin eleven saw that his family was getting noisier and fiercer. He snuggled up in Qinling’s arms and cried more and more fiercely. Qinling looked up at this terrible silence, stretched out his hand and closed his eyes, but there was anger coming out.
He has had enough of this family’s improper behavior, and he once coveted this property. He stepped into the quagmire step by step, actively or passively. As the quagmire got deeper and deeper, he became more and more painful and faced the pure woman in his heart. He wanted to turn back, but he turned back.
I hope my brother dies, the whole Donggou village is destroyed, and how many girls’ lives are caused by him? Although he is not the mastermind, he will never get rid of his accomplice status, an accomplice with blood on his hands.
If he hadn’t been so greedy for this family business, maybe he wouldn’t have come to this point. In fact, he envied Qin Yue. Although Qin Yue’s name was not good, he bullied men and bullied women everywhere and caused trouble. After all, Qin Yue’s heart still had a clean Qin Yue, but he couldn’t turn back without him.
He wanted to be able to master money and power, so-called money and power. He was walking on thin ice in the palm of the devil’s hand and eventually made himself a demon.
There was a lot of confusion around him. He was full of tears and water. He looked at the family members one by one. They were fighting for each other’s faces. His fist clenched tightly and shook. His fist was white. He suddenly put Qin Eleventh in a heavy position and drank "Shut up!"
Everyone knows that Qinling Mountain is polite, warm and peaceful, and you have never seen him move so angrily. For a moment, it was still and eerie. Only the wind roared, the raindrops clicked and the slope twisted the dead body to show that there was a bloody case in Baitou Village, a horrific bloody case.
Slightly leaning Jia Qin shocked everyone when she saw her son say two words. She proudly looked at the concubines and concubines and said proudly, "From now on, everything in Qin family will be taken care of by Dong Fu."
Qinling Mountain, take a look at this woman named Niang. I can’t tell whether I hate or love her. I hold my lips tightly and look at the fallen body as if I saw it was my own bureau.
When I looked up again, a figure came at the end of the line of sight.
Please don’t turn when starting!
The winners of the communication spit in the courtyard are all on the micro-signal synvel (WeChat adds a friend WeChat official account to enter synve75 to seduce (two more).
Twenty-four-bone oil-paper umbrella coarse cloth cream-colored clothes set off a petite body, which was getting closer and closer, and a touch of warm and bright color was put in front of his eyes, which made this gloomy and dreary day show some brilliance.
Soft hair floats lightly with the wind like a weak willow, and a pair of charming eyes are clear as water. He has always longed to purify his heart, and he or she is separated by a thick wall after all.
He wants to look at her again. Maybe when she grows up and marries, he won’t even be qualified to look at her again.
But take a look at this, and he will be satisfied. He walked behind Xia Hua to see Xia Pinggui and Kong Jiaojiao coming in tandem.
Xia Pinggui’s footsteps gave birth to the wind. When Master Qin died, he must be the second young master of Qin in the future. This time, the second young master of Qin is sad. Can she not rush to comfort her? It is all because of the bad weather in Yin San that she got up late, otherwise she would have gone to Qinling.
Niang told her that although she is not as beautiful as a summer flower or as beautiful as a hole, she is also a handsome woman except that her lips are thicker and her life is darker. She thinks that her appearance is medium and better than many other girls in this village. There is no reason not to accept her if she is willing to work hard in Qinling Mountains.
Thinking that she almost has wings, I hate that the ridge is too narrow, and Xia Hua takes the lead alone. She can’t wait to kick Xia Hua down and walk over her, but she can’t and dare not.
She saw Qinling’s eyes focused on her. Even if Qinling was looking at Xia Hua, she could see her out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t let Qinling see a rude and fierce woman, and she didn’t dare to provoke Xia Hua easily again.
This summer flower has become a demon since she woke up from falling into the water. She hasn’t the courage to provoke this demon yet.
She jumped into the waist-high rice field with great effort, and fell down some rice. She brushed the summer flowers from the field, but the summer flowers prevented her from crossing the ridge again and flying to Qinling Mountains.
When she was flying, she didn’t forget to cut her clothes and hair. She thought she was a little charming when she ran in the wind and rain like this!
"hey! What do you want to do when the dead girl runs so fast? Wait for me. "Kong Jiaojiao behind me also thinks that Xia Hua is in the way. Just follow Xia Pinggui’s footsteps and jump into the rice fields and pass by Xia Hua. She also doesn’t forget to want to stare at Xia Hua Xia presbyopia, but she scared Dan’s ass and fled.
I don’t know if she hates Xia Hua more since she was slapped by Xia Hua, but she is really afraid of her. She is going to marry into a big family to be a housewife. If she annoys Xia Hua, she can’t beat her face because of Xia Hua. I thought it would be better to spend some money to buy off a few gangsters and ruin the dead girl’s body and face after being a housewife.
Thinking about her, she shouted at Xia Pinggui’s back again, "Dead girl is rushing to be reborn! Wait for me. "
Xia Ping Guigen doesn’t look back to the figure she has long admired, regardless of Kong Jiaojiao’s shouting head.
Xia Hua couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he looked at the two men running around, but Xia Pinggui rarely seized an opportunity, of course, and he had to exert himself. It was Qinling Mountain that was in a full mood now, and Xia Pinggui was sure to be ruined.
For the Qinling Mountains, this warm child has always been not generally kind to her. She is grateful to him, alienated and polite, but she has no feelings for men and women.